This website as nobody to answer to. 1st it is totally  self governed. Nobody bungs money in here. Expecting me to do as they tell me. I was offered the big cash 30 pieces of silver. Judas money when I owned As it had top ranked listing. For meta type casino, from indexing Wigan casino. Gambling websites where praying on new user's of the internet. Being igorant of there pay a little to win a lot crap. Unfortunately the site was my personal name. So it was not being associated with. Taking money from hard working people. As long as I had a hole in my ass. I let it loose it's top ranking in search engines. Then gave it up, as soon as the casino ranking was gone. It no longer had a value for gambling associated company use. I won't let a site get as highly ranked again. It was long before the long list of casino sites. Trawlers index these days. It followed a proven script meta driven index. I'd studied it and when it was correctly done. Google, msn, and other trawlers put it right at the top of it's indexing. It was never my intention to profit from it.

   Onething is for certain, I wouldn't have adverts from choice. If it was cheap as could be. A product that visitors wanted. T hat would be different, but it hasn't had a advert yet to attract me. The fact I hate things that impose a thing most do not want. Means visitors are pestered when they visit the website. Which isn't happening on this website. I'll leave other websites who want to put there visitors. Of secondary importance to a poxy pitance in revenue. I have published online longer than almost all other. Northern soul orientated websites. I would not sell out for any amount of money. Yet in a society governed by greed like 2015 is. A lot have sold there respect for there website visitors. For a poultry amount in a lot of cases. It saddens me greatly when I look on some places. To see people I had great admiration for. Have sunk to sutch low standards.

   The UK northern soul scene in general. Bears no resemblance to the scene. As it was when I first joined it in 1974, it had standards. If you crossed the line you got the venom. Of everybody there only to happy to maintain. The high values that where in it then. Ok I freely admit, the allnighters where fueled on amphetamine drugs.  Almost all stolen from chemist shops. For the purpose of being taken at allnighters. There was little use going when the chemist was open. They would not sell you them. I couldn't ever understand why at 1st. There was so much always available at allnighters. Yet you could not pop in Boots on a Saturday to buy a load. A large amount of Wigan casino members never knew. They had never had any kind of involvement. With misuse of illegal drugs before.

   One of the biggest problem's. In the early day's of Wigan casino. Was gear was never hidden away. So when it was widely exchanged, there where many who had no real idea it was a serious crimminal offence.  There only crime was very nieve. For speed of loading this page is basic in content. The music, photo's, and a greater description. Is available when you access the main portal. By the menu at the head of the page. In todays complex world of technology. There is no big family atmosphere from looking from the outside. Between the big names of it.. This as started to change with the top 2. Google and Microsoft skaring compatable formats in browsers. It's the other companies held by the flagship. That  in my opinion as swayed the decision. Google and Microsoft have added key technology firms to there ompanies. In certain cases 1 owned by 1 was needed by the other. So a compramise had to be reached  but that's got no connection with northern soul. I've got the attention span of a goldfish.                          





the effect the Wigan casino allnighter. Had on Wigan's normality

I'A large part of this website's content. Is revolved around the Lancashire town of Wigan. In the early years the casino staged events. That was northern soul generated like allnighters. The inhabitants never seemed that interested in what was taking place. Just a few funny looks out of curiosity not malicious. But as time moved on and mass UK media attention followed. Newspapers like the Manchester evening news. Are produced to cover the news of top interest at the time. In the Manchester and other area's that the paper sells in. It's called marketting the product for the customers paying to read it. A man on his way home reading the Manchester news. Isn't interested about a spate of crimes in Cornwall. It is very unlikely his house will be effected. But a marked rise in offences, drug related in Wigan. Could make some difference to his life. Has there's a good chance he knew somebody. Or had heard the casino in conversation. So would read the article with greater interest. Unfortunately a lot of the public read newpapers. With it is 100% reality not cleverly written to make it appealling to readers. When a police statement claimed upto 98% of people. At the Wigan casino allnighter had taken drugs. Had the key word upto in the sentence. Which changed 98% from a constant value. Into a variable as long as it was that. They could say what they liked and remain inside restriction's.

