I've got no real need to invent my history

Don't beleive all you hear

     A new  version  of  Wigan  casino.  Get's  realised  quite  often  everytime.  It  promises  to  be  better  than  the  last.  Then  goes  on  to  describe  a  club  I've  never  been  in  everybody looking  at  records.  Over  the  5  years,  I went I didn't look in 1 record box. I did not go over 100 miles, to look at them. I like almost 99.9% of people went dancing.   It was not  just   around 8  hours  in  the  casino.  A  group  from  around  the Wolverhampton area.  Would meet  up  lunchtime in  the Vic.  The  coach picked  up  around 10pm  but  time  fly.  Having  a  laugh,  it  was   such  a  friendly  atmosphere.  Have  a  look  at  items  Pep  had  in  his  shop  next  door.  Roam  around  the  Mander  centre.  It  became  a ritual  being  a  part  of  a  group.

         At  onestage,  I  would  always  be  with.  Rob  Davies  and  Gary Haines (Hank).  Rob  was  a  scrap  metal merchant.  Spent  a  lot  of  Saturday  afternoon's  in  Ashmore lake.  Having  a  laugh  Rob's  house  became  a  place  for  the  local  northern  soul  community  to  gather.  I  haven't  seen  Rob  or  Hank  since  Wigan.  I   got  a  message  from  his  sister  one  night  to  say  Rob ,  had  been  ill. But I  didn't  get  the  full  story.                                                           When  I asked  around, it  still got  nothing  conclusive from  it.  Everything  will  become  clear  in  time.  I  hope  Rob  is  ok.  Each  to  their  own  way  to  earn  a  living.  Rob  liked  to  act  off  his  own  instruction.  The  family  all  worked  and  done  well  for  themselves.  His  sister  had  done  very  well  being  self-employed.  Jack  his  dad  was, was  the  same  type  as mine.  Worked hard and you had that in your genes. Being unemployed and staying in bed to lunchtime. Had  never  been an option, I left school in July. College didn't start until September. I got told what are you doing in August, I replied nothing as they don't want to have you for a month. My dad laughed a good job  I  hire  the  labour at  Acrow.  Get  yourself  down  to  the  yard for  8 am.  When  Monday start  of  the  week.  No  in  the  morning,  don't  be  late.  Getting  a  belt  on  the  first day  at  work. Best thing  looks  bad







I have many friends from Wigan casino

      One thing  I've  never  had  any  difficulty  with is  talking.  I will  talk  to  anybody, knowing  them  as not  been  important.  I  feel  comfortable  talking  to   complete  strangers.  I   always  have  even  at  14  I'd  hitch  a lift never  met  them  before.  But  talk  to  them  like  I knew  them.  Being forward and  full  of  confidence.  As  got  me  into  a  lot  of  arguments  as  well.  I  started  to  believe    I  was  always correct.  If  anybody  said  I  was  wrong.  I  tried  to  convince them  I  was  right  they  were  wrong.  Worked  fine  for  years  until  I  tried  it  on.  With  mr  Gethro  Jones,  always  one  who  knows  there  right ,  and  your  wrong. 

At times  it closes  to  unwelcome vistors

        My personal page will give  me the  opportunity.  To  clarify  the  site content and the sources.  Validity  saying it  is  true  and it  being true.  Are  separate  values.  The  list  of  top  venues  and  events.  I  attended  in  the  Wigan  casino era.  Runs  into  hundreds,  in  the mid  70's  3  events.  Almost  every  weekend  52  weeks  of  the  year.  I  remember  one  year  Wigan  casino.  Held a  new  years  eve  allnighter.  I  think  they  expected  members  to  forget.  All  go  on  a drinking  session.  I  had  a  pint  of  bitter.  When  I  went  in  and  had  most  of  it  left at  8am.  Tables  full  of  half  drunk  glasses  across the  casino.

       There  seems  to  be  an  ever-increasing  list.  Of  things.  99%  of  people  have  no  idea  about. In  almost  every instance it's  for  one  simple  reason.  It's  got  nothing  to  do  with  them.  As  they  don't  know  me,  so  give  their  assumed  answer.  I  know  a  lot  of  people on  the  northern  soul scene.  But  not  every  person  who  claims they  know  me.  Those  who  do  know  me,  know  my  business is  kept  private.  I have  always  thought  people  who  discuss  my  life have nothing.  In  their  own  worth  talking  about  a  very  true  statement.  My  real  friends  will  tell  you  I  won't  desert.  First  sign  of  a  problem  they  get.

           This  website  is  my  passion  in  keeping  with  the  value.  Northern  soul  was  never  a  means  to  get  rich  by.  Many  have  tried  but  are  not  welcomed.  Northern  soul  can  be  a  very  friendly  welcoming  environment.  Which  closes  it's  welcome  fast at  times.  To  people not  in  it  for  the  same  reason.