my intention of this website. Was to publish true reality

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Sensible replies please

If you did it, never deny it to anybody

This website says nothing. To please others

   I have never been the type. To put things on here. For anybody to enhance there event. I comment. As it was the way it eases in my opinion. Not to attract people to go. The same way as my reflection of Wigan casino. At times a vast majority in the casino. Had taken drugs not to get you here. Please, yourself on that. It was stated as a fact. I was there if you want to dispute it. Just issue a writ. I'll be there you can be certain of that.

   I have never felt a need to lie. So as I was involved in the subject as much. It would surprise me. If I started self incrimination, this site is no fison's sponsored site. No history of grass on here. There as been an influx. Of this type of low life. The part that made me sick, was the utter bas****s. All to ready to defend them. They had no choice. Which means they had 2 but only considered 1


I have always hated creep's

   Ever since my school days. One type of individual, gets on my nerves. Upto  a point it irratates me a lot. At school, it was a them and us us environment. The yes sir no sir creeps. Got the preferential treatment, I was seen as a rebel. From the day I set foot in the place. If anything bad happened. I got pulled in for it. Any new puplil's tell Sam Keen. He recon's he's going to beat him up. I didn't wan't to keep fighting. But the creep's knew I would. So who got the slipper. Reputation for always fighting me. I was absent on rare occastions. But late 5 times some prefect waiting. To put me in the late book. I had been up since 4 am, done a complete milk delivery round. Before school the slipper had stopped hurting. I was in 1X 2 nd to top.

   Never got encouraged in anything enything except. All the bad things, at the school football final. I had to meet somebody by the ground. The other school's coach got a few windows broke. I wasn't even there but guess who was 1 st to get the slipper for it. I was going to get it eitherway. So just get on with it. Your not even listening. The only time I saw mcDonald the headmaster was for the slipper. Nazzer the deputy head looked like he dead. But they forgot to bury him. Mr's Wilson the headmisstress. Taught my mum so I asked her if it was right. She was not a fan.   

drug abuse was amphetamine.

   Everything in life does, not get better through greed. These days life in the tech age. Is said to be the best it as ever been, with the big advantage in facilities in general life. When I was 15 I'd catcj the bus. Get off by the M5, hitch hike 100+ miles to Wigan my mother was never worried. If I was going to be safe or murdered and left in a ditch. A lot of girls did the same thing as me. I never had any problem's, or heard of anybody else having a problem. As time went on the tales of drugs. Being widespreadly used at the all-nighter. The 70's was not a drug crazed time. So many where ignorant to most drugs. Other than analgesic's like opiates. The northern soul scene, had never been associated with class A drugs like heroin. Yet when rumours started anout 80%. Of members had taken drugs. The UK general public associated the casino with class A drug use. I have never dismissed drug's. Had widespread use in the 70's allnighters.

   It wasn't the kind to escape reality. But Amphetamine's black bombers, red and brown's, 2 tone pinks, purple heart's. I have seen alnost every pill and capssol listed in Mim's catalog of pharmacutical produced amphetamine in the casino. But the early years of Wigan casino. Amphetmine use was entirely out of chemist breaking. A variety of methods got into use. At the time it wasn't considered. A major crime. Chemist's got burgled on a regular basis. The members came from every location in the UK. A country wide network supply was established. Not major criminal gang's. At the Wigan location. Maybe a supplier was involved. A long time before it got to Wigan casino.

   Then a cult fashion, which hurt nobody. Suddenly got targeted, the 1974 missuse of drugs act. Killed more after it became law than northern soul did. Before it was bought into UK legistration. There was never any doubt while a big market existed. A supplier was going to supply it. 1974 saw massive use of amphetamine sulphate, Inside the casino as little as £1.50 would get you smashed. Unlike SK & f and Riker. The big producers of Amohetamines for the UK market. Meth amphetamine was produced in rushed laboratory's not with high precision content       


A website to explain it, to you

Admit things you did. But not all.

