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   This site as a change to http://garrykeen.com As then it was under my complete control. 100% my memories. Anything visitors objected to had to be argued with me. This website is created from 2 sources. As joint ownership and shared expense account. But still offer's the reality of Wigan casino 100% true memories are ever published. The pedigree of the creators is as good as any other website. Although we both cut the long winded approach. To centre the focus on the reality of the subject not 100 words of uninteresting content. Leading to a single sentence of true content. The books found on libary shelfs. Often portray a massive record collectors market place. I was a dancer never went to look at records, my only knowledge was the sound coming out the speakers. Giving the atmoshere for the dancefloor. Lorna on the other side, was both a dancer and a very active record collector. So she gives an opinion for both types of members.


   The url for this website http://samkeen.co.uk As been the name used by me since birth. It is not my real name. On my passport bank accounts ect. But the payment for most of the website functioning is made in my real name. Which in reality means if it's on here it's in either my name. Or hotpots name as she is joint owner, neither of us is in the habit of publishing lies. But we stand behind our website's content as 100% true. If there is any content you can prove to be untrue. Please contact either of us, it would be our duty to listen to you. It would be more reality if you where the evidence supplier. Not  given it by 1 of the Wigan casino experts. Who told you it was true. But in a lot of these cases it was as true as a IRA confession. As they never had to be there either to take any part in rhe offence. In a number of cases looking at the wall that runs around Gartree 

Early years, the mystic was maintained

   The early years Wigan casino ran allnighters. Had a exclusive feeling attached to it. It was very unknown to a majority of people. As all outsiders knew was basic things. Which lead to a lot being assumed. Stereo type images of extradornary wide trousers. Insomniac type people clutching talcum powder bottles. The devouted way the vast majority attended events. Was totally ignored, there as never been a positive view of northern soul. Simply as allnighters ran in hours looked on as unsociallable. To the mainstream people who feel if they don't do it. It's wrong for anybody else to. Wigan casino was the ultimate escape to normality. The main type of people to condemn it. Was the brainwashed w***ers. Who had there life mapped out for them. When a club opened with a theme of we ain't going the same route. They felt there safety threatened, when people said your way is wrong. 

The doors opened, the party started.

   Station road was always full of activity every Saturday night. It was the familiar faces each week. It would of been easy to have a list of people. With a place marked, for them. I'd bet a bundle by 25 past 12. Every place would be occupied the second Dave opened the door. A massive surge would begin always the same. It didn't matter if it was your 1st or 101st time. Music was heard the dancefloor was waiting. The first couple of hours often set your mood for the night. The good gear had mostly found a stomach to be in. The hardcore casino dancers where getting the feel of the floor. Many would stay on the dancefloor almost the entire allnighter. This was there reason to be there, singing along to the records. Lost to the outside world nothing else mattered. Your problems never came in with you. This was a teenagers heaven. The 7 and a half hours flashed past. Happiness is short to be in, often the end bought a grey cloud, in the first light of Sunday's dawn. 

   They  wouldn't accept there parent's gave them wrong advice.. The members of Wigan casino must of been mistaken. So the only option to deffend there way. Was by making rash lies up that discredited. The casino. Whitch in turn shifted the bad content from normality to the casino. Centuries of parental guidence was put in doubt. It was clearly 1 of the biggest things. That attracted teenagers to Wigan casino. When they'd been in a friendly type of environment. Which was totally unheard of in the UK's 70's conflict way of life. It went from skinheads with bother boot's. To large scale football violence, much of it was based on your location. The 1st time I went to Wigan casino we stopped at Knutsford services. Accents from across the south and midland's. Where heard at first I scanned the area for a weapon. For when it kicked off. Which was the normal way it progressed   

