This website was created to enable. A real way to remember Wigan casino. Allowing ex-members to look and see thing's they know. A item before northern soul the film got released. Was forbidden to even be mentioned as reality. I was branded a liar by the same people. Who now boldly come out the woodwork. To state things not so long ago. They condemned me for saying. At times the 2 faces of northern soul are on 1 person. If you felt it your duty to call me liar. Then at least stick to what you said. Not change when you think it's safe to.

   People who stick to there convictions. I will always respect as they say. What they believe in and stick to it. I haven't got any time for those who say it to please the crowd. I'm getting sick & tired of this type of person. If your this type leave me alone. You will not ever change, but will say 1 yet mean another forever.

   I've had enough of that tgype of person. To last me a lifetime, if it's to much trouble to speak how it is. The truth it's to much for me to bother to listen I can no longer be listening to half assed tales. That have a fradrance called bulls**t. If the truth is something you don't want me to hear. Then don't bother telling me the crap. I have no interest in listening to it.

   The main problem when creating any kind of content. For a on-line refference to an actual event in living history. Is the people who where not there, always have the loudest voice. As well as the smallest brain. If there is onething that gets my gander up. It's getting corrected by any person. Who was not there, but continue trying to make others believe they did go. Over the years I have had some brahmers over time. I was in my early 40's at the time. I was talking with friends, a young man was standing by. With more eBay damages on his jacket than was advisabe. I looked at him and smiled. He said if you had got off your idle ass and gone. You could have a collection of badges like mine. I said you ever speak to me like that again you will need to get of your ass. Your far to young to of gone you prat. He said my mother went ans pregnant at the time with me. I thought is he winding me up here or what. So I said play anything you liked om that night. I was waiting for some idiotic reply but he only laughed. For the great many who attended those events in the 70's. It does become very annoying to get corrected by people. Who had never been to experience the atmoshere and way it ran. There was nothing written down to keep to at Wigan casino. But there where any number of things to adhere to. If you broke the code of conduct word traveled fast at the allnighter. There was little forgiving at the time for anybody. If you broke the rules you paid the price it was easier. Not to break the rules in my opinion. As you can get away with it with some people sometimes. But never all the people all the time

   I sincerly hope the welcome page gave visitors some enjoyment. That theme will be maintained on your visit, I hope anyway. My last site was massive in comparission to this site. But creating that site took years not a week or so. If you want anything added content that may enhance visitors pleasure. Don't bother telling your mate at work, even if I looks interested. He wont get it on the site. As it's my site, I say what's on here. Never dictated to what content will get published. Some people sites promise you, we are not in it for the money. Some are not, others are if adverts keep poping up. There is a better than average chance they are in for the money. It is a well known fact saying and doing have no kind of connection. There are a lot that say it.. Very seldom do you find a  person that connects the 2.

   I don't have adverts never have either. If I wanted to sell you things I would ask you. Not try to sell you somebody elses crap. I hate people who pester to buy things. So I wont let them pester you via my name. I do my best to keep adverts off here. I wont say I'm 100% perfect, only 99% got to keep a bit of modesty. Yes if I say 100% it might seem to be true to you as well. But people start saying big head. If that was the case I would of been called Humpty Dumpty not Sam Keen I'm quite certain, the content I put. Is enough for visators. Without inviting some tosser to bang on about. Some item of no interest to anybody but them.

   I never send visitors request's to buy anything. If you recieve anything that states it's from me, It's not from me, unless you asked for a reply. I wouldn't advice replying or your reply address will get you a load more   

Thank you for visiting my website

Wigan casino, true memories

   This website is totally under my control. The content is from my memory. I attended regularly for 5 years. Knew many of the top faces. When I first created a website it was in the early devwlopment of the information super highway. The name used as a title for the internet. There where not any of todays user friendly web browsers. Like internet explorer, or google chrome. The first I can recall was Netscape navigator. But with 56k dial up modems. It was a tedious excersise to load the browser. The only other method was to type. The url manually into a command prompt. Either way it took a long time to load pages. It was rare to had images. After time Napster came along it was totally free. Had much more obscure difficult to obtain files. Much later eBay was also created. To simply sell items from his garage. Copyright infringement and vat where not included anywhere online. Or you simply opened. A bank account in Luxembourg to evade it.

