Music's influence on life 1960 to now

Mod's & Rockers 1960'S

It quickly turned into a default routine. Every bank holiday you didn't head for the sun. But the location least likely to suit. An open battle of a few hundred mods charging the same number of marauding rockers. The open warfare seemed to span almost the entire decade. With a brief rest bite to get slaughtered. While Hendrix and Roger Daltrey performed at one of the most revered music festivals ever. When flower power invaded the Isle of Wight for the 3-day festival. An estimated crowd of upto 250, 000 attended over the 3-days the festival changed the usual tranquil environment that the island is set in. When the festival goers had left. The home office restored the air of uncertainty. Announcing plans to build 2 prisons on the island to house the UK's most dangerous inmates. F wing in Pankhurst situated close to Newport on the island as held the Kray twins, the Yorkshire ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, the Richardson's, a long list of key IRA terrorist's, Frankie Frazer, It was from within Pankhurst's mental health secure treatment wing Ronnie and Reggie Kray denounced the long terms they received as nothing more than a life-long torture as news there were no plans for a release date ever in over 30 years. Since there old Bailey trial. Later the home office completed their plan by adding a 2nd prison at Albany on the Isle of Wight. Northern soul was developed from the cult fashion Mods. The Twisted Wheel club was originally a centre to meet for north-west mods. Whitworth street in Manchester. Was often packed full of scooters.

   As the years passed by the original blues type of music.  Lost favour a demand for up-tempo dance beat music was in demand. Upsetting certain original wheel DJ's. Who where adamant blues should remain at the club. People traveled the length of the country to attend the wheel allnighter. However Manchester police soon became aware. That local chemist shop burglaries rose in number. Each time the wheel held all night dance events, Which meant a police presence at every was never linked or proved the Wheel had anything that influenced the burglaries. But the newly formed north-west drugs squad. The first in the UK opened it's misuse of drugs investigation offices opposite the former Wheel location in Brazenose street. But the new unit were mow convinced the stolen DDA's contents would be going to the Twisted wheel allnighter. Revoke the all night licence. Would stop the burglaries. Eventually the police had the required result the Wheel lost it's all night entertainment licence for breaching a bye-law. That forbid Saturdays event continuing to Sunday without a break

Unite and be strong again

    The 1960's was a good time to be born. Full of hope for the future today hope has left the UK. Replaced with  apathy the surety and trust in people. Gave theUK A warm welcoming atmosphere that as left this country. The UK was a community we had a reason to unite together we were strong apart vulnerable  and weak. Our country as a new threat in it . I don't mean fanatical extremists.  But greed is a far bigger threat of taking control of us. More emphasis is placed on the items a person as not the value they are. At the time, I wrote this June 15th, 2016. The way the UK is happy to blame anything. Skin colour, religion, convicted family members. Almost every reason is bypassing the reality of it. We have immigrants. Setting up their own place within our country. That is not immigration. Immigrant's come here to integrate  and   have a better life. Now  it's not to escape  poverty and starvation. But after years of being told the UK is there way to wealth

Skinheads and Punk rock, Confrontation the 1970's theme

Skinheads early 70's

     The  1970's  began to  the  sound  of  skinheads  racist  chants.  In  my  lifetime  the  shaved  heads,  bovver  boots,  and  bracers.  The  uniform  that  showed you where  a  Skinhead.  Went  on  to  spawn  many  other  attributes  of  violence.  The  week  started  on  Sunday  for  a  Skinhead.  No  self-respecting  Skinhead  went  to  church  on  a  Sunday.  By  ritual,  Sunday  afternoon  was  the  best  time  to  direct  violence  at  the  UK's  sparse  Asian  immigrant  population.  Paki  bashing  as  it  became  known  as.  Was  one  violent   pastime  introduced  from  the  fashion?  The  1970's  was , without the doubt,  the  decade  of  violent  confrontation  the  minors  strike  which  lead  to  a  3 day  week.  Waiting  for  your  lights  to  be  restored  as  power cuts.  Became  common  when  coal  stocks  dwindled  in  UK  power stations.  With  low  wages  and  power  cuts,  the  public  support for  the  minors  got  less.  Today  the  UK  as  no  coal  industry  most  of  the UK's coal is  imported .  Eastern  Europe's  cheap  production cost made it unviable. To produce coal in the UK, pit's across the entire  UK were shut. Large  communities reliant on the mining industry for work disappeared.  When  you are on strike led  by  Arthur  Scargill  who  bravely  turned down  arbitration  talks  by  Acas.  Demanding  better  terms,  bet  he  didn't  suffer  on  an equal  level  as  minors.  Any  minor wanting to know why the coal industry vanished ask mr  Scargill.

