The end of Wigan casino, remains uncertain?

   Right from the start rumours circulated. Wigan casino that it was about to close. In the end it ran for 8 very successful years. Since it closed in 1981 for the site to be redeveloped. Into a shopping centre for the people of Wigan. There hasn't been another venue that came close to it. In my opinion there will never be another. That will match Wigan casino's exclusive tingle. The special sensation you experienced. When you waited in Station road. For the black doors to open, signalling a mass surge for the entrance. The way it felt is something that cant be put into words. If you never went you wont ever know how it felt. The way it's looking. There wont ever be another. Allnighter to match Wigan casino so you never will. There as always been new allnighters. That claim exactly the same as Wigan casino. In there dreams maybe as the venue is nothing like it. It might have the same records, and a lot even have. Wigan casino's dj's but it's just an attempt. To recreate something it will never be able to do. 

Wigan casino, created by a feeling

   Wigan casino happened at a time. In the last millenium nothing like life in 2015. So it is beyond the realm's of possibility. To recreate Wigan casino and make it anything like the original casino. For one it had never before been done. When the 1st allnighter took place. The success was not garaunteed, Russ Winstanley approached Mike Walker. About staging all night dance sessions, after seeing the Empress ballroom lay unused. The Torch had lost it's licence and it was decided by Chris Burton. Not to contest it, which left a need for a new allnighter. To open as the people left without a venue to go to from the Torch. Maybe would still attend it. Had there been 1 to go to. This was all that Russ had to guide him. As well as a well attended Sunday session he ran at a local rugby club. When the 1st allnighter was staged on the 23rd of September 1973 at 2am. A crowd of 600+ filled the casino signalling the start. Of the most successful northern soul allnighter ever: Wigan casino 

teenager's paradise to grow up in 

   Onething that as deteriated from the 70's. Is the way society tolerates content. My dad would of kicked the crap out of me. For even thinking about, yet today goes without a word. I regularly hitch hiked from the Birmingham junction of the M5. The length of the M6 to Wigan. Start out lunch time Saturday, often arrive in Wigan the early hours of Sunday. Often girls alone where seen hitching to Wigan like me. I've never heard of a girl getting raped, assualted. Or anything bad happening. I was an arrogant git full of confidence. Got dropped off on the hard shoulder of the M6. More times. Than I care to remember. Always the same thing. Your a bit young to be hitch hiking alone this time of night. At which point I'd say, who asked for your opinion. Your not my dad are you? Where are you heading home, no if I was I'm going the wrong way. I'm going to Wigan casino, now you ask.

   That place is full of idle drug addicts. What are you on about dick head! They are normal people who like a good time. Have you got a job then, yes thank's. Just don't tell my school. How about you? are you a vicar or something.  No what made you ask, you keep preaching to me. Shortly after that it would get very heated. Just because they where older, bigger, and believed they'd scare me. None actually did, I was bought up on principles. If your right stick to your belief's, back down your wrong. I remember once as I got out. On a bridge towards Warrington over the Manchester ship canal. It was around December and I'd never been that cold. Before or since it took hours to thaw out. Even being so young it took ages to get a lift. Nobody wanted to stop on the hard shoulder. They happily drove past saying look at him. Must of escaped from a nut house. Stood there this weather.

   It was always Sunday morning that you. Wondered why you had ever bothered going. Overtired all your money spent. Still over a 100 miles from home. In the winter you frooze, in the summer it always made you tired. It was never even considered keeping money to buy a drink. Yet every week you always promised next week. For some reason even when you where smashed. If you got offered gear you had to buy it. You'd had enough and would keep it for next week. I know loads who said that's for next week. As we all walked down station road. When your exhausted with hours to go until home. You needed some kind of boast to keep going. Keele services police wasted there time searching you. Knutsford would need a rapid response. It was a very much live for now format.As when they said tomorrow never comes. For a long list of casino members it never did. So the rest refused to have great concern about it. As many times you said goodbye. Never realising it was forever. This was a direct result of the 1974 missuse of drugs act. A more realistic form of control. Would of been for widespread government controlled supply. Yes this is not a usual government format to illegal drugs.