   Northern soul was never aimed at a class. No expensive examination to join. Rich, poor all had the same value. It must sound ridiculous in 2015, but it wasn't money that got you anything. Other than  entry and a means of getting to Wigan. The very good dancers didn't pay to get it. It  was from long exhausting hours. On the maple wood dancefloor in Wigan casino. Gethro Jones, Sandy Holt, and other dancers. Had spent allnighter after allnighter perfecting there unique styles. I've seen adverts learn northern soul dancing. From people who are out to make money. It isn't a routine like a waltz. But 100% self expression. Which came from within a person, the soul made it happen, and flow in the beat of the music. Not a chapter of any book.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

I'm in no way  unvielling everything about Wigan Casino on this website I've had websites dating back to the early 1980s. A considerable time before today's online gurus even knew the internet  existed. Now spend a couple of hundred £ and get it all done for you with CSS formatting precision so each page is a mirror image of eachother. Unlike my website which could be   built with cascading style sheet formatting, xml, aspx, c#, JavaScript. But it would say the same as it does now.

      I've done it before had top ranked in most search engine results adding the meta-tags to suit the crawlers now is money profit. When I was offered  6 figure sums to sell. I was able to refuse corporate offers

   When I first used to hitch it to Wigan. Onething was very obvious to me. People had bad attitudes to Wigan casino. Not from the true things happening at the casino. But from ignorant tales a person that had never been. Was telling the people in a pub. I was young, scared of nobody. Thought everybody was having a pop at me and Wigan casino. Without a true reason for doing it. So when people gave me lifts. The first question was normally. Where are you heading? Wigan by the exit if fine for me. You haven't got a Lancashire accent. It's not something you often get when you live in Worcestershire. Is it compulsory, to visit Wigan. Then it was I never said it was. Your not 1 of them drug addicts who go to that club. I sincerely hope your not anyway. What drug addicts are on about? I'll keep my eyes open for them. Give them a warning your onto them. Don't think it will scare them much. You know the club, "the casino". Yes I know it that's the place I'm heading for. Who told you it's full of drug addict's. Because they never went last week or the week before. Some man down the road. Was told by his mate at work it's designed for idle teenagers.

   As they haven't got to go to work Monday. I'm an apprentice bricklayer only just started. But I will be at work, same as last week. I'm not a drug addict or idle your mate should learn some truth. Or he's hes's going to open his mouth one day. Some bloke his going to knock his teeth out. His that a threat son. No it's a promise, and I'm not your son. Your starting to annoy me now Your ignorant attitude really annoy's me. That ain't just started, it was about 5 minutes after you picked me up. As soon as that was said it was dumped on the hard shoulder 

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   This site as errors big images. But it also as Sam Keen. In the dns code not WC3. Which means I own it not them, they are one thing added to the internet. I have only good to say about. They are the internet standards monitoring people. That bring in new ways for displaying  items like text, images, video. A lot of battles take place at WC3. The major players like Microsoft, Google, Adobe. All want to get control at WC3. Recently it as seen big input companies working together. This must be nothing but a good thing. Caution is understandable it is worth millions. A wrong decision is easy to make. But impossible to change.

   When I first decided to create a website. It was after a long stay in the hospital. I'd been in a coma. For 3 months had life support switched off. Had the last rites 3 times. Yet was alive. Confined to a wheelchair in a very bad way. Told I would never walk or work again at 25 is not a good feeling. However, I was told you to have more than some. Be grateful. It didn't feel very lucky at the time. I was indeed very lucky. I had not gone to a funeral my own. Relatives family, parents, and brothers. Had been told 3 times. We are very sorry to tell you he will be dead in hours. They then asked if they would give consent. For my organs to be donated, my father asked if I was dead. Not at the moment. But he will be very soon. To which my dad replied touch him he'll live longer than you. If I had a transplant donor card. I'd be dead!

   A harsh statement, but if you have been there. Tell me I'm wrong only successful transplant people disagree. In life, some are lucky some are not. But it's not for a dr to decide which your in. They are not above the law, I will always be thankful to the NHS for saving my life. But I will never carry a donor card, if you do is your choice to make. I can't say for certain it would have happened that way. It is an assumption from my dad. I never saw one person win an argument to change is mind. Sadly I lost my father 8 years ago.