   But it was 98% that a number of reader's remembered. As a shock tactic by newspaper publishers. When it was published it was far higher than the true number. At times later it would of been very accurate at 98%. Local people saw that figure and it remained. As it was a normal Lancashire town. In the 1970's a high level of illegal drug abuse. Certainly wasn't taking place even then towns had a small number of drug abusers. Nothing in comparission to today figures for drug abuse. Back then it was taken a dim view of drugs. 1 had very little difference to another. Drugs where drugs at that time. A stereotype view connected it to pop stars richer people. It was not connected to the working class really. A surprise when you consider the way the 60's hippy culture was. But recreational drug use did not pop up in the mind quickly as heroin. Deaths like Keith Moon and John Bonham had created headlines. That was mostly all the majority knew about drug abuse. So 98% was a very high number, it wasn't long before Wigan's invaders. Where given a worse view of entirely by local inhabitants.  Which might of come from ignorance of it. But from experience of lifts on the M6, it had been a  widely used way of it. So Wigan casino members where seen as idle layabouts addicted to drugs. Which was very wrong to actual type. In Wigan casino, which where from all class levels. A vast majority had job's again not a majority unskilled labouring. Many where in professions like architects, accountants, ect


So there view was totally wrong. But was widespread

Only remember reality, never lies

Getting a few more facts straight

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Still  many myths circulate about Wigan casino. Some  I might  add  are true  others  are  pure bulls**t

Ashamed you did it? Don't do it at all

Nothing is easy to say, but here is a way to say it

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    These days I've mellowed with age. With people to young to know how the 70's was like. It's difficult to explain. Nothing in their lifetime as a comparison. I'm past all this how big was the letterbox. The pattern on the carpet crap if you went you'd know the same as me. I've left the casino with arpo and been unable to find Morgans coach. A hell of a lot bigger than a letterbox. Who for god's sake measured the things on the door. If my memory is right. Mess around at the back of the door, you'd have got lifted by the DS. Wondering what you had chucked there. Any prat looking behind doors and skirting boards. Would have had so many watching him. Wondering what they have stashed. Too ridiculous to imagine any person putting themselves on offer. This obviously was said by a person, who had never been to Wigan casino. Or a few times in the latter years. When it's crowd lost the 100% northern soul status   

Memories are much better in optimized photo's.

My principals are  worth  more  than money

     The transformation between 74 and 77 was nothing like the success it got. After a few weeks. Rumours cirvulated it's closing next week. Eventually after 8 years of success. The end came on 11 th of December 1981. Shortly after it closed, fire ravagedthe building. It was to expensive to restore the building. So was demolished to make way for a bland shopping centre. That stands on the casino location today. Wigans inhabitants were far to eager to get rid of the casino's members labeling them drug haddicts and idle. They forgot to take into account.

   The big cash input over a 1000 people gave the Lancashire town. Every weekend of the year. In the end they got there shopping centre. But lost a regular cash input to Wigan. I remember mrs Woods telling me. You people are harmless to outsiders, proberly killing yourself. But don't harm, Anybody unrelated to the northern soul community. Sadly mrs Woods as passed away. But she knew far more of the casino's nocturnal activities. Tham it's members gave her credit for. I liked mrs Woods she had high traditional northern values. She hated having disrespect. When it's from some rude teenager. Who just discovered gear made him confident enough. To make himself look an idiot  lots did it. We all thought we knew it all. Unfortunate mrs Woods knew a lot more 

 A source about Wigan 

Personal protection

    This website continually tries to keep. All the content contained upto date and true. Simply by size and to keep it 100% free. It is and always as been. The creation of one person totally. Over the year's people have joined the website. Being ex-members of Wigan casino. At that time I'd thought a good idea. Which had not turned out correctly assumed at all? I was the person. Who coded the .html needed. For the welcome.html homepage way back in 1987. A £1 a word published would have made me very rich. But have kept my original northern soul principals. Watching so many others discard theirs. As given me a moment of pride. Knowing it takes more than money for me to discard my principals. When I was offered a six-figure sum for By a corporate gambling syndicate. For its ranking, to a casino, it gave me immense pleasure to tell them. You have not got enough to buy me for certain. Which  came the reply oh yes we have. They should of tried listening as they hadn't   

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      By saying that I mean mostly northern soul orintated. But questions will always be replied to on multiple subjects. As long as they are sensible and contain things. That I can answer. A Email address needs to be included to reply to.

