Some of the things, never got published. But  where a big part, of Wigan casino allnighter

   Just as a point of interest. It as always been my opinion, and a lot of others I asked. Wigan casino had beem a time for making friends. Many are still people that remained friends. Upto now are still good friends, at times I often see faces. From years ago 30+ years is commonly the time span. When you see them both sides. Hesitate for another look as they think is it or ain't it. Then the certainty is reached, and the welcoming is started. But after so long there is always a thing to spark your memory. Straight into I know that face from somewhere. Soon after your brain steers you to the Wigan casino time. A place often indexed in your mind. But you only seem to find happiness each time you go there.

    Nothing else seems stored there. Everybody had bad nights, but they never seem to be remembered. Nobody wishes to start talking about bad nights. There where many more good nights to discuss first. As many of the bad things where personal. The night you and a mate got busted outside. Only a £2 wrap, never made the casino grapevine. The news went round the casino. Faster than a girl with mustard in her gusset. If someone got searched in the car park outside. It was common knowledge by the time the warrant card came out. A complete photo like description. Had found it's way onto the grapevine, trackers posted. Every place they went after that night. Was on the grapevine a long time before they got there. The D.S stood out so blatantly obvious to everybody. They had more watching them, than they watched. Nieve must of been a contributing factor. The area the casino spanned was so big. If there grasses gave them a place to go. It was stirile by the time they got there.

   How they never worked it out. Every place they went was expecting them The toilets was the place I got pulled weekly. I just got to the front, chucked my carrier bag on the stage. Then went for a p**s got searched. With nothing to find or get chucked in the water, There always seemed to be on the toilet floor. It often seemed a better option to give them a couple of Dex's. To save your stuff getting threw round the toilet and soaked in p**s. Where is your bag? in Kidderminster what do you want her for. I was only to happy to get  searched to look at there faces. it was always in my mind, they knew exactly what was going on  It was best to keep it in the area they knew than drive it out. To other area's of Wigan, as they would have no control. This is something I assumed and have no proof it's true. But there was no big organised crime syndicate supplying it. Just mutiple minor cases of illegal transactions. Almost all taking place before they arrived at  Wigan casino. It would be difficult to get a conviction for supply and would involve a lot of work. That might end up with a not guilty verdict. At the same time disperse the problem underground so they had. There monitoring of it taken away.

   This created a situation they wanted to avoid. The DS could not ignore crimes they saw. But at the same time never looked to hard to find it. The people inside Wigan casino who thought they had the DS over. In my opinion where untrue the amount of Amphetamine in 1 place. Would of meant large scale survallience by Lancashire constablary. Who might of been satisfied it was not large scale organised crime. They had control of so ignored a large police operation to end it.

The casino & other memories

   The atmosphere that Wigan casino held. Is certainly onething any book wont ever create. There are books either wrote or being written, that explain it in detail. Only by being in Wigan casino would you ever know. The way it made you feel, being in the caildron of heat. A packed casino gave you it cant be said in words. No matter how good the writter. It only creates an illusion in your mind. The real feeling came from within. The heat was a thing that hit you the second you walked through the black doors. By Mike Walkers office which lead to the main dancefloor. The dancefloor was like a magnet. The 1st time I went it was as a 14 year old boy. Like all people not quite a adult. But think they are not a child either. It is a confusing period in a male's life. Everything older people do they have to do. To show they are as grown up. This was in my mind as I went up the M6. The 1st time I went to Wigan casino. Everything others did I had no thought of not doing.

