a large group of teenagers. Miles from home

   Todays stringent rules, you cant do anything. That as enjoyment associated with it anywhere. Or you will cause somebody damage and get sued. If you are not getting sued by some prat who ain't going to get money from being intelligent. Your upsetting Allah, or some Muslim rule. This is a Christian country. I have yet to understand how we allow guest's to live here. Then get dictated to how we can live. In our country we didn't ask anybody to come here. If you want muslim law, go and live in a muslim state. Don't bring your rules into our country. Live by our law not your own. Never bite the hand that feeds you, This as no racialist intent either, I have multi race friends. I have coloured friends, when 1 of them was homeless. Midnight Sunday after the Locarno alldayer. I didn't say hard luck your black, I said looks like your sleeping at my house. He was made as welcome as the other's that I took home with me. For a good reason, he was clean well manored and got a job with my brothers. He never walked in said no from now on you do it this way. I didn't know how my dad would react. My dad and Simion o'Meally, became great friends. He wouldn't have a bad word said about him 

   One item often often used as a reference. As a thing to compare against is Wigan casino. Why it is a stupid thing to compare anything today against. The same as venues that make inacurate wild assumptions. Exactly the same as Wigan casino how? There is not a venue in the Uk anything like the casino. Put whatever you want on the adverts, it is nothing like it. You cannot associate a 70's environment with a authentic feel to today. The time Wigan casino happened is nothing at all like today. So why give events such strong emphasis they are just like Wigan casino. However similar it is in music, the time is different nothing like. The time environment when Wigan casino was open. When you go to a venue now the atmosphere is not full of excitement. Waiting for something new to happen. It is just going through the motion's, At 4am there is a sparse amount  of dancers. People are leaving in droves, there is no great hunger anymore. At Wigan casino there where times. People had done the Friday oldies night, then the Saturday as well. At 5 to 8 Sunday morning there was the same thrill in the casino. As there had been at the start on the Friday

   The whole thrust that drove people on as vanished. There is no will to suceed and move on. There is not the energy or willingness to reach new goals. Station road was always such a good community of friendship. Those going onto an alldayer where busy establishing who else. Would be there if people where not going, a ok see you next week. The hostility of today was not there. Today you get outside it's just lathargic no interest at all. The buzz to go farther than you feel fit to do. Does not exist anything like it did. I don't know about an alldayer, very few would be able to walk to the baths. They'd put there ass in a car and drive 50 yards. Yet they wonder how in the 70's we could dance alnight. Go to an alldayer Sunday. But arrived at work at normal Monday. I openly admit a vast majority at Wigan casino.

   In the height of it's success, took energy enhancing cocktails. Of high grade Amphetamines although it gave the boost. To your energy required to dance gruelling 8 hour sessions. Unless you had a high level of fitness. You eouldn't  last the whole night dancing. By  4am the build up of lactic acid, would of left you with cramp. So acute the pain would make walking difficult. Dancing impossible when I first went to allnighters. I was a milk delivery helper up at 4am every day of the year. I ran miles before I went to school each day. I had no interest in football. I could think of better things to do. Than brown nosing round the teachers. To get in a football team. My school days ran on a perfect understanding. The teachers hated me, never did anything to help me. Accussed  me first of anything stolen, damaged, anything. If they could not blame it me it was not worth looking for the guilty person. I had the slipper as a daily routine.

   The only bright thing was. I hated the bas****s a lot more than they hated me. They all belonged in the part of society I never trusted. Join the nieghbourhood watch for an excuse to sneak round watching the people. The same as special police why join it, other than try to be something your not. They have no power to arrest you. Use more than a little force to restrain you. Sue the twats as it's common assualt. Onething I beleive in, if it's police work. Let the police do it not under experienced do gooders. We are making there job harder not easier. It is harder to do the job watching somebody. Who as not received the high level of training you did. It will end in a worse public veiw of the police, and public loss of confidence. Is not a good way of cost cutting. That's a 1st for me sticking up for the police. But I will stick up for things that are wrong. Just because I have good reason to hate the police. Is for valid reasons, that are a just reason to. Not to look like I'm doing something that is following the way. I want others to see me. If any police read this and think it is unwarranted. I will meet them and give my list of my reasons. So they can judge if it's malicious or a valid reason.

   Life turns very mellow when your 50+. The days of creating a public image. Seem to have no value, the way they had at 16. Looking back it seemed a pointless excercise. It made you look big. To call the police bastards. They must of looked at hordes of teenagers. With shaved heads and boot's that looked far to big. Thought they play up a bloody good clip round the ear was a solution. That worked well as you knew what you had done. Often months later in court you've forgotten. So you resent the punishment your given. Ok a lot of the advances have been good. They improved life a great deal. But in general terms for society. In my opinion there isn't any improvement in life at all. As now there are area's that are no go area's. What sort of government allows people into there country. Then lets them dictate there terms to be in it. The idiots running the UK are a example of it. Now we don't rule our country Europe does. 

