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      I was born very young, it was a number of years before I went out on the pi**. In the 1960s the major source of popular music was Radio 1. The Mods and rockers widespread cult fashions dictated the late 50's early 60's. Every UK town or city typically had a pub or club associated to either cult. This type of associated location to a single section of the current fashion. Continued for a considerable time, local cafes seemed to be the favourite in the Skinhead days. The Carlew, the Popin. the Bridge, and the Expresso. Are a few names I remember of  Kidderminster town centre cafes. There was a few more one opposite the Bridge pub and another in the Horsefair. When you're young and people say life goes so quick it's hard to believe. Then you reach the late 50's and know it's right. Reflecting back over the years it is difficult to believe. Where the last 20 years went. When you're 40 it is a milestone in life reaching that age. The real heartache is from then on the speed that time passes increases. From that point on it seems to get faster each year that passes. In your youth school seems to last about a century. You can't wait to get out the door on the last day into the adult world. The onething I never imagined happening was. You'd be wanting to go back through them for the rest of your life. When you're told school is the best days of your life. I for one didn't believe that at all.

      Yet I'm now 59 and know they where. Worked 7 days a week. 365 days of the year Christmas day Easter Sunday. Got up at 4 am from 12 to 16 I loved delivering 1500 pints of milk before school. OK, I was late on the odd occasion every day I went, to be honest. School prefects are just glorified grasses. They used to wait what's your name Keen like anybody was scared of them, Taylor. No, it isn't so why ask you spotty ass licker, we are told to ask. You're the scum of the school no good at anything other than grassing people up. I bet your parents are choir members at church, no good trying to find his wank mags, your mother only lets him read them in the dark. Must have found you under a Gooseberry bush. As I bet he's never seen your mothers. We are going to report you to mr Philips. What a pair of bas****s you 2 really are

Content of general interest and facts. From UK Northern Soul history

      Sadly my lifelong friend Martin Renshaw passed away earlier in the year. Another victim of Cancer, the 3rd friend I lost to Cancer in under 3 years.  One thing is always certain I won't ever forget Matin for as long as I live, I was at his funeral thinking about some of the things we did over the years. A gang of muggers that unfortunately tried it with with the wrong ones. The night Mart lured them down Suicide Alley. They thought they had an easy victim as they followed Mart and he headed down Suicide  Alley alone. It was very unfortunate I'd seen Mart and he already knew I was waiting in the Alley. Nearly broke my hand, I hit the first one so hard. There had been a spate of mugging around that time. One certain fact the type of people who do it had no place at Wigan Casino. I get distracted easily but still value for money? In my opinion anyway, There are still live Wigan Casino recordings to download free. User-interaction isn't that important to me. I say what I want anyway and certainly don't listen to people. Who bang on about never seeing drugs. Followed by a statement of how they danced non-stop all night, then ran home to Inverness. I've never once said 100% of members took gear a majority. Is not everybody? But forget to keep emphasizing the straight people dominated the dancefloor. I did actually see who dominated the dancing then continued at alldayers much in the same way. Wigan Casino had an element of die-hard dancers, who did nothing but dance. They couldn't have given a toss what label it was on. The sound coming out the speakers could they look good dancing to it. Maybe this was vanity but Wigan Casino was a place that filled members with confidence. A lot came from the massive doses of amphetamines people had taken. Which was the natural reaction from massive amounts of amphetamines? For a big percentage, it was the first and only period of time in their life. They had come into contact with the dark seedier side of drugs. The early years Wigan Casino ran drug dealing was so open. Many people had no idea it was illegal and did not even conceal it. It wasn't until the 1974 drug law reforms, aimed at weekend recreational use in clubs like Wigan Casino. When a police crackdown on casual use became illegal in a lot of cases. The Twisted Wheel which was closed for breaching a local bye-law. That stated 1 days event could not continue into the next day. Without a break between the 2. Was the official reason given for revoking the all-night entertainment license? Without the all-night sessions, the Manchester club never had the attraction to draw large crowds from all over the UK. The Adabi brothers who opened the Twisted Wheel ran it as a business venture. Without the all-night sessions, the attendance slumped and it was no longer viable as a business. They continued at the Twisted Wheel, but around Easter 1971 pulled the plug and the Twisted Wheel closed. So the Adabi brothers closed the club not the police. Rumours and heresay go hand in hand in Northern Soul history. It always gives a sinister look if the police did it. At the time the police noticed that a chemist was burgled prior to a Twisted Wheel event. The DDA content was believed to be destined for the Twisted Wheel this was only assumed never proved.

