Listen or download Wigan casino: live recording

   This page is for everybody and anybody. Who want's to hear or download. A live recording of Wigan casino allnighter. I have always had the same opinion. Wigan casino was a community. Not 1 person, If it was 1 person. That was the sole owner, Russ Winstanley would own itall. I said in my opinion, as Russ is far to modest. To claim all the glory for himself. Recognizes the members had a big part in it's success. Without him  creating it you wouldn't be here to download it. But withoout the members who attended it you wouldn't either.

   So 2 sides to every story. But onething Russ Winstanley can't deny the club he created in Station road, Wigan, Lancashire. Is the most successful club ever to run in the UK northern soul allnighter scene. It remain's the benchmark of quality in 2015. Unequalled for it's records found by casino dj's. The highly charged atmosphere is often claimed to be equalled. By a lot of current allnighters staged in recent times. The just like Wigan casino claim is just wildly or over exagerated. As I have attended 100's of northern soul events since. The next 1 remotely near the casino will be the first, as saying it. Is nothing like doing it, so until you can dream on 

Recorded live in mr M's in the start of 1976. About the time Wigan casino. Was on the no 1 spot

  1974 was still Torch dominated. all of this changed in 1975. A download to verify it soon

1975's 2nd anniversary, was a very important landmark. As it was the placeWigan casino. Got things from it's own records. 

1975 must of been best year

   It might only be my opinion. But 1975 . Was the year Wigan casino made a solo input. No Torch input anymore required. Records discovered by the casino came onto. The casino playlist's, I remember the Tiffanies: it's got to be a great song. For it's umique start. Game players, Dooley Silverspoon, You got me where you want me, Larry Santos. All being big in 75. Connie Clarke, the Exciters also big. Afternoon of the Rhino, Mike Post coalation. So many good records. Came onto the deck's in 75. I have never been an expert on label's. 

2nd anniversary topped 75

   The jewel in the crown for 75. Had to be the live performance by Tommy Hunt. It was a performance never bettered. I went on to see many other live act's. At Wigan casino, the Exciters did a brilliant show. Reaching for the best, was a very good title for them

2 nd anniversary recording

   A free download recorded at Wigan casino 2 nd anniversary. The tape recorder's commenly used at the time, Fidelity tape to tape recorders. Did an adequate job to record it. Station road, the coach home, the baths every place you went. Echoed to last nights all-nighter