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Life will change, it's values from ruthless to good

    It's not until you start to reminisce. That you suddenly know just how many. Fashions and types of music your life as contained. Maybe change is nothing as often as the 70's. Mainly due to the fact music is too clinical and precise a few mistakes at a live concert. Never really got noticed. It was a regular thing on television as well. The 70's continued the laid back theme of the 60's. Why complain it was a bad vibe. So nobody wanted to bring in bad. Just carried on as if nothing was wrong. The live shows were the band playing instruments. Strings broke on guitars that needed a roadie. To rush on with a replacement he had just tuned with an electronic tuner. That the guitarist had to mess about with. To show the crowd he knew how to tune by ear. So did a majority of the crowd could have tuned it that way. I honestly believe the Beatles, the Who, Rolling stones, and much more would not have had the live ambience with all this hi-tech sound equipment. The ability to play was the thing needed not a machine to do it for you. A lot of the skill required for life as gone forever. This neglect to train in many human skills. In the long term will make life repetitive. Born in a world that is a production line. You have 2 children 1 at 21 another at 23. No male or female involvement pick what you want. From a catalogue. 

    In the 60's a record in the year 2525 by Zigger & Zagger. Sung about how life would have changed by then. One line in the song aired a warning to the human race. If a man does survive they make love. Was it warning of a single gender world? No real need for a 2 gender world to exist. The whole reproduction process is governed in a laboratory. The way factory farm animals are produced today. A farmer looks at an animal in a viable way. Does what it costs = more than it earns? When it costs more than it earns. The minute it isn't viable any longer it's off to the abattoir for it. The reality of the farm animals life. How long before this principle is the human rule? It seems like a really inhumane process to us. The world as food to feed itself. The day will come it no longer does what happens then. The rich western world eats while the poorer section starves. Life is survival of the fittest. Or the world would be starvation free which it is not. It is a monetary system that dominates the world's economy. Feeding the majority of the earth while the minority mostly poorer 3rd world countries. Are left to starve to death as the richer see poorer as less value

Future generations might regret losing them

    In say 50 to 100 years from now. Will British architecture be lost? The real character that told you this is England. The land steeped in tradition. saint Pauls London bridge Parliment house of lords. The list is infinite. I did an exact rebuild in Church street Stoke Newington. For the Greek owner of star printers. I think is name was Steve. He was rebuilding an old house at the rear of the printers. Into apartments no real problem except the local council Harringay or Dalston I think. Stipulated the cambered arches over each window. Must have been kept as an item of heritage interest. After a list of bricklayers had looked at the work.

    Steve ran an advert for a bricklayer. With the knowledge to build cambered arches. Previous bricklayers had various ideas on the method to build them. All of which were wrong, a cambered arch rises 1 in 1000. Is not built in sand and cement mortar. The fine joints are formed using lime putty. He was absolutely gobsmacked. When a 24-year old made the lime putty. Put a centre in place and built it. Without thinking, I think I built 36 on my own. Steve was a great boss to work for. If he had a problem he took you out so just you and him. Was there and calmly discussed it face to face. At the time I was a highly skilled bricklayer. Who did nothing but difficult feature and decorative brickwork? I was also the most difficult person in the world. To keep their first wrong word trowel in the bag. F**k you and your job. I was off    I got known as no return, Sam. I was the chargehand so nobody had a day off. I had to keep a high standard of work. Go round to look at the work as it progressed. A day off I filled in for them.

     Giving people with a family the bullet wasn't my thing. Being late or idle family or not. Hi, don't hang about here go down the job centre and hang about there. People from all over England would get off the train at Euston or King's cross. Saw the site off the train. Wandered down. Need any labour Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear. Still had the trade apprentices so always gave them the start. Be here 8 am if it's 10 past. Don't bother 45 minutes breakfast. Hour for lunch 15 minutes at 3 o'clock. Finnish 4.30 not 25 past. It's nil alcohol rule site. Not my rule. Metropolitan police make the rules. If you go to the pub make it discreet. The safety officer Ted is a complete bas***d take it from me 

Cambered arch photo
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All lives differ, in content

      As Wigan, casino, was totally void of any restrictions. Members were drawn to Wigan from across the entire UK. Every area of England had people in the casino weekly no area had the most. Wigan itself was a minority in members don't s**t on your own doorstep. Could have been a reason. I'm quite certain if it had been local to home for me. As the bad reputation started to grow momentum parents who listen to rumours as true. Would start to get alarmed. Then do everything they could to prevent their children attending. How people think I was exempt. From suspicion beats me. My dad run a mini-bus to Wigan regularly. As he worked for the probation service at the time. Took the people sentenced to community service orders. By the local magistrates to the location to do it. He just filled it up with fuel before he left work. Put the word around he was doing a trip to Wigan. My brother Greg had a list who wanted to go. It was a bit of a bonus for him. The old bill is hardly likely to stop a minibus belonging to the probation service, are they. Unless it's reported stolen.     The passengers had a cheap journey to Wigan. Virtually no chance the drugs squad would stop and search it. Sod the probation service did they say. You are not allowed to do a bit of business yourself no. So it's called free enterprise. Plus gets my beer money for in the week. Things like no insurance taking it without consent and using their fuel. Whereof no importance to my dad. He did loads of minibus trips to Wigan casino. Dropped the passengers off at the casino. Got his head down in the minibus. Was in the pub Sunday Lunchtime on the profit. Life in 2016 no longer allows characters like my dad. 10 years after his death, people still stop me and offer condolences again. Then remark how they miss my dad. Sam your dad was the salt of the earth. Never had a bad bone in his body.  Lets, wait for many of life's characters to die. Before we accuse them of things. Then get in line for compensation. How many are genuine and how many are grave robbers? I can't assume that is your choice. But the dead can't defend them need I spell it out to you.

       When you are 100% certain you are right. It doesn't 't have to wait until no response will be heard. As any response will have a reply you have in mind. I take exception to any comments about my dad. Since he died. As good or bad they should have been said before he died. Many of the comments I assume the answer. Which is unfair for the rest of my family. Who may or may not agree with me. My family is not in one specific location. Some of my dad's relations I've never met but heard him mention them often An uncle in Canada he often told me about. The Keen family nicknamed him Dyl yet his name was Derrick. I have no real idea he was my grandad's brother his name was John Lionel Keen, married to Winifred. Dyl had 6 children it is very unlikely Dyl is still alive as my grandad died a long time ago. When the Keen family left Eire or southern Ireland. Half came to Enstone Oxfordshire. The other half to Canada. I will need to contact Jeff in New York. To ask if he knows any other details. I have gained a bit more information Dyl had a son called Randy and another calledStevan.