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   I think there is so much, either wrote or said about Wigan casino. For those who where unable to attend a 70's allnighter. It will always be very difficult for them to be certain. Which version of it to believe did the entire night consist of endless searching through box after box of records. I attended allnighters there for 5 years, never once looked through a record box. The mainstream of the members was divided into 2 factions. There where some who where 100% devoted record collectors. They had to have the original label or nothing. I'm sure the time spent to get collections some had got. Was to be admired, today some come up for sale and the records are brilliant. But a lot of the members went to dance not to collect it. I couldn't care less what the label had on it. The sound coming out the speakers was the same. This was the entire reason I went, to get on the Maple wood dancefloor and dance. All my problems never came in with me. This was the best attribute the allnighter had you could surround yourself with oblivion. Nothing else existed in your mind except the enjoyment you where getting. A lot of the records where only getting played at the casino. Which gave you a great placing in the local hierachy. As you could say to a girl yes heard this at Wigan casino last week. Which boosted you up in her table. That local event cycle was a important thing at the time. As you being a regular at Wigan casino, made you into the person. Everybody wanted to know and be seen with. You couldn't go wrong at parties or clubs

Teenager's dream time

Wigan casino

Wigan casino soul club. Memories online

99.9% of published media is crap

  1. inside Wigan casino

  2. Gethro with friends inside Wigan casino

  3. Sunday morning, Station road 

  4. This is Wigan casino "live"

  5. Outside Wigan casino, prior to the start of the allnighter. A time to catch up on things 

   When I've read some of the things wrote about Wigan casino. It as made me wonder what the hell there going on about. I went and it lost my interest straight away. A place that filled you with so much ambition and belief. Everybody there beleived in there own capabilities to get to being the no 1 face. Nothing was there to obstruct them from doing it either. It was nothing to do with your bank balance, colour of your skin. Or anything society must be satisfied you have. To promote you to the next tier in social class. Everything you got was from things every member could get you couldn't buy it you had to earn it. This is where almost every book published. As gone onto deviate from the real way it was when you got s feeling you can do something. You will goto any measure  to do it. The pressure to acheive the good status was from being on the dancefloor. For long periods of time, to enhance the way they looked. A large percentage of the dancefloor regulars had taken large amounts of Amphetamines. To give them the energy to keep dancing the whole 8 hours at ran. Not complete boll***s at all.

   The onething anonymous observers are full of. Is to quickly condemn my content as fabricated lies without any supported evidence. I will gladly take them to cematery's in Derbyshire, Lancashire, & Staffordshire. To view graves and the recorded dates and cause of death. Anytime they would like to go and bring with them there list. Of supporting evidence. To contridict my listing and confirm it is lies, and there version as true. Then we can go to tell the parents it was a not true. Just a malicous lie to make money out of a 100% free website. That end item your on your own. I refuse to associate my name to causing totally callous harm to protect yourself, from things you must of done to want to hide it. It is a known fact, if your ashamed to admit it don't do it at all. Certainly don't bring make parents endure more suffering. By reopening old wounds which devistated them once already. You will only be acting for your own benifit. As it as never been stated 100% where involved.

   But a higher percent where involved in the missuse of drugs at the time. Than took no active part in teehe missuse of drugs act, which itself was only ammended to include most prescription medication in 1974. It as been recently ammended to take amphetamines off. The list of physically dependant list. Which means the body can't maintain a normal functionality if it is removed. It is thought this was a result of NHS cost to maintain cost's for a growing amount going on the registered list. Although poccession of Amphetamine is still a offence in the UK. This was intended to signal a lesser strictness on the missuse of drugs, which as only lead to higher use of class A drugs. With a greater availability of cheaper opiates and cocaine flooding the UK. The teenage culture of a £10 bag of class A drugs. As increased crime and the registered list of this category. 

my content is from my mind


   One theme is constant throughout this website. Everything that's published was either seen with my eyes. Or a trusted friend never idle gossip. I would never use paragraphs from books, besides a book from a close friend Gethro. As it is yet to be published, the exerts where given me in confidence. So he knows our trust will remain unbroken. Anybody who cast's any doubt on it, will also put there years at the casino. To let people decide for themself. Who's track record as the best true verifacation of things that happened. I've never said I haven't ever made a mistake in my life. As anybody who hasn't made a mistake, hasn't made anything worth mentioning. But even thou, after saying that. I beleive my content is the most accurate on the internet from members. But if you feel your website as longer years of regular attendance than me. Please don't keep it a secret tell us about it. I will gladly link to your website, as the better the communication between exmembers. The more accurate the source giving things written a much better reality. I for 1 beleive nothing is gained by slagging other websites off. You are weaker if your divided by doubting eachothers content. Strength is increased when you are united and saying the same thing. There are far to many sources of utter crap. There needs more sources of good realistic content. So I will get the community spirit restored and people who never went see, the proper way Wigan casino ran. It certainly wasn't ran on hatered and divided people.  That fueled a lot of 2014, I certainly hope the asshole's that ruined 2014. Have bucked there idea's up.  