   Other than that I don't want any details. Your visit here is not  logged. Under EU  protection of your  privacy. To record anything about you I have to have your permission .  If  you  give an  hospital  permission.  For  a  blood  test  for  a  reason.

       The  only  test  they  should  do.  Is  the  test  you've  given  permission.  If  a  test  for  anything.  Other  than  you  gave  permission  is  carried  out.  It  is  against  personal  protection  law.


    I find some articles published. Quite insulting the success of Wigan casino. Owed as much to drug crazed dancers as it did to the record collectors. The all-nighter got it's reputation from its dancers. Not from the record collectors. A majority of the dancers on the dancefloor. At every night staged there. Where reliant on massive cocktails of Amphetamine-based drugs. Not a lie to get you to read this at all. Find another member who went as regular as me. Who will state it's lies. I will get 25 other members to verify me as true.    It was nothing the management could control. Or the police's effort was futile. It was a law unto itself. That is in no way meant to be funny.  It is said as a fact and is 100% true. I saw it happen myself every week I went. If there was steps taken by the club or police. Changes were made to make certain the dancefloor. Had no great loss of supply of Amphetamines. Police did try to halt the massive level of drugs used at Wigan casino. That was centred on the casino itself. The gear was mostly consumed on the way, Not in the Wigan area.     It was from a nationwide supply. Targeting the Wigan end of it was having little or no effect. The same as closing the Twisted wheel had no effect on Amphetamine abuse. It just changed it's location from the wheel to the Torch. Although this attribute of 1970's allnighters. Was taken a very dim view of. It was so widespread it was never controlled. By police or any authority at the time. The reason was never published or explained. But until the introduction of the 1974 law. Targeting the misuse of drugs. It was not illegal in the definition. The law was unclear to what was or wasn't illegal. It might have been to a QC or Barrister. But not the normal people. So it made no real difference. This subject along with many other will be discussed. In detail on the website. If you want to give a response. Do so by all means, it will be strictly confidential. Do not mention anybody or specific location. I will protect your identity. If no identifying details are given nothing to find. I keep my computer at home

   The northern soul theme continues throughout the website. Some may have interest. Some certainly will not have any interest to you. Over time a lot of pages have been updated. But have not continued to be in sync to others. As it's quite a long tedious task to complete it, please bare with me on that. You might download the Wigan casino recording. But think I wish it had been another year. Everybody had a special year, for loads of different reasons. If you contact me with the year and a reason. I will try to had for you. Or send you a link to either listen or download it. This site never passes Email addresses or detail's on to 3rd parties. You have my word on that.    While a majority of northern soul icons. Give the talk but fail on their values if you can't walk it. Don't give that impression as you talk it. Speak from the heart not your asshole. Far too many had their mouth positioned very close to their ass. But that shouldn't be an excuse to talk pure crap. Just say the intention before the part. You know you have no real mention of doing.  You might be surprised at the reaction. But your respect will be untarnished. If people think your c**t you'll know who does. But not talk behind your back like at the moment. Things will change they always do, If they don't, they'll stop as they are. Eitherway integrity will be maintained for you. They ain't printed enough money in the world. To make me grass on people. The low life who will do. Are not team members of northern soul, but cheap reptiles. Without the required intelligence to partake in a community. With higher standards than their IQ is adequate to absorb. I honestly would doubt if the drugs squad. Have ever got into Wigan casino. With an element of surprise with them still intact. Even with a vast majority underage. You sent a membership application off by post. Out of Blues & Soul magazine in which you said you are 18. The first membership, I ever had was Alan Reynolds as he gave me. His birth certificate as he was 18. I was 14 at the time I got to Mrs Woods gave her the money. 

