Martin Renshaw RIP

 This page is not for an item for sale. Or any type of selling. It is a place to remember Mart. I would hope over time. Every person who met Mart if only once will sign as a sign of respect for Martin Renshaw. Who sadly lost his fight with cancer on the 11th of March 2018. At his home in Mill Street Kidderminster. A sad loss to society and the population of the world 

Martin Renshaw had been a close personal friend of mine. For over 50 years. Any kind of stupidity on here. The website will take it as a personal attack on it

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This page is a place for anybody who'd like. To remember Martin Renshaw RIP

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In fond memory of my friend, Martin Renshaw

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John Cooper Clarke, the same sort of humour as Mart had "dry northern"

My recollection of Martin

The introduction, when we met 

I still remember the day we met. It would have been around 1971, as I still lived in St Johns Street. We moved from that address sometime in 1971. Mart knocked on the door when I answered. He explained who he was and needed a favour. I remarked I thought you were out of circulation. He said “no I’m not there anymore”, the only problem is. They don’t know I’m not there anymore. I just nodded my head and said, “I see”. At which point we headed to the shop. He was starving hungry having no food or money. This started a friendship that lasted right upto the day he died. Over the years we have done some thins frowned upon by society. But excused by our shared ideals for life. These ideals that where one attribute giving us the reason. To be such good friends a reason I will miss Mart until the day I die. Friends come and go good friends stay in your mind for life. Some of our best times were at Wigan Casino or any number of venues. Northern Soul staged back in its 1970’s heyday.      We went weekly to a varied number of all-nighters, all-dayers, or just a soul night in the week. We both loved dancing the highlight of our week was dancing the night away. Inside the immense space of Wigan Casino. We had been to Wigan Casino, Nottingham Palais, St Ives, Yate, plus a lot more. I was with Mart the day Larcarno door staff took a dim view of my activity. I  don't think Mart was too impressed if I'm honest. We never condemned eachother in public. He had a carefree couldn't careless appearance. Yet in a lot of his thoughts  he kept private.

His real love, dacing at all-nighters

      The number of northern soul events we attended together was quite impressive in number. But an exact amount we never kept at that time tomorrow was a long way off. At that time it always seemed uncertain you'd get there. The first time I remember him at Wigan Casino his brothers Russel and Phil came as well. Phil was a firm believer in why have a little. When it's so much better if you have a lot. There must have been some kind of moral to this as Phil seemed to have danced the whole night. On the coach in the morning, I turned to ask what bas***d was spitting. To realise Phil had thew up down my back. i  went to school with Phil, one thing we were not about to start was falling out over puking on me. Got to the services and threw my Jumper in the bin. End of the matter nothing else said. He used to make me smile at school it didn't matter who it was Phil was so laid back he did it in his relaxed way. A massive Trex and Mark Bolan fanatic. Slade was the top band at the time. Phil never altered his mind for anybody. I had a lot of respect for Phil. When Mart and I met in the town it was unexpected but he told me Phil had gone through a heart attack. That really upset me he was well liked never a bad word for anybody. Mart also told me he was diagnosed with Cancer. We had been friends through a lot of bad times so we concentrated on things he wanted to do. Just before Christmas, we went to the Harriers for a soul night. It gave him one hell of a boast to go out and feel he still belonged. Susie Jones took a photo of Mart & Colin Spaull. If Michael Angelo had painted it wouldn't have been worth any more to him? We planned other soul events he desperately wanted to go to one last all-nighter. Which sadly we never went to, but I still have the years when we were young to look back on. One weekend we went to the oldies Friday stopped at his gran's on a Saturday. Back to the Casino Saturday night. Somebody he knew was going to Shrewsbury Tiffanies all-dayer would give us a left but live in the Manchester area so couldn't give us a left after. Got to be somebody going our way got money bung them the petrol money. So we decided to go nobody was interested in our petrol money offer. Some asshole Carrot cruncher knicked my new leather bomber jacket. The road to Bridgnorth had no lights we nearly got run over twice. It was 5 am when we got to Bridgnorth. Knicked 2 bottles of milk off a doorstep for some reason Mart left them a £1 at that time Milk was about 20p a pint. I reached home 7.50 am. Just as I went in the door my dad caught me get changed for work hurry up I'll wait. My dad was  a long way  from idle. He couldn't bear to see people hanging around  doing nothing. At 12 years old I got up at 4 am did a job got home 8.30 am washed changed and straight to school. I was late 5 times a week. Eventually they assigned prefects to wait at the gate for me. A thing that had always annoyed me was ass lickers. Grass on anybody to creep to teachers. I still see there horrible faces waiting at the gate. What is your name Mickey Mouse? No, it is not we know your name if you ass licking virgins know it why ask me. You grassing bas****s will get whats due sooner or later. 