   The Catacomb's was just the same I thought. It was a allnighter that had just ended it's brief run. As a allnighter in Wolverhampton, it was a bigger challenge. Walking in the Temple street area at the time. It was a much different in the UK. The 70's was a time of large scale football violence. But Phil Shelton and I had a bad habit of being on train stations. At the moment it kicked off. Say what you want about Phil. But a deserter he wasn't. I was having a bit of a chat, on Crewe station with a load of Leeds fans. P**s off and feed your whippet. Never got me many friends, you bunch of northern w***ers. Is the ripper your dad finnally cracked them. I was banned from Elland road when Arsenal played Leeds in a FA cup semi a few years before. They where yet to catch the ripper, so the Arsenal fans where taunting Leed's. As the ripper shagged your mum. I was laughing a couple of the local plod. You think it's funny do you. I said no I was excersising my face muscle's. As I got turfed out I stuck the v up to the Leeds fans. See you at Highbury, we know the streets there. No pigs on your side either, at which point my arm was nearly broke. You ever come here again son, I just said don't ever call me son again. Some of these people live by me being a son of Northern plod. Won't be safe to walk down the pub. Shortly after I was on a train to Kings cross. Right result as I went on a coach and never had a ticket. The train guard's where told keep him on the train to you get to Kings cross. 50p on the tube and I was in the Highbury barn for a couple. Stereo typing in football as always been. Standard practice on the terraces.

   Violent football matches no happen on the scale they happened. In the 70's it was like the end of the 60's love and peace era. Lets kick the living s**t out of eachother 70's. Skinheads was proberly the no1 fashion of the decade. It was created on a foundation of extreme violence. P*** bashing was still ok to say at the time. Robinson's jam had Golly wogs and Alf Garnet used racial terms on tv. The UK had no more racialist hate than today. There infact is more of a under current of race hate. In the UK today than then. Just because your no longer allowed to say it. Does not make the thing vanish in the 70's it was visable. So it was able to be monitored and controlled. now it is not. How is anybody going to be sure of the level. Of secret extremist groups actively arranaging racist attacks. 

Just ungrateful Wigan local's

   Back in the 80's, I first published a website. It had meta tags that indicated the content. Was Wigan casino memories, the background music was Timi Yuro: It'll never be over for me At the time it was window's 3.1 Everything was hand coded in native .html To be honest it made your balls ache. Hyper text markup language, had been derived from gsml the code used to position text and images in Fleet street.  It was the language of newspaper editors. That was adapted to position text and images on your screen. I spent days trial and error with tags. It was a start of what today you see. Later it became much easier with wysiwyg editors. Dreamweaver was the 1st I used. Today it is owned by Adobe and still widely used.

    The contents of my website where free. A few years later I'd get responses. It's all lies you invented to make money from your website. As the website was totally free built and financed by me. As use increased I paid for bandwidth upgrades myself. Russ Winstanley visited other dj's as well. Not a word of complaint about my claims of fabricatting. The widespread use of drugs. I even had a response from my mate Gethro who  was now in the USA. The site was Geth always knew me as Sam, we had lost contact. I had gone on a bit of a rest. Courtacy of the authorities. The many people who saw me at Wigan casino's last allnighter. I think needed to stay off Tuinal or Mandrax. As I was in the south west of England. With a 25 feet wall between me and the outside world. By the time I was anywhere near freedom. Del a friend from Crewe had visited me and informed me. Wigan casino had been destroyed by a fire. The damage was so extensive the Empress ballroom was later demolished. To enable the building of a shopping complex on the site. The people of Wigan got there wishes to rid the town of it's weekend guest's. Got a ugly modern building on the casino's location. Then realised they had cut there golden egg of cash off. By destroying Wigan casino.

    The UK northern soul scene had no great loss. Other than the best venue and dancefloor on the UK scene. I spoke to a number of Wigan authorities like tourist board. Helped a number of university students gain honours in social media. Had been invited to give lectures at 3 universities. When they booted the unwelcome guests out. The good we could of done Wigan did not stay. I said don't associate me with the place again. They labeled me along with other's at the casino. Unwanted unneeded at all by Wigan or it's inhabitants. They don't need us I don't need them at all. Sod them I've got nothing good to say about them now. 

