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Parents look of horror

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     I look back to the 80's. Thinking one page won't ever justify the massive amount of content it held. The number of very big groups. Is a formidable list for certain. Around 83/ 84, the whole country was Frankie goes to something madness. Culture club lead by headline-making boy George. Both George and Holly Johnson of Frankie could actually sing. Both singers had also announced they were gay. It was a time sexual preference had no value in society anymore. The 60's had many sceptical men who had never confirmed being gay. But the 80's made it acceptable to have your real sexual preference attached. The 80's was the turning point for openess and tolerence on sexuality. I can't seem to remember being gay was an issue in the punk rock era of 76 to 79. But in the mid 80's. Amongst the makeup wearing males it was less outrageous and easier to understand. The London club scene at the time was tailor made for anything and everything content. With Camden palace and the Batcave in Caraby street. Having no stringent dress code like many 70's clubs. The 80's was what the UK required. After the conflicts in the 60's with Mods and Rockers closing down bank holidays by the sea. Turning popular locations into battlefields most bank holidays. The 70's started with the very violent UK fashion of Skinheads that made anywhere even local locations. Having a chance of large scale turf wars as specific points you lived was important. 1 estate would catch another at low strength and beat the hell out of those present. The day after a war party would be assembled. Set out to seek revenge. No estate or area in the Kidderminster area. Could have claimed it dominated the whole town. That was from memory. I didn't live on an estate but in st Johns street. Which had the King Billy pub at the top run by Tony Richardson. The pub most of the names of Skinhead's feared drank there Alfie Kimber, Bri Little, Dougie Marshall, Steve Steadman.. I think where regulars in the Billy. Bri Little's Lambretta made him the local hero. Has it had the most mirrors, crash bars, backrest, tourquise colour. If my memory is correct.  

Nothing prepared parents for punk rock

     When punk rock headlined around 76 or 77. The famous Bill Grundy incident. My dad was livid not about swearing on TV. But the reluctance of anybody to go over and hit Bill Grundy. If they are willing to listen to that off that letch. They are a bunch of wan***s go on Sid smack him. There you go easily to swear at him, not one of them man enough. To give him a good kicking thou. People would have taken notice if they had broken his jaw. All I saw was a bunch of so-called punk's  being had over by a pompous git. If you came here and hadn't hit him. I would of hit you, they won't shock anybody. The next day the UK media had a field day. That's the only people they will shock. People who only shag their wife with the lights off. Punk rock was exactly the same as a host of other things. You never lived in it. You won't ever visualise the true concept attached to it. Now people boast I'd of done that. Not a big deal is it. In today's, low standards children brought up. Only hearing four-letter talk off parents. You wouldn't leave a mongrel dog with. Its safe to assume the children won't need any kind of class other than what. The council estate they are trapped in. Parents unaware of how the actions they force on the children. Will hang around their necks for the entire length of their schooling. The education department, school teachers, board of governors, even the biggest instigators of branding parent groups. Will all dismiss a child's claim of being victimised. Yet English education as a higher level of appar tied than Capetown.  

        That is such a burden to place on a child. When it is easily rectified