Getting back to Wigan casino

it was a real community

Why as it cahanged, so much

Not everything that glitters is gold

    It as been a common thing in today's society. To claim the UK is now a better country than it ever was. I tend to believe this statement as very inaccurate and false. I admit the technology of today is a very big improvement. Some other things are improvements but not them all. The NHS which should of been very much better. Is no longer anywhere in the same shape as 20 years ago. It as been apparent for a long time. The community spirit, a thing that made the UK a great country. Is no longer in the country the immigrants. No longer integrate with the UK people. But try to recreate there country within ours. Get support from EEC mandates. Which in effect states we are told what to do by another country. We are not or ever have been European. An island is independent of any other principality. Which while they tell us what to do. You can't honour your war dead as it offends guests. Guest's are invited. Unwelcome parasites are not our guests, they state we refuse to abide by your. If an alien breaks our law, they are deemed undesirable. Not we will discuss a resolution. There are not resolutions. The UK law should be adhered to by everybody. The law states clearly all animals will be rendered impervious to pain. So stunning is required yet we are instructed we must allow. Flagrant breaches of our laws. Introduced to protect animal welfare. Halal slaughter subjects animals to unimaginable levels of pain. In 3rd world countries of low intelligence it is possible to justify this barbaric practice. We are neither poverty stricken or a Muslim country. We are a multi-race country we are tolerant to that. The same way as we ask aliens to tolerate our law. You find standing next to an animal trying to pull it's head off it is so much pain. Acceptable feel free to go and live in a country like that.

Who invited assholes onto the scene

   It's very much like being insulted. When your at an event. Some plank says I ain't seen you before. Have you been anywhere before. It's funny I've never seen you, I've been comming to these a long time. If you need any advice come and ask me. How long have you been going, what was the 1st allnighter you went to then. I might of gone to it. Oh! I cant remember seeing you there, the Catacomb's 1974. I've been going to these 40 years. I'll keep an eye open for you. Firstly get out of my face you annoying runt. 2nd don't keep an eye open for me. Or you wont be able to open it. For quite some time after it. When I 1st went you had respect not enough eBay badges. To start a shop. These days repect as long gone replaced by ignorance. So the way it was created is outdated. Even though it made the UK scene far better than today,  it had stringent unwritten rules. That just did not get broke. As they where not enforced by the venue at all. But by the people from the dancefloor. So nobody wanted to be unpopular there. Onething that got you straight out the door, no excuse for it. Would get it excused. Was stealing from anybody there. Like from a bag, coat, shoes, any personal property. Today when it happens. A long list of people spring to there defense. What is wrong with them, to get devoid of any moral values. I find this a very offensive thing to do. As soon as it's there things stolen. They want everybody to give them support. They just needn't bother asking anybody from this website. 

   I think the way northern soul is going. As made another period of brilliance like Wigan casino. Virtually impossible to take place. As a scene that ecuses theft, instead of punishing it severly. Won't ever attract more of the right people into it. But as moral standards deteriate the 1's who where a part of creating it. Start going off the scene to other things. There have been moments I've questioned did they create this. As in the 70's it was a retreate from normality. A place you where proud to be associated with. Ok drug abuse was a big part of it. But thieves stealing as soon as your back was turned. Was onething that would not be tolerated. In any kind of manor, make it perfectly acceptable to happen. Make it into an excusable part of northern soul. By giving a wide range of reasons. To give thieving bas****'s sympathy and support. Makes me want to vomit, if there a wrong un treat them with contempt. It isn't a illness but mostly idle  git's. Who want to try working like the rest of us. Then if they see things they want go and buy them. 

   It was something that took time to adjust to. The only Scottish people I'd ever got near to. Where at the Scottish weekend in Blackpool, they where as freindly as barbed wire. Then meeting Scottish people that did not want to fight. But where warm hearted and great to talk to. Was a real surprise, I had numerous times on the train to Wigan. Football fans on there way home got gobby. Who do you support then nobody from the north that's for certain. Backing down to anybody was not in my blood. So it was strange to there niandertoul brains. That somebody so outnumbered was not about to say things to get them. To be friendly but that was not ever going to be me. It might of saved me a good beating many times. As they thought to be that sure of your safety. You A: have a gun or B: are as mad as a March hare. It was niether, I had so much arrogance it had made me feel untouchable. At least by lame brained football hooligans. 

   The real feeling that gave Wigan casino. The extra bit it had over the rest was community. The tension of life was left outside. The members came from across theentire UK. It felt like you knew them all. Inside the casino the area it covered was immense. I can't remember this zooned by location rubbish. Or this best dancers at the front, descending to the worst at the back. I danced right at the front by the gents toilets. The left as you look at the stage. Peter Kadic, Dave Fisher, Vinny also  danced around that area. None of them came from anywhere near me. Blackburn, Alfreton, and Preston the only zone was people you where friends with. I used to talk to anybody who danced near by. If I knew them didn't matter at all. As a lot I had never met in my life before. Yet we talked like lost relatives, it was very new. The 70's was a time of conflict. Location was the cause of a lot of battles. A totally unknown Scottish person being friendly was unexpected.

    Everybody who ever went to Wigan casino. Must of sat on those railings. In front of the large coach park in Station road Wigan. It was a big open space, ideal for development about 19m. From the Empress ballroom, it was always the casino building focussed on. Never the shops to the right or cinema the other side of Station rd. It must of been the fact that the casino went all the way to the road behind it. Mr M's had a doorway that lead to it. Making the town centre much closer and a ideal location. To situate a new shopping complex as it extended. The town centre a lot more. Unfortunately  the planning never realised the revenue generated. For all the local economy by Wigans weekend visitors. The news agent must of sold more Sunday morning. Than the rest of the week. The swimmimg pool was full when the allnighter ended. The casino was staffed by local Wigan people. Suddenly all that extra boost to the Wigan economy vanished. At times the Wigan casino members got a bad reputation by the Wigan residents. Deserved or not was open to debate. 

   At onetime you couldn't go to a northern soul event. Without a character who showed up everywhere. I always remember Malcolm from the first time at Wigan casino. Some people nicknamed him grasshopper. After the David Carradine character in the TV series kung fu. Somebody said he was at Kings hall. I have bumped into a lot of people from the past. But unfortunately never saw Malcolm anywhere. He had the last laugh at the casino. All the times I saw him a few feet away on the left side by the stage. I never saw him frown or look unhappy once. I did expect him to turn up at the Twisted wheel, but I never saw him there. I knew he was still around as I was talking to a few people from the area. Steve Harding from Nottingham is still about. Haven't heard anything from cockney Mac for a long time. Talking about friends Ian Buckingham and John Wilson from the Nantwhich area good friends whem I lived there. Peter Kadic from Blackburn and Skippy from Birminham. Are all still around. Like a lot of faces more familar with Manchester people