    About to get Al's birthcificate out to show it. Don't hang about a big Que behind you. So I turned and walked up the steps. Think you gave a raffle ticket to a doorman. Who stamped your hand. That was it up the stairs 2 flights. Got you to the dancefloor entrance if you went past the office. Or keep going got you onto the balcony. I still remember looking off the balcony. A mass of dancing bodies and the heat was like a furnace. The next stop was the stall selling badges I think the records were Russ Winstanley's. I bought 3 badges, 1 for my school blazer. The other 2 were for friends who asked me to get them. Prized things at Harry Chesire high school. I then went up the stairs put my bag and coat in the cloakroom. Cloakroom tickets and memberships seemed to vanish if I put them in my pocket. Mrs Woods got fed up with me having a membership on Friday and lost it on Saturday. So give me another loose that you get a girl pink card. She was a woman of her word. I've still got the pink membership now. With Garry Keen in Mrs Woods handwriting member 582 on it. I could not care what people say or think. I was very upset when I heard Mrs Woods had died I would have gone to her funeral in Wigan. But I had just come out of a 3-month coma her blue-eyed favourite Gethro. Could not attend either being in the USA. I can't speak for Gethro, but I really wanted to attend Mrs Woods funeral. She was not some stupid old woman at all. She was as much a part of Wigan casino as the brick's it was built in. I treated her with the respect she deserved. I never had one bad word off Mrs Woods. I never addressed her as Hilda in 5 years. I can't remember Gethro calling her Hilda either. If there was one person who could have got away with it Gethro was that person.




      I have tried this service before. It was downloaded. Then offered for sale on eBay. I had to contact eBay to inform them. It was a free download. So ex-members could have a memory. I will had many more. Totally free downloads. If there is demand. There are a variety of free encoders to change .wav files to mp3, .acc3, .ogg or any extension you want

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     I first  uploaded  this,  inside  the Twisted  wheel.  In  2008  from  a  Nokia  mobile  phone.  Today  it  seems like  an  everyday  thing.  Not  in  2008,  it  was  the  first  time  for  me.  To  show  an  event while  it  was  in  progress.  Technology  as  moved  on  a  long  way  fast.  Since  that  Friday  in  Manchester imagine the reaction.. If it had been possible in Brazenose street Mod days. I might have had Joan of arc, as company being burned at the stake

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 I've heard all the stupidity before. If you have nothing better to do. I don't mind deleting it, the same as Google won't tracing the IP of the sender. Nothing to do with me, I said I don't record it and I don't. The action Google takes is for the anti-spam. Not the content of your reply. But    to protect Google-hosted websites.

    I would not think many techs at Google. Have any idea what Wigan casino was. A gambling place I'd bet money on it. As was a top-rated site on Google. It will have log files in its crawlers. I think they are retained forever. But my other sites. Had Google indexes. They were hosted first at Namesco and 2 nds by Fasthosts. I had no problem with either. Both gave a good service. I migrated to Fasthosts as it gave aspx servers first. I lost my domain at Fashost's. My mistake not there's. Anybody who hasn't made a mistake

   Hasn't made f**k all worth mentioning. To be honest with you. We all make mistakes a fact of life unless  you are a moron. I always say I'm always right. A very tongue in cheek way. Not saying always right, but I won't need telling when I'm wrong. But on occasions, I've been corrected by people. Could you see it clearly, at the time? Not really it was 8 years before I was born. Some books are a well-documented account. But unfortunately not many. I have never said. I know everything, A lot more than most, but certainly not  everybody. If I don't Know it you are assured. I know someone who does know it. 

 A vision of true reality  Wigan casino  

How relevant is this website. In todays Northern soul scene

A thought to end this page

   Even with the passing of time. There is without doubt enough interest.  To keep the Wigan casino content active and accurate. Myself I cant see it continuing. Past the living generation who had the Wigan casino era. Times change the way people are socially involved. I can see all the ex-members we had no sleep. But went to work no problem. I very much doubt it would be the same now. I have gone to work physically exhausted. So tired mistakes very nearly happened. As being a bricklayer, I worked on scaffolding, we erected the scaffolding ourdelf. Overloaded it to the hilt, the equipment was nothing as good. You got on it and safety wasn't a issue.

   The regulars of Wigan casino, didn't see danger. In quite the same way as today. It was always their. But worry when it happened not if it was going to. It was more live for the moment, things that happened. You tackled when not if. Today is far more doom and gloom. Which makes life a much more unhappy time. It might of had less technology. But the 70's had much more smiles and laughing.  What northern soul needs is happiness, and trust back in it. There as been a long time. Of bad ass mother fu****s entering the scene. Once the crap is in it was  hard to get out again. There are elements still around. But last night Keele was a happy allnighter. It was such a friendly event.