70's Skinhead tribal & violent

      The 1970's was a decade full of activity of very different types. It's only when you're grown up and start reflecting. How diverse and unconnected the teenage fashions of the 70's. Actually were ranging from the extremely violent times associated with the first 70's cult fashion Skinheads. On the theme of shaved heads, Doc Marten boots, & faded to almost white Skinner jeans. The cult changed UK youth into tribal gangs of marauding teenagers. Seeking violent confrontation with any other gang who dared go into there area. Martin was unfortunately tall and confident along with being one of the oldest in our gang. Made him the first choice to be at the front, with the backup of the rest behind him. If the battle started to look like a lost cause. Martin's backup got further and further from him eventually close to defeat. The rest had retreated to the safest distance from the war zone. Leaving Mart single-handedly to keep our reputation in good esteem. While the safety backup soldiers were behind him, quite a long way behind him. Mart had all my respect he never knew the word surrender existed no matter how much of a beating he'd taken.I have never seen him cry or accept defeat. His normal response was I should have done that c**t with ginger hair when I had the chance. Bet you he won't be so lucky next time  

1976/79 Punk Rock era

      When violent changed to rebellion, just over halfway into the decade. To be honest, punk had no big impact on Mart, his brother Phil had been waiting for just that sort of stage to perform on. Around the Punk era was when Mart had an argument with his parents who gave him the Red Card. By this time Mart was that regular at my house. My parents both liked Mart so offered him a bed until he got sorted. I asked at work if they had taken a new hod carrier on. They had not so plastering changed to bricklaying and Mart fitted the post well. He used to cringe when I was getting my weekly warning for being absent Monday. Stand on me I'll be here next Monday. At the end of some all-dayer, I'd be with another girl. Tell them I'm sick see you Tuesday. Monday night I'd be home and all meet up at Franche community centre. I quite often had a new top record as security. The week after they paid what they owed and got the record back. Except 2 I left in the Ritz, 1 on the wall in Station Road, and 1 I have no idea where I left it. Mart seemed to always like my girlfriends. Mandi a girl from Leicester he adored. Kim and Del the same he stopped friends longer than me. Ruth the jock Mart thought was wasted on me. I saw Ruth once a week at Wigan. I'd meet her outside and never got any nearer getting in. Getting back to punk rock Mart and I saw Slaughter and the dogs and the Damned at the Casino. He was certainly not just Northern Soul, I think Phil had his best night when Gloria Jones played Wigan Casino. Mark Bolan was her boyfriend at the time. Her drummer is Mickey Fin the drummer from Trex. I agreed to make Phil happy but I had no real idea. Same as when he spotted Mark Bolan. I did hear Mark Bolan was with Gloria Jones, it wasn't too far off the fatal crash that killed them both. The drummer in Gloria Jones band looked the same as in Trex. The papers had headlines and photo's Bolan & Jones together on the train after Gloria Jones concert at Wigan Casino. If Bolan was seen who knows. He was in a certain Renshaw mind