   Even after the 100's of times after I went never lost the thrill of the first time for me. As this site is based on memories of Wigan casino. As a true portal of things that happened. During the 8 years the allnighter ran. Yes me and visitors must be well aware. That in the 70's many other allnighters ran across the UK. I attended a large number of them, Catacomb's, Samantha's, Cleethorpes, st Ives, Yate, and numerous other venues. But for me there was only 1 place to be on a Saturday night. Station road Wigan. The casino was in a dire state which needed a complete overhaul. But I feel happy to state the venue ozed atmosphere. I only went to Cleethorpes once, it was not in the same legue as the casino's energy packed excited atmosphere. st Ives and Yate where to new and lacked the feel of history.

   The Catacomb's to anybody from the area was a match for atmosphere to the casino. But I was 14 and went twice. Before it was closed in July 74 for redevelopment. I would compare the Cat's to a Friday oldies at Wigan. Max was such a friendly man he often bought new records. For peoples reaction. As we waited for Jacko's then Gethro's coach to Wigan. His entire interest was the music. On a Saturday night Meant anything of value was gone before they went to the back bar of the casino.  Was enough to put me off enough to never buy or look at records. Those sort of people no doubt where in the surveyors area. I went to dance to them no other reason at all. If it had disco demand on the label. It sounded the same to me I never got the real thrill of collecting into my head. My only real interest was dancing. There where a lot of people who went to the allnighter. Did not dance but happily looked through box after box of records. I was not 1 of them, from the first time I went. I never felt happier than on the dancefloor. I must of looked a right prat. Trying to dance like the rest. But nobody seemed that bothered, so I carried on enjoying myself. By 8 am I could not go 2 steps. Without cramp starting. I was totally exhausted. But the 100 in Temple street. When a record recieved a warm welcome that was all Max wanted. He was a real northern soul ambassodor. Only in it for the love of the music. Pep was another dj I had a lot of respect for. His wife Helen was the dancer the Cat's loved. Alan Day goes on to be the most underated dj ever. This never seems to bother Alan, but it should. As he as so much history and achieved so much. He is a legand on the northern soul scene. But when Richard Searling joined Wigan casino's dj line up in 1974. From Vava's in Bolton Alan should of also been inluded. After spells at the Torch, Catacombs and up the junction. The reason why I don't know, and won't guess it. But it remains a mystery to me why he never added Wigan casino. To is impressive list. His Torch friend Martyn Elliss was already as Wigan casino. A young dj called Kev Robert's filled Alan Day's position. Teaming up to entertain the casino audience with Martyn Elliss. Nobody can complain about the Elliss & Roberts entertainment at the start of the Wigan casino era.

 The early years at Wigan and almost everywhere else. On the northern soul club circuit, was not contested like football which was at the very much of location orinatated thing. If you came from Liverpool you had to be either Liverpool or Everton. It was pointless trying to explain you supported a different team. If a crewe of travelling supporters had you cornered. Wigan casino had no such barrier the same as football. It was more a self opiniontated type of thing if a arguement started it was rarely. Anything to do with your hometown location that had caused it. The allnighter you thought was better, or a record was good not a funk record. Must of been the biggest cause of arguements, but on the whole. Northern soul venues could never be described as bad or violent places. Very committed opions believe it and stick with what you believe in. Yes without any shadow of a doubt in it. People wouldn't say 1 type of thing this week, then alter it a few hours later. There was always some kind of misunderstood belief of a feud. Between the midland's people and the Manchester area. Why I failed to ever find a motive for it. As people I had friends from all over the UK. At times walked from the train station with the people from anywhere to the casino. The rivalary was not 1 you had fighting to resolve at all. It was a dancefloor resolved confrontation. Started when you got on the dancefloor ended when you got off it. The north west had there heroes, the midland's had there's. You put that many people in 1 place. A few will turn out to be wrong. Wigan casino  had some bad people it wasn't 100% good at all. But they where very few and far between from my view. 


Sam's website of his memories of Wigan casino allnighter

My name appears in the title of the site.

I built it, pay for it and is responsible for everything said on this website. 

