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Never have I claimed to have the best website. But the site is containing more truth than almost any. I've not once pandered to anybody. If the truth offends your values? Go to another website less particular about the fact. So happily use a majority of fiction. On the other side of the coin. I reference my memory not a mate of some distant relation. Whom you seem to think went. There isn't a single thing wrong with my memory. If you attended  Wigan Casino for years. Yet never saw or heard drugs mentioned once. I would strongly recommend getting a hearing aid and a Labrador. Sometime in the last 30+ years, rational conversation vanished. To be replaced by pungent-smelling stuff called Bullsh** why this happened is unknown. It might have been then it was youth everything ahead. Now very little ahead with far more behind. Yes, we've all grown up with things we regret. One certain fact I won't ever put names or any identification sources on here. Now we are all in our high 50's it looks much different to being barely teenage yet causing any problems I have no intention of doing. My name is in the DNS of this site which means the content is the only mine to answer for nobody else is named. So, therefore, I'm totally responsible for my words. This page acts as the index of all content T associated with Wigan Casino soul club. There are so many sources of information published in 2019.

      To elaborate on the massive amount of information available online. One certain fact is not everything is true. There are some sites that are 100% true. These give correct dates and various descriptions of things at Wigan Casino. Unfortunately, there is a vast number that is created by people listing the wrong content. This leads to it being read in the wrong context altogether. Wigan Casino remains important in UK music history. Since online publishing was made a lot easier it's opened it up to the majority. The vastness of published content makes it impossible to verify it all. This problem is not restricted to just Wigan Casino, but widespread on everything published on the internet. Its enormous volume made it virtually impossible to manage the content. So whatever the subject you're researching online, there is no way of knowing if it's true or not?  When the internet was first introduced to the public. After it was too expensive to implement. First by the ministry of defence, for communication in a nuclear attack. Secondly by corporate business.

      The general public was the third choice and maybe the last option. At the start, it was labelled " The Information Super Highway " A place open to everybody to learn at. Without needing to attend a college or classroom. Just a suitable appliance with connection to it. I remember long DNS names, one browser Netscape Navigator years ahead of Internet Explorer. Which was first included in Windows 95. Google was yet to make an input at the time. Websites were entirely text. Positioned using .html tags, which was adapted .gsml Used in Fleet Street for Newspapers. The internet as evolved to a very user-friendly thing compared to the early days

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   This website is way beyond the usual. Only said it in the way people think it was a train spotters convention, unfortunately. Wigan Casino was a hostile competitive environment. Everybody would have done almost anything to be the no1 face at the no 1 arena in 1970s UK teenage fashion. In the vast majority of the time, it was calm. Yet the fight was never physical or violent. It was settled over 8 gruelling hour dance sessions. Imagine running a marathon get to the end and turn round and do it again. The strain placed on the body was more than normal resources could put in. I've got no interest in people who give the Casino a snow-white image. Energy came from massive doses of illegal Amphetamine drugs "reality".  I've got no reason to benefit financially or any way at all. Yet the 5 years I attended virtually weekly. The friends whose life ended far too early. Would mean I've lost respect for them. Not every member who attended Wigan Casino took drugs. It was never my intention to imply that. But some weeks 80% of Wigan Casino had taken illegal drugs.

      A process in UK law exists for anybody who states  I'm a liar. They are perfectly entitled. To sue me in a court of law. It would be under legal court rules. The only evidence that is without reasonable doubt. Would be allowed the graves and death certificates are sound evidence. Along with numerous witnesses who attended regularly. Manchester drug squad regular attenders at Wigan Casino. Records from Wigan magistrates court. The reason behind the 1974 drug laws amendments.  Designed to target weekend recreational use inside clubs like Wigan Casino. The widespread use of massive doses of amphetamine drugs in no way started at Wigan Casino. The Twisted Wheel although not the official reason for its closure. Whenever an all-nighter was going to be staged a Manchester Chemist shop would be burgled. No evidence exists that the drugs were destined for the Manchester venue. But it was assumed to end all-night sessions would solve the problem. When the all-night licence was revoked. All it did was take the problem away from Manchester and switch it to Tunstall Stoke on Trent. There is or ever was evidence linking the Adabi brothers owners of the Twisted Wheel, Chris Burton owner of the GoldenTorch, or Gerry Marshall at Wigan Casino had any control over the activity of the members on the way to the club. A majority of drugs were traded and consumed hours before members entered the clubs. No large scale sale of drugs took place in any of the venues. Mainly due to the high drugs squad numbers present. Yet the high cost of placing high numbers inside venues. Was trying to stop a problem which had never existed in the venues to start with. The Wigan grapevine had DS officers descriptions posted on the Casino grapevine before they put a foot in the door 

