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northern soul music & dancing 12.30 to 8 am  

      Wigan  casino  was  a  club.  Surprisingly  in  the  Lancashire  town  of  Wigan.  Situated  in  the  former  Empress  ballroom.  A  local  northern  soul  dj  Russ  Winstanley.  Who  already  ran  Sunday  soul  sessions at the  local  rugby  club.  Had  noticed  the  Station  road  building  lay  dormant.  At  the  time  the  Torch. Had  just  been  forced  to  close. After losing its entertainment license. Now a single club remained, the Catacomb's. Which was located in Temple street, Wolverhampton, west midlands. Russ knew a demand for the cult fashion. Was still high but just a single club remained. To service the demand. He approached the young manager of the club Mike Walker. A date was set for an all night dance session. The first was staged on the 23rd of September 1973. Starting at 2am until 8am. 600+ attended the first event at Wigan casino.  The  start  of  the  most  successful  northern  soul  club  ever had  started.  The  first  night  hadn't  had  a  big  advertising  campaign.  The  only  advert  to  appear  was on  the  wall  of  the  club.  Over  the  next  8  years  the  casino  ran.  Many  more  adverts  got  posted .   To  the  casino  wall  in  Station  road

        One  thing  remained  throughout  the  entire  time.  Wigan  casino  ran  rumours  of  it  ending.   I  think  the  first  time  I went  in  74. The  1974  misuse  of  drugs  act.  Targeting  recreational  use  of  drugs  like  amphetamine.  A  very  long  time prior  to  raves  started.  My  dad  had  already  told  me  everything.  You are  doing  mow  was  done  by  my  generation  Maybe  not  exactly  the  same  method  but  very  similar.  In  my   honest   opinion  northern  soul  is  an  emotion.  Created an   atmosphere which  was  in  public.  Belonged  to  nobody and  owned  by  nobody.  As  it's   public  nobody  owned  it.  So  if  it  as  no  owner,  it  is  not  able  to  be  sold  as  a  commodity.  When the northern  soul  was  no1  in  the  UK.  Money  was  yet  to  be  involved in it. It  isn't people with any aptitude. That have yearned to bring greed and money into a scene. That never as  or ever will need it cash  price  into   a  scene  that  doesn't want  it  or  will  benifit  from  it.

As my generation declines. A book is wrote

Success helped then killed

      The calm  subdued way that the  all-nighter ran like.  Was without,  doubt the  only time.  I'd  call it  Wigan casino the northern soul  heaven.  When success  came to  Wigan casino  so did  the idiots barbed  out there  mind.  The large scale drug  abuse happening  at the casino.  Each and every event it staged. Wigan casino staged a list of events. Other than just other than northern soul.  I went to some punk events myself. After an unexpected conversation with a few of Wigan's punks. I impressed them with my knowledge of punk rock. Is everybody like you, at the allnighter. To tell the truth. No, a number are single minded selfish twats. They like one thing so should everybody else in the UK. Some think they  like it  so it  is impossible to imagine anybody liking anything else.

      Yes,  I know should have joined  the  SS.  As they  have the  same type  of mind  as the  fuhrer, Adolf  Hiler. It was common at the time to encounter stupidity. Like the complete idiots who wore Tshirts with Ian Levine is a div. Mostly by newcomers on the scene trying to give an impression. They knew what northern soul was all about. Being a tw** was not 1 of them. A couple of months of knowledge. Never equalled the right to condemn a man with a year for every week they had. In 2016 a lot of bridges have been made. To forget stupidity first brought into northern soul in the Wigan casino era.

Wigan casino described in adverts

    Since ie closed in 1981.A big amount of adverts references Wigan casino. Just like Wigan casino so you go. Get in the venue. It is nothing like it at all, as the trade description act bypassed northern soul. It is an offence to give a misleading description. That makes the customers expect something other than the description leads them to expect an item. That the advert as no resemblance to the description. Is termed as misleading in UK law. Under the consumer protection act, you must make your description fit the item. As close as possible which must not contain. Anything that you know or believe to be false. Venues that are labelled exactly the same as Wigan casino. Are both false and misleading for financial gain? In my opinion and in the UK legal view. Adverts need to be rewritten so the heading. States similar to the music played in the famous Wigan casino soul club.  

The top 3 allnighter venues. In the UK 

      It goes without any shadow of a doubt. The Wheel 63 to 71, The Torch 72 to 73 and Wigan Casino 73 to 81. Are the 3 important all-nighters in UK Northern Soul history. The only surprise being The Torch ran for a mere 13 months yet played as big an input. As The Wheel and Wigan Casino that ran for around 8 years. 

   At long last, a book is released. That this website will endorse and recommend. There ain't been any before it. A very good chance of any of it. Gethro Jones was the biggest name in northern soul, In the Wigan casino era. His well-written account. His book follows his own personal journey on the UK  northern soul scene. Dates are from a diary he kept at the time. So are very accurate, record dates are the same. Assisted by DJ Glenn Walker-Foster. From the samples, Gethro as sent to me. It will knock any book written so far out the frame. Everybody is well aware of my bad opinion. Of 99% of the crap that as been published. Inaccurate content describing a club that resembled a club. Nothing like Wigan casino yes record collectors did gather in the bar at the bottom of the dancefloor. Did they get Wigan casino massive success not at all in my mind? Why on earth would teenagers flock to Wigan? To look at boxes of records they wouldn't. They were drawn by the dancefloor full of good dancers.

