Now we have got the casino, addiction

   We ended the previous page just after. My first allnighter at Wigan casino. It was still very much Torch influenced, as regaurds the records. Almost all the DJ's came from the Stoke club. In 1974 a new face to the casino dj line up emerged. With the unannounced end to the Vava Friday allnighter in Bolton. Richard Searling a dj who had built a great reputation on Vava's brilliant sound systeml. Was destined for Station road to partner Russ Winstanley. For the remaining 7 years the casino ran. He followed Russ's opening set for the whole time the casino ran. At that time 74 a lot of the west midland members hoped Alan Day would also be asked to join the casino dj's. Ex Torch, Up the junction, and Vava dj Alan. Had proved what class he had when he joined the Catacomb's dj's. Blue Max, and Pep will be always the names associated with the Catacomb's. But the important part Alan Day played is well worth mentioning. If he had joined the casino to join old Torch friend Martyn Ellis. It would of given a great double act from the Torch. But Alan Day's pedigree speaks for itself. But remained the best most experienced dj never to appear at Wigan casino. I cant say if never joining Wigan casino. Had any lasting damage to Alan's career. But he still appears regular at Torch reunions. 1 record will always signal Alans class. One wonderful moment, which Alan discovered. In a Nottingham 2nd hand shop. If I remember correctly, a brief look uncovered. Possibly 1 of the top records ever on the UK northern soul scene. The amount of trivia attached to venue's, record discoveries. A large amount of the simplest facts, as yet to be published. But a book of simple facts, would clarify so much of the uncertain things. That are passed on in various ways.     

When it's a difficult subject

   At times a lot of things that happened. Are sometimes difficult to explain to family and friends. When you are mid 50's. In such instances, as long as no bad comments are included. I will remove all personal identifiers. If you request that. Which means deleted from the system completely. I have no real need to store Email address or IP addresses. I have never sold details to online marketers, as they are bloody annoying people to start with.

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   Getting back to the page subject. Not always the easiest thing in the world. When your head as spent as long as mine. Everywhere else bar in touch with the rest of me. But I try at least. As long as you try your best nobody can expect. Any better than that, you might never acheive everything they want. As long as you gave it your best. They will have to live with it as doing any better than you best. Is a impossible thing. It doesn't really matter what anybody might tell you. Your best is as much as you can do. 

   I will get back to the story, cant promise you when. Nothing precise anyway, my mind as never been in sync with earth time. If more people had spent time in Saturn gallatic time. It would make posting far more easier. I was never on Saturn but my mind went without the body attached. Wigan casino was a vast area. I  will start trying to give some points of interest below. Then had a far more detailed plan at some stage.

A photo gallery here, used to explain the area's of Wigan casino

   The photo's below will shortly, all have a description of it's location. In relation to the casino building. Later a farmore complex plan of Wigan casino is a good idea. So that the record bar, mr M's, Stairs, toilets. Just a far more detailed plan of the casino. Not to include door handle sizes, or any of that boll***s that's for certain. This site will not insult your intelligence. By asking stupid bloody question's. Instead I will ask about the thing's I could see clearly. 8 am almost every Sunday morning at Wigan casino. I was normally unable to see the way out. Anything else was not thought about. When Morgan's coach was difficult to see. I didn't think things like door handle's had a chance

The main dancefloor. It is the view from the balcony

   This photo was taken on the viewing balcony. Which must of been impressive. When it was first built, as the entire facade. Featured decorative plaster work on it's total length. People who where quick to condemn the casino as a slum. Where totally ignorant of building crafts. As many of the casino's features. Where high standard crafts.

Looking from the stage out. On the Wigan casino main dance area.

   In this scene looking out from the stage. On a typical casino night. A fairly average crowd for around 1975. It might of been for a live act performance. There where many good acts, that played live at Wigan casino. My favourite was the Exciters. Who I think performed twice there. A lot of top Motown act's where featured.  

The coachpark directly across Station road. This is Wigan casino

   At the left side of Wigan casino was a car park. Far to small for coaches, but on the other side of Station road. Was a substantial coach park, coaches would drop there passengers by the entrance. Then go to the coach park for the night. Coaches from all over the UK, could be seen on the coach park

Lancashire hotpot in Wigan casino

   A young Lancashire hotpot in Wigan casino. She as no need to verify her Wigan casino history. Some of the top faces at the casino. Will all verify her presence at the allnighter. But this photo is in Wigan casino, I know it's her. As it's my website verifacation complete, subject closed.

surprisingly this video, Keb Darge or anybody else in it. Never had the words they say from me. This video  and anybody in it. Talk from there own recollection of Wigan casino. Unfortunately there description fully verifies my content. That there was a Amphetamine based culture. Active at the allnighter's. They are talking  specifically about Wigan casino. These are not telling lies as well. It played a massive part at 70's allnighters fact