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 The bad elements in the UK's population

   As in time it will expand into a full story. But until that time it is more a list of the  events and attributes. That are true and are a good insight to Wigan casino. As time allows this account will grow into a concise guide of Wigan casino. From the 1st allnighter on 23rd of September 1973. Which had no big advertising campaign only a flyer posted on the casino's wall in Station road. A crowd of 600+ attended the 1st night. A 8 year reign for Wigan casino made it the most successful allnighter in northern soul history. Our guide will be the real story and true. Detailed accounts of gear. The fuel that powered allnighters. That is true not a made up story to attract you here judge for yourself, I wont missle you to think it's true just tell you what I saw. The if it's true or not is left to the reader to decide. If it is true or not. This site in particular me ( Sam ). Does not enforce this on visitors at all. You cant be forced to beleive anything you don't. My account was seen by me, it was not told to me by a 3rd party. The reason my story is stated as a true reality of Wigan casino allnighter. 

   That is how this website was 1st created to fill a reality gap between downright boll***s and misleading tales. Back in the days of the information super highway. It was visualised as a education tool for everybody. Instead of a source for communication in a nuclear attack. It was developed for communication, education, and much more in the technology world of today.But it is far to common. The work shy element as jumped on it.    It as attracted the human obsession of greed. Somebody as worked themself to death. To make there effort a success. Then you get the greed element. I want everything he as got. Without doing anything like work to achieve it. I had to buy this new walking stick. So I could look like I'm disabled ok I'm not.    Yes all the genuine disabled people will get far less to live on. But me and the others who do it are fine. As we do 3 days a week cash in hand. Take the benifits from the people who deserve it. But we take having never put anything in.

Don't those sort of idle useless prats. Make you wish we could adopt the farm yard principle. You cant return the cost of keeping you. Shoot them out the way. The UK as made a rod for it's own back. Now there are many with nothing at all wrong. Who will never do a days work again. The real answer no use for anything get them out the support chain. The real disabled or ill. Is in no way to be linked to this. But are made to bearly manage by these bone idle parasites. I'm sorry as this as personal involvement. But you get nothing for effort. The UK rewards nobody for trying. I struggled from close to death. After being told I would never work again. Less than 2 years I had returned to work. Yet all around me, there are people who are in no way disabled. Yet get paid to do nothing on a act. People who are genuinely forced to struggle. Get no state aided support yet face each day. With a battle to live any type of normality. I know this as a fact. People think it's a big joke. Not round me twice idle bas****s.  

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   For any teenager growing up. The attributes that Wigan casino offered, could not of got better. It was often well away from people who knew you, or you knew them. So out of sight and out everybodys mind went rules. A teenage rampage when the things you did never got told to your parents. They had no idea why you went all the way to Wigan. It was mainly for northern soul music, but to rebel against normality played a part. Wigan casino packed full of young people, created an atmosphere like nowhere on earth. The fact that almost the entire crowd never lived in Wigan. Meant everything they did was totally anonymous, and there family would never know. It will never get better than that, to be a teenager. It was like leaving Billy Bunter in a cake shop when he was hungary. Get to Wigan casino every week get the best music. with the atmosphere like nowhere else. With a crowd from all over the UK not there for any trouble. The allnighter was there to party in 52 weeks of the year, the atmosphere inside was just the same. As Christmas eve when your a child full of excitement and energy. In a packed casino it was like a cauldron, as the tempreture rose. The casino's crowd gained momentum  each record aplauded by the dancefloor people. Eagerly waiting for the next record to start. Take it from me in the early years it ran it was the best party on earth. Teenagers right upto some of the longer serving people on the scene. Lost there inhabitions  age, race, or anything else made little difference. The whole place united into 1 and partied.       

Please don't think your an expert yet. We only just scratched the surface of it

     The content upto now is getting your mind ready. Touching the subject merely to get you. In the position to think on the same level as Wigan casino members. I've heard it suggested by 2 regular casino members. If the massive amounts of drugs that fueled the atmosphere at the casino. Was not there it would never have happened. Myself I think it would still have happened just not to the extent it did. I draw this conclusion by regularly visiting King's hall in Stoke. The drugs problem as vanished almost completely. If it was a fraction of Wigan casino's intake. When the dance floor is starting to have a sparse amount on it. Sometimes as early as 3 am. People have started to leave in numbers. Wigan casino's dance floor was heaving start to 8 am. Mr M's ended at 6 am. The crowd where the staunch traditional type records. Rushing down the stairs to get a place on the dance floor. As 6 am the whole of Wigan casino came alive. Boosted by Dave Evison's oldies hour. I've known weeks the Friday oldies had started. I could not longer feel my legs. But would not surrender my place by the left-hand side to anybody. I had that place for over 5  years. Totally talc free area. Got a bit slippery some weeks. As the sh**house regularly flooded. Talc was not required on the Wigan casino sprung Maple wood dance floor. Onething Yate or st Ives could not say was better. As both venues had crap dance floor surfaces.