Best feeling ever

 Good times

      It's never wrong to reflect on good times. They will remain good  for evermore. It's got to the stage people are feeling guilty they had them. Yet there are as many good things now as then. But the era is different that's all. A majority of the things in the 70's and 80's wouldn't get any interest in 2019 the same way at all. The internet as made such a difference. To the way entertainment is open to the general public. Even when you're not actually there. It  might be available as a live broadcast streamed online. Never going to match attending maybe. But when it's the other side the world. As well as being sold out. If the artists , you're a big fan of. Any platform that enables you to watch it. Must be welcome I'd have thought. Live concerts now can be viewed with great clarity in the sound and vision.  The speed of modern servers makes it constant no breaks. To buffer the feed like the 56k modem phone line days. It as got so far advanced with x64 systems. The HD graphics now together with Dolby sound. It's beyond  anybodies wildest dreams. Not all that long ago really. The 80's might feel a very long time ago. To people born this millenium. But to old gits like me it's not for certain.

Location specific

      A majority of the content, will be relavant. A bit of thought might b be required that's all. I've lived in so many places, yet still view the West Midlands as home. It makes little difference where you live. You still feel comfortable in one place. I've lived in places I knew nobody with no relatives either. It takes a short time to you feel trapped. I've got good memories from a lot of places. A vast majority are local or south of here. Crewe being the exception I had very happy times in Crewe

Places are of that time

      I've  always been impulsive, if it feels good do it. I'm the first to admit act in haste. Regret at your  own liesure. Yes over time  I've made lots of monumental balls ups. But the man who as made no mistakes. Hasn't made anything on impulse. Which for certain isn't me, if I hadn't used impulse descisions I would have saved so much bad things. But at the time it didn't look that way. Or I wouldn't have made the choice, I never look back and regret. Just look forward with happiness learn by your mistakes. I never make the same mistake twice. But I never regret the mistakes either. They where a gamble that could have gone eitherway. Not every impulsive decision turned out bad. A lot went well so I still act on impulse. Yes at times some still end up bad. But the ones that turn out good. Make it worth the gamble. 

Steve Strange

      The first time I met Steve. Was in Mr M's the oldies room at Wigan Casino. People had no idea how to take him. He fasinated me his hair style was about 10 years ahead of the time. A pair of bid and brace blue shorts. His sailor-boy outfit he informed later. Regulars of Mr M's for some unknown reason thought I was talking to him to warn him about how he was dressed. All I said was anybody with the guts to walk in Wigan dressed like that. As got a lot of bottle. All he said was do you like it? I replied it suits you great but it's not going to suit me is it. He seemed surprised I had an opinion. Yet Steve Harrington was just a Welsh lad to me. I had about 6 people I knew from South Wales already. They told me he was sound. Just 25 years ahead of the time. It was all I needed to know. The Welsh lads I knew said he was sound.

      After Wigan Casino closed the next time I bumped into Steve was in Camden. I was working in Drummond Crescent at the side of Euston Station. I was going to a La Coste shop in Canden. As I walked up the road I heard hello stranger it was Steve who told me he was renovating a club. Which became Camden Palace. I had some brilliant nights in Camden Palace. He said he was working on a music project. He seemed excited about the way his life was going. I said fair play to you Steve it's what you wanted. The first time I went to Camden Palace. I joked and said great venue for an allnighter. Hardly the sort of audience its aimed at Sam 

Welcome to Sam's, UK music and cult fashion website

Getting the content logically

      In 1984 there was none of this hirachical tiered content. You didn't need to know proper punctuation placing either. The visitors who read it did it in the way it was intended. Making it correct isn't going to rid the immense amount of pure  crap published in 2019. Instead of targeting minor importance publishers like me get the blatant rubbish published. Taken down at the very start there where codes of practice not law but publishers wouldn't publish crap. The original information superhighway seems to have lost it's value. With a large majority now online is blatant crap. Even reputable publishers  have let the standard slip thinking half crap half reality drew visitors in. The immense amount of rubbish published now. Will need adressing sooner better than later. The internet  was never foreseen as a place to build fictishous history about yourself. It's rapidly   turning into a perverts playground. Escapism for the types who should be locked away. For the safety of thers.