Northern soul, the music, & everything else

  There as always been many attributes to northern soul. A large amount like the ridiculously wide trousers's. Designed for dancing in "plenty of ballroom" in them. Talcum powder is another thing, I have never put talcum powder. On a dance floor in my life. Yet as soon as it's northern soul you mention. Got your talc ready, what for as so far evaded me. I've danced on some really crap surfaces to dance on. Onething I never did was put loads of talc on it. Which made it so slippy, the next slip. Your on your ass. Makes no difference if you can dance you can on anything.

   The other major attribute widely used at 70's allnighters. Was massive amounts of Amphetamines more people there. Had taken drugs than hadn't, but not 100% at Wigan casino. Some allnighters over 90% of the casino's crowd got there energy. From using illegal controlled drugs, A fact I have no reason to lie about it. When I first stated this as true. Years ago in 1987, I had the asshole element condemning it and me. As totally untrue invented to attract people to my free website. As is usual for a contriversal subject of illegal content. Once I had stated it as a fact of 70's allnighters. Everybody else is fast to jump in with more about it nobody ever took my offer of courtroom restrictions to decide if I had lied. Now the rest jumped on with me. Nobody will take me to court for deflamation of character. That is very dissapointing. 1st time I'd of been in court by choice.

   That item was totally written from my input. Nobody took no active roll in any of the content. As I never asked others for any contribution. The sameway as I've never asked people's opinion on that, it is just mine. I have ever met anyway, I've met a few over the years. A lot of people on the scene have the knowledge. As my memory is the only verifacation this site needs. As it's my name in the dns records for this website.

   I have never been into these all Flash introductions, this site as noun of the java script flash introduction. If the text is true, why make it wear a big introduction I don't want adverts unless they sell it. By a true description of the item.  I've yet to find 1 that northern soul people need. When I do and not until then will there be any adverts. Nobody will sell a unwanted item. From my website as long as my name is at the head of it. I think there is more to website administation than 30 pieces of silver. The people who would do it are not welcome here. By Sam or ever will be

Website content is, how it was

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   Generally looking at the UK scene the up's and downs. How the allnighter crowds tolerate things. That is enough to of made certain you would of never. Set foot in the casino, Torch, or wheel ever again. But goes unchallenged on the scene in 2014. This single attribute as put the UK scene back so far. It's difficult to go to venue's pleased with the company your in. When there is a wrong un amongst us. It just sours the atmosphere for everybody. Over recent months high profile characters in northern soul. Keep bringing the same things into bad on the scene. It's no good repeating the faults. Without solutions or at least action. In an attempt to start rectifying it so a solution will be found. There is talk by some, they will stop attending venue's, some I've known since the early 70's. That is not a solution. It means the trust of the rebellion as vanished. The community that stood united and solid. No rules put there by  a society Wigan  casino was there, to escape from. The unrest stems from the dancefloor, the dj's are not at fault. Promoters venues are the same, they could refuse entry. But to who? The time as arrived, to stop agreeing with liars. State bull shyte as what it is total bollox. Bring reality and truth back into. The way it is not the way it should be. 



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   This website is in my name. So is totally my responsibility. No 3rd party involved. I say it add it publish it. In my name

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 I have published online, for more years than almost anybody else. On the UK scene. The only UK website to have complete control on content. I say it, then add it mysef to the website. No other person edit's or alters it. No hidding behind a dns identifier. Sam Keen, is my name   

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A wide range of northern soul items. Are on this website. Included as I remember them

   I find it facinating to read. The 2 faced hypocrittical comments. Of many people from northern soul hierachy. The people who once gave it the look I'm important crap. Called me the man who dreams things up. To attract more visitors to my website. To make me money, how I don't know. Suddenly loose there self riteous crap.  As they see a opurtunity to do what they accussed me of. In the beginning profit by gloryfying Amphetamine abuse.

   There are some assholes in the trusted positions. That should be reserved for honest ambassadors. That set an example to the public face in the UK. Not a load of complete liars. Who would sell themselves to the highest bidders. I saw a comment on FaceBook tonight. To reference the crowd at Prestatyn. From a man with 39 years experience attending events. I qoute is words "I have never been in a crowd. Of people with there heads stuck so far. Up there own asses, it will take surgary. To get them down again, that's it I've had enough. I'm not ever going again" There's me thinking only me noticed it. The traditional northern soul community are totally appauled by the way the scene as developed. The electric excitement and totally good atmosphere. United as a single force of togetherness. As vanished just like any truth     

Wigan casino memories, and the UK northern soul scene. 

