The internet evolved, from illegal to todays legal  

Access to education for all

Information super highway

      When the internet's  destination was finally decided. It was a place for learning. Everybody would have access to a place of learning. Not just those living with a college in their location. To a certain extent, it remains true. With a massive amount of online education available. A lot of colleges make course work available. Via the college website, it is without a doubt. The finest source of information with multiple sites on any subject you search for. Unfortunately not  every website is 100% on the facts. The saying you get as much as you pa. Is a gauge of website content. Having said that the number of websites keeps rising at an alarming rate.. Which as made free content tighten up to make them attract more

Student's on low grants

      I don't think the capping of student grants. By successive governments. Was ever foreseen or taken into account by web designers. But many subscription sites offer students lower rates access. With classroom tutorials, a good free website would be shared with other students. Making sense to have good content for visitors, knowing it will reap rewards in numbers. I've helped half a dozen students on social media courses. Prepare essays on the UK northern soul scene. As well as being invited to give lectures at universities. Like grants, they all expected it for next to nothing. Does that mean your lecturers will come and give lectures for that rate? Never got a reply off any, only they do it to earn a living. But I've got to take a day off. To give the lecture. Pay to get to the university. Or does that mean it's free

I added this, to verify my story

     I added this video to Youtube. Quite some time ago now. To verify my claims were not made up. As many of the names of northern soul claimed. The same people who jumped to defend a film made for money. Which proved my point exactly, no cash incentive the insects stay under a rock. put the cash sign up out they come. Ask yourself one question? In the UK legal system our scales of justice. If a witness gave evidence oneday to a jury. When recalled after other evidence had been given. Then gave a completely different account to coincide with the rest.

      The judge would rule there evidence was unsafe. The jury was to disregard previous evidence it must not influence their verdict in any way at all. Or he would be left with no choice but to rule it as unsafe. Order a retrial with a fresh jury. Yet northern soul is governed by a section of self-appointed people. Who does this regularly? Never worry about the damage it might do to their integrity. As the whole system is a complete joke, In 2016 anything left of 70's credibility was gone. Leaving a scene governed by money, not value. This appauls me

YouTube joins Google

    I think a large amount of YouTube publishers. Feared mass advert's in their work which would stop regular channel users from returning. The worst possible outcome could have been. The audience for the community built up. Switching to one of the other video streaming sites. Google, in my opinion, have given everything they can to support the community. Aid to give video streaming a boost. I can't honestly give an opinion on advertising. As I'm the other side the fence with an on/off button. The privacy act must give users the same. Yet it's been some time. Google have never told me you must accept adverts. Quite the reverse in fact. Asking for an opinion on various subjects first. My channel is my single input totally and 100% mine. The brief inclusion from outside trusted sources. Turned round and kicked me back to reality.

    I have never been opposed to large corporate ownership. Yes, the MD of Google  FaceBook, and of course Microsoft. Have extreme riches beyond imagination. It is 50% luck 50% having the belief to struggle a good idea forward. When Bill Gates first marketed windows 1.1. The I.T. market was nothing as buoyant or as strong as today. People, on the whole, would want a return to afford them to continue. I'm fairly sure some return came on windows 1.1. What % of the financial outlay I've got no idea. It was the evolving internet that gave us billionaire .com MD'S. When Napster finally became answerable to legal action. Was a black day for music. Not as it was a free source for music. It was the best music shop you will ever go in bar none. The first file sharing website. I can recall online. Even if at times it took 8 hours or longer to download an album. Often a dozen different versions of an album. Plus multiple live in concert versions it was brilliant. The availability found the performers downloading off Napster.

    The paid version of Napster is nothing like the original. Since mass home use as started. The excitement of the mid to late 80's. As vanished completely legality as made the internet just another shop on the High street. At one time set up an online business. Registered in Luxembourg with an overseas bank. The vat was 6% lower you had to pay it to the Luxembourg government. Sell anything you got your hands on. On eBay, I remember buying some computer parts once. It arrived with windows XP, Office, and Dreamweaver with it. No need to activate software 

Unlimited sorce to learn by