So many stories contridict, the rest. Why beleive your story 

This page centres om the reality. That happened every event at Wigan casino

I will verify my Wigan casino history any time to anybody. If they are then willing to do the same

 In this photo, I'm clearly visible. I feel happy in people who know me will see me. The people who don't know me. I've got no need to verify to at all. As to be perfectly honest. I've never given a toss what they think a bunch of nobodies. Trying to seem like something they are not. Hide their inadequate history. By trying to discredit others history. I got told by a person they never went to Wigan casino. They went somewhere a lot better. If they had never been how did they know? I couldn't understand how stopping at home was a lot better really. left. In the photo, I'm in my favourite red & white Wigan rugby shirt. After a number of events, I've attended. To still need to verify my history is annoying. The one's I have any real value in know. As I knew them at Wigan casino to start. So there is no need to verify it to them.

   But 1 certain fact I can verify my past. As at least I've got one to verify. With 100's of Wigan casino appearances in it. I don't doubt people with a hope it makes my history look better. At times in the local area, people say they went to Wigan with me. As a lot, I remember did. But people I don't remember I will not say they did which does not mean they didn't go. Only that I can't remember them on the coach or being there. Unlike the bog wog who I will verify 

   The peat minor and I go back to about 1974. We have had some brilliant times over the years. He stayed at my parent's house. As we left the pub some idiot had a pop over northern Ireland. I listened with full attention to what he said. At the end, I thought what he said was wrong. So I knocked him out simple street rule. If you can't enforce it don't say it. Telling a Belfast man how to resolve the sectarian trouble. Was not the brightest idea 

   Nothing in the world. Makes you have to believe my version of Wigan casino. It is all my input. A number of high profile people can verify my appearance there. Gethro Jones and Dave Evison together with. An appearance on TV's "This England" documentary of Wigan casino. Is a good start to prove I went regularly. I can certainly list a list of other sources. Phil Richards the Sedgeley DJ, Harpo, Donald are 3 more. Putting a few million names. Doesn't make anybody believe you went.  Unless they believe the content of what you say. To lead them into a vision of truth. Onething that does annoy me. Is some  c**t with a book questioning me over things only a knob-end like them would know. After dancing for a majority of the last 8 hours. You are completely exhausted take as many drugs as you want it stimulates. Motor neurone activity in the brain with an illusion. Which fools it into believing a number of resources left are higher than is.  

     The dramatic increase in pulse. Circulates blood faster to the organs low on required levels the usual supply is exhausted as it's empty. The human body is a renown cannibal of resources. Will use supply from other sources other than involuntary muscles like the heart, lungs, and other essential muscles.  It as always been apparent. Effects of narcotic abuse are variable. It as a long list of factors that alter the damage it causes to a human body. One surprising fact a majority of the good health preaching wan***s. Who openly did not partake in strenuous exercise preferred to condemn me as unhealthy and wouldn't get to 30.  Have mostly died off suffering heart attacks. Or lack of personal fitness disease. Which proves to be a boring good health fanatic. Wasn't such a good choice. I took life to the extreme of unhealthy content. Yet I'm 57 so a few close to the edge times. Was managed to stay this side of the fence. While the carrot and muesli brigade avoided keeping fit piled on the Pork and are feeding the worms.

      I might not be in line for an OBE. But I'm not a child molester. So even thou a majority of my life. As been spent doing things frowned upon by society paragons of virtue. A really good job I didn't take a blind bit of notice. Take no advice from self-opinionated do-gooders. The self recommendation is no assurance it's right. A few people must be able to remember the days. When you had the ability to speak without restrictions and rules. You called things what they were without worrying if you'd broken the law. What the hell does undefined gender possibly hope to achieve? If you were born with a penis and orchestra stalls you're a man. If you've had the tuck you're a woman? Claiming you've been born with the wrong body. With big hopes of wasting a vast amount of money.  On gender realignment, while the UK health service is in such chaos. Will only make you a mutilated same gender as before you had the treatment.