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    Even today with standards a lot lower. I still try to maintain a good standard. That gives visitors faith in my integrity. I have been publishing online for longer than some visitors have lived. Yet does that make me right and them wrong. Of course not being old is never a certainty you're right. Quite the reverse when your brain as had as much damage as mine. Nothing is a certain fact anymore. I didn't really need professorHitchcock. From Smethwick neurosurgical hospital to confirm. After the severity of damage to the core or centre of my brain. My memory would have been wiped totally gone. Some of the long-term memory would return. However, it would remain patchy.

  Impossible to determine fact from fiction. Making any evidence I give unsafe and reliable in a court of law. When I got horrific head injuries the police. Ignored my evidence totally and preferred the evidence of an ex-lover and assailant. Which was 100% crap? Although with my evidence being unsafe and worthless. They had no choice but ignore everything I said. To make the head injuries self-inflicted. I look at the bright side anything said by me. Can't be used in a court of law. For the rest of my life  at times a bad thing turns full circle to end up good.

      Life is swings and roundabouts. It's a shame you have to put up with the crap to get the good. We are all in the same boat on that one I'm afraid. At times the good makes the bad bearable. I admit I've had more than my fair share of bad. I don't give a toss to be honest the bad happened. Now it's out the way. It won't ever be making a 2nd visit. Of that I can  assure   


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    On the direct left of this paragraph. Is a website page menu almost every page. As a number of corresponding pages. Which remain hidden until the visible property changes from its default false value. In OOP programming commonly used for the internet. A list of properties is set at design time. Text as size, font, style, colour in the appearance properties. But you are not here to learn html fundamentals.

     All it basically means is. Roll the cursor over a menu item. All attributed pages are shown. Wigan casino as the most sub-directory attributes. As the main website, theme revolves around Wigan casino. Unless you are stuck in traffic or waiting for a train plane or something else. I would not even bother reading every page. As 90% of it won't mean anything to you. Unless you were there at the time. In which case why read what you know anyway. Pointless bloody exercise if you ask me.

    The remaining pages act as a class hierarchy. Each title as child members all have content related to the title. I think that covers the website menu structure. As it really bores me adding text for no apparent use.


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     If it's related to Wigan casino or UK northern soul scene history. A good chance it's on here somewhere. If you can't find it and you are on a certain promise. But it's an assignment you must hand in. Contact me saying what you need to know urgently. Explain it that you have not got the time. I will reply with your answer as soon as I get it. I cannot be fairer than that can I. Always been only too happy to help students on social media assignments. By now I've done quite a few assignments. The main body of it for students. I'm always happy to oblige with ideas. No hidden agenda 100% free I state that separately. So it's understood far to many websites say free. Only for charges added in small text. Not on here free is what I said. 100% free is what it is. I feel helping students is a way to get a true account in history. With so much rubbish published online truth id rare                                                                         

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     To submit the form, all fields marked with red text. Is a required field and must return a value. If you leave fields blank a 0 value is returned. It will not submit while any required field returns a 0 value. By entering your Email address. You authorize this website to reply to you. The website promises your address will remain confidential. Used to reply only then destroyed. Any further contact is to answer questions by website users. So contact by request is made. This website does not sell anything. If you received contact offering items for sale. Whatever it promises it is not from this website. Fraudulent Emails should be reported. If you are unsure who to report it to contact me. This website operates a strict privacy code of practice. None of your details is kept, contact is only ever made when required. website administrator G.W.Keen. This website is owned and administration is by me only. Nobody else as administrative rights or stands any chance of getting them. I've made a few monumental bad choices in the past. Take it from me that was a one off.