   However there wasn't any hostility. The atmosphere was very tranquil and calm. This made it be treated with suspition. The 70's had no big trust in it. You could set off to a school friends house. Kidderminster is a warren of alleyways that link housing estates. You could go in one end get ambushed in the alley. Nothing was certain starting  and caompleting and finishing. Had a lot of uncertainty separating them.It seemed safer to be a gang member. Although you couldn't take the gang everyehere with you. But in the day you could see the enamy.. These days 2 faced people are in a majority. Promise you the world to your face. The second your back is turned. There story changes with it

   The loyalty between friends as vanished. I often think Wigan casino. Wouldn't of had the exceptional attributes it had. If it was opening today. There wouldn't of been any need. To bring the misuse of drugs act in. A missuse of trust would be more use. The drugs at Wigan casino, never came by a big supplier. A network of mouth by many members who trusted eachother. Today you'd mention a source, the ds would know. A short time later. They say life is much better today. Which without doubt in some area's it is. But now it is a multi race country. The UK is no longer united at all. The immagrants no longer come here. To intergrate into a UK lifestyle. The poxy government's no longer act in a manner. That is best for the UK residents at all. I cant be charged under UK law as it is percicussion of my religion. Easy solution f**k off to a country. That is supporting that religion. As this 1 don't break our law. You live in our country you pay our price.  

   For a very long time

Wigan casino, 2 sides of a coin

   In the early years, Wigan casino ran allnighters. The rumours it was about to close. Circulated around the casino a different version each week. The thing was the wheel, the Torch, the Catacomb's, Vava's, and Samantha's had already gone. So it was inevitable the casino was on a short run

Themain dancefloor 

Wigan casino

from the balcony, view     

Wigan casino

a  look inside     Wigan casino

Wigan casino

Skinhead escapes

Letting the public in, mistake

   In my honest opinion, the biggest mistake ever made. Was the night Mike Walker did not do what he promised. A fairly full casino, saw Mike. Stand on the stage and give is word. The success of the Wigan casino. Belongs more to you than me. If you vote no, no TV camera's. Will ever come through the door I promise you that  a vote followed. No count was required as about 80% voted no. Mike left the stage without another word. He knew the camera's where going to be their. Nothing he could do to stop, I walked past his office at the top of the stairs. The left side  as you face the stage. For some reason he alway did speak. But when I jokingly said no camera's. He seemed very annoyed at my words. I only ever said hello that was as far as I knew Mike Walker . That night he didn't even respond. I personally think. He was angary at being forced to lie. To the people he had a lot of respect for now. It was hard for me to tell. 

It was his job, in the end

   It was easy to judge Mike Walker, but he didn't  go as a night out. It was his living. He couldn't do or say the things. The members could we were customers, paying to be there. He wasn't he got paid to be there. To get the best return for the people who employed him. He couldn't turn down opportunities like members could. If it was in the interests of the company profit. He was forced to go with it. When "this England" was broadcast. It was Monday after Coronation street I think. All the fears of the members didn't happen. The reality was totally avoided altogether, to be honest. It featured 2 members who got home before most of the rest. Had got to the M6 to go on the journey home. I can't remember ever wishing I lived in Wigan. It was an anonymous presence, and the hours travelling that was a part of the good. Gear was never even mentioned on "this England". The reason most had been opposed to it. It was the first time the fear of the darker aspect of all-nighters. Had been a worry to people. It was underground never public upto then.

    When the northern soul was underground. With np big public interest. Besides the occasional stare at you. For the exceptionally wide trousers. Great in the casino. Outside they had no understanding of dancing trousers. Needing a big ballroom in them, I have no idea. What was popular in the Manchester area to get your strides made. But a little shop run by a Jewish tailor. A real spot on type. You wanted it he'd make it. Today the price wouldn't seem high. In the 70's it was a fortune. I think £80 was the most I ever paid. At the time an apprentice bricklayer. Took home about £20 a week

about this pages content

   Northern soul as always had 2 parts. One for everybody another for those involved in it. When I first attended, there was only one side. The outside world was left outside. Almost  everybody new to northern soul was joining. To escape normality of doing some job for 50 years. After following your father in his job at a factory. Doing the same routine every day. 2 weeks a year he spent on holiday going abroad. Was still very rare in the 70's. At the end of the road. The lucky one's had a few years. They down a hole to worm food. We are all going to die. So why avoid the subject. Northern soul those not on the scene outside. It was only when Wigan casino took it to a new level of public interest. The UK started to want to know what the big attraction was. To draw hoardes to Wigan.