  But the policy they hsd implemented to control it. Had virtually no success other than take supply. From a safe source regimented and fully known. Placing it in a unregimented source that at times stocked the venue. With a large quantity of lethal poison, that drugs squad officers. Had little or no idea of how to stop. In a realistic view, it was a nationwide chain. That a Manchester based drugs squad had no control over. As no big supplier had ever focussed supply. At the Wigan casino venue but a small supply chain. That only a limited number of grasses. Ever gave a small number of successes. Nobody knew the entire list of supply to Wigan casino. It was almost completely governed by your location. If a good source was found people got some for friends. But at the cost it was, in my opinion supply is to profit from your actions. Which a very large part. At that period was never done. Does doing a favour for a friend constitute a supply charge. Not in a dream if it was my decision. Which unfortunately is not in my power to say. The main fault with UK law. Is the way it deals with the smaller offender very harsh. While the more severe criminal is rarely caught. At Wigan casino, I'm certain many where unaware they where even breaking the law. Yet by the time it was in court. It had gone from minor to a major crime  

This website tells it. In a realistic true way.

The internet as evolved, a brief summary

    Now the internet  as lost the image of for technical minded only. With parent's listening to children who do there homework online. Computers with online access, there children happily want to do school work. The days of homework being dull uninteresting task's as gone. Making computers a required thing in almost every UK home. Parents are following there children's example. Doing banking, shopping, booking there holidays online. It as made the internet a much more user friendly ecperience.Meaning the revenue for business. As given large scale investment a viable option. It might of inherited the vast improvment's by default. But it as given society in general improved facility's for communication and learning.As well as making the world a smaller place. With instant file transfer to almost the entire earth. Now internet use as become available to everybody. Over the last 25 years it as just got vastly improved. The possibilities now are unlimmitted. To future online development

the right direction - Clara Ward
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illegal activities, closed allnighters

no guessing required for it
visually inherited by default

   It as always amused me the most. Possibly always will you get a 1000+ teenagers. In a place and it's well known a majority have or are going to. Commit a crimminal offence. At a place a long way from their hometown. Why it was a surprise that it would not be ignored. Was a bigger surprise to me, and the rest at the time. No law enforcement agency would ignore flagrant law breaking. Openly happening under there noses. It was very much a part of the mod culture that continued, into northern soul. The northwest drug enforcement agency's offices. Where located in a location. Very close to the Twisted wheel. Not to allow officers fast access to the club. So they could get in for a dance at the end of a shift. It had been noted everytime. The Wheel held an allnighter. Chemist's close to the Wheel got burgled and the DDA cabinet stolen. No evidence said it was for the Twisted wheel allnighter. But hell of a coincidence if it wasn't.

   The Torch labelled by people in Stoke as the Tunstall drugs factory. For reputation of the members it attracted. If it wasn't correct the owners would have contested the decision. To revoke the licence, which wasn't contested. In my view that admission of the alligations. Was a signal to the people The allegations are verified without any mitagation. To justify a reason for it. This is easy for me to crittise in 2015. But to implement by a respected a respected businessman .in the area trying to salvage is value, was very difficult to do 

   When a race horse as a first race. It will have been watched by bookies prior to the race. It has already been marked for potential, The Twisted wheel was a big amphetamine used club. Not from my definition either I went years after the 60's mod fashion. But the history is availible online. Not written by me either, totally independant of this site.

   The minute the film northern soul was released. Gave a different look on the northern soul scene. The real level of hypocracy by big names of the scene. Who got themselves noted for the way. They showed what wan***s they are. As one minute I'm so full of lies. To drag people to my website. I should feel totally ashamed. But I'm saying exactly the same now as then. So look at the reality of it now. I said it for the historical value. Never to get cheap public interest or to get anything in return from it

   The unreliable nature of my ctittics. Makes anything they have said or say now. Questionable as it must have a an underlying reason. To make them say things. A unreliable source is often used to describe tales that show. No consistantcy in content. As it changes from one thing to another 

Where have all the characters gone

Photo's should be seen, not hidden

    Welcome to  Sam's website. I bow down to nobody. So it is my own account. The Twisted wheel and Torch content. Is from trusted sources. But all Wigan casino content. Is by Sam Keen. Who had a 5 year attendance record.  Mostly weekly but the content was witnessed by his eyes. So not from 3rd party accounts. From the man who was there. Feel free to disagree. But nothing published is lies. To  bring you here if 1 or 1 million visitors visit today. It makes no differance to ne. This website is 100% free. So it costs me not you. Northern soul was never a route to get rich quick.. I would imagine there are people who lived well. As a result of northern soul but a majority. Of the big names started on dancefloors. The friends from then stuck with them on the way up. Friendship's made lasted in northern soul