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Punk Rock recapped

The face that launched Punk rock to stardom. Sid viscious gave punk the attitude. Steve Jones told Bill Grundy to f**k off on prime time BBC. It was left to John Lyndon to cast doubt on Jimmy Saville. 20+ years before the rest of the country did. John was banned by BBC radio 1 for accusing Saville. Never in the UK music industry history had members rebelled against society anything like Punk did. It wasn't expected in retrospect. The icons raised up as roll models to mirror yourself with. Where being portrayed in the truer value. Teenagers had no right to question the parent generation that was how life was. They had the experience and took instructions from there parents generation without a need to verify the value. But Punk-rock changed the way life was dictated to the next generation when Jimmy Saville was proved to be a pervert using his public profile to hide his hidden sexual perversion away. When John Lyndon and Sid vicious 2 normal Finsbury Park people accused a person like sir J Saville. Of such a hideous sex offence it was not taken seriously at all. The Sex Pistols instantly banned from another bastion of UK class protection the BBC. Then the next stage was instigated show the accusers as drug-takers so they look unreliable, greater importance was centred on discrediting Saville's accusers than on his crimes. So why did it take many years before Jimmy Saville was publically condemned for his crimes? In that long period, Sid was continually targeted for his use of Heroin. His relationship with another Heroin user Nancy Spungen leading up to the deaths started to be Heroin-related. Naming Sid's mother as the supplier, she also died with a Heroin-related association. For a majority of this time, Sir Jimmy was allowed to roam free even given opportunity to commit more offences. With that type of sex offences waiting for trial. It's no bail remanded in custody until the trial. To protect the public and prevent more offences from being committed. I can't recall any sign of remorse from Sir Jimmy the UK scales of justice tipped to one side ignoring home office guidelines for bail of offenders. When public safety is in a reasonable question of doubt. Or a possibility of offences continuing to be committed whilst on bail?

      Over the years I've become very proud. Of the massive amount of live concerts, I've attended. Back in the Wigan Casino era liking various types of music styles was often frowned on. Openly admitting you went to concerts by artist's who appeared on " Top of the pops". Resulted in you being labelled a Div. I couldn't have really careless about that. I'd even go into Punk Rock concerts at Wigan Casino, come out after into Station Road. To see a pitched battle between northern soul fans and the Punk Rockers.  Must have been an attempt to make 1 type look. A whole lot better than the other. So where did I fit into it? I went to both and neither was better. Both where suited to that environment. Plainly a case of I don't like it so the entire world won't either. Northern soul & Punk rock certainly did not get created by a single person. Yes, a strange statement as plenty thinks it revolved around them. Yet it was there before you and will be there after you've gone.

      Over the years life taught me an important lesson. Stick with what you believe to be right. Never follow the crowd, at times I've said things. A few of the people put on high pedestals. In a large majority of cases. The respect I'd got for some people wasn't there anymore. All this turn the other cheek and forget it. Isn't the way I operate for certain. If anybody ever has a pop at me for anything. I'm certain isn't called for or correct. I've got an habit of never forgetting it. Even after I've had retribution and proved it's wrong. They should keep their mouth shut until their facts are precise and correct. I've never once said I'm flawless. For the simple reason, I'm only a normal person. That on certain things does make mistakes. When mistakes are made I'm always ready to admit it. However, if it's not a mistake there isn't a man on earth. Who will make me admit I'm wrong when I'm right. When I was 15 or 16 the rows I and Gethro had lasted the whole journey. From Wolverhampton to Wigan even continue through the night. I knew perfectly well I was wrong. But both of us were stubborn as  Mules. When we walked out onto Station Road in the morning. I'd know it was the time to admit defeat. In over 40 years neither of us has felt any need for physical violence. If the other needs support we give it.

Live life to the full, rest when you're dead. Don't join the living dead 

       To me, life as always meant to live it. The best way you can live for now worry about tomorrow when it gets here. I have never made long-term plans live for now is important. They always say tomorrow never comes, it's just a re-run of today. Which is probably right never think about it first. Do it first worry about it later, but don't worry if it's done you can't change it. I've never regretted anything I've done, yet I've made some monumental mistakes. But they were good at that time so it was worth doing it. Why when the people around me preached 100% Northern Soul was best. I came out of Wigan Casino and went to the Punk Rock festival in Leeds. I've never believed just Northern Soul is sufficient for a happy life. Variation is the most needed attribute in everybody's life to avoid stagnating. Do everything you ever get the opportunity to do if you didn't like it. Don't do it again but at least you know the answer. Never die with unanswered questions in your mind. Or you're never going to rest and no much else to do in a coffin. If you're active most of life. It's unlikely you'll do everything you wanted to do. But at least you had a go trying to unlike those who didn't. It has become normal to make excuses to do nothing. This inactivity is wasting your life yet by doing something you get motivation to do more. It's very easy to get into a habit of no activity. This becomes very difficult to break out from it's best avoided. Active people have full lives and tend to live longer. Living a inactive empty life is like being in an early grave we are all going to be in a grave. But why rush to death life is very short. Live it to the max every day you can. I've had more brushes with the grim reappear than most people. Watched far too many young lives end premature not by choice.

