Wigan casino, soul club: 1973 to 1981. A lot of information useful for some not all

Forward about Wigan casino

amazing. But for people who want an initial look at Wigan casino. Or the people it attracted to it. I think this website, maybe doesn't cover everything but a good start. If your interest is as a collector there are far better websites for the purpose. Today's soul scene although included in places. As no resemblance to the Wigan casino era at is   At one time, I almost convinced myself. I would write the Wigan casino story. I have been publishing on the web since 1987. In which time I must have written a few books. But I have to concede not every part of Wigan casino. Would have been covered. I must hold my hands up to my friend Gethro. For a number of precise details his book covers. Are a credit to his effort to write a book of facts on northern soul. Which he as achieved fully. 

     Firstly Wigan casino wasn't just about drugs. A massive amount of illegal drugs taken every event it was staged. But it wasn't confined to the casino itself. A large amount of all the drugs had been taken  well before reaching Wigan.  As if you waited until you got to Wigan there was always a chance the drugs squad. Would stop the coach and search it. Say they had received a tip from the coach had a lot of controlled drugs  on it. The suspicion law was still wildly used.  If the police wanted a warrant, all they needed to say was. They had received information. So got it no problem really. As  the drug problem was well commented on. To show they had acted on it. A large police presence around the casino. Why they wore plain clothes was a mystery to casino members. If they had kept the helmet on at least. Any doubt would have been avoided. But in the reality of it the police were targeted more than suspects. The numerous times I went in the toilet.

      Soon as I walked in you knew your clothes were ruined. The old janitor type man. Always had a lot to say. I used to ask him you got any of them Dex left. The old Bill knew a vast majority were smashed out there head. Full of confidence that Amphetamine drugs gave. At one night Casino members were told if you have drugs throw them on the dancefloor. No action will be taken, unless you keep them. I was with a large group of regulars. Nobody trusted the old Bill's word. Filled an Adidas holdall and put it in the cloakroom. A very large pile started to form as people threw drugs onto it 

Not of value to all, visitors

         There is a lot of text below. I will warn visitors who are ex-members you are likely to know most of it already. I will had a button below for ex-members to move forward.  This page was added for the visitors. Who maybe need a lot of more refined details. For essays required for media studies at university. If people didn't go they can't be expected to know it I've helped students complete essays on half a dozen occasions. It serves 2 purposes northern soul passed on. By a person who was a part of it. Who isn't afraid to tell it in a real way. Which will remain constant not change if 30 pieces of silver are offered. It's a great shame a log of activity was never kept inside Wigan Casino. With detailed list's of arrest's if a conviction was the result. I would bet money stop & search policies which were the default method inside Wigan Casino on the whole. Were never done inside UK legal constraint's. The very high number of innocent people searched and harassed by the drugs squad yet found to poccess nothing illegal. Would in today's environment of correct police procedure. Warrant a long list complaining about the police. The 70's still held upmost respect for the scales of UK justice. Even I retained respect for the police after my first dollop of porridge. The 2nd a few weeks after the first. Was being sentenced a 2nd time for the first offence. The magistrate was my old teacher. So under UK law should have declared a conflicting interest likely to prejudice the verdict. When you receive a custodial sentence instead of the usual £40 fine. It should be the result of 3 residing magistrates. Not a unanimous verdict of 1 who'd got her gander up. When I kept winking at her, I can't remember even getting found guilty before I got sentenced. I was refused leave to appeal against conviction. The fact I was innocent and was convicted on hearsay of a vindictive old cow. Did nothing to help me. I got released 5 day's early. The unanimous guilty verdict remains on my criminal convictions to this day. Every cloud as a silver lining the magistrate got her just reward. A real heartbreak I missed the funeral. I would have loved to have paid my respect

Each to there own. Best way to look at it

   The casino club, Station road, Wigan, Lancashire. Had been a club for years. Prior to the 1970's invasion of the town. Each weekend to a all night dance session. For the cult fashion of northern soul. People from across all area's of the UK. Flocked to Wigan for the 8 years it staged allnighters. Making Wigan casino known worldwide. In the hey day of it's success. A 1000+ members from the top of Scotland. To the very bottom of Cornwall. Converged on the Lancashire town danced from Saturday night to Sunday morning. When it ended the invaders left as fast as they appeared.    It must of given a big financial boost. As staff at the casino, shops, swimming baths. All benifitted from the casino's success. In later years the allnighter ran. The local residents seemed to resent the weekend visitors. The crowd did no real criminal activity. That did residents any damage. House burglary or the things common now. Never featured at the time. 1 big item made the casino members get a very bad reputation. At the time it 1st started. There was no major UK law to prevent the use of drugs. The casino ran from 2am until 8am. At the begining later starting at 12.30am ending at 8am. From the Wigan area the crowd in the casino was a minority. 