   It might be 2015, but at Keele university last night it was like a place time avoided to progress. None of the aggression and stressed feeling. That as become there throughout the night. Not anyless beer being drunk. It was a very warm night so a cool beer came in welcome. The dancefloor had a constant amount on it. No big number leaving at the 4 to 5 am period. The night lost no crowd interest alnight long. I was talking to a person from Middlesbrough. So distance is still no barrier to a decent allnighter. The class of 72, "Torch reunion" Will of got a lot of interest last night. Chris Burton never left alnight. A clear sign of his  integrity to stay once the crowd is in. No ass in his car and gone but. But makes himself available to the crowd. To see a man of Chris Burton's outstanding history. Enjoying a northern soul event like it was his 2 nd or 3rd. Is inspiration to us all, it was a pleasuree  to  see.


   My intention over the 30+ years. Which I have been active with online publishing. Since I first used a ftp client to publish. To sbi-internet, shortly after that Namesco, Fasthosts. i have never changed due to bad mangement. I had no choice but to switch to fasthost's as it was the only .net servers. To handle the site bandwidth and aspx "runat=server" code behind. I never want to create another monster like it became a victim of. It's own success at a time casino was a wanted item. If you had a ranked domain. With the dns servers with casino as the meta value . Through it in the bin 

 A lot of things are true, not a myth

   Denying it makes you a liar. Not makes them vanish so they did not take place. In almost all instances it was youthful ignorance.  An explanation, is better than a lie. Nobody gets hung for being honest.  Is 100% crap, if you need your identity kept secret. Just say this and your identity is removed. Every trace of you ID will be removed. Onething is certain. The law as altered. To now make it an offence to pass your details on to anybody. Without your permission. If your grassed up these days. It constitutes passing your personal details.

   Which under the European personal protection laws. It is an offence to forward any personal details to a 3rd party. Without you giving your permission. The same as if you give a blood or urine specimen to a dr or hospital. To check you ain't got a dose of. The gate hangs well and the laboratory notice. A host of chemicals you accidentally swallowed at a party. You haven't given him permission. To test for the drugs he found. But under an EU directive he only as the right. To test for things you explicitly give him permission to test for. Don't get over excited yet.

   The UK legal system. As a tendency to amend any loopholes in UK mandates. So it is adapted to their advantage, not yours. As when it comes to public opinion. If you are breaking the law, you won't get any public support. Even with a list of offences and 2 prison sentences. I wholeheartedly support maintaining the UK legal system. It is for certain biased and unfair. But anarchy is a theoretical good thing. Yet in reality, a thing that belongs to a film set. I have no sympathy for people who boast. They will beat the system. Onething is certain you won't. The system is never defeated by you. Or anybody else. When I was 20, I was the typical young man.

    Going to change the way the world revolved. The CID knew you might as well give up now. Of course, you had no intention of surrendering. I listened to the CID few hours later you were back in Winson green. The protest's over the death of Barry Prosser. I remember 1 of the A category. Climbed the razor wire fence. Up the down pipe. Onto the roof and through every slate off. A screw told me what is the point. They won't let you go sooner or later, Mickey. Will have to come down. He'll get ghosted to Long Lartin, Gartree, Parkhurst, A lot more on the long sentence he's doing. No better off, I heard the other side. It was a point of principal. Compared to the rest of A cat prisoners 15 years and above. They explained Short term it's not worth protesting like the life or over 15 years. This is all we have for a very long time.

   We have to make an issue to prevent it happening again. It was the first time I understood. The IRA terrorist's reason's. The way prison was us and them. No bridge would ever be built between the 2.  At times, prison isn't punishment   it  is  an  introduction  to  life.  When  a  man  is  prepared  to harm himself. To that degree to make is future life safe.  Bank  robber,  terrorist,  whatever crime  he's  committed.  Is  excused  for  a  time,  and  they  get  my  respect.  The  only  lesson  prison  taught  me.  Was  terrorism  was  better  understood  not  excused.  Killing  innocent  people  in  the  Birmingham  pub  bombing's.  As no  excuse for  doing  it.  But  how  all  long-term  prisoners  are  treated  in  prison isn't  humane.