      Onething I refuse to become is any type of preacher. I've made mistakes the man who hasn't, has not made anything. This is my private domain where the content his mine. Well within reason and not to cause harm to anybody. In a way just how life should be lived to the max. But without harming or dictating to others. Every humane is different, if you take an objective view. Not relient on race, religion, but on circumstance. A vast majority of life is beyond our own control. Either directed towards it and felt no choice. If you do it or not, you do it out of respect or fear. Which generally means exactly the samething? But is done for the benefit of the reader. This entire website was created for anybody free. Race, religion, class are not asked about. As it is of little importance to me. Certainly in 2019 does the meths of days gone still hold value. Its like getting back into terrace warfare of the Skinhead 70's era. I've changed the direction of the website. Not to move away from Northern Soul at all. But a majority of Northern Soul input isn't certain or true. So broadening the input leaves far wider scope. For introducing new subjects on more topics of interest for visitors.

      Northern Soul will remain the default theme has before. But branching out to another big thing for me live concerts. Having started looking at concerts taking the limelight in the UK. A lot are newer acts of today. But a wide ranging under current of major concerts still rely on big names. Like the Rolling Stones. Unfortunately a lot of major acts. Like the Beatles and Queen have lost original members. When a replacment is bought in, they never seem to maintain the original feel. When local super group Led Zeppilin lost John Bonham. Even when replacing him with his son Jason it never seemed right. Robert Plant is a genuine straight talking type. Who never talks like the super star  he is. When I last spoke to him, I felt how privledged I was talking to him. Yet he made me feel no different to him. Even remarked on my great sense of humour. I will admit Robert Plant was nothing like people told me he was. Normal very generous who hated people who treat him like an expected person to pay.

      It's quite refreshing to have a broader list of options. Having a single subject makes adding new things very restricted. A bit of anything is far better than a lot of onething. Especially when the onething doesn't have daily dailey updates. Things of interest are almost entirely covered in a paragraph once a month. It leaves visitors without a reason to return for 2 months. Hopefully I can introduce new subjects that can be updated or expanded. Far more regularly and give visitors a reason to return regilarly. I've just had an operation for Hernia repair. Before it I'd felt quite sick so lost all motivation to go toanything. Which in turn meant losing the general feel at events. Gossip was always a very good source to create interest from. I hope by the summer to have recovered enough to start being actively involved again. I.'m getting very bored doing nothing after being very active. There are a lot worse off than me so I shouldn't complain. But everybody always ignores the rest and sees themself. Maybe it's time to stop the lathargic content. Get a happier atmosphere started. If one person makes an effort to alter the crap created. Certainly by the law of averages. Some other people will see the benefit and join?

My Youtube channel, free source of music.

    I'm not one  who blows there own trumpet. OK I am but if its something for nothing. Why not the option to continue is not taken away from you. A big majority are Northern Soul, but a few wild tracks are likely to pop up.

Generally unchanged

     Maybe on a first impression the website changed. But nothing as been radically sltered. I've got no major changes in mind for the future. I've kept the original without ever changing this from 1984. Name the other early published websites that can state it the same. Many have grown into massive corperte fiscal ventures. That employ hundreds or even thousands needed to keep it going each day. I had a chance to go into a commercial type of site at one time. When I was no1 ranked for Casino content. This got attention from corperate gambling ventures interested in the Casino ranking. However Wigan Casino was the meta tag but still earned 6 figure offers. Being called was my main reason to decline every offer. Maybe that was a mistake and I should have sold it. But I don't think of it that way at all. Just me at risk of some big losing gambler maybe take the chance. But I've got an elderly mother and 4 brothers no amount of money would justify placing at risk.

      So in my way of thinking better safe than sorry. Plus there isn't enough money in the world. To prevent me not blowing the lot in a week. What you've never had you certainly won't ever miss. My family are worth far more than money ever will be to me

Images, as reminders

      I regularly use images this is almost entirely. To prompt a reaction in your subconsious memory a not so instant part of memory. Often needing something to jog a reaction. Images are great for this purpose. An image replaces a 1000 words. They also have muttually exclusive views to every person who see them. When people look at images. They are very time reliant when it shows an event they attended, it takes the viewer to things a lot not included on the image but happened around the same time. This is the default reason for including so many images. Often no association at all to one person. Yet gives another person very much more value. With this in mind I hope visitors excuse the use of a large number of unrelated posted images. They are often more value to other viewers.