      I've learnt my lesson when something is said. It's not often true, more often said to benefit. The person who is saying it and is total lies to create an illusion. Which soon after leads to even more lies. That shifts blame from the guilty to the innocent. This I found to be unwarranted and malicious.  Although not any great surprise really. The only useful aspect was. It taught me a valuable lesson words are so cheap and mean the value of the person. Which at times are repeated with the same venomous intent. Many times to trick, entice. or mislead unknowing victims into a trap. At least I wasn't the only victim to fall for it. Quite a list of victims since heard the same. Which is little consolation if I'm honest. Every dog as it's day which I look forward to immensely. 

      On reflection of my life and girls I've loved. I've always managed to be in the wrong place at a bad time. Just when I'm down looking for anything to shine on me for hope. A girl I'd never met before appear's. Like a rubber-ring to a drowning man you grab it? Yes  I admit almost every life-line I grabbed. I would have been better off drowning and wish I had the strength to have drown then. Hindsight is such a valuable thing, that is never there when you need it. Unfortunately I always had the girl in shinning glory that spelt disaster ahead. 

It's an impossible task to state facts. When people not there call it lies

            Having added that heading. It's not intended to represent a physical feeling but a state of mind. As I'm certain many reading this are not old enough to remember the 70's decade. Yet it would be almost impossible to give the same emotion. That was evident every all-nighter staged at Wigan Casino but this was time-related. One was not as good without the other a certainty. The UK in the '70s had lost direction it was a violent decade full of confrontation. Skinheads introduced the theme for the 70's decade. Linked to right-wing racism mostly in the newspapers scandal sold newspapers. The News of the World was the biggest selling Sunday paper. In retrospect, the fact wasn't that important so not adhered to exact. The headline was the important item, it sold the paper. A majority of Skinheads are active members of the National Front, the extreme right-wing party that preaches repatriate Asians, and immigrants out of the UK. I have never been a member of a racialist party, nobody whom I knew at that time was. The biggest thing at the time was the location as in hometown. The racial thing was a public media invention for small-town Skinheads like me. The term Paki-bashing was at a time. Towns like the one I lived in was not relevant as ethnic groups were so small.

          After Skinheads there seemed little activity. Besides a brief spell of glam-rock bands like Sweet nothing much happened. Minor's strikes, power cuts, the 3 day week the ideal time for something to happen. With everything in place, a club in a traditional north-west Lancashire town opened on 23rd September 1973 at 2 am. The doors of the old Empress ballroom were open and the story began. I try to add realistic memories and reminders. They are without any element of doubt at all. I saw them with my eyes. What you see with your eyes is as real as it gets. The people who claim Wigan Casino had no kind of Amphetamine drug culture. Should take the option available to them and sue me for defamation of character. It would be nice to delete my convictions so contact me for my legal adviser's details. It's been a few years since they had a cash incentive. Yet the evidence and Coroners reports. Wigan magistrates case reports along with offence location record are important. The fact I've always stated a majority not 100%  is vital.. Still, I'm forced to have to read blatant lies. A vast majority of the crap comes from people who went once in 1980. After 1979 it was no longer the Wigan Casino in the early years. A vast majority of the innovators had become disillusioned.

      Having prats full of Tuinal, Mandrax,  or any number of other strong Barbiturates falling over. It was no longer the place it once was?  I still remember Mike Walker standing on the stage in front of a reasonably full Casino. Stating the immense success of Wigan Casino belongs to you. If you say no to TV, no cameras will be allowed into Wigan Casino. A vote by a show of hands gave a resounding no to the TV being allowed in. It was a massive majority nobody would have mistaken the result. Mike Walker gave his assurance as he turned to leave the stage. The next week the place was lit up, not the usual darkness. I don't know who gave Granada TV the yes. In my heart, I'd like to think not Mike Walker he always seemed sincere. On reflection, it was an investment to get the best return for investors. Northern Soul couldn't dictate how the Casino operated. Not Mike Walker either the months after Mike never seemed to want to talk like he had betrayed the people. Who had trusted him, I don't think Mike Walker was ever the same man again

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