History and origins of UK allnighters

   The Twisted wheel as always been. Labeled the birthplace of northern soul allnighter's. This as been a default value for 40+ years. The entire time I've been attending. To change this attribute association would be both wrong and cause outrage. From the northern soul community. Other clubs might have been active before the Twisted wheel opened in 1063. But the Tiles and the Scene where both in the south. Played soul music at all night events. But centred on the mod fashion.

   The name nothern soul was first used by. The late Dave Godlin in 1971 as he left the Twisted wheel. To highlight the difference between the uptempo dance beat soul popular in northern clubs. To the more melodic slower ballad type soul played in southern clubs.

the Twisted wheel, had 2 locations 1963   1st Brazenose street  then 1966 it moved  2nd Whitworth street,  Manchester 

     The time when the top 3 allnighters ran. The Twisted wheel (Manchester), the Golden Torch (Stoke), the casino (Wigan) Was nothing like the UK of 2014. The Twisted wheel was aimed at the mod fahion. Which was popular at the time throughout the country. With smart clothes and a love of USA soul music. The fashion was notorious for another attribute, The widespread use of pep pills. Which boosted the energy to enable the mod's to dance till dawn. The Twisted wheel was not the family type of night club. Local's in the area labeled it a dangerous place to go. The way local chemist's where regularly burgled. Each time the Twisted wheel ran a allnighter. Lead police to believe the contents. Where destined for the Twisted wheel's allnighter. Finally the allnighter lost it's license for breaching a local bye law. When it was just normal opening hours. It no longer made it worth traveling from all over the UK to the Manchester club. As it was no longer viable the Jewish owners. The Abadi brothers brothers closed the Whitworth street venue in 1971 

The Torch, Hose street, Tunstall,

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 

Sam's introduction to the scene

   Everybody who ever attended a northern soul event. Will look out over time at it and the memories remain for life. I first became interested in soul music when I heard the Motown story. Aged 11 or 12 the youth clubs at the time. Played mostly soul 60's orintated music. I was at a party with school friends. The usual parents out for the evening invite the school friends round. Try to be grown up drinking what you couldn't handle. Jumping into bed for a flash of pleasure. The party I was at, had a few mates of my brothers there. They knew me, at the time my reputation was he's as mad as a March hare. In reality it meant I had no fear. The amount of times I stood up to my dad. He just leveled me in a second, meant fear was replaced by stupidity. He was as hard as iron, so I had no chance at best. But 1 of my brothers mates said you like soul music Sam.

   Fancy coming to a soul night with us expecting me to say no. I said how much I've only got £3 . That's plenty don't worry you don't need anything other than to get in. I was giving it the big un, in reality I was in over my head. But couldn't back down now my reputation was at stake. I just walked in no nerves paid no problem about age. The other's where all over 18 must of made it look better for me. I felt releaved to be honest, once I climbed the stairs. I had never in my life been in a place so packed. It would of been fine if I was as tall and built like the rest. But I was so much smaller. People seemed to bump you out the way without noticing me. I started talking to a few people. They where friendly enough didn't seem bothered by my age or being  so much smaller. It was a great night. My parent's never knew where I was they thought I was camping out. So I had no problem there. I went twice more enough to give me the bug. I've been a regular ever since 74. Never lost the thrill for me, still love the feeling now aged 55 

northern soul's: history and origin

Website content, please read it now

    Page content and and intention, for user's who visit here.  Every word  on this website. Was added by me, it might be a reference to a trusted source. But it was added to the site by me. As I believe it to be true. If you use this website. It is with a understanding, the content is not verified as true. Only what my forty + years experience. Tells me is true, at times I'm wrong. I wasn't at the Twisted wheel or Torch. So I don't try to argue in things.  I never saw or was there to see.

a brief outline of the history

    It had very little to do. Withthe illegal activities at allnighters.  The 1974 missuse of drugs act. Had no real impact on supply or demand at Wigan casino. In my view it was a total waste of public money. I think it was a labour goverment at the 3 day week. Then a conservative succession. All it  was a show of goverment power. It wasn't going to tolerate mass law breaking. When northern soul was not in the public eye. But an underground cult fashion. Mods and rockers battled on sea fronts. The pep pills never got any great focus. It was known about at the Twisted wheel, The first drug enforcement agency. Was opened opposite the Twisted wheel. The chemist's being burgled. Always rose leading up to an allmighter at the wheel. The police had no evidence the 2 had any connection.

     But knew if the alnight entertainment licence. Needed to be revoked to stop the rise in crime every time the wheel staged an allnighter. The official record states the licence was revoked due to breaching a byelaw. That didn't permit a continual event from Saturday to Sunday. Without a break. The Jewish owners the Adabi brothers traded on to the March. But without the alnight licence, people would not travel from across the UK to the Manchester club. So the police never closed the wheel the Adabi brothers did. When it was no longer viable financially to continue it. As a northern soul club. With no alnight event licence.

    In 1972 the focus swithed to Hose street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent. When local cusinessman Chris Burton. Owned the Golden Torch which had been renovated to be a upper class night club. The Torch started off as a cinema. It first opened in 1963.  Complete with Marble pillars and chariots on the wall outside. It first opened to the public in 1965 centred on the mod fashion of the day. The first soul act wasn't on to 1967. Chris Burton was hesitant but gave it a try. When the Twisted wheel shut in 1971. Kieth Minsull approached Chris. With a view to holding northern soul allnighters