Or is this far to ambistious

      It's never out of possible solutions to get our once great nation. Back from the edge of being totally ruined. By the invasion of other nations strange ideas. That besides the fact if the would make the UK a far better nation why haven't they made the country of origin richer than 3rd world poverty. Needing IMF charitable handouts to exist. In the realistic fiscal crporate international trading markets like Dow Jones, Heng Seng, or other world trading market. The theoretical idea had been tried shortly after getting independance a long time ago, proved as successful as the independence idea. So the UK passports a unuasual request from Pakistanni freedom fighters. Sick and tired of being held back by being members of the British Empire. Harmed with the fought for independant nation status. Used by the governing political parties to show the world. Just how right they had been wanting the British Empire out of there country. This of course was propaganda to reassure the public it's going great. While giving this false impression at the front of the building. The countries banks and other financial advisers. Had taken buckets, wheel barrows, or any sort of receptable capable of holding UK  financial support. Which after independence had to be greatly increased. These big financial payments where needed  to stop the Asian economy from going bankrupt after being aelf governed. This total inability to be self governed without British Empire financial support. As lead to mass immagration to places in the UK like Liecester and Bradford where both places have a majority Asian popilation. Brsinwashed on the idea this occupied area was needed to give Halal. A platform to preach the Muslim religion ideas to non Muslim areas. They had to sacrifice the luxury created in the Muslim state behind.

      Having to suffer the widespread poverty of a majority white Christian nation. Was punishmant they would have to bare. After being forced to live in object poverty of a Christian governed nation. Void of Muslim law but this was the high price they have to pay. Find something else to attend now stoning was off Friday activities

Nothing like portrayed

Mods & Rockers

      A good example of a UK cult fashion. Was the Mods & Rockers fashion of the late 50's early 60's. I grew up at a time when cult fashion influenced the entire UK youth. It felt almost expected to be a member of one  gang or the other.  Current popular music trends always seemed to be an important part. This is yet another aspect changed in UK life. Today people seem to rely on individual choice. Than mass cult status of fashions like Mods & Rockers. When entire Seaside resorts became battle fields every Bank holiday. When massive groups of teenagers all descended on Seaside towns. Dressed in the fashion of choice. Then continued to wage pitched battles on the streets. Until the end of the Bank holiday. Bringing a lot of widespread desruption to the resort and scarring most normal visitors. Enough  to abandon there Bank holiday trip to the Seaside. This left resort traders losing the big Bank holiday trade. Which many traders needed to stay in business. This type of Bank holiday mayhem was never exclusive to Mods & Rockers. Skinheads probably the most violent fashion ever. Had a fearsome reputation for Bank holiday battles. The same as Punk Rockers and several other cult fashions. As recently as the 1990's saw Bank holiday violence in the south coast resort of Brighton. For some unexplained reason Blackpool has always attracted opposite factions which often means battles are always liable to kick off. At any time of the year Bank holiday or not 

The mid 80's London

The Batcave freedom

      Everything the younger generation enjoys doing. For some unknown reason gets shown in a bad context. The Batcave was around the New Romantic era, extreme was normal. The Batcave just gave an arena for people to perform in. It was time reliant another time it wouldn't have been as good. The music created the atmosphere and feeling. But Heaven on Thursday seemed to have a good atmosphere. Live acts always sounded great. With the audio sound Heaven had. But you couldn't take the unique feeling the Batcave had.  Away it could well have been a meeting of a lot of extroverts. But the music was only played there, the crowd was almost the same each week. Opposites attract was the order of the day. I'm not gay but a section of the regulars was openly gay. But if I was at the bar or sat down and a gay man sat next to me. I talked to them the same as anybody else. The Batcave had an atmosphere that made you not bothered about things society dictated you have to be bothered about. It was an atmosphere where you could be whatever you wanted to be. Nobody went to be judgemental over anybody else. That was the unique thing the Batcave had. Be what you wanted nobody was going to pass judgement on anybody else. London in the mid-'80s. Was the city of New Romantic cult fashion.  It was very much your own interpretation of looks. It seemed like no standard set dress-code existed whatever you felt comfortable wearing was fine.

      With the open dress-code, it was a fantastic time for people with the imagination to show off there designs.

