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Wigan casino was along the lines. Of all UK attributed assets. Very extreme in values. In this country. It's either too hot or freezing your orchestra stalls off. As Ester once pointed out not Ranzen unless she lives on Pineridge now as well. Having said that. The lookalike on Pineridge. Looks more like Esther than the real one

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      The morning after an all-nighter was. Always really bad, all over time to leax. You might only be going to a different venue. But it always gave a sinking feeling. Nothing combated the low point. Of Station Road in broad daylight. Never seemed to last long enough. I'd arrive at Friday oldies. Beat somebody locals flat alday Saturday. Back at the casino Saturday an alldayer Sunday. Still forgot things I was going to say

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Introduction & forward

Introduction to my website

      I first published a website in 1987. After real disgust at the media available. Titles like the real Wigan Casino was nothing like the Casino I went to it sounded like a train spotters convention. Who cares how big the letterbox was. The Casino dance until you die crowd. Couldn't see the letterbox as they walked past it. I only took notice of the carpet design. The night a girl thought it was snakes trying to get her. Getting on the wall that stops you falling off the balcony. Took a lot of assurance to get her off. I had numerous encounters with the base of the wall on Mr M's balcony. Yet never got my tape out to measure it. Who the hell went to Wigan with a theodolite and surveyors equipment to record it all. Wigan Casino in the early best years  was a full on activity. Nobody inside the Casino gave a toss what size the letterbox was or the pattern of the carpet. It was blacker than a coal-mans coat. So if your eyes could have seen it. The brain was in no condition\ to remember ever being in Wigan. We got in the Casino danced all night. By 8 am you were so dehydrated and exhausted it made you be sick. I haven't the remotest idea who started all the crap about. Letterboxes, carpets, skirting boards  or anythings else. A good chance it wasn't anybody there in the early days. Northern soul music was the one and only thing important enough to get discussed

Home is always special

      Please don't hold back with your derogatory comments. I've been called a liar, a dreamer to attract visitors to my website. To make me rich by blatant lies? There had never been a big amphetamine abuse problem at northern soul all-nighters. It was dreamt up to attract you here. If you send a receipt of charges, I will reimburse my total fee. I've still got quite an array of big names. I did it for free, so no endorsed events or people. Except for 2 people who are friends Russ Winstanley & Dave Evison. I've known Pep a long time, he deserves more respect than he ever got. The biggest laugh for me was the complete wan***s who called me a liar. Said it then crawled back under a rock. I'd attended more events at Wigan Casino than some who said I'm a liar.   I can get my attendance verified by known faces. After months of calling me a liar. A film called Northern Soul is released. It highlighted the mass drug abuse on the Northern Soul scene. The same wan***s who called me a liar. Suddenly did a U-turn. I always agreed on that, just about took the words out my mouth. It proved what a money orientated bunch of assholes run today's Northern Soul scene. There are very few I would trust at all. Almost all would sell friends to save themselves. This isn't the Northern Soul scene I spent many hours freezing on the M6 to create. In the mid 70's. The 70's had an unwritten code of practice. No real need to write it down in a rule book. Everybody inside knew the rules. Nobody had wanted to break the rules. It was not endorsed by the Casino club. Even if you broke the rules, Mrs Wood would still take the money and let you in. But the immense area the Casino covered. Had a grapevine that saw everything. If somebody had been busted (arrested) in Station Road or the coach park. News of it and a description of the DS had circulated the Casino before they were in the police car.  It had always been my assumption being no big organized large-scale drugs supplier in Wigan Casino. A vast majority had never been taken or supplied inside the Wigan boundary itself.  Manchester drugs unit located opposite the original Twisted Wheel club. Must have known almost every chemist burgled a percent would find it's way to Wigan Casino. Dependant addicts which in my honest opinion are the 1 committing a crime. That have justifiable mitigation without the dose of Heroin. They often would face a pain-ridden horrific death. I know the society do-gooders blame the individual for becoming dependent. Which is the major fault with these misguided set of people they got their knowledge in a classroom? Not from actual Heroin dependency. Which is nothing close to a description in a book? It's a big mistake in the UK legal system. The social workers who are assigned to Heroin-dependent people often have no experience of the trauma associated with withdrawal.  I have heard Wolverhampton social services have relaxed recruitment rules to allow ex-addicts