   The local Wigan people who became regular attenders. Did so for northern soul. Which was the correct reason to go. I always remember a half cast man from Wigan called Fred. A few girls Mandy who at one time was seeing Dave Fisher. A very good friend of mine from Alfreton. By coincidence a friend from Worcester Michael Morgan. Said he had spoken to Mandy recently. Unfortunately Mick contracted lung cancer. All enquiries to contact Mandy where unsuccessful. If anybody in the Wigan area reads this. Maybe she could be told to contact Sam. Via this website, I knew her at Bernie's flat. I heard that Bernie had died. Another tragic loss of young life. Bernie had a heart of gold, to have all the visitor's. Sprawled around her flat all Saturday. Patience as well

   The content I will cover will be mostly from a members veiw. I never collected records got a lot. From swapping or trading or surity. Where they are now, I neither know or care. Some play them, the others dance to them.  I could not of given a toss, if it was original, pressing, or 60p out of Woolworths. The sound it made was the value. To the dancefloor regulars. I didn't travel 120 miles to look at records argue over things I had not any interest in.

To me  it was idealist bulls**t. A lot of it around at the time. I 0ften get a feeling. As I sort of acquired a list of records. Should I sell them. But for some reason I'd get them at a time. I was goimg to see somebody, I often hid them and forgot all about it. Until I was on the train. Or the services, So thought sod it. The wall over the road was another favourite, I'd hear come on Sam rush off and leave them there. I had the anniversay gift. I only ever got 2 home gave them away    

Escaping by dancing

   Life had never been easy for a lot who. Where born at the end of the 50's start of the 60's. You spent a lot of your childhood. Wondering there is better out there, just got to find it. But it never turned up as a gift. You needed to get off your ass and work to get it. If you didn't you got nothing given you. The 1st time I walked into Wigan casino. I knew it was my escape from the wan***s who loved to make life harder for you. Just because you wouldn't show any interest in being early for school. Turn up in a blazer and tie. Looking like you'd been in Burton's window all night. I might of been late on the odd occasion. Ok everyday for a couple of months. Who gave prefect's the right to ask for a explanation. It was no big surprise. When I told them to mind there own business

   It takes all sorts to make the world. Onething was certain you'd find it hard to get a more diverse crowd. Than the regulars inside Wigan casino. Accents where from across the whole UK. There was no us and them segregation, race, religion, totally void of any of society's hierarchical order. You where who you are. It was  earned not paid for. Regular attendance at events. As well as long gruelling periods of dancing. Was the best way you moved up the ranking. It felt that good to be involved. You put tiredness out your mind. A number of times I'd done Friday & Saturday allnighters. Walked out of Wigan casino Sunday exhausted. Only to find me outside an alldayer later Sunday. It was by instinct, I went to work most Monday's Not the best method for a bricklayer. They say laying bricks is easy on your feet 8 hours. Doing precise brickwork with tired eyes isn't easy. Just my luck to work with the best bricklayer I've worked with. I've worked with some tossers over the years. College was a welcome saviour from 76 to 79. Every Monday with a Welsh college tutor. Who never worked out why I called him Clive. Obvious he never watched Fen street kid's. Or he would of of known Clive was a Welsh teacher

Wigan casino, was escape

   Inside Wigan casino. There was none of the ass licking creeps. That seemed to get joy from grassing me up. I certainly hope every low down git. Who put my name in there late book. dies in extreme pain. I did nothing to you, to justify being a judas. Just because your nose was stuck up your legal moral values. My head never quite managed life at school. I hated the ponces who got good reports from betraying other pupils. There is no teacher to reward or protect you assholes now.

   There was a section of pupils. Who had developed a passion for northern soul. A few a year or 2 above me. But my year had some Mick Riley, Phil Renshaw, Nigel Lancet, and Mick Davis. Who I'm still going to northern soul events with now. All had developed a strong passion for northern soul. Mick Davis, Phil Renshaw, and Mick Riley. Had all been to Wigan casino. Before they had left school, the same as me 

   I do not consider this website. Belongs solely to me at all, the html5 code yes. But the content belongs  to every member of Wigan casino between 74 to 79. The years this site uses for verified content. All other years are based on reliable sources. The last year or so I was unavailable. So the people who claimed to have see me.  Couldn't of seen me in 79 on. It must of been my brother Greg. Who we lost 10 years ago aged 40  

Wigan casino was an exclusive event

   Every member that ever climbed the stairs. To experience the overwhelming thrill. The casino held had an exclusive thing. That now appears to be unique and never repeated. Last night I attended Keele it was another Chris Burton brilliant staged event. It must be close to equaling the 70's original. Dave Evison again giving outstanding content. With all due respect. Every dj give a top performance. But those who attended Wigan casino. Are always going to have the comparison to reflect on. At times there comes memories to compare 1 with the  other the records where as good. No doubt about it even "frantic escape, the Innocent bystanders. Found itself on the list good events are still taking place. From his outdtanding pedigree.Chris Burton must now be the UK no1 promoter. I hope it's not. Going to be the usual get a good thing going. Then overkill it

This website is free, and always will be.

