Music from various era's of my life. Try it before you dismiss it 

Introduction & page content by Sam

    A large majority of people who never attended Wigan casino allnighter. Are for some reason unknown to me. Under the impression, it was like a sacred oath . When you joined Wigan casino soul club. No other types of music would ever be listened to. Which for many reasons be difficult to achieve and secondly.  Nothing was ever forced on you everything had a boolean value, Yes or no. The widespread use of Amphetamines. Had no must take attached to it. Everybody who took drugs on the way to or in Wigan casino. Had done so by the persons own choice. Nobody was or ever was forced to take drugs. It was done to compete in a very competitive environment. The only real mitigating reason was young and nieve. Other than that it was the person who took them not Wigan casino. Northern soul music was exactly the same. A majority of people in the casino had gone with the music. As the main reason but maybe not the only reason. The UK in the 1970's had teenage fashion. Skinheads were one type of cult fashion. Teenagers had to belong to a group for some reason. First 1 pupil at the school would turn up. With all their hair cut off. Shortly after the Sunday papers would be warning parents. About a sinister new craze instigated by some evil group. The national front was one such group. Never as extreme or as bad as portrayed in the media. I would imagine having never been a member I can only assume. 

    But when it first became news parents. Had been warned about the party targeting the UK school children with race-hate literature. Society saw as unsuitable for children. This country as a favourite tool not made by parliament or made law. But a few people appoint themselves above the rest. To me, it's dictatorship forcing others to abide by an unelected people's rules. I was lucky enough to have a father who wouldn't let anybody tell me what I did. It still amazes me in 2016, How a minority section of society. Thinks that their views are right and the rest should have to abide by them.

My first music content

   My first real music. That had any impact was when I was about 11 or 12. I often went to help deliver milk. I liked delivering milk up at 4am 7 days a week. I have always been happier in darkness. Gives a sense of security. What people don;t see don't hurt  them, the one round I often helped on. Was round 19. The delivery man was Colin Brookes. He was only about 18 himself. We are still friends today. He had just bought a Morris Marina car. With an 8 track stereo in it. One of the first cassettes he got was the original Tamla Motown story. I spent hours in Colin's car always listening. To the Motown story. Diana Ross, River deep mountain high. I would listen to that time after time. The emotion of Marvin Gaye finding Tammi Terrel dead in the bath. Junior Walker and other Motown acts. Motown was popular at the time. I would impress girls with my knowledge of it. I still consider that the reason for northern soul. Playing a major part of my lives content.

    Tamla Motown is far more of a corporate thing today. Even the name Motown corporation. Dropping Tamla altogether as severed the connection from the Berry Gordy days. I first noticed it heading for mainstream content. Around the Michael Jackson Thriller period. From a northern soul content side. The Berry Gordy era is responsible for almost the entire catalogue. Of top records played at northern soul venues 

This is England,, our country

    The first real fashion was the skinhead fashion. Built on racism yet a big reggae and black music input. The UK at the end of the 60's start of the 70's. Had a fraction of the immigrants it as today. Asian communities had just started to appear in the UK. Not in any great number. Simply to help the UK labour shortage. The skinhead chant's and hatred targeted Pakistani's. Who at the time were a minority race group? But Paki-bashing was openly broadcast. Race hate laws had no real need until skinheads.  It had   no European intervention. We still were allowed to commemorate remembrance day. Even then Asians had no interest in becoming  Brittish. But happily took our money and lived here. After a militant hatred for the UK. When fighting independence. Totally free of UK support. Today shows how well they managed independence.

    I had no interest in Paki bashing you never saw them. They went to work and then home. Integration as never been a strong part of a Pakistani or Asian culture. Then it is why do so many hate us. It's mostly as people despise what they are excluded from knowing. If Asians integrated the way African immigrant people do. They would banish racism the same way. Almost every coloured person gets no racialist problems in the UK.  Asian cultural dictation broadcasts intolerance. To the UK and all the western way we live . Yet Europe is populated by vast numbers of Asians. Europeans had preyed on India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries.  As a solution to gaps in its labour shortfalls  With a ready supply of economy priced labour. That higher paid company owners. In northern factories of Yorkshire and Lancashire mill towns, Where today have big Asian communities who have never integrated into our way of life. Now the increase in population by natural  progression. The English citizens are forced to relocate from the hometown they live. To other towns where English. Is still the majority population. Yorkshire once the bastion of English life. Now as a majority Asian population. The changing face of UK population. A result of our ancestors abuses of cheap labour markets. As seen immigration of Asians into the UK skyrocket. Causing a brain drain with better educated UK citizens. Deserting this country to start a new life. In the US, Australia, New Zealand, even a rising exodus. To South Africa's shores. While the UK's economy and standard of life as been left to flounder and deteriorate.