   If you take into consideration the attributes. Young people a long distance from there hometown. Or people who knew them, I'm sure there where members back then. Got busted in Wigan, managed to go to court. Avoided telling work family or anybody about it. Get this long after they feel it will never be known about. Does it really matter most have never reoffended since. Is there anything to gain by making it public. Not in my opinion of it at all. I don't really care what the do-gooders have to say. It was so long ago, as long as there was 1 incident. Just forget all about it a young person's mistake. I got a prison sentence at 21, have served that sentence ever since. Society is so full of revenge as you are semtenced by members of the upper class in society. How the hell can they know how it feels. To be homeless, starving, and pennyless. I don't try to excuse breaking the law at all. But society as never forgiven me, or ever remembers any of the good things in my past. But the bad it will give the facts to anybody who ask's.

   But lets not argue about my views on law. You come to a northern soul website. To access more information about northern soul. So lets get on with that.  IThe Wigan casino era was a lot of the things required. Getting the right way, all at the right time. I myself doubt it will ever happen that way again. For a northern soul venue that means. It could happen for rave or something yet to get discovered. But what ever it is I would doubt. It could have anything near the atmosphere found at Wigan casino. The rules governing venue's would kill that straight away. It would have to be a newer building, with cctv watching everything you did. The entire ethos of a good night out as gone. There is no chance of being close for your weekly loving eachother session. With some nosey git on a monitor watching. Say what you like about Wigan casino. It was just neglected and needed cash spending on it.

Wigan casino era, was 70's

  1. a packed casino crowd   

  2. Wigan casino main

  3. Wigan casino balcony

  4. 4, 2nd balcony view

  5. Station road Wigan

  6. Arriving for the allnighter

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  9. early Wigan casino time

this website is my vision

   This website is my view of Wigan casino. Another member might see it a different way. It doesn't make  mine right and his wrong. Or the reverse it is different people see different things. I went to dance, I had some good records. On original labels, so I was told. "The gallop on Carla" was 1 of the records. I built up a box of records. With Martin Renshaw not for the label. Martin was more of a collector than me. So the dance value was the thing. I went for not if it was original. Martin knew the label values so was. Quick to jump at some records, In Kidderminster, Thursday night. Was Frank Freeman's a local teenage disco. We'd all meet up talk about the records we liked. Steve Russell (west midland soul club) used to get Emi disc's of top records. It was great to turn up at local disco's. With a top record at Wigan casino. Frank didn't know the heavey disc you had. Was not the same as the 1 played at the casino. Fortunately niether did the girls from my school. Steve was a great dj still is, I spent hours in his electrical shop. After school go in look through the boxes. Try to give him the impression. You knew as much as he did. Bet he laughs about it still.  

   The technology might of improved a vast amount. Confidence in yourself hasn't kept pace with it. bulls**t as overtook the rise of inflation.  Along with 2 faced people and grasses. Which saw the largest rise of all. The easy feeling of talking to groups of total strangers. As vanished from northern soul venues. Hesitation even to people you have known for years. There are very people who you'd take at face value. Every person you are unknown to. Is a potential weakness in security. I stand talking to people I have known for years. They are no longer just talking. They are no lomger laughing & joking it is full of stress. Often interupted with do you know them Sam? No why what's wrong he was listening to us talking. So he's hardly getting Scotland yard in.

   I hate the way everybody is viewed as a wrong one. But it is certainly needed for certain. Families I would of trusted without excemption in the 70's. I get told don't say a word they have more grass than Fison's these days. 


The Wigan casino, allnighter reality 

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This page focusses on reality

   There is a very old saying. You can lead an horse to water, but a pencil must be lead. Your perfectly correct I have no idea what it means either. Since the internet growth in UK homes. It is unusual to meet anybody on the northern soul scene. Who hasn't got access to it in some way. At home, work, or on a mobile phone. I'm far to set in my ways if I'm honest with you. People say look at my iPhone 6. 4g is like lightening, it's that fast. From iPhone 5 3g it is faster. But to a PC with quad core processors. Running windows 10 x64, with a lot of ram. Connected by a 150 mbs fibre optic cable. It's running at snail pace, in ky view of it

not everything is true

    The technical age has been with us. For quite some time now. It offers information on almost everything. But everything that glitters is certainly not gold. Since the internet as become the place to get the information.