   This website did not have to wait. For a film to be released, before it was readily going to admit. The widespread abuse of drugs in northern soul. This was publicly stated in 1987. When this site was 1st published under the title true Wigan casino memories. I was utterly disgusted by the crap I'd read. While recovering in a Oxford hospital. It was portraying a place I had never been in. Titles like the real Wigan casino story, who the hell where they kidding. I was a weekly attender for 5 years. 1 of the visitors who came to visit was Russ Winstanley. When almost the entire northern soul scene. Branded me a liar. Russ who was in a different field to me. Never made the usual your making it up comment. mphetamine abuse was the activity of the dancefloor. To boost the energy up for 8 hour marathon dance sessions. I never asked Russ for his views. But I knew both Dave Evison and Martyn Ellis at Wigan casino. There are signs you know for users and niether had any of them. It would of been difficult to que records up. After large doses of Amphetamines which was normal practice at the time.

   So in my honest opinion it was confined to the dancers. As I have never seen or heard talk of any dj at Wigan casino. Using the same method to enhance energy as almost the entire dancefloor used. Knowing a few dj's at the casino. It would take some very good evidence to change my mind. Take it from me I don't need to invent stories. As this site is free. I make no financial gain from it. The people who accuse others of selling thereself cheaply. Are normally the 1's doing it. So need to divert attention away to others. These days I wouldn't trust anybody on face value. It would depend on which face you saw at the time. There are many who are not to be trusted even if they where. Times change and people change with them. It works both directions people who you couldn't trust. Are now trustworthy. But some will never change and will always be trusted or not.   It is entirely up to the individual's own mind on everything I say. If they beleive or not, I  can't make people say it's true unless there mind think's it's true.  

If you appear in a photo. £5 to use it. How's that work?

A real surprise, for the wan***'s. Who didn't think I could read & write

I created this website. As a memory of Wigan casino. For everybody  to use 100% free 

   I often hear people say. I wish I had a website, so I could. Tell everybody just what I want to say. A few years ago you would of maybe. But in todays society of lawyer's. That are waiting to get you in court. The UK is no longer a place of free speech. But a country where you can say anything. As long as there is nothing to be sued over.

   To think some people work all there life. The wrong word a couple of witnesses. They could loose the lot to somebody who as never done a days work in there life. This country does not reward you for hard work. But be as idle as possible, you are the people it rewards. There is no great in Britain anymore.

Internet begining for Sam

   The internet as made much more information. Available on anything you can think of. 1 bad aspect is people now without actually going. Can build the content from a website. To convince unknowing people they did. Almost all the people who where there. Can tell it's bullshit straight away. Age is a big contributing give away. I'm 55 now was 14 the 1st time I went. 21 when it was destroyed by fire. Somebody who is 45 now, can educate themself of the facts. But where 11 when it closed, I cant remember any younger than me, the same age yes.

   My aim when I created this website. Was exactly the same, as the others. Not for big financial gain, or I would have sold For a 6 figure sum to a gambling syndicate. For it's high ranking as a casino website. I have been told on many occasions. I was a fool to turn it down without considering the offer at all. Which was a personal decision I'm well aware of that? But in my defence gambling as big winners but also as big losers. If you've just blown a lot on Who are you going to look for to get revenge garry keen. I didn't want to sleep with 1 eye open for the rest of my life. So it was never even considered, to be honest. You have to consider the people around you as well. I forget who I was with at the time. But I wouldn't have asked them to take a risk for money. Money is the gauge society measures a person value in. Back in the 80's computer knowledge. Was like owning a mint of your own. When windows XP was released. The change from C++ and the .net framework. Namespace and class hierarchical structure. Windows no longer kept it's code accessible. Printers and many other pieces of hardware. Had no compatible drivers. Easy to solve just download drivers   

never take the money and run

  Wigan casino era

   There are and to some extent still is. A long list of attributes associated to northern soul. Many are myths and wildly inaccurate. Like all the serious dancers always used talcum powder. I cant speak for every dancer that was good. But 1 of the best. Gethro Jones I went with regularly, as I remember. Never used talc Sandy Holt another well known dancer as I remember never. I think the ability to dance came from the mind. Not from talc, the wide trousers where to enable dancing. Plenty of ballroom in them that wasn't a myth at all. Spencer soul bags where for new people on the scene. Both Wolverhampton and Manchester wore trousers from there tailors. At the time I paid £50 for my trousers. It was a lot of money, but the casino dancefloor was all about image.

