Together as a solid force. The 70's UK was a better country to live in 

the 70's all-nighters. Venue badges above

the 70's conflict period

 When the 1970's dawned across our country. It wasn't to the silent sound of mod's hush puppies it was welcomed with. The 70's lost the love and peace of the hippy 60's. The  70's was full of violence, the striking miners, firemen, and others. Skinheads were this first big fashion of the 70's. Barbers loved it grade one. With a part in was my style. Mark's hairdresser in the Green man carpark. For KIDDERMINSTER people my age to remember. Skinheads must be the most racist fashion ever in the UK. The UK only had a sparse amount of immigrants in it at the time. Skinheads    targeting Pakistsni's mostly. With race hate, chant and support for Paki bashing got the headlines. Just the story Skinheads thrived on. Skinhead's had a big influence on football violence common in the 70's. Behind the goals at every division 1 game. Was row after row of shaved heads, dr Marten boots, Ben Sherman shirts, pale blue faded Skinner jeans. I loved my skinhead days it was a lot more than just racist. It was a peoples movement. Skinheads were tribal. Very location orientated, which gave slogans like Kiddy skins. To signify Kidderminster skinheads, which then got split again. Into horsefair, Habberley, Offmore, Franche etc. Which are all area's of Kidderminster? One other activity skinhead's seemed to like. Was hanging around in local cafes. The Carlew, Expresso with Ed the formidable owner, the Popin, horsefair cafe, the Select, the Bridge Are some of the Kidderminster cafes I remember. All had pinball machines except the Select cafe.   

         Some Saturdays were spent  completely in a cafe playing endless games of pinball. But the 70's wasn't a bit like 2016. The UK was a solid community. People thought of other's as well as themselves. You rarely saw people alone feeling alienated and cut off. This country was a far better place to live. That isn't a racially motivated remark either. Immigrants were far less that is true. But the Asian communities in the UK. Had a better standard of life in this country. So tried to integrate into UK lifestyle. Not issue demands on it.  You must change this you can't do that never happened. It should never be allowed to happen today

punk rock, shock rock

   Another cult fashion of the 70's was punk rock. Originally it was to get more attention for teenagers. Who believed  they had been ignored by senior generations. It was the fashion parents loved to hate. This increased ten times more. After Johnny Rotten frontman and singer. With the Punk band, the Sex pistols appeared on current affairs programme Nationwide. Rotten became angry at presenters insistent hassling of female punk singer Siouxsie and the Banshee punk band. Frustrated by the presenters actions. John remarked, "here we are f***ing about again". The show broadcast from 6pm prime time BBC1 TV. Watched by a majority of UK homes on a channel regarded as above the Rotten foul language. At the time swearing was unheard of at that time of night. It was restricted until after a 9pm watershed.

No delay was in place either. Which meant it was broadcast to the nation. As Johnny Rotten said it. Being on the great British institution the BBC incensed viewers tempers so much. One man put his foot through his TV screen. Rottens outburst and use of bad language made him so angry. The switchboards at the BBC were clogged for hours. After the Nationwide broadcast showing, it was broadcast. It outraged the entire BBC's viewing public. But rocketed punk rock into fashion notoriety. As the one children with any hope of a good job and future must avoid at any cost. This show of contempt to Teenage freedom of choice made punk rock. The cult fashion into the one teenagers rushed to join. It also gave John Lyndon (Rotten) instant teenage hero status. John a usual type of person from a Finsbury park estate London n4. Revealed in his  new found fame.

     A majority of the complaints from parents. Had been brought on by the actions  of parents. I certainly doubt many parents would agree. But if they hadn't;t of reacted the way they did. There teenage children would not have been interested as much. But punk rock was aimed at shocking parents. Which attracted teenagers

the 70's introduction  complete. A general view of the time. My father and I got on well, on his terms

