Be's that way sometimes

 Bobby Wells

the right direction: Clara Ward

a good theme for the class of 72. Starts here

a little togetherness: the youngheart's

This thing called love: Johnny Wyatt

It is difficult to mention 1972 and the Torch.

Without mentioning dj: Martyn Ellis. 1 of his favourites as well. RIP Martyn

   Being realistic about northern soul allnighters. There is only 3 allnighters. That domineer the title of big influence on the UK northern soul scene. Yes I'm fully aware of the fact, that many other allnighters where staged. But the Twisted wheel which ran from 1963 to 71 Wigan casino 1973 to 81. Where only ever matched by 1 other club, which ran for only 13 months. Which was located at, Hoose street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. When the license was refused a renewal. Do to many reason's the most likely being. It was located in a residential area of Stoke. The local businessman owner Chris Burton, did not try to get the decision reversed. Leaving the oppurtunity open for Wigan casino to dominate the allnighter scene for 8 years. It as been said a number of times. If the Torch had remained as a rival to the casino. It's success would not have been so easy to get. My opinion as always been the same on it. Almost all of the early casino records. Came from a largely Torch influenced dj team. It was this being 1 of many contributing attributes that gave the overwhelming success to Wigan casino. If Germany had got 3 goals in injury time we would of lost the World cup. Life is made up of fact's no probabilities. The Torch closed and the casino domineered for the next 8 years. Happened so it is of no importance in reality.

   The class of 72 took place last weekend. Another resounding success this year. I have no idea how they create it. But the atmosphere is transformed to the 70's the same. Chilled calm and relaxed. Bit of a effort on the bar prices next and it will be a time tunnel.   

Say it isn't so: BETTY Boo

the Torch "live in 1972

    player 1

  Waiting here for you

 Reparata and the Delrons


  player 2

  I worship you baby


  player 3

 Raining teardrops


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Blowing my mind to pieces: Bob Relf

​   For some reason, there does not seem to be a wide variety of live things. Of ertable methods where affortable. Or everybody was so smashed in the 60's just could nither the Torch or Twisted wheel around. The actual reason why is something I have no idea. But the wheel was likely to of started before any of the poot see the record button. The Torch is a lot more of a mistery. There is a wide selection of Wigan casino 1973 recordings. Yet just a year earlier the Torch as so few. The origin of the recording is unknown. By me at least, I was given it by a friend to try to improve it. Since a few say I had that recording given to me to edit. It sounds ok now thanks to me. The 1 you hear is the version I encoded using Nero 12.5 audio encoder. Not the original which I would not of claimed I editted.

My website my choice of records

Girls, girls, girls

Chuck Jackson

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I'm gonna love you a long long time

Patti and the emblems

Candy: the astors

My music selection

northern soul. Without music, like Morecambe without Wise

Picture me gone; Madeline Bell
Oh we let it be me: Louise Lewis
Love bandit: Kenya Collins

northern soul

Love bandit: Kenya Collins
Waiying here for you: Reparata & the Delrons
Please stay: the Ivories
Reaching for the best: the Exciters

Must certainly be reserved for people. Who attended regular, not people who went once. But their eyes could see 5 years behind and in front. I've heard some bollox over the years. Nothing as yet bettered, my mother was pregnant. At the time with me. So don't tell me I never went. I did feel embarrassed to ask. Did you like Wigan casino   then? Or was it before your eyes developed. Dancefloor must have been very harsh. If your legs had yet to have feet surprised I never noticed an embryo dancing. What did you have on Spencers and a vest?  

The music set the atmoshere. To high electric

   It's often stated on the northern soul scene. No drugs no all nighters no northern soul. I have never understood the reason for that statement. The gear in the 70's did give a euphoric feeling. Inside Wigan casino might have been. A lot less full on competitive. Got to be there, was echoing round Wolverhampton train station. One Saturday night as the usual faces looked down to platform 1. For the approach of the Glasgow central train. Upto a point massive mixtures of amphetamine.  Gave you the self-esteem and belief in yourself. 

   Only to a certain point that is. Wigan casino was populated by a majority of young people. Very fit people with a lot of energy and passion.  It wasn't just about getting out your head at all. Drugs were used as a means to an end. If you could of danced for around 6 hours in total. Had no rest or sleep yet did it again the day after. Gone to an all-dayer Sunday. Still been at work Monday, you are a better man than me. Full of crap as well, northern soul was not created by drugs. It was enhanced by large amphetamine cocktails.  

An hour of absolute brilliance

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    Click the play button. That is situated in the centre of player. A stream just over an hour will start. Anybody who as knowledge. Of the northern soul, scene will instantly recognise the many of the records.

     Having them together in one stream. Is unusual it contains. A lot of what as made northern soul good. This list is only my opinion. Listen to it see if you agree 

Wigan casino recorded live in 1973

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