       I've always looked back to the mid 80's in London. As some of thr best days of my life. Everything seemed to be going well after a few years of nothing but crap. I first lived in Kennington by the Oval test match Cricket ground. But neighbours complained about my New years party. Still continuing in March. I don't think it was the party itself. But the abruptness of my guests. I took exception to snotty neighbours telling me my guests where hardly the type the area wanted. So when they complained, I got moved to Highbury London n5. Had to knock the party on the head. It was the first Christmas I'd had for a few years. But all good things come to an end. I welcomed the move I went to every game Arsenal had. Look out my bedroom window at the Clock end. I could leave my flat at 5 to 3 and be in the North-bank for kick off. I'd lived in Highbury Hill for about a week. I thought the man living opposite seemed familiar. My brother Greg said you know why? It's Martin Kemp out of Spandau Ballet. You'll see another Black xr3i, his brother Gary. Spandau Ballet where a top band at the time. In all fairness I spoke to Gary once by Highbury fields not expecting to get a reply to my surprise he said Hi.

      Highbury was a much friendlier place than Kennington. I would imagine the Kemp brothers where far richer than my neighbours in Kennington. But they never thought they had to talk down to people. The difference between having class and thinking you have. When I moved to Stoke Newington, Alison Moyet nearly ran me over.

Live in concert

Redesign time

      At this presant moment in time. I'm into a complete overhaul of my website. It's never a certain fact. Where it ends up at. If you hang around  long enough you'll find out? Any certainty vanished from my brain years before most visitors where conieved variable time. Born is a constant value. Same date every year I seem to recall. That's how I remember. I was around 9 the last time my brain was busy.

      This high IQ rubbish as never proved to be correct. My IQ has never risen above the - at the start. But it's never held me back? Mind it's never motivated any flourishing type of behaviour either. I'd been actively publishing websites for over a decade. Before the majority of UK citizens even heard about the online content being available. I still get offers to help me. So I'm not left in the world of technology without an idea what I'm trying to do. The day I need to rely on the idiots offering to help. I will hsve shut my head in a Ford Capri boot and lost the key to it.

      Does this early design look anything like a website yet? Probably premature time to ask that question. But if you never ask you never know. Yet even after asking it's far from sure  if the answer. Doesn't arrive by being digested by a Sarah desert Camel. Multiple times first. as Camel shit looks better presented almost all the time

Public image ltd

      Public Image ltd, made a couple of very successful appearences at Heaven. Front man John Lyndon, always looked well suited to Heaven. Ian Astbury, Southern Death Cult and Bernard Sumner New Order looked like they felt at home. With Heavens brilliant audio sound. It was never equalled anywhere else in my memory. Even the Royal Albert hall. Built to be good sounding never quite matched the sound quality in Heaven. I saw Bing Crosby, Siouxsie and the Banshee. Echo and the Bunnymen at the Albert hall. Even Robert Smith playing as a Banshee didn't bring it to Heaven's quality

A wide subject

      Music is a very broad subject. When it's undefined into a type. I've been very lucky and experienced numerous kinds. In both listening in clubs, at home, and live concert environment. When a chance came up. I'd go to any type of live music. I've never been a big fan of a number of types. But this never influenced the concerts I'd go to. Anything that I had a chance to go to I went. Made my mind up after not before. Some events I would have never considered going to. I did have a better time than I'[d of ever dreamed possible. For that reason alone my music taste grew wider. I will admit to going to a Wham concert. I'd always thought a teensge girls type of night out. The Bay City Rollers

No ambition in UK

      It's my honrst opinion the whole UK. As lost the hunger it once had plenty of. When I was a teenager. If you wanted anything. You didn't wait around for somebody else to get it for you. When I wanted money to do anything. I got off my ass and earned  it. From the age of 12 until I left school at 16. I got up at 4 am delivered milk until 8.30. Every day then went to school. The man I worked for was from Yorkshire Dewsbury. A very old school type of person.  If he told me to do something. I'd not heard so ignored it. I cot a punch in the ribs for not paying attention. I loaded 1200 bottles of milk from an artic trailer. Onto the milk float in 20 bottle crates. At times I'd have to stand on empty crates. To be able to reach the crates they where stacked higher than a 12 year old could reach. I delivered milk Christmas day, Boxing day and every other day. But my parents saw I worked for things I wanted. When I wanted to go to Wigan at 14 years old. It was greeted without any arguement. You have worked hard for the money. So we can't give any reason to stop you. Even after a neighbour tried to put the block on it. But got told when you get up at 4 am. As often as he does works then goes to school. I'll listen to you instead of Sam. But until that day arrives shut your mouth. He's my son not yours? So I say if he can go not you