   I've wrote content similar TO THIS. On other sites published. It isn't the easiest or most rewarding. It was strange as most replies to dispute content. Came from visitors. Who had never stepped foot in Wigan casino. But for some reason disputed the content. Even with thr fact. I'd attended 100's of allnighters. I found it harder to understand. When the content was disputed by somebody. They met in a pub. That had been a few times in 1981. Yet disputed conent from 1974. On the evidence of a unknown source. They only met once.

   I've never promised, every detail is correct. Only it is true from memory. At the time I wrote it we all have good & bad days. It often depends on the time it's written. How it reads to visitors. I don't spend my time putting false information on here. But I'm only human so make mistakes. Anybody who hasn't made a mistake. As made nothing of importance

Must have been a few?

   Everybody who ever attended Wigan casino. Seems to hold different views and memories of it. As sections had a different purpose. For being there in the earlier years. They both were northern soul orientated. In later times success and media attention. Gave the impression the casino. Was a drug crazed environment. The music was just an item to hide reality. Which of course was totally wrong.  Northern soul in the past. Had always been hidden from the public. So it operated under a cloak of secrecy. All the ignorant people refused to believe, People with such a hidden agenda of content. Could be generated by music alone. To continue and read more would be good. To give a response on your visit would be great. Especially if your a ex-member. As it would help to develop this site content. To a better memory of Wigan casino memories. The way the members want to remember it.

      By the law of averages their must have been a few. El natural in the Casino? Unfortunately I never met them, maybe they had a tape on the skirting boards. To check it was consistent throughout the entire building. That must have given immense satisfaction. Together with instant membership to the RIBA. To have a 1000+ people dancing and having the time of there lives. As you completed a detailed analysis of the Casino. With a minute tolerance to exact. I applaud your dedication I only knew it had skirting boards recently. My eyes could only focus on items like the balcony. The coach was difficult to see when it was parked outside the Beachcomber. The reason I got to Knutsford and thought who are the people on this coach?



Many start few ever finish it

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 This website was never created, with the intention of profit. Correct if it had been I would be disappointed, It was created with the emphasis on reality. Unlike the stuff published when I. Did my first website in 1987. The internet as evolved into worldwide use. Computers have become faster and user-friendly. As they are designed for internet use. Windows 3.1 was not it was able to connect to the information superhighway.  The first name that the internet used. The first browser I can recall was Netscape Navigator. No comparison is worth explaining on the speed. The Pentium 3 processor was eagerly awaited for computers. It could not increase the performance of 56k modems. That you would have noticed at all. Put a formula 1 engine in a family saloon it is not about to win a grand prix. As many more attributes will need to be changed. Before it would even attract a top world class driver. Needed to win a grand prix. A 56k modem on a phone line processed data very slowly. Today almost all towns and cities have fibre optic high-speed cables installed with all areas included in the next few years. Which I assumed to give more time to install cables to further hard to reach locations. So every area of the UK will have the fast broadband connection. All by high-speed fibre optic cable. Virgin media had the initial idea of laying fibre optic cables. To increase UK customers connection speed. BT   followed on fast to keep their service in comparison. In the very competitive market by UK internet service providers

      I've been publishing online for over 30 years now. The longest and first ever person to focus on Northern Soul. In the UK it's fairly recent. Countries outside the UK had staged any Northern Soul events at all. Australia have always been the exception with a number of ex-Brits living there. At one stage I always tried to keep upto date on new sites. Not for any reason other than factual content. Did what it said agree with my content. But it's got so easy to publish websites by using sets of templates. A number of websites live online are by doubtful sources. Which are a copy of somebody else. The content follows the format of a book you've already read. I can't see the point of doing it at all. People who have never been miss the most important thing Wigan Casino had. Being a part of it whatever size you put in made no difference. If you only went once and only stopped an hour. You know how it felt to be a part of it. Even going to almost every week for 5 years. The magic of Wigan Casino never stopped it always felt special. 1st time or 1000th time it felt the same special way to me. I had been to almost every other venue in that era. None gave me the excitement of Wigan Casino

My website recollection, of Wigan casino

   This website is my own work. So I'm totally responsible for every aspect of it. As only me built it and as the right to input content. Now the internet as becomes widely used. In most UK homes, experts are as common. I have been publishing online since 1987. Not 2014, as many who offer advice, seem to have. I make mistakes, but they are mistakes. Not intentional if I charged visitors to access the site it would be reasonable. To expect very few errors in the content. But as it is purely my work it is constructed under my standard of content. That gives visitors information about Wigan casino. If you went 1, 500, or never at all. Still gives a picture of Wigan casino's true reality.

   My content of everything is mostly my own. On Wigan casino, the Twisted wheel, and the Torch. Neither of which I attended. I have to rely on sources that are trusted. That I know went and won't give me bulls**t. I try to give the true picture of Wigan casino. As I remember it which does not mean exactly without any mistakes. If you notice any mistakes. Please contact me to point it out. Not try to make yourself look a hero. In front of a few as almost always only a few exceptions. I attended a lot more times than you. I went 100's of times, not a few. Which often means you impress very few a short time. But make yourself look an absolute moron to a majority far longer 

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