The type of person, who where attracted. To spend time in Wigan

   To me there was no single stereotype of person. To define the typical kind who swarmed to the Lancashire town. Of Wigan every week of the year. Otherthan a very unorthordox view of lifes expectations. The people who wsent to a local night club. Drank a gallon of beer, the Saturday highlight. Was to have fish and chips, if they where exceptionally lucky. It was there turn on the local bike. Everybody had ridden it. But nobody wanted to stop in the saddle longer than required. Gave the topic of conversation Sunday down the pub. You never shagged that dirty cow. It's a miracle she ain't riddled with pox. The reality was you hoped she wasn't. As you didn't want your normal girlfriend to catch it. The bike always had somebody who'd take it home. There knickers where not made in Yorkshire. So where never tight enough to keep them up. 2 drinks and a bag of chips was cheap.

Station road, Wigan. Lanc's

   On the left column of the page. A collection of significant images. The top 3 are in the images. Wigan casino, Golden Torch, the Twisted wheel. With the opposed development work. On the Wentworth street location of the Twisted wheel. All 3 of the northern soul flagships have gone. The casino. and Torch destroyed by fire. The Twisted wheel, will have a hotel above it. st Ives and Yate are both still there so I've been told. But in my opinion both are nothing to get English heritage worked up. They are council controled buildings. With the council design features incorparated into them. Architect design teams wish to build heritage looking buildings. Aren't going to take designers to use as an example. I don't think Ken Livingstone would bother takinHarringgay architects myself

inside Wigan casino allnighter

   I have attended northern soul allnighters. For over 40 years I started going as the Torch was ending. So just to young to attend. It met the same fate as Wigan casino destroyed by fire so made it no longer there to see. So there isn't the large selection of photo's video's and recordings. On anywhere near the amount that circulate for Wigan casino. Which is unfortunate as the Torch had a brilliant atmosphere. So I've been told. There is the major Lance live at the Torch recording. Which must be the biggest Icon in northern soul history.  


inside the Golden Torch

   Very little in the way of recording's of the Twisted wheel. Maybe just before the basic recording Fidelity 90 minute cassette's. Gave to echoe round Station road. At the end of the allnighter each week.  

Sam in the Twisted wheel

   The actual location that the Catacomb's was in Temple street. Is still there but the place was developed by close football team Wolverhampton wanders

Catacomb's members card

 The regular members, of Wigan casino

   In my opinion there wasn't a typical member. As they could not be defined. By job, class, or any of visable signs like rockers or punk's have. There was a hardcore element if it was on Mars. They would of been outside waiting. You saw them in Station road each week. In the Beach comber. Sunday morning

Wigan casino, Station road, Wigan, Lancashire 

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       Wigan casino was a relaunch of former, typical north-west night club. Empress ballroom at one time must have been a spectacular construction. When it was destroyed by fire in 1981.  The high cost of rebuilding to its  former building. Must have made the building insurers s**t them self. I have worked in construction. From Essex in the south east. Right upto the north of the Lancashire county. The examples of Lancashire tradesmen I saw. Wouldn't have been able to draw it. Let alone rebuild it. I would view that remark as a sceptical answer

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allusioned, youth wanted a change

   The hardcore of Wigan had one shared attribute. They all had discretion. When they reached Station road no need to show it. Nothing else attracted you to Wigan at midnight on a Saturday night. I had a difference of opinion. With Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and various other football fans. Returning home after today's football match. It was often being vastly outnumbered. They always relied on fear young blocked I hadn't got any fear. Football fans are brave. With 50 behind them. When you walk calmly over. Smack them straight in the gob. They are surprised, to be honest. Then you either get the living daylights kicked out of you. Or they think he must be mentally unstable

Breaking out of the routine


   At the start Wigan casino was the ultimate escape. People had become disallusioned by iristsry life. It was no longer wanted instead of life exactly the same as your father. Many thought there is more to life than a gallon of beer. A gross portion of fast food. Sex at the same moment each week. At the end bunged in a box down a hole. Life was mundane all your life you had tried to get in 1 hole. To end up put in another. Playing football on Sunday morning. Had the same appeal as shutting your fingers in a car door. From `14 I was enjoying myself. Never got the old bill involved no problem to my parents


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   Then the number who look are single figures. Making it pointless. Nobody sends things to be included  . It doesn't

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