It had values, that you adhered to

   In  the 70's it was still an inherited format. You still followed the path of your ancestors. That was the tradition in the UK. Another tradition for my dad was you lived by his rules. If a neighbour told me I was going to do it. That got rapidly altered the second my dad looked menacingly at them. I was his son . What he said was what you did. With all due respect, he would tell me   once. If you hadn't heard it was sheets up. 6m lengths of steel used to stop the trench sides collapsing. I have no idea what the HSE code of practice was for xylene cital Lyne steel cutting Torches, I had Addidas trains and pair of   because you hadn't listened to him capitol offence. When I was 5 or 6 I had been cutting some trench  sheets up. In a place just outside Droitwich. In the 60's no health and safety existed. The only safety was common sense. You only got hurt from being a knob end. You cut yourself for not paying  attention. You get cut again Sam your catching the bus.There is still blood from the last time. I had to see a bloke about a bit of business.  Having to tell him to watch the blood as you sit down.   My dad lived strictly to a set of rules. His rules didn't take any notice of anybody else's rules. Law was in

place for one reason. To break on days you had nothing else to do. I have yet to see a man with more of a total disregard for the law. Law was not right as it was made by a select few with inherited right. Not voted to do it not a democratically friendly way. If they broke the rules making them. He would break another by totally ignoring them. He had never burgled people's homes his he lived to a strict code of public friendly practices. So the local community only knew big Gal. Who'd always help you if he could? Almost always by selling you an item you didn't want. Secondly had no real use for. He could sell fridges to Eskimos simply by his friendly way of convincing buyers. He died 9 years ago people still stop me in the street. To offer condolences and say how Kidderminster lost one of the best. The day Garry died. Whenever I'm in trouble I miss my pillar of strength. Who got me not guilty on 3 occasions. When I got sent down he said to keep  my head up. Don't let these bastards grind you down   

value for your money

       When I started work in August 1976. Before I started college in September.  My dad was foreman at Acrow engineers. A multi-national company who supplied scaffolding and formwork. Used to cast concrete into shape walls and stairs for example. My dad asked, what are you planning to do in August. I said get wasted. He said in your dreams. Monday 7.30 am get yourself to Acrow's yard.  I've just given you a job. Get your head out the clouds back on earth. I know you are  not used to being normal until Thursday, back in vegetable  state Friday. Turn up Monday off the planet. You will get the biggest kicking you've had. Since the last one, I gave you that is. My dad never issued threats.  He said  threats might  happen. If I turned up incoherent. I would certainly be feeling quite bruised on Monday night.     Over time people have told me how they'd of dealt with my dad. I just looked and laughed, as none of them would have  got near him. Simione  o'Meally, Ian paddy Johnson, Vinny from Leyland Preston. All met my dad. He took a real good view of Simione. Thought he was a great bloke. Not  racialist simply good from bad

    He landed one job. To take locals to do community service people sentenced at the local  magistrates court to do it. At various locations around Kidderminster. Oneday he winked at me and said it's not the job. It's the opportunities that come with it. At which  point he pulled  the probation service signs off. Put them in the garage. It's £3 to the Wigan oldies. Do you want to book a seat cash up front off you? I'll grass you up down the probation office. Ask them if you can live there as well. Cause the first time, you grass on anybody. You won't be living here anymore. I promise you that for 100% certain. My dad never made casual threats.      He was a man of his word. If he said it he  every intention of doing it. 99.9% of the time. When  you  got  his gander up it was never a case of if he hit you. Simply one of when he never forgot

Almost every family as attributes, exclusive to that family only

But now it's time to discuss, more about the 1970's

     The  70's in England at least was a violent time. With skinheads starting the decade off with racist views. It just escalated into the decade of confrontational content. You  tried to restrict wandering around alone. It was a dangerous thing to do if you wandered into another location. A good kicking was the least you'd get. Cuts and bruises heal reputation's didn't. Anything like as quick anyway. You never showed being scared, an elemant of risk or danger in it. I always seemed to be the chosen name. I was the youngest almost always. A few of the lookers from school looking on and could hear every word. Saying no to such cruchial things wasn't an option. When you put yourself up for it was round the school fast.  Your image was far more important than your good health. So being a hero always seemed the beat when your young. It never sunk in you were a complete t**t until you get to 35

But you learned the valuable use friends

    Many of the things  you did you did in a gang.  Often a  have a go hero turned up. You'd be some kind of retard to do it alone. If you went there single handed tooled up or not. You'd  only get 2 or 3 before your luck ran out. As you'd just damaged  a few of their team. They'd give you 1 hell of a pasting nobody to watch your back. Being a well known face off our squad. Would give them all the reason  they want. Take it from me oneway mob handed. A few handy players in that squad. Storm in take the best out first. The sudden surprise will give us the advantage. Using bats one shot will do it. A week later you'd hear we'd got to go urgent. As word on the floor was since they did 1 of us bad. We are scared to go in their patch. It always had to be Friday to do it. A reasonable amount of fuel in you. You couldn't over do it. If you got to carried away there was always a chance. You'd put the bat through their skull and be up for murder.