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   Keb's style of djing at Wigan casino. Was a bit contriversial to say the least. I saw him in London some years ago. Then at a Stafford reunion the year after. I must give credit when diserved, both sets at Crossfire and Stafford. Featured records I hadn't heard played since Wigan days. I would recomend his ability as a dj as excellent

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Wigan casino was unique

when your young, and explore

Moonlight, multi storey car park and you. Felt like love then

        The  UK of the 70's  had  very  little.  That  would resemble today,  not the big leap forward in technology.  Mobile phones hadn't even been a dream then.  It  was  a regular  journey to  a phone  box.  A  pocket  full  of coins  the  phone  call  lasted as  long  as  you  could  hold  your  breath.  As  phone  boxes  were   roughly the  same  size as  a  Portaloo.  That  was  exactly  what  people  used   phone  boxes  for  to  urinate in.  Which  meant  they  stunk  of  p**s. But  being  young  you'd  met  a  girl  from  away  from  you.  But  it  was  a new  feeling  a girl  you  never  saw  eachday.  It  meant  you  missed  them   a  lot  I  had  a girlfriend  in  Leicester which  felt  like  Russia.  She  was  followed  by  a  Scottish girl.  The  fact  it  was  in  the  UK.  Made  no  difference  to  me.  I  did  think  a lot  of  her  then. I went  to  the  casino, just not  in it.  Middle  of  winter  I never  got  cold,  I  can't  remember Margret moaning at the time.  We both  were  young  lived a  long way apart. We saw eachother briefly each weekend at Wigan casino. I got an impression she never even liked Northern Soul travelled all the way from near the most northern UK location. Yet was happy to stay in a car talking. It was freezing cold on the car park middle of winter.  Left me with little option to keep her warm. It wasn't a good idea to keep the engine ticking over for 7 and half hours. When they hadm't got enough fuel to get off the carpark. But lived a long way from Wigan he would have expected me to fill it up with fuel. Yes I'll admit we got on and she was a good looker. That alone wouldn't loosen the grip on my money. Which was earned from hard work. Well Thursday and Friday 

Station road, Wigan. Morning after
It always felt more affectionate

      I can't even  try to  explain the  reason.  But  at  the time,  my  girlfriends  or  I  were portraited look.  But  Sunday  night  when  it  was  time  to  part.  It  was  like  having  a   leg  amputated.  A  week  of  phone  calls  and  stupidity  lay  ahead.  This  type  of  thing  was  not  mutually  exclusive  to  me.  It  was  widespread at  Wigan  casino.  Under  a duvet  at  a flat after  the  oldies.  Amphetamine gave it the long intense  feeling  that  made it  special.  Another  bigger  cocktail  for  the  Saturday night was  normal.  As  a majority of  the casino crowd. Had gone to Friday after working a full day. Saturday normally rest was ignored.  As dawn lighted up Wigan. It was Belle Vue zoo the attraction shifted to. Nobody dreamed of mentioning bed. Nobody wanted the div label stuck on their head.  Wigan  casino  was  very  much image orientated.  A  entire weekend  dancing  long  exhausting sessions. Could  be  rendered  a  total  waste  of  time.  With  a  single  moment  of  stupidity  like mentioning going  home  to  bed

Looking off the stage onto dancefloor
Wigan casino main dancefloor

casino  club

       I  still  sometimes  stop  and  think.  On  a  Saturday  night  about  how  you  had  to  get  to Wigan.  I'm  certain  about  1975  if  you  said  next  week  it's  on  Saturn.  A  few  of  Wigan's members regular  at  the  casino.  Would  be  on  Saturn  queuing   up  ready  for  the  start.  It  wasn't  just getting  to  Wigan  for  yourself.  If  a  regular  face  was  absent.  People asked if  you  if you'd seen them. Or knew the reason for the  absence. It  was  a  uncertain  answer  to  the  question.  One week  I  had  looked  for  a  friend,  Dave  Fisher  from  Alfreton.  We  met  up  each  week  before  going  in.  This  week  no sign  of  him  or  nobody  had  seen  him.  I  was  on  the  balcony still  looking.  I heard  Russ  play  "where have  all  the  flowers  gone"  by  Walter  Jackson.  For  Dave  Fisher,  I  thought  strange  record  for  him.  It  was  to  remember  him  by.  2  assholes  had  given  him  heroin  until he  overdosed.  Set  off  to  drop  him  at  hospital but  had  lost  the  bottle.

The amount on the dancefloor. Always seemed constant