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      Throughout the music history of the UK. The opening few bars gave an idea of the fashion it would be linked to. The upbeat faster dance type gave an initial picture of Mods. The heavier guitar based rock was associated with the leather-clad. Loud motorbike engines of the Rockers. The quieter slower far more graceful scooter riding Lambretta and Vespa's. Decorated with backrests and countless numbers of mirrors. Gave scooters a distinctive appearance. When Skinheads inherited the Mod section of UK fashion. Scooters were also inherited by many of the Skinheads. Yet tarnished as racist's harshly in my memory of it. Ska music with its roots in the West Indies was difficult. The News of the World to explain. Weeks of labelling Skinheads far right extreme Neo-Nazis. Who liked Caribean style music. I had been involved with the Skinhead fashion from the start. Without ever seeing any extreme right-wing kind of involvement. The National Front had never attracted Skinheads in great numbers. I knew a man Nat O'brian who had African inheritance. Racism never came into it Nat was a great bloke and hard as a rock. The emphasis placed on racism today. As highlighted and drawn it into attention. With that, a number of let's use it as a way to be noticed, people. Have to cling onto it like a life jacket unable to create interest. It makes them into some sort of racist martyr. Checking everybody for simple things said by mistake. The new racism protection police. Whom they have appointed themselves into. Pick up things from private conversations they have no right to listen to. The second anything they can state as a racist remark. Is said in the conversation they act demented like they are there to act on it.

      Society over recent times has made life so difficult. I knew gay people most people hadn't made it an issue. The same as the people who have been targetted with racism they haven't. A vast majority just want to be treated like everybody else. Not highlighted making them look like they have special needs. So why can't do-gooders mind there own business, not other peoples? The normal reaction to interfering do-gooders makes the problem worse. The people they think are vulnerable yet are most certainly not. So leave them to be normal while the do-gooders get a life, yet very few ever achieve that. With a bit of luck shooting, do-gooders will be legal. It might be apparent tolerant totally avoided me. What great shame do-gooders don't as well. 

      This page is currently in the design and build stage. Please return again in a few weeks. When content about UK music will have been added. Together with various supporting images from UK music history. Throughout my life music has always had an important role. It directed the route I went down next. The first time I heard soul music was probably at Franche Village Hall. Just a small local hall. That held Friday night disco's aimed at local teenagers. The Rob and Kens roadshow was the resident music supplier. I was around 10 or 11 the highlight of the week. It was my first experience of going out. Soon as I got out of school I'd get home. Nag my dad for money to buy a Ben Sherman shirt or Lee jeans. Promise to do something in exchange. He was strict at times. But never on my going out, I'd nag him until he said that's it now. Yet I still had stay-press trousers, Ben Sherman shirt, Harrington coat. In the early 70s, Kidderminster had three main shop's Fosbrookes, Lord Antony, and Maxwell  Plum (I think). One of the 3 had an item you just had to have. The market would often come up with a surprise item. If you didn't get it the stalls did various other markets by next week it had been sold.

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      Being totally honest, I'd imagine the Skinhead fashion was the first I had an active role in it. Having a grade one with a part in shaved in. Skinner, Lee, Wrangler, Levi jeans. Or Stay-press, Ben Sherman shirt bracers and Dr Martin boots. Who remembers Monkey boots, a lot of girls seemed to wear. I always got to like girls around the suedehead era. Feather cut hairstyles and faded jeans suited some but not all. It was great on a hot day. Line after line of perfectly dressed skinheads behind a goal. You could still stand up at the time. The way the UK is going. All our strength and resistance will be depleted. Get some bunch of Frogs on the Ferry. Fancy there chances. If an English club draws Paris Saint Germain. We are going to have to watch our backs. Get turned over by the Frogs we'll be a European laughing stock. Colours out the window. Can't say I'd ever believed I'd happily be defending the Yids. But at the end of the day there an English club so principles involved. Being a white-dominated country went in the last Millenium. About the time the Asians stopped fighting for Halal. Got knuckled down to defending the country with the rest of us. The Jam Rolls will damage their income more than ours.

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      For a vast majority the hour-long train journey. From Kidderminster to Birmingham New Street was the first trip. On a train, Birmingham was a large vibrant city. With mostly multiracial inhabitants for the entire length of my life, maybe longer. I've lived in London, Manchester, and worked in Leeds, Southampton and a lot of other major UK cities. Yet in Birmingham races integrate far easier than almost every other city I've lived in. Birmingham as no race division everybody lives happily together. Avoiding large ghetto areas of one race. A lot will say Handsworth is that type. Yet it's made up of most the races not 100% of one. The same as Hagley Road, Borsal Heath, Winson Green. Almost every area of Birmingham is multi-race  

      In my honest opinion. The 70s decade had far more to offer UK citizens. Then the teenagers today for entertainment. Technology has opened up endless opportunities for things to see and learn. The real advantage comes from the way it's available to almost everybody. Where has in previous times in UK history. The higher-earning people had far more opportunities available. Yet today everybody who is determined to achieve a certain level of qualification finds little to stop them. I'm no very intelligent person. Yet discovered the internet at the very start people dismissed it having any long term future. It would lose the initial big interest after the novelty wears off. This was the majority of my generation. Who learned things to allow good basic use. This was the level they intended to stop at they could shop pay bills. Tax the car nothing else appealed to them. But if they had spent a bit more learning a lot of things would have opened up to them. Getting the interest then puts far more hunger to learn more. I've always found a gift for using technology. Without spending hours in a classroom look at the most logical way to do it. Certain actions require access to DLL's and Classes in the Windows operating system. At times updates are required to avoid CLR errors. Variables are not declared or are placed in the wrong library. Windows runs from 3 types of security to protect the system. Public the most open any class can access functionality from a public class. Both private and the most secure protected. Have strict rules to govern any class that inherits functionality from it. Classes have type declaration in the same way. Other variables and constants are declared in the code. There isn't much point in going into details about Windows SQL security and the 3 levels of it. Unless you're talking to C# programmers.

      But a large amount of unsecured webpages is growing, only ever enter card details on pages that display a padlock. The denotes a level of security. The complete website is https denoting everything is secure. This is more to protect visitors from entering sensitive information. I don't sell anything for you to enter card details. I've got thousands of mp3 northern soul records. Wigan Casino live recordings from every year it ran 73 to 81. Maybe I should offer them for sale. Give the money to the NHS nurses. As a thank you for the outstanding service they are giving for Covid19 at the moment.  I've got a number of DVD's showing Northern Soul history visitors might be interested in. Mostly  Wigan Casino based files. But some good views of Wigan Casino

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      At certain times it's easy to change the subject. In the hope of adding more interest. But visitors don't come here for C# code lessons. So I will try to keep music as a default at the moment. The number of pages on here. There must be one for almost everybody. I will get round to hierarchical indexing sooner or later. Just a simple video is embedded below. A good selection of Wolverhampton faces appears in the video. Although this was noticed after it was added not the reason it was chosen

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