   Skinheads made your location important. At every 1st division match the terraces. Behind each goal was filled with people with shaved heads  and shiny dr Marten boots. The fashion did introduce an element of pride into fashion. White Skinner jeans got dirty the minute you put them on. You wouldn't go with dirty marks on them. Ben Sherman shirts had a pleat in the back. It would take me at the time an hour to iron it. My dad shouted me oneday, Gordon Bennet come and look at this girl. Hang on she's coming  here. It's Bev dad she's ok, girls had a uniform of their own. I think the haircut was called the feather cut. The rest was dr Marten boots, Skinner genes the same. It brought out a hidden side in females. Before she was a skin Bev was a normal teenage girl. The minute she was a skin she punched same as a man. Argued endlessly with my dad completely changed her.

Punk rock 1976

   Next fashion was possibly the most controversial. Originally the Mohican haircut was to be noticed more. Teenagers sick and tired of counting for nothing. Wanted to be heard and be noticed. The Mohican dyed bright green did the trick. This got worse when Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols. Sick of presenters advances to Siouxsie of banshee fame. Said here we are f***ing about. On prime time television's Nationwide which was a current affairs programme. Screened at 6pm after the news on BBC1. Seeing as rarely had swearing been broadcast the UK was in the uproar over it. Put John Lyndon in the hall of fame for doing it. Punk rock had to be the fashion parents hated. Much more than any other as Rotten made it public. John a normal kind of person. Warned  the UK of Jimmy Saville's evil, a very long time before it was discovered. 

     But being top of the parents hate list. Meant anything he said was never acted on When he was perfectly correct. The UK as and always will be a class hierarchy. The higher classes give us judges. Who then judge people. They haven't ever known the lifestyle they won't ever understand. But less of an understanding of which as lead to a blinkered view. So they think should be punished for being in that situation. This country is the most prejudiced country in the world

After the 70's, the 80's was never in to beat it

commercial suicide


    The  1980's just undid what teenagers of 76 started. It seemed the 80's youth seeked forgiveness. When George o'Dowd from an Irish boxing family. Put on his make up and found he actually could sing. Holly Johnstone from Liverpool never needed the feminine appearance of George. To make a series of hits. As the singer, of Frankie goes to Hollywood. The fact both singers admitted being homosexual. Seemed more of sales tool that a cry for public acceptance. Thursday nights at the Batcave in Carnaby street saw a rise in homosexual members. Every straight man had to condemn homosexuals. But threats to beat George up, 99% could not do. As he was over 6 feet tall and raised in an Irish boxing family. George seemed to feel all news was good news. Leaving the media bandwagon to get him fame. I'd made friends with a Welsh lad at Wigan casino. Which was a northern soul all night dance club running from 1973 to 1981? It won the best night club in the world title. Putting New Yorks studio 54 into 2nd place. The Welsh lad from Newport Gwent. Was years ahead of the time he fascinated me. It was an appreciation of   his nerve. In the 70's if you had the bottle to walk into a Lancashire club. Well into the early hours of Sunday dressed as a sailor boy. With makeup a haircut that was yet to be seen. All my friends thought I would mark his card. I talked to him about his nerve to walk in dressed that way. Steve Harrington was a talker like me, the next I heard he had changed his name to Strange teamed up with Rusty Egan. Was singer of new Romantic band Visage. He was head of a club renovation in Camden. The Palace was a great night out in the 80's Thursday was good. But the best had to be Saturday. Not so long ago months not years I heard Steve had died of a. heart attack. RIP Steve the most original person I've ever met