   Speaking as myself not anything else. I was happier growing up in the 70's. Than I would of been today 2014 as so little incentive or motivation for teenagers. In the 70's you had less but everybody had the same. The people who had things. Got off there ass themself to get them. That was the same for all people. That was a big attraction for Wigan casino. You got nothing given for showing up. You earned it on the dancefloor by being noticed. The well known dancers Got a reputation, from long gruelling sessions dancing. But there was no restriction to say you can, but you cant. Even if you had no real long history in northern soul. But had commitment and drive to get you the attention of others. You had good weekly attendance. Soon you got the regular status. If you had motivation as the music and atmosphere gave you it. So disreguarded being exhausted.

   So your Sunday no longer, where spent resting. You walked into the daylight in Station road. With 1 thought in your mind which alldayer looked best. Around 74/75 period Manchesters Ritz was the favourit venue. I spent a lot of Sundays at the Ritz. It might be just me but in the 70's. It made it feel special in the north west more than. Say the Locarno ever did it was to close to home, the attraction was far less. But when you came out the Ritz midnight on Sunday. You felt like you'd had a full weekend of northern soul. School didn't really cross your mind. Monday was the day to you rejoined normality. In the Wigan casino era normality was the place you wanted to avoid.

   Monday was never welcomed. All the good things in front Friday, where now gone. Monday seemed years away from Friday. Which was when you started it again. All the soul nights close to home just never felt the same. I remember one night Steve Wilkes, Tony Wooldridge and I. Went all the way to Warrington. For a soul night at the local working men's club. Saw a few of the casino there, I think it was 6am when I got home. If my memory is correct Del and Beccy from Crewe came as well. Dropped them in Crewe for Del and Nantwhich for Beccy. Of coarse just dropping them off, did not happen. You had the talk about last week next week, and the night you had just been to. All took time getting to work never seemed to be important. It was not for hours yet. We wouldn't see Del or Beccy until next weekend. As you could go to work anytime. Which for me was very true. I never went to most Mondays. Although when I did go I worked hard. So they didn't pay me on days I wasn't there, so why moan when I wasn't there.

   I've never been idle. I admit some Monday's were hell to get through. But I still tried my best, To get every wall I built to a competent standard. When you take into account  often I hadn't slept from Thursday. The day was now Monday, and I had started to get a bit fatigued. I remember 1 Monday I was working away. The massive build up of lactic acid in muscles. Gave you cramp so bad, it was often in the middle of the night it happened. If you can imagine running a marathon. At thr finish you sat around, for a few hours talking. Then they took you back to the start. Told you to run it again. The cramp was painful, My dad said the next time he got woke up. To the sound of me swearing. He would stop the pain, by knocking me out. People who knew my dad. Will confirm he never gave threats. He gave certainties.                   

   Throughout the entire website. Records are embedded to listen to or ignore. A choice you have that decision. If you want to listen to it. You will need to click play in the centre of it. The play button is at other times at the foot, bottom, of the window. But a majority of the records  were uploaded by me. All are a free to listen feature. Never add a card to pay. Click the letter icon                and report it 

An introduction to the 70's. Below this

      Recently I've decided to introduce articles. On other styles and types of music. This in no way means, this website is changing direction. The default theme of northern soul, Wigan casino remain unchanged. I've been publishing online for 30 years in August. The high-tech content of today's fibre optic high-speed connection. Bears no resemblance to 56k phone line speed of 1987. I wouldn't say today's internet is exactly what was hoped. In the early days of development Netscape navigator was the only browser available it was around 89. When that became widely used. In windows 3.1  

Here before and here still

Don't be good, just be careful. The world's full of bad people. N​ot every smile is off a friend

In player 1 is a record. That everybody as to sing along to. "I only get this feeling, Chuck Jackson". I have always been able to create my own world. Which I happily go into. For hours. It was always best    on the wide open. Spaces of Wigan casino. It just never feels the same today. But maybe age as a lot to do. With that