northern soul history

    It had very little to do. With the illegal activities at allnighters.  The 1974 misuse of drugs act. Had no real impact on supply or demand at Wigan casino. In my view, it was a total waste of public money. I think it was a labour government at the 3 day week. Then a conservative succession. All it was a show of government power. It wasn't going to tolerate mass law breaking. When the northern soul was not in the public eye. But an underground cult fashion. Mods and rockers battled on sea fronts. The pep pills never got any great focus. It was known about at the Twisted wheel, The first drug enforcement agency. Was opened opposite the Twisted wheel. The chemist's being burgled. Always rose leading up to an allnighter at the wheel. The police had no evidence the 2 had any connection.

     But knew if the alnight entertainment licence. Needed to be revoked to stop the rise in crime every time the wheel staged an all-nighter. The official record states the licence was revoked due to breaching a bylaw. That didn't permit a continual event from Saturday to Sunday. Without a break. The Jewish owners the Adobe brothers traded on to the March. But without the alnight licence, people would not travel from across the UK to the Manchester club. So the police never closed the wheel the Adobe brothers did. When it was no longer viable financially to continue it. As a northern soul club. With no alnight event licence.

    In 1972 the focus switched to Hose street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. When local businessman Chris Burton. Owned the Golden Torch which had been renovated to be an upper-class nightclub. The Torch started off as a cinema. It first opened in 1963.  Complete with Marble pillars and chariots on the wall outside. It first opened to the public in 1965 centred on the mod fashion of the day. The first soul act wasn't on to 1967. Chris Burton was hesitant but gave it a try. When the Twisted wheel shut in 1971. Kieth Minsull approached Chris. With a view to holding northern soul all-nighters. Unfortunately, the Torch allnighter ran for just 13 months. Its impact was without the doubt, was important as the wheel or casino. 


Life as taught me a real lesson! If is to good to be true. It's bulls**t

Station road, Wigan

Wigan casino

Gethro and  friends at WIGAN 

Wigan casino

the Torch allnighter

Wigan casino

Suzy is aPunkrocker

Wigan casino

Wigan casino covered various rebellion thems

   To really appreciate how Wigan casino's impact. On teenagers, life was lifted to new levels. You would have had to live in 70's England. It was a time of conflict, Mrs Thatcher breaking the unions. Arthur the dwarf never went short like the striking minors. When the unions got put right the Argentinians got a lesson. Everybody seemed to want conflict. Skinheads kicked off the decade. Braces and bovver boots. It ended with be seen to be heard with Punk rock. Hard to decide which was the biggest argument seekers. In  my opinion it was the best time to be a teenager.

Wigan casino

Fighting to preserve your beliefs in life

      You are completely wasting your time. Trying to get any type of comparison between the 70's and 2000. The 70's was fuelled by passion and pride. I recall being sat in Smithys transit van outside Bristol cities ground. This Turnip cruncher shows up putting is lighter by the petrol tank. I'll blow he up about as bright as an eclipse. Gav Harley and I looked at eachother your closer to it than us. If we get out Gav we are getting a kicking. Carry on brains it was a real challenge. For him to get the lighter out his pocket. He gave up and went. As thick as pigshyte. The next Bristol bloke I knew was Dobin in Shepton Mallet he was studying hard to be an idiot.  Few more years at night school to qualify yet. But the type who'd help sooner than harm people. So had a lot of respect for him