The new millenium, a return of old ways 

Rave as been done 

   Back in  the mid-1980's garage parties as they got known as. You bought a ticket. Never got issued with your Keith Prowse type of ticket. Just a  bit of paper with a phone number wrote on it.Supposedly to keep old Bill from getting the location. How I was unsure  of. Can't recall a location the old Bill never found.

d. Remote  Essex fields any location was found. The Ibiza sort of thing was started a long time ago. I went to Benidorm with girlfriend Bev when I was 15 years old. I ain't been 15 for a long time.

       Travel as  got  hell, of a lot easier, cheaper as well. That is exactly right not made up. Wigan casino had DJ's with Iconic status. The Global Gathering as been held at an airfield by Stratford for a long time. girls wandering around with their three pennies out. Must go back as far as Woodstock. So it now appears. Nothing new  as happened since the 70's . The diverse fashion that inspired a generation no longer as the impact the way it did fashion needed  innovation  and  leaders. Both of which are  absent from today's music makers . Without any shadow of a doubt. Music as changed but a lot more of a concern to the UK. As to be the community spirit vanished out the nation. That was the 1 resounding attribute. That made the UK different from the rest of Europe. Making the channel 22,000 not 22 miles wide.

         This as started to get noticed by other nations. The UK world renown  for  a stiff upper lip. But most of all    the United Kingdom a single entity intirely.  1  thing. Covered a majority of the nation. We all pulled in the same direction, although areas of our country. Are forbidden to enter for UK citizens. I'm not or have ever been racialist. I have experienced racism first hand for some kind of society reason. You are not viewed as correct if your Jewish and descend from county Clare, Eire. To make things more complicated. My aunt and uncle are German. The largest number concentrated in 1 location of the Keen family. Is in Quebec, Canada. Take Queens NYC, USA. Montpellier  south of France. My family are truly global. It might be worth pointing out both Auseitz and Berken concentration camps. Where in Poland not Germany. The pure blonde hair blue eyed super race.

        Was bought into Germany by a single person. Dictator Adolph Hitler the biggest regret Jews can never seek retribution. For a war paid largely from Jewish owned banks. All we can hope is it never happens to any race or religion ever again  

To finish this story off

   I sincerely hope this story proves of use to somebody. I haven't made it time specific. This was an effort to avoid complete prats examining every word, date, time. To uncover anything in the text a book states wrong. I've had dealings with people who claimed my flyers posted on the wall of Wigan casino where fake. A grave mistake as they were given me by Russ Winstanley. DJ and founder of Wigan casino soul club. Exactly the same as the anniversary poster from the 4th anniversary. Which I was told was the wrong size. It had been in a cardboard tube here since the 4th anniversary. If you never went. All the stupid remarks are based on an event you never attended. About content you don't know. If you never went asking for stupid verification. For things, you don't know only assumed correctly. If your eyes didn't see it don't ask me to verify myself to you. As Gethro, Dave Evison, and many others will verify I was there. The fact I was  on Granada televisions "this England" It must be

Times bring changes

       To conclude this  section. In years passed by cult fashion played a big role in teenage life. From wearing your new Levi's in the bath onwards. Always one had to do it. The rest of the school didn't take long to follow  on. My school was a normal comprehensive all boy the first year. Mixed second year on. It was an education in life integrating with girls. I get on far easier when talking to girls. Men rare talk freely until they want something. Girls have a lesser stressful way of talking.   I did domestic science it had a bigger attraction than football. Having to bulls**t all the game. I also did dance even after the "you puff" remarks. They watched a ball, I watched miss Futeral's  supple body and every girl in the class. Not a difficult decision to make at 14. I've never regretted the school learning choices I made. Playi ng football had no real interest from me. Unlike

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