Northern Soul content

      I wouldn't even hazard a guess at the number of all-nighters and all-dayers we attended. Wigan Casino a lot, at one time a bunch of muggers where turning members over. Mart noticed a likely group I waited in suicide alley. Mart went up the alley alone, they followed. They were following him until I jumped out and gave the nearest one a smack in the jaw the other 2 never put up any resistance. We just beat the crap out of them and left them in the alley. Mart always loved Mr M's Fred from Wigan was a good friend. If he'd been well enough I'd have taken him to Wigan to meet up with Fred. We went to St Ive's quite a number of times in the oldies room. Black as a coalman's coat. See how daring we could leave a canister of brown & clears on the table. Nobody took a blind bit of notice of them. We had a box of Palfium amps one week just left on a bag on a table most the night. Chick was the only one who noticed do you want to sell me some. It was quite a different group on Skippy's coach even thou it was the Same Morgans coach with Len driving. I was 100% Wigan so was Mart the cleaner municipal building lacked the Casino atmosphere a concrete dancefloor was crap. In comparison to the Maple wood dancefloor at Wigan Casino. We went to Yate a few times once we ended up in Nottingham. I think I was with Mandi Evans at the time. So got on a coach after the oldies. To me Yate was very clicky, I had a lot of time for Chris Brick & Harry, Jethro liked Yate. To me it was Saturday night in Station Road, Sunday was best at the Ritz or Newcastle Tiffany's. The heyday of Northern Soul was in the north. I didn't like Cleethorpes but respected the peir crowd more than Yate or St Ive's.

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Remeeting by chance

      It had been several years since I'd seen Mart. i was on a 2nd Cscs course for some reason I failed to show up for the exam. I saw no reason to do the whole course again. I worked at GMK my brother's scaffolding company. I heard the rules daily so was more up to date than them in some respects. One lunch break I went into town to a new tool shop to see the offers. The reason to get a lump hammer. I came out the shop and sat on a bench was Mart Renshaw. I was already on a warning for being late, not that cut much ice? Been kicked off better ships than there's. After I'd explained this to Mart, I promised to call later. I had to walk past his flat on my way home. So around 4.35 I knocked his flat door. It was some time since we'd talked so a lot to catch up on. We'd always been able to talk for long periods of time. That aspect had been kept the same value. Yet a new attribute was added. Called summary of the past 10 years in a few minutes. It will never be easy to accept Mart is no longer on Earth. I'll never refrain to Mart being dead it's too final. I passionately beleive in the Jewish belief of the 2nd coming. When mankind lost will rise again from the foothills of mount Sinia. The reason wealthy people from the Jewish religion. Buy burial plots in the area they believe the 2nd coming will start from. I would have thought burials where quite far from the actual place by now. It might not still be in the country that mount Sinia is in. But it will happen yet not only for Jews. All faiths pray to a single god who doesn't distinguish people by a label. So each religion will walk side by side at the 2nd coming to signify the way life will be. No longer will religion be the cause of war, suicide bombing, or sectarian killing those old enough to remember the Northern Ireland troubles. I have no real knowledge of the troubles so wont comment on them 

A final farewell to Martin

       The 25th of August 2018 can go down in history as an s*** time. Early afternoon I joined Martins mother, sister, sons, Karen, and a group of his close friends on the banks of the river Severn at Trimmperly to say farewell to Martin in the only way he would leave this world. With his striking blonde hair, Mart was convinced for quite some years. He was from Viking parentage Kelvin and Brenda never looked ringers for Vikings. That had very little sway with Martin he was a Viking warrior no doubt in his mind. The only thing lacking was the sword in his hand. As Martin's remains sailed into the distance in a true Viking farewell. I hope Martin has taken his seat in Val allay with other great Viking warriors. I'd like to thank Karen, Andrea, Brenda, and anybody else who had input in making today a significant event for Martin. He will remain in my memories for the rest of my life. Oneday we will reunite to be the happy go lucky pair we once were