From violent to shocked

    As far as I'm concerned our parents. Contributed more to punk rock success. Then our generation ever did. The Bill Grundy show was the provocation, by mr Grundy. Stating it totally ruined maybe if he had not tried to create it. By his cheap innuendo's which should not have been broadcast. At that time of night anyway in a pub, Steve Jones would have hit him. Or even Siouxsie of banshee fame would have hit him. The annoying way of his blatant attack on a 16 or close to it. Year old girl ended his career without Jones four-letter response. John Lydon (Rotten) Had earlier been encouraged to swear. Grundy only got s**t after his invitation to swear was largely ignored by Lyndon. Somebody  was going to have to do something. It had turned into a show more commonly found at 11.30pm. Not prime time viewing. If a reputable interviewer had been used. Punk rock and the Sex pistols may not have had the career boost. Bill Grundy gave them.

    Like almost every teenage fashion it started with a trickle of isolated sections. Not only in London and the home counties. But across the entire country. After the Bill Grundy show was shown hordes jumped on the punk bandwagon. The Sex pistols Manchester concert. Would have needed a venue about the size of Cuba. To hold the people who claimed to have been at it. I preferred female acts at the time. The Slits and X-ray specs stuck closer to the original punk ideals. Lost with the stardom the Sex pistols got. It often seemed the Sex pistols f9llowed a script dictated by society. Which was never included in earlier content.  

Post punk was more. a cult band time

 Until the new romantic fashion arrived towards the mid-80's. No single fashion dominated teenage fashion. A time more concentrated on the single band or artist. The Jam, the Undertones, Teardrop explodes, Adam and the Ants, U2 had no fashion to propel them. Yet another reborn Mod fashion happened end of the 70's. A period of any Liverpool band had a lot of interest. Frankie goes to Hollywood. Holly Johnstone could actually sing. a Flock of seagulls, Echo and the  Bunnymen, and  a list of other Liverpool bands. At that time I saw a band called Wah heat who's album story of the blues got rave reviews. But avoided success. Don't put that down to my prediction of certain success. Erics was the club in the news it was anything with a scouse accent was in. By 84 Red rocks at been on the Tube. I went to the War tour concert at Hammersmith odeon. All the raw sound U2 at the best. With white flags on the stage and Sunday bloody Sunday out the speakers, The Hammersmith concert echoed around west London. My head and registered on the rikta scale. Normally used to measure earthquakes. I've seen U2 do maybe a dozen concerts since. None came close to the emotion

song at Milton Keynes. 11 o'clock tick tock. In pouring rain. As people amused themselves sliding down the bank at the bowl, On their backs. One does it everybody wants  a go. The Mylton Keynes bowl is a U2 favourite.

    As with a number of live concerts. The environment's set in makes or breaks the atmosphere. The big arena suits bands like U2. The 60's must have been the open air massive concert era Woodstock, the Isle of Wight the Who, Rolling stones. Both bands still playing today. Mick Jagger became the father to baby number 8 recently. 73 years old when I was a child in the 60's. All you heard from the older generation. Were the Rolling stones won't last long. I say well done for achieving music icon status. They must be without a shadow of the doubt. One of the world's most successful. If not the most successful bands in history  

`78/9 saw my biggest influence. Of all time

     The atmospheric sound created by Joy division. Was like nothing I'd ever heard before. I had been to Wigan casino oldies the night before yet was wide awake. In a Manchester record shop. The first time I heard them it was so different. I had liked the Buzzcocks who were never just Howard Devoto. Joy Division played as a unit. Peter Hook's bass Bernard Albrecht's unique guitar style. Ian Curtis's singing was unorthodox often lost in a world of his own. Sometimes due to epilepsy, it was obvious he had troubled thoughts. As long as he was undisturbed  on stage he appeared content. Until it got more than he could take. Narrowly missing out on "love will tear us apart" having got a place in the UK charts. It will remain a mystery how successful. Joy Division would have been if Ian Curtis, had been the frontman. A good many sighting Joy Division as the main influence. Like Joy Divisions northern soul connection no idea how or what northern soul. Influenced for Joy Division it is beyond being apparent to me. I have been to some of the biggest events. Northern soul, football, the last night of the proms. Bing Crosby at the Albert hall, Arsenal winning the FA cup and league double euphoric and very emotional. With people, you've been to every game with. Yet Joy Division in concert was so full of atmosphere never certain what was on the agenda. Tops anything I've ever attended by a considerable margin. 

