The fun as gone out of life

      It's not so long ago. You'd wake up the first rays of the morning sun. Shining through the curtains. You felt great as you got out of bed. You had a relatively strenuous job.That by 3.30 had worn you out. But that didn't make you miss days very often. As it was 100% fun and laughter. Every minute of everyday time seemed to fly by. You saw a young girl walking past. The entire site came to an abrupt halt. As colleagues, all called out to her. Need any help with your 2 friends love. English girls expected it. Building site humour. Many English girls out in bikini tops. To get a sun tan. Took it as a compliment.

      Now you dare not say a word. Or you've offended some minority group of oversea's left footed bandits. Who are happy to come into our country. Not a word of complaint until they have their ass in. Then that is never enough. Visitors who are not happy a simple solution. Go back to the crap hole they came from. It is totally disrespectful to bite the hand/country that feeds you.

A light hearted look. At the UK in general 

Ways to make your point. Without bad feelings

Mr M's oldies room

       Wigan casino

Wigan casino main arena

Wigan Saturday 12 am

     This page is not an excuse to start whinging and whining. Or you are defeating the purpose of the page. Plus it will get on my nerves. No, get me to post it on here as a visitors reaction. As long as it is not libellous, or a personal attack regardless of who you are attacking. I won't post attacks on a living person's integrity. That person might have a family. Reliant on him copping a wedge of that venue. Your argument his with a person, not the family. It was disappointing at Keele 25/3/017. How low the attendance was. I've been to a lot of the Chris Burton run events. As they are well-managed events.  With Keele being a great event. Dave Evison did a great Mr M's appreciation spot. Put him back to the graveyard spot. At the close as he was the best Dj to wake the dead. Next, up Rob Smith, his knowledge and history speak for him. Other good sets John Vincent again no real need to add anything. His name his all required in John Vincent's case. The Dj that followed John did a good varied set of Wigan sounds. Jordan Wilson another great set from Jordan. Then a Dj from Somerset I fairly certain he said. Announced it was his first allnighter as a Dj I presumed he meant. As it won't be his last judging by that set, dancefloor busy all the way through his set

Sam's YouTube channel, many types of music

First event of 2017 was a good event. Onto the next soon

      Last Saturday at Keele. Was my first northern soul event of 2017. When it loses the sparkle, if I continued going, my problem is then reflected in a negative sort of attitude. That friend's, are supposed to put up with. I have no intention of spoiling friend's night out. Keele was a night I wanted to be at. I was in the right frame of mind for it. Had a good chat to Dave Evison his Mr M's celebration brought a lot of memories back. John Vincent, Jordon Wilson, and the Somerset Dj all played some blinding records. A great night out made me happy I went. Looking forward to the next not certain where that is yet? But I'm back to looking forward to nights out.

     Good nights for the people who attended Wigan casino regularly. Always seem to have an origin in Station road. Maybe the real reason to redference it so often. As so many good times started in Station road. If the Twisted wheel was the club of a 1000 dances. Wigan casino must have been the club of a thousand dreams

Unfortunately 2017 is getting a lot of aggregesion

     It as becomes quite tense throughout the world. Nothing to blame on Muslim's or religion at all. I'm referring more to the display of military strength. By both, north Korea and the Soviet Union (Russia). When world powers start mine is bigger than yours. Showing the list of armaments they hold.  It as to bring a scary feeling for world peace. When you consider the UK is in the middle. Adds to the scare, to me it looked to act as a warning to President Trump. On how far was safe to monitor North Korean affairs. Along the lines of the Cuba crisis in the '60s. Kennedy told Russia to leave Cuba or a state of war will begin between us. As Cuba was so close to US territory. The Cuba crisis of the '60s was resolved without war. Let's hope Trump sees the threat to world peace. Without the usual response of bomb the bast***s. I doubt the Iranian situation is finished with yet. He had the blood of Americans, the UK, and various other nations were his doing. If TV reports about the man are correct. Yet in the Middle East, he was treated like a hero. Never going to be well received by the Iranian people, was it? They are brought up to believe Western governments are the enemy. The majority are Muslim so think Westerners are set on damaging their religion. Which as an impartial observer very easily sees why? We won't ever be able to understand a religion that excuses the murder of innocent people in it's teaching. In our Western culture, human life is valued much higher. Religion isn't imposed as a fundamental part of life's values. But optional to believe with multiple choices available. If Western religion was a single compulsory choice the same. We certainly would understand the big cultural difference that exists. But dictating which religion you have to believe and the extreme retribution for anybody who doesn't. Is the complete opposite to the ethos of Western way of life.