     Look at the recent rave scene. Which is very much the latest teenage trend similar to Wigan casino? Yes, the big name Dj's like  Paul van Dyke gave youth interest. But nothing near the interest. E's and doing something that was disapproved of by public media had. Exactly like the Wigan casino era if parents had thought it was nothing to bother about. Just a harmless pastime for teenagers. Which when I first went it was all that was known. If I'm honest all I knew as well. I still believe to this day many inside the casino. Had no idea that taking gear was illegal, at 14 I did not know. It was not hidden away at all. This was in the early years of Wigan casino had opened. The motorway services, train journey, and Station road. Echoed with got any gear mate all open. Illegal activity is not broadcast in that way but shielded away. Even after the 74 drugs law reforms. Nothing changed from what I remember.

My dad never ever let me down once

    Waiting outside in Station road. Became part of the Wigan casino ritual. Compared to today's multi-choice ways of contact. The 70's was basic at best. My home phone was not available after I made a few calls to Scotland. The next big phone bill I get.   Would result in a bigger beating for me. My dad was as hard as granite and had no tolerance or bargaining in him at all. Do as I say if you want to stay in good health. Defy me at your own risk of me hitting you so hard. You will wear 2 pairs of shoes out walking back. I've had to bite my lip on many occasions to stop me from laughing. As he took laughing as an insult and hit you anyway. Plenty on the scene will verify that my dad was like. Since he died I miss him every day. When I was in trouble which was quite regular. He never once let me down. Even when he had the old Bill would call him from all over the UK. Keep him until the pubs closed and I'll be there to bail him out. I've rang detained by Manchester serious crime (Robbery) squad. Inner London fraud detection for Custom & Excise VAT evasion. OK he had little option on that one. The VAT detained me while looking for him. He had bought 50 cattle from a sale in Scotland. He operated as Roundhill wholesale meats. The Abattoir Worcester Road Kidderminster. Meat is zero rated for VAT my dad saw 50 cattle as a lot of beef. Live cattle is not food so buying 50 is +VAT at the market. When they are dead they become Beef food. So you can claim the VAT back he saw no point in tying up a sizable chunk of cash waiting for a rebate. He never paid it due to the fact when he paid the market the cattle where all beef. I lived in a flat in Islington London N1. It was not taken as a joke when I asked if they wanted to check my bedroom to see if 50 cattle were in it

In Wigan Casino

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  This website does not or ever as. Said taking illegal drugs is acceptable. The website uses references the taking  Amphetamines. As a historical fact not as an invitation to do it. The website content is true. But is from over 40 years ago. I do not recommend any reader should follow the ritualistic way of drug abuse. That was very widespread then. But then it was never compulsory. Everybody who took drugs. Did so by choice. The many resulting deaths caused by drug abuse. Happened through misadventure or accidental miscalculation. Opiates or other analgesic narcotics had no major use. In rare instances, analgesic's were used for the calming effect. Not in Wigan itself but long after leaving Wigan casino and the town itself. In the latter years the large influx of barbiturates. Was nothing to blame Wigan casino or northern soul for the people who either took or died from barbiturate abuse. Should blame the media coverage of the club. Or the 1974 misuse of drugs act. As before them, no mass barbiturate abuse was seen at Wigan casino.  Yet the exact minute. The public media bandwagon pulled up in Station road. The Casino got out of control. Around the same time as an influx of local knob heads turned up. Totally unable to communicate with the members from the midlands. Due to the fact, nobody spoke complete boll***s. The moment respectable society gets in the door. A minor element of the UK population as to try to upset the balance. Trying to look like pioneers of the thing that draws the interest. How being horizontally fixed to the floor. With an empty void in there skull were the brain once was. Invasion of a bunch of people. Who swallowed Tuinal a very strong Barbiturate but cheap 5 a £1. So the floor of the Casino was now full of idiots who never knew what was going on. A minority of the Casino regulars used Tuinal. To stop the high dose of Amphetamine continuing at home. But now a section took them as a cheap alternative to Amphetamine. The worse was far more than they could handle. I, unfortunately, lost any tolerance with the newcomers. Get to about 3 am and stroll around the balcony. You didn't have long to wait before a Barb-freak connected with a kick in the head. All you got was a grown and satisfaction of retribution. It is some perverse way gave immense pleasure. Knowing an unwanted invader in your important Freetime would wake up hurt. I've always believed without these idiots being labelled part of the. Wigan Casino member type. The true image of Wigan Casino would have benefitted far more. Yet these idiots who should have learned to handle it. Before they ever took it we're dispised more by Wigan Casino members than anybody else. But were still associated with Wigan Casino for the excessive use of drugs. They had no reason to be associated with the typical type of Wigan Casino member. As any resemblance had nothig to connect the two