In 1972 focus changed to The Golden Torch  Tunstall Stoke on Trent

       After the Adabi brothers closed The Twisted Wheel in 1971. All focus went from Manchester to a new club in Tunstall Stoke on Trent. When legendary Dj Keith Minsull suggested to local businessman Chris Burton. Organizing Northern Soul events at his club in Hoose Street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. The club was being renovated to target the high-end clientele market. Complete with chariots and Marble columns. Minsull's suggestion was greeted with mixed emotion by Chris Burton on it being viable. But after thinking about the idea Mr. Burton agreed to stage a Northern Soul event to see if it was a viable business idea. Almost every week the Torch ran events, they had over the capacity inside. It was located in a residential district of Stoke. Which bought complaints as people arrived and left the club. It was a recipe for disaster as complaints grew from local residents. When the local's learned about the suspected high-level amphetamine abuse inside the Torch they named it the Tunstall drugs factory. At times this inherited attribute of Northern Soul does seem unfair on the people who have put their name on. The entertainment license for the venue. I've met Chris Burton and a less offensive man would be difficult to find. Obviously, an event for people to enjoy and be entertained at was his sole purpose for the Torch. When the entertainment license was revoked at the Torch the club had run for a mere 13 months. Chris Burton never bothered to contest the decision simply let it go. The reason you would need to ask Chris for. Yet in the 13 months, it ran the Torch had as much impact in shaping Northern Soul. As The Twisted Wheel and Wigan Casino had even thou each ran for around 8 years. The playlists from the Torch were packed full of records. That you knew were exclusive to the Torch. Keith Minsull and Martyn Ellis played a major part at Early Wigan Casino going to the Casino from the Torch. The one Torch Dj that in my opinion should have been at Wigan Casino was Alan Day. He played his part at both The Catacombs where he was very popular with the Wolverhampton crowd. He also made his mark at Vavas with Richard Searling when Searling was bought to Wigan Casino. A lot of Catacombs regulars thought Alan Day should have joined him. This certainly isn't trying to say Alan should have got Richard's place. Richard Searling played a vital role at Wigan Casino, Vavas, and still today.

The most successful northern Soul venue ever. Wigan Casino soul club

      It as always been my opinion so this websites opinion. That no matter how many clubs promise exactly like Wigan Casino. Take it from me they are nothing like it. Or Yate, Cleethorpes, St Ives, or anywhere else in the 70's era.  It's impossible to recreate the 1970's country in another millennium. The reason it might be possible to get an exact replica of the Casino club. But a 14-year-old from 2018 won't be thinking the same things I did or live the same life as I did for certain. The balcony at Wigan Casino and numerous other things in it. Would prevent the Casino from getting public-liability insurance. Once it had spent millions on renovation to satisfy HSE on safe environment issues. Yet at the end of the day the old Empress Ballroom in Station Road Wigan Lancashire. Wouldn't be seen as fit for it's intended purpose. Which was creating a wall to wall entertainment for teenagers in the 70's? It had to be clinical design. Zoid of any emotion or atmosphere. The main reason I hated a lot of venues that sprang up. Yate, and St Ives the regulars openly condemned Wigan Casino as a dump. In all fairness maybe it was but a venue is as good as you make it. I never went to council-run type venues with the excitement making you want to be there by choice. That feeling never seemed as strong at other venues. After a Friday allnighter by Sunday morning, the majority of dancers were exhausted. But when Dave Evison did his oldies set the Casino got energy restored. The dancefloor was packed like 1 am Friday night. Yet I went to St Ives and Yate after going to Wigan Casino Friday. When you'd become exhausted the same. Continuing didn't seem anything like as important. So you found a chair and gave up once you stopped you'd never get going again. Wigan Casino motivated you enough not to have stopped as an option.

More of the special attributes at Wigan Casino. My opinion only OK

      It was early in Wigan Casino's 8-year run. That an allnighter started at 12.30 am not 2 am like originally scheduled at the start. But a group of the members met around 8 pm. In the Beachcomber in the early years, when Angie went through the dancefloor one Sunday morning. The before and after cool down sessions were switched to Mr. M's. The darkness in the Beachcomber made it much better to calm down in. Fairplay to Angie from Dudley suing the Casino wasn't mentioned once. On the coach on the way home, it was very swollen. But Sharon her sister was there to give Angie support. That was the major difference between then and now. Almost every member had the ability to help others. A broader type of compassion no direct reason required to help. Members would arrive late on Saturday night. After managing to get enough for the train or coach and the admission price, if you had £2 more that was spent on Sulphate. Why keep it to put towards getting home you didn't want to get home. Sunday morning if you had 50p spare you put it in. A few hundred in Station Road a majority went every week. Rarely was the person knew or from your area it wasn't important so not required. 50p seems a small amount in 2018 average wage was around £20. If you had  any amount of spare cash you gave it. You never weyed up your own needs it felt better to help the needed. This community environment went out of English life years ago. On a few occasions I've been labelled racist yet I'm no racist. A minority of English people seem to think putting immigrants on special type content patronizing there life is the way. This is the most racist thing ever. Imposing laws on English citizens to enforce them to do it. As made the UK into the divided Kingdom one nation split into numerous minority sections.

This page maybe was more rants than facts. But visitors understand it?

      I'm not trying to give the impression, my views and opinions are right at all. Things are said in a Boolean way you either agree or don't. As there opinions open for your consideration and your decision to agree or disagree. Since I got the wrong type of focus on when it ranked