   There will never be a time in UK law. That will permit the use of Amphetamines, That I'm affraid is the way it should be. In the 70's I tirelessly gave my views on legallizing recriational use of Amphetamines. If you attended Wigan casino in 75 you would of known why. After the 74 missuse of drugs act. Started to take effect on the supply chain. The first think to make a big impact. Was methamphetamine, or pink champagne the more commonly used name.

   Like all backstreet produced Amphetamines. They seem to be produced in a rush. All BMI rules are not taken into account. At the tine the £2 wraps kept consistant. It tasted like eating a tube of Germolene. I don't think meth killed anybody at Wigan casino. It was much later that the backstreet surge came. I think a lot of the big problems developed. As almost the entire casino membership. Had never had any contact with the drug culture, Most where bought up in the 60's peace and love. I unfortunately have no recollection, Of ever knowing anybody resembling Brian. Off the magic roundabout. US army in Vietnam maybe.

   Life in the 60's and most the 70's.Was nothing like 2015 at all. You expected nothing, a lot of the time you got less. If you wanted it you got off your ass and got it. You could sit their demanding people bring you things. As long as had a hole in your ass. Nothing got as far as you after a time you got it yourself it was the only way it got there. I'm often walking down a street. You hear children demsnding get me this or that. I often think if I had spoken to my parents like that. My dad would of hit me so hard. These days the lack of respect appauls me

   I was always bought up to think. Your parents are very precious so you offer them respect. This country as not maintained our values like it should of. We have sunk to 3rd world values. We are English full of pride for our country. We are left with shame not pride inside us. What we should of done is maintained our pride in our country. Immagrants are here to intergrate into our country. If not don't come into our country. If you want to live by the rules of your homeland. The best place to be is in your homeland. When you come here the sign says you are now in the UK. UK law is the law of this country. It as no exceptions or leanient chapters. Violate it you pay our price. Reguardless of who you think you are.

   Our country our rules. No racism in it. The same rule for everybody class, colour, religion. In our country you live by our law. If you want to live by different rules. No problem go and live in the country that made them. As a sign of our support we will provide transport there free. This country is multi race not racist in anyway. We let you in Britain to be Brittish. The least you are asked to do is abide to our rules. Not bring your rules and ask us to abide to them

   Thank you for visiting. The site is updated regularly. New content and features added weekly. If you think. An idea you have would enhance the site, For other users. Please contact me, with your idea.  If it is an idea possible to add. I will add it. Your name put as    creator, so visitors are aware it wasn't me. I didn't build a website to make money. The reason it's free, it's a website that as. Nobody else saying what I put on here. People have visited my websites. Called me a liar   saying things  to  attract visitors.  It  was  just them  envious. I  had a far better web audience than them.  People  always  refer  to  me  as  some  kind  of  idiot.  Offering  to  show  me  how  to  do  this or  that.  They  have  had  a  computer  a  few  years.  But  know  more  than  Irwin  Dumbwash.  I learnt  ,html in  1986.  Since  I  have  built  websites incorporating  aspx,  xml,  sql, php, to  list  a few.  Nobody  knows  everything,  so  if  it  is  something of  value I always listen. 

this site continues in 2016. Onward and upward we hope 

   Again in October 2015, "class of 72" Rose way above all other events so far this year. To be the day the earth stopped spinning. While a group of northern soul people. Had a day in Nivarna. By the time Dave Evison started is set. It seemed it. Was impossible to get any better. Which was a bad assumption to make. As 1 good 2 fairly good records. As no association with Dave's set. As 1 unplayed excellent record. Is followed by another, my legs did not stop for the entire set. He has always had a knack. When exhaustion takes over. Of making it vanish, so that you feel. You have had a transplanted body of a 17 year old.

   Energy included over 40 years later. Dave still gives me inspiration. To keep going when the legs are like lead . Very few can or have the ability to achieved this. Dane does it every time. A standard others ain't going to reach this standard. It came from his long vsried past. Which always had northern soul connections. Even if it was only in his mind. It remained actively ongoing.

   This type of event always will put Dave. Head and shoulders above. The rest as he was a Torch regular. Who would remember the records that got played a few times yet had a great effect on dancers. Which gets him full dancefloors every appearance he does. A very important attribute of class of 72. A even bigger required part of northern soul. As simply there isn't a dj appearing as regulsr with his outstanding class.


thank you for visiting, hope you call again. Sam