I admit a majority of my music, isn't Northern Soul

      Over my life music is possibly the thing that influenced it the most. Not just the music as it was almost always an attached fashion that held the real attraction. I got my soul music attraction from the Motown Story of the early 1970's "Up the ladder to the roof" the Supreme s. Just lost me into a world of my own. I had a strange ability to totally forget everybody around me like they didn't exist. I've spent hours on dancefloors. Spoke to nobody and nothing influenced the time at all. I could have been totally alone it was self motivated 100%. I don't only mean at Northern Soul events. I went through a phaze of going to live concerts all over the world. I had an Irish girlfriend who was a PA at a record company. So got tickets for many of the top concerts in the mid 80's in London. This expanded to Europe and eventually worldwide. She was a nice girl from being brought up in a high-class Catholic family in Southern Ireland. Opposites attract must have been true as we were chalk and cheese. Her father asked me one day have you got a job Sam? How else do I pay the bills. I'm a bricklayer in the Docklands Rotherhithe. I work for a sub-contractor Tony Stone who does the brickwork for Costain's. I wasn't doubting you Sam at all. But most nights it's dawn before you decide to go home, it was difficult to think of you keeping a regular job with your lifestyle. What's wrong with my lifestyle Paddy? It's what can only be described as unconventional, you must be worn out when you start work. That's more your daughter's fault than my lifestyle. Oh I understand but a gentleman wouldn't make that excuse to her father. Good job I ain't a gentleman then.  Don't put yourself down Sam. There are far worse than you around? Nice of you to say that finding them is far more difficult. I never worry when Patricia is out with you you're on your own there. However I wouldn't let Pat get hurt would I? I totally agree with you on that but that's not always the case. I know what you mean thou? Some bad people in every country of the world a concern when it's your daughter. I'm no angel take it from me but my faults are in other areas like no sleep for days. I'm a strong beleiver in doing it today. Worry about it tomorrow or when there is no other option. If it's not broke don't try to fix it good logic. Prevention is easier than cure not in my opinion.

      At one certain time a section of people. Convinced themself by only having a single music style for a source it would make that music. Having 100% totally focused avoid any need for other stlyles. I'd always been very self-opinionated on my choice of life style. When the Station road battles with Wigan punk-rockers. I couldn't see any point in fighting for your style of music? It never made Northern Soul better than Punk-rock or Punk better than Soul. I went to both and had no intention of fighting about it. When a section of people decided to knock lumps out of eachother I just took no part in it at all. It was without any real point. If t5here had been a prize or winners pot of money. It would of had some point to take part. Week after week the Punks came out. The usual dead eye until it kicked off few scuffles then Punks went home we went in. Then it got to the Levine/ Curtis Mecca sound at the Ritz. So throwing pies at Levine and wear a Tshirt with Levine is a Div on it. The only Div was the twat wearing the shirt, That was another thing I took no part in. To label Ian Levine a Div required one important attribute. The person calling him a Div had longer experience and better knowledge yet had neither. Ian started at the Twisted Wheel, The Torch, Catacombs, Wigan Casino, before Blackpool Mecca with Tony Jebb & Colin Curtis both exTorch. The twats who called Ian Levine a Div did so trying to make the short history they had. Seem as important as Ian's which of coarse it never would. I know Ian Levine, he is not or ever has been a Div.

Music's value is very much of that time

      Looking at the various cult fashions of my life. There isn't one that would be exactly the same if lt was set in a different time. Northern Soul has been an influence on my life in a big way. The major events of that cult fashion The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, and Wigan Casino. Couldn't take place today and be anything like they were in the '60s and '70s. The reason is very obvious to anybody from that era who went. Wigan Casino is the only club, out the 3 I attended. But the massive drugs culture of all 3 wouldn't happen the same in 2019 there would be a public outcry. In the way, the news is broadcast in the UK tv and newspapers. The drug culture is at epidemic proportions in society. I would strongly disagree that it's got any worse than was always there. Just on the way that certain sections of society think they are the person to solve it. This pathetic type of person is no bigger help than the rest. All they craze is the attention. So try to get the highlight at the expense of a section of unfortunate people. The UK always see it as a generous act of kindness. The reality of it is never anything but a way to better themself. Racism in the UK was declining steadily and had been for years. Until somebody highlights certain isolated cases with a promise of stopping. The escalating rise of extreme right-wing groups. That we're only in his imagination never reality

Punk Rock recapped

   In many aspects, nobody could have. Given the overwhelming instant fame to Punk-rock. Anything like the way Finsbury Park man Johnny Rotten did. Like many other historic events. The right person in the right place without him. Punk rock might not have had the desired effect. Repulse from parents generation. What offends a majority of the music pioneers I spoke with. Is the way cult fashion is relaunched multiple times. How it is expected to be anything like when the Bill Grundy. Prime time TV incident happened which was unforeseen. That had as much to thank Mr Grundy for has Steve Jones. He was seeing Siouxsie in completely out of context way. An important asset for the Punk message. We are doing things important to teenage people. Don't see it as just outrageous cult teen fashion. The goals you made had to be reached. 2017 as always seemed diluted in many ways. To the way in which we achieved things. Knowing what was needed to change we always knew. If the means required to change it where not their. We certainly put them in place to do it. No hunger to succeed with your beliefs to maintain its values, The level of self-belief is certainly much lower. Maybe most people would say outdated for 2017. I wouldn't agree at all. When anything is set to correct. It remains correct in every view of it environment as no part to play. That could make the value change from constant to Boolean. Constant is the only type declaration for correct 

Culture Club

I've seen Culture Club a few times not just by chance. I bought tickets with the intention of going.  George and Holly Johnstone of Frankie goes to Hollywood. I could listen to for hours. Yes they are both gay. Good job they don't sing out there ass. I often used to see George out and about Camden Palace, in  the Batcave. It always made me smile people give it. The hard man if I saw Boy George. They would brick it. so he's gay. His sort of gay his not for a reason he openly admits he's gay. The mulitple people who are not gay but see it as a benefit to there career are the one's who should be ashamed