Sunday morning in Wigan

More joy than money in life

      Northern soul as been infected with the new millennium. Greed got to have it. As they have got it, unsure what it is. But if they need it we are certainly having one as well. If anybody required help Sunday morning. Outside Wigan casino, it was a community. If you needed 2 pounds to get in an alldayer. But had 5 in your pocket. You chucked 3 in to help. You didn't think no why should I? IF I don't know anybody there. I will need it to get home. I've stood outside Belle Vue zoo at midnight Sunday night. Without a penny left to get home 90 miles away. Couldn't have cared less I'd give 5 to Dave to get some gear. The day was a good one. I should have kept the money got the 10 pm to Wolverhampton. It would have got me most the way home. But the day wouldn't have been half as good. I wouldn't mind a pound for each hour. I stood freezing cold at Knutsford services without enough to get a cup of tea. I wouldn't alter a single item from then. It was a unique period of UK fashion history. It won't ever happen ever again to the extent it did then. The UK way of life isn't like the way it was then. 100% committed to a single thing, every event staged you wanted to be at. No force was needed to make go it was your own freedom of choice. Stood in Station road Wigan on a freezing Sunday morning discussing the best options. For the next event to go to later that day was the usual thing. For a vast majority of the members who'd spent the previous 8 hours on Wigan Casino's dancefloor. Now planned another gruelling session at an alldayer. Often over a 100 miles from Wigan distance was never taken into account. The same as how you'd get home after it, which wasn't really worth worrying about then. Might spoil the atmosphere for the rest of the day. When it had ended you suddenly realised you where 80 miles from home. With no money or means of getting home. Yet this rarely caused you any concern you'd missed that many Monday's of work. An excuse for not going always came quick. I'd been threatened with the sack that often I'd stopped listening. Just promised to be there the following Monday without fail. Then show up on Tuesday with an excuse. The funniest thing always was, they knew Martin Renshaw was a good friend. Often going with me at weekends to the same events. Yet on a Monday morning, he'd be there and I wouldn't. So he got the 3rd degree for the reason why. Normally he'd gone home from Wigan. I'd go to various alldayers around the UK. No way of getting home, exhausted when it finished. An offer of you can stop at my flat tonight, Sam.  Always seemed the best solution for me. Even when it was taking me farther from home. I should have been a member of the Boomtown Rats. As I certainly didn't like Monday's

Fear for future generations inheritance. In the UK

      To simply look at our areas of mismanaged areas. Never became items of serious concern until 1 was put on another. This lead to mass degeneration of important areas of local value. Throwing the natural balance for ecology into turmoil, On the whole, our environment is far cleaner than the  1960's I grew up in. When a fast-flowing river was near all waste was emptied into it. Kidderminster at that time had thriving busy carpet factories. Many had been built on the banks of the River Stour. The waste from carpet manufacturer was put directly into the river. Which gave it a varied colour appearance. It had been a well-fished river. But the Rainbow trout. Did maintain the colour as they came out with colour coordinated. With the latest roll of carpet quite handy if you dropped her fish. Get it back on her plate. If you got it from the dog first and he hadn't eaten much. A sound reason for a conservative amount of Parsley sauce. What she doesn't know won't concern her? 

I don't like Mondays

      There are good events taking place somewhere? It's a case of the right one. Years ago the regular big venue events made it easier to decide. But even Wigan Casino had nights that you were exhausted and too tired. Normally after the Friday oldies had played your kind of records. You'd been hyper all through Saturday, by the time Sunday morning dawned. You danced by instinct as you'd lost any real interest of how you looked. Sunday morning in the swimming baths. A few pints of milk out the paper shop revitalised you. Suddenly the parts other things couldn't reach. The Wigan buzz never failed to reach them and home avoided. Whilst an array of cassette players played very different sections of the all-nighter. Station Road seemed the best place on earth again. At which point Monday morning seemed like years away. I used to think of an excuse that got the threat of instant dismissal. I got every Tuesday put off again. I've stood there with the boss. Him thinking of how to give me the sack. Promised him I've got a different approach about being an apprentice now. I won't have any Mondays off in future. I'm really pleased to hear that Garry. Why's that then I'm a bloody hard worker. It's not your work that is the problem at all. I'm glad to hear that I work my boll***s off. It's just how much more you'd improve if you worked as many days as the rest. I'd be to good then why I can't work the same days. You'd hate me if I was that good. I was in line to have your job, you're an arrogant git. Make sure you're here next Monday. Martin Renshaw would ask are you comming next Monday?