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no lies to attract visitors required 

 Wigan casino was the most successful allnighter ever. On the UK northern soul scene. It was created after Wigan local man Russ Winstanley. Noticed the Empress ballroom, in Station road left unused. At the time he was running regular Sunday afternoon northern soul sessions. At the local rugby club. He was almost certain there was still a high demand for allnight clubs. But the people had no allnighter at the time to go to. So he contacted the clubs manager Mike Walker. With his proposals to run allnighters at the Station road venue. I have no information on the details of the talks. But the first allnighter was scheduled for the 23rd of September 1973 at 2am. No big advertising campaign took place, other than a flyer pasted to the wall in Station rd. Even so 600+ turned up for the first allnighter at Wigan casino. Russ's foresight was 100% spot on. In the casino's 8 year run. It took northern soul from a unknown society of nocturnal people in strange baggy trousers. To become the no1 UK fashion, the entire country was talking about norther soul. Wigan casino was voted no1 discoteque in the world. Beating the luxurious studio 54 in New york into 2nd place. Anybody who was attending the casino at that time. Would tell you the excited atmosphere in the casino was worth the award. Every week a allnighter ran a crowd over a 1000. Congragated in Wigan from all over the UK.

Wigan casino soul club 1973 to 1981

   I often used to get accused. Of publishing msde up lies. To attract visitors here. So the reason was a malicious reason. It was also a uncalled for slur on my intrgrity. As I had never in my whole history. Of creating website content, had published lies intentionally. If anyrhing published wasn't true it was a real mistake. Never had I published lies on my website. Knowing it wasn't perfectly true, my first website was at a time. A majority of the UK had no idea about the internet, Less of actually how to navigate to search the information supperhighway. Today there are so much more stringent, Rules to safeguard internet users against published lies. Yet the amount as got out steadily worse. Defeating totally the original concept. A place that everybody had access to information. Like a worldwide place to educate people. Just because you couldn't get the grades required for university. There was still a option to learn them.  At a price the majority could afford.

   That was before the internet was invaded by. A totally different class of users. Whose only reason for using it was sordid. Now the majority of use is shopping. Which as bought items to affordable prices.    

  Wigan casino for many made there teenage years special. It was filled with a good time , which they will never forget. Almost the entire allnighter was made up of teenagers. Who went for northern soul, they danced the night away. The atmosphere was so full of excitement like Christmas eve as a child. There was no class distinction, race defined control, Anybody could be the next no1 person. The best thing everybody beleived they could be  the best at Wigan casino. Nothing to stop them really

   Up until now, we have covered many attributes. But without any dout at all. The 1 thing that drew almost everybody to Wigan in the first place was northern soul. This was more in the start maybe. As it was not common knowledge until 77/78. After the UK media attention focussed on the casino members. I had my second of fame on "this England". But to me it was the worst made documentary ever made. It showed people from Wigan only on it. Even thou a fraction of members came from Wigan.  

   The northern soul scene, or any of the important things. Did not get mentioned along with members outside the area. 3 examples of the casino's music, are on the right. Click centre arrow to play. 

 unkown number of memories

3 from Wigan casino

forget any justice in the UK class dominated. Legal system, there's none there to find

   Sometimes everybody must stop and think. About things that have had a effect on there life. Maybe if I had done this instead of that how would it of turned out. It's rubbish really when you think about it. If you made a decision nearly 40 years ago. Realising you made a mistake now is a bit late. Me personally would say don't bother at all. Look forward it's to come, never back it's gone. I have a shocking history to be honest. If people only judge my present from my past, it would do me no good at all. At certain periods of your life the things you hide for some reason. Have a nasty habit of turning up and haunting you. You could well of hidden them for a reason. No good going for a position at the Welcome foundation. Then put on your CV, I used to take amphetamines in my teenager time. To boost my energy up, so I could dance all night long. It might put you out the running altogether.

   There is nothing in society law, to cover debt paid. You get pulled it is there, you go to court it goes with you. The most inportant rule of all. If you are giving evidence your criminal record is also. There for the jury to examine. Yet the person you testify against, could have a long list of the same offence. But that is hidden, your the innocent party. But you are not allowed to the same status. Your previous convictions are given for the jury to decide.

   It as always been my opinion. That UK and justice, don't belong in the same sentence. I wouldn't put them in the same book myself. The level of real justice in this country is 0. We are a country judged by the better off. That in turn sit in judgement over people they view as. As below them, in extreme cases wouldn't want them in the same room. This is much more visable in the UK's penal system. I had been on a bender fuelled by drink and drugs. At the end of that day. I had given a person 5 stitches. For which I was given a 5 year prison sentence. I was then told not to appeal as another judge. Would increase the sentence far more. Take it as a lesson not to have excessive ammounts of drink combined with cocktails of drugs.

   I was in a Somerset prison when a inmate came in. Had rowed with his girlfriend, went out got so drunk he was unable to stand unsupported. Got in his car and started to drive home. On the journey lost control of the car ploughed into a que of people waiting at a bus stop. He killed 3 and left 3 more paralysed. But in his case it was a unfortunate ordeal for him to have to bear. It might of ruined his life, so he deserved a leanient sentence. As the absenence from his local community might get questioned. If the truth was known it would lead to making a disadvantaged future. So his sentence of 18 months could be viewed as very harsh. As his parents where finding it a unnessary punnishment. To inflict on there son, not once was a single sign of remorse shown to the families of the dead. His upper class status.   Meant the very serious nature of his crime. Was down valued to the point the dead. Had to take some of the blame themself. For standing by the road in a stupid place to start . As it appeared he was not familiar with waiting at bus stop's. Do I make the intended point. I had no intention of causing any injury. But my brother being a butcher had his tools in the car. I was told he should not of had his tools there. Which lead to a conviction for premeditated or taking the tools. With intent to cause serious injury to person or persons unknown.    It is always going to be a us and them environment. In the UK legal hierachy, the way it's run. If you have a public school education, and a upper class upbringing. You are not guilty until the court finds you guilty. The lower classes are guilty until they prove there not. That is British justice in reality. The UK operates a underlying class structure of it's own.