Motown a key element to start with

Skinheads violent, & laidback

Why do punk's, pick there nose

They know where the bogeys are

Unfair to say post-punk. Maybe 

Joy division, atmospheric brilliance

Joy division, a brief information file

Joy Division "live Manchester Apollo" 27th October 1979

    Losing a key piece in any jigsaw. Renders it pointless to continue if you Put every other piece together. It's not complete. That must have been a consideration for the remaining 3 members. After Ian Curtis's death. But from an onlookers perception Albrecht, Hook, and Morris with "love will tear us apart" finally making the charts. Do we carry on as Joy Division in memory of Ian Curtis? Or think without Ian it's too much of a radical change. So it wouldn't ever feel or sound the same.

      Eventually recruiting percussionist Gillian Gilbert to join the remaining 3. Forming a new band retaining the naming convention used for Joy Division. Which I believe was the prostitute division of the German army. Used by active army members in conflict. This time choosing New Order. The proposed name of Hitlers Arian race. Had Germany won the 2nd world war? New Order has had a run of hit albums and singles. Blue Monday most have been the record. That has the instant association with New Order. I have seen them live around 10 times. For me, Ceremony is still the best live track. It is also originally from Joy Division times.  

    Even today a long standing argument. About which is the actual "An ideal for living". Released by Joy Division  in 1978. Or a reissue released in 1994 I happened to notice the arguments continuing. Strongly as ever as I was seeking copyright information Sunday. From the way, it looked disputed labels of original recordings. As never been confined to northern soul. It is active in various other types of music. All claiming they have the original version. Aren't records of this kept by the copyright register? I would have thought Martin Hannet or Factory records would have been the place to look

Joy Division live at the Lyceun

Joy Division live at Futurama

    The early years they played a lot of low key gigs. Boys club's that glorified youth circuit. By the time of the Lyceum concert. Joy Division. Had the focus of music media. I have to admit the best concert. I saw at the Lyceum was Cindy Lauper. She performed like there was only her in the Lyceum. Oblivious to everything. Totally changed my opinion of her. I think she had pink hair about the end of 84. Walked on stage like walking into a family living room to turn the TV on. I have had the utmost respect  since seeing Cindy. I remember 2 irons had been lifted in the toilets at the Charring cross road Oxford street junction. The first time I'd ever heard of cottaging. What a toilet to pick. More drugs pass through that toilet in a day. Then Smith Kline Beecham in a year. 2 sides of life Charring cross road is home to the first place junkies head. With a new physeptone amp script from Harley street. By centre point is Stringfellows. At that time 1984, a round of drinks cost £84. I was earning £250 to £350 a week as a foreman bricklayer. For Millar Buckley, the site was in Drummond-crescent at the side of Euston station. The building was the transport division of the Metropolitan police. The day the top people visited. The plasterers had the biggest joint I've seen. The Batcave in Carnaby street and Camden palace where the places to be seen. Wendy O Williams of the Plasmatics was, without the doubt, the best view in London. Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet lived opposite me in Highbury hill. Gary lived close by Highbury fields. The time I lived by black XR3 driving Kemp brothers. Neither gave it the big star bit just treated people normal. I really liked life in Highbury London N5. I have lived all over England. I would rate north London in the mid 80's as my favourite. The real English spirit was still very important in life. I have never understood how the people in London. Get unfriendly on them I mingled in and had a laugh. How alcoholic anonymous meetings got held at the Highbury barn in Blackstock road. Along with the road gangs from nearby Murphy's amused me


My life in 1984

What happened to Futurama?

    I always loved the Futurama weekend I went to about 3 on my own. Just got on the train at Kings cross. Hell of a way to Leeds past the depressing sight of Wakefield prison. I remember the first time I was going to Manchester, changed to Sheffield. Talking to a gang on the train thought that sounds good ended up in Leeds. First time back in Leeds since deported in the epic Leeds v Arsenal FA cup semi. Think it took 5 games to decide it in the end. The gooners in a fine voice a quick verse of as the ripper shagged your mum. I was talking to John Anderson. Not the famous one a lad who lived by me in Highbury. 2 Yorkshire plod turned looked straight at me. The sympathetic he's innocent you Yorkshire bas****s. Never sort of got seen as good. Various don't worry Sam we'll do the c**ts at Highbury. Saw me through on the London train.  The guard was told make sure he's on when you get to London. 

      Now I was going back to Queens hall. The most worrying thing. Was not getting pulled by Yorkshire police. Over the road from Queens hall was a pub. The landlord looked like Eric  Morecambe. Larry Grayson was more masculine than him. I only went in there once. Out of respect for a girl I got friendly with. Seemed gross fumbling. With so many in the background. In the end , the goalmouth at old Trafford seemed a better choice. I know I rabbit on far too much. But it's the way I've always been. More cattle than a cow's got c**t. To quote my late dad

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