Wigan Casino, Website profile

      The first website I published, back in 1987. Was for the same reason I've continued to publish since. I've never claimed any of my websites are technological brilliance.  I've never considered all that glitter isn't needed. To make my point heard by a lot of people. The people it was intended to hear it anyway. This I'd proved when a website ranked in top search engine results. The internet publishing experts said it won't rank. Anywhere for Wigan Casino but will rank for the owner not taking advice from experts. You have to have the domain name that matches search criteria. I disagreed it's the website content quality of truth. At this time online content was yet to be massively read. Very few UK homes had computers or connect to the internet. The information superhighway was yet to be widespread in the public like today. No doubt it would be in my opinion. I'd read a vast number of all published articles on Wigan Casino. No offence intended, but it was the no1 teen fashion in the UK. Not a trainspotters convention looking any boxes of records did not give it the success. It came from the dancers on Wigan Casino's dancefloor. I've never really had a lot of time. To even bother responding to ridiculous claims no drug problem. Existed at Wigan Casino, taking into account. I had a long unbroken attendance record. A majority of the things said. I saw myself and are beyond doubt. Even after some prat. Had said a lot of the content quoted about drug abuse. Must have been wildly exaggerated. As the twice he went in 1981 he'd seen working to verify it. The only drugs squad officers there. Had called in for an Eartha Kitt. While on the way to a stag night in Blackpool    

 Oldies at Wigan Casino

      Recently I've heard a CD of Mr M's tracks. Has a tribute to the 2nd room at Wigan Casino. It had oldies. A regular crowd. Who didn't want the more funky stuff. getting on the main room lists. I remember 2 things of Mr M's. Clarkie setting up admission at the door. Steve Strange turning up in a blue Sailor boys outfit. It made no difference to me. Yet proved he had the boll***s to wear it. Another thing that has to be included as an important thing. His Sandy Holt dancing to Scratchy by Travis Wommack. He would dance his best every time it got played. I heard Clarkie as gone to meet his maker. Be ready to pay to get in heaven. I had a lot of respect for Clarkie. He get's my vote for being a part of Wigan Casino. Along with Malcolm or Grasshopper. I think he got the biggest pleasure out the early years. He turned up at King's hall. I would have gone to say hello

Wigan Casino memories, 

   I hope you've enjoyed the content so far. Enough for you to continue. At no stage will this website ask for either your details or payment. This website maintains strict, policy on holding visitors details. It doesn't do it. You hear a record you like, contact me. I will send you a cd full of content. At the cost to me around £2.50. Which generally consists of 30 records or 80 minutes of the Torch or Wigan casino live. MP3, ACC, or whatever extension you specify. But if you receive an Email. Offering to sell you stuff. I guarantee you. It's not from this website. I can only implement security to a given level of security. Before I  go into a breach of your privacy rights. It remains a very fine margin between can and can't do it. Having said that the identity theft crisis. Was a thing WC3 add to act on fast. It stopped being free speech. A long time ago it was never going to happen.

   The reality of human behaviour was to use it as a weapon. Napster is an example of how. Money protects itself. It is still the best music source I've ever used. The pay to use is in no form of imagination. to match Napster of the 80's and 90's. Every successful website is nothing to what it was. eBay is the best to compare. Years ago you could buy anything. A vat receipt proof of ownership wasn't required. Only that you had the item to send. Register a bank account in Luxembourg. The vat was way below the UK. But the minute the owner made a substantial amount it's got to be  legal

Wigan Casino from 73  to 81

      Venues closest to your home location. Will always have that special feeling. It is like you're a part of it. Wigan casino had the weekend invasion of visitors. But never seen as a part of Wigan just temporary. The money put into the Wigan economy never did get recognized. The bad was highlighted the good totally ignored. Celebrations when the Casino was destroyed by fire.

        No consideration for locals. Given a wage from the Casino club. If you went to Wigan for the Casino. The locals alienated you from being a valuable part of Wigan. I went to a rugby game. Hostile was being kind, maybe jokes about rugby. Did me no favours, when I reminded them I paid the same to get in. If the girl I was with was asleep. It had nothing to do with them. They should try watching the match. Not my hands inside her coat to get them warm. An innocent thing that was put in the wrong context. It was November a very cold day. The perfectly natural thing to warm my hands up. Even thou fondling her warm breasts had been very tempting. Contrary to common belief, I wouldn't embarrass her.

      I'd never really noticed any difference in Wigan to the West Midlands until that Rugby crowd. They gave it Iconic status like trooping of the colour. At Buckingham Palace on the Queens birthday. I couldn't see it as an important event. All it was to me was convenient to sit down for the time. Wandering round Wigan with the local inhabitants made you suicidal. On a sunny August summers day, with a female cold, tired, and moaning. Like it was all my fault it was freezing cold but December is cold. Scotland to her location was both too far and expensive to do. So 2 tickets to the local game at Central Park. Seemed a good choice at the time. If it had been at The Wolves it would have been far better. If it had been F wing in HMP Parkhurst, it would have been as much fun 

Wigan Casino, memories website

Introduction to website, and forward

      Hi and welcome to my website, The underlying theme which the first website published by me. Remains the same as it always was. A free independent tribute to Wigan Casino. Wigan Casino was a northern soul club that ran all night dance sessions. At the former Empress Ballroom, in Station Road Wigan Lancashire England UK. A host of websites have appeared about Wigan Casino some are quite impressive, Others are basic template type sites. The basic design should not be ignored as their content at times is good. I must admit rarely are the facts wrong. Dates of the start are well published in books. Which at one time was all you had to reference. The reason I first learned, HTML the language used to build websites, Hypertext markup language is associated with your daily newspaper. As Fleet Street uses gsml to place text and images in newspapers. A generalized standard markup language, as formatting tags like HTML. Html is adapted gsml. Printing presses read gsml to set the way it prints a document. Web browsers read HTML, to render a web page on the screen. For security reasons web pages are no longer compiled in the browser. "runat=server" an attribute added to avoid your details remaining, The page_close event as a garbage collector that removes all temporary data from the last user. TextboxName.text=null is added to the garbage collector_event.                                                                                                            

I wouldn't be concerned at the way I switch subject in a paragraph. I used to change a few times in a sentence. Both full stops and commas were not included. Anybody who'd try to read a paragraph in 1 breath. His certainly unknown to me. So why put punctuation in for people I don't know. When the friends I know have the sense to breathe. Full stop in place or not. Grammar police I think you're on the wrong website. This website is designed for people with a more free view on life.  Who wanted to enjoy life to the full without harming anybody else in the process. Which in my opinion is the best way to live? If you don't interfere in people's way of life or harm anybody by your actions. Onlookers it's got nothing to do with, should do an item a section of English people doesn't. Exactly right the unelected society of the public, who for an unknown reason. Think they have no reason to justify themselves. But think everybody should use there life as a template for life. Every area of England have people who believe they are better. They have no convictions and tend to be actively involved in local affairs. Like the neighbourhood watch enforcing the law on others. I've had a variety of do-gooders who at times don't even know me. But are only too quick to label me from rumours, not fact. Personally, I don't give a toss what they think. Never have or will do, to be honest. Just the ease which people are able to say things that then. Set your public profile wrong when people are believed and your not. Never believe all you read is either true or genuine  These days there is a vast majority of everything published is plain lies. I went almost weekly for 5 years and a lot confused me. For an example Major Lance live 2 years after the Casino had been demolished

An awful lot of text. On the default page reading, it is optional. Dependant on use it as to you?

Wigan Casino once located here

Why was it in Wigan?

      Wigan tourist information board. At one time contacted me for details. About casino facts like why it was in Wigan. Just a sort of coincidence Russ Winstanley lived in the town. Or it might have been in another town, city. The Empress ballroom was vacant also. The Torch being closed unexpectedly was a big contributor.  Just the required things all got included. Even the UK environment was the way to accommodate the cult fashion.

         The reason why I have always said. It will never happen again. For as many of the required attributes to all happen together. Are millions to 1 to repeat itself. Then a man with Russ Winstanley's foresight finding an empty club perfect for it. Willing to gamble on its success. Virtually on his own doorstep is so remote. It would mean the entire way this country runs. Would have to drastically change. It's just not ever possible to happen. I could be mistaken but who'd bet I've got it wrong?


it was in Wigan because of

Wigan casino introduction

   This site won't  bang on about.  The countless number of record boxes  I  looked at. For a  good reason.  In 5 years I didn't  look at any. For a good reason most of my time inside Wigan Casino. Was on the dancefloor. I had no reason to travel 120 miles to look at records. Steve Russell shop 2 miles away. It had boxes of records in.Plus I could buy one with the train fare and other money I saved. For me and a majority of members, the reason to get to Wigan had a casino. Wasn't to look at them, but to dance to them. Almost every record played was way above my price range. As a 14-year-old schoolboy didn't have £100's to spend on records. In a lot of cases, £1000's to buy a single record played. Each week the whole night played 100's of the rarest hard to get records.  If you had the money needed it wasn't just going to a record shop and buy them. When you take into account the place that they got played it could not have been better. The atmosphere alone made it worth going. Almost everybody at the casino. Was there for that reason. It wasn't until after the casino continued making. The Allnighter a public sort of night out. That the club filled with barbed up idiots. who had no idea what day of the week, month, or year it was? Greed for always wanting more than they could handle. Idiots who took far more than they could handle. Littered the casino floor the early years. Where by far the best at Wigan Casino. Success brings greed never happy with what as suddenly come to them. Think these teenagers have the real belief in the music they follow. Not at Wigan Casino the unequalled success. Was thanked for putting Mike Walker in front of a full casino crowd. To say if you vote no. I promise no TV cameras will ever be allowed in here. About 80 to 90% voted no I was there and saw it. After the vote, Mike Walker turned and left the stage without a promise of no TV cameras. Ashamed at being forced to betray the crowd. 

    It is totally wrong to make anybody do anything they object to. With the job which pays for them to live as ransom. I always got an impression, Mike Walker was under immense pressure to get better revenue from the casino. The success it had maybe wasn't  all his. But he was the manager of Wigan Casino. So certainly should have had some of the glory. Thinking back to the time of Wigan Casino. I can't remember ever seeing Mike Walker smile or laugh. Which was a real shame both Mike Walker and Mrs Woods? Had respect for the members, and the northern soul scene. If you spoke to Mrs Woods giving her the verbal crap. She knew more about the old Empress Ballroom. The casino as it became later than anybody there. I had some very good chats with Mrs Woods. I was invited to her funeral. I wish I'd been well enough to attend it. Give her my last respect. Unfortunately her blue-eyed boy Gethro Jones was unable to attend either. I must have had 25 memberships. She gave up eventually. Gave me a ladies pink card. I'll always look back either the 3rd or 4th time. I had enough change but gave her a 10-pound note. Sorry but I need the change for school, She smiled and just said go on. It was Gethro the golden member of Wigan Casino. As he'd got the respect Mrs Woods was fully deserved of. The endless list of people claiming to have called her Hilda. Is exactly the same as the membership list. 90% crap and 10% total lies, in recent years the best club ever opened on Earth. As lost the good status it was had? To be tainted by the vast list of  of bulls** tu bulls **t  by complete gash twins. The only words tht fits them. The big influx. Ofpeople whose knees buckled under the weight of fake patches. With all due respect, I spoke to a person who might well have been the real Wurzel Gumidge. He gave me detailed information of the market stall in Station Road. That sold badges and the other things. It's gone too far, when one set of liers is supplying another set with lies.

Wigan casino was the best place to go

        At the time, it was like heaven on earth. The people who attended it were mainly young. The atmosphere was brilliant. Mainly for one reason almost everybody else. Was in the casino for the same reason "northern soul". This did change with its success came young people. Looking for a drug-induced night good time. Northern soul due to the fact. Events mainly run all night to dance for a short time 8 to 2 am. At a normal night out. A lot of people do every week. To dance to northern soul music. In an atmosphere like the one Wigan casino created. High energy absorbing dance for 8 hours continual. Which wasn't unusual at the casino. Just by your own energy. Wasn't impossible but required a level of fitness so high. Very few people can or ever have to bone it.

   In a context for people that have never been to or seen anything. At the end of the London, New York. Or any marathon event like it. If they add to do it again. How many would get to the finish 2nd time?  Or be in a condition to start it again. That would be the fitness level needed To dance the way. That a lot at Wigan casino did every time an event was staged. When the Friday night events started people imagined . 1 crowd Friday a different crowd Saturday. You stood in the Que on Saturday. The same faces as on Friday. Most hadn't slept since Thursday. I have absolutely no reason to make this up at all. Get to the Ritz, Newcastle Tiffanies, Nottingham Palais, Or all-dayer on that week. The same people cued up.

attitude. If you had 50p or a pound. You put it in to help. Race or religion never got mentioned. You'd get enough for the train ticket get to an all-dayer. They used the money to get to it instead. Excusable in the 70's. It was a good reason. You never wanted the journey home to start. It signalled the end of the weekend. I've spent far too many Sunday nights. Hitching on the M6 freezing cold. Alone and a long way from home. Monday and work rarely met in my case. I had 27 Mondays off in a row. I'd get threatened with the sack every Tuesday. Promise to attend next Monday, but I never got there. I became qualified the boss came to give me warning 30. He might have intended to sack me. Before he had the chance to say anything. I said if that is your attitude. To a hard-working qualified tradesman. Not saying anything to make it look better for me either.                                                                                                                                                           I've never been scared of hard work. terrified maybe Just completing full weeks have always been difficult. In London, I would go out on a Sunday night threats have never worried me. Be in Dingwalls or another club, hear a voice you won't come to a party with me. Will you Sam? As they threatened to sack you if you don't go on Monday. What's a job to me, we had a great night last week your    In the mid 70's you could often forecast the people who'd be there? Get to the venue the same faces as you'd spent all weekend with. A group of devoted die-hard members. If you saw them you acknowledged them. It was the way the casino was all together. When members got there. But no way of getting home. None of the bad, I'm alright so was is the party? Finsbury Park, oh it's on my way home go for a couple of hours ok. I might as well stop at your flat as it's close stop at the party to about 5 am by the time I got home 5.30 am. Then being affectionate to her work had lost its appeal. She'd ring in say she was sick. I'd ring George the landlord say got a few weeks spare if he wants me to do bricklaying for him. That often got regretted as he wanted 7 day weeks. Come round the flat get me out of bed.  He very nearly achieved it once as well. Gave me a right shock, did you let the Greek bloke in. No, I have got nothing at all on. I was going to mention George pays top dollar up west for that. So keep the price high. Well higher than your usual, put it like that. Do other men agree women's shoes should be put on the offensive weapons list? I thought that at the time, she must be already on it. Possession of an offensive face I'm merely joking. Yet I started to keep a mirror by the bed. As some weeks checking for a reflection came top in value 

welcome.  everybody is welcome and its free

ty. It was not or ever casino was written by him. Although it was created for ex-members to reflect. In environment resembling Wigan wrote    It was created first created by Garry W. Keen. Who today remains the sole owner and administrator. Every word realise been. Restricted to people who attended Wigan casino at all. It is free without a joining fee. For a simple reason, nothing published on this site. Isn't acceptable for minors to read. If you take into account the majority of people. Who went to Wigan casino were minors. All swear words are partial words. If visitors can complete the words. Why hide what they know? Drugs are referenced for a reason. Which as never been to attract visitors here. I have never tried to make a financial gain or profit. From the deaths of my friends. Even if certain names from northern soul. Condemned me for saying it freely 30 years ago. Yet not one word of condemnation. When they might profit from it themselves. It as reached an unsatisfactory point in time. When the UK northern soul scene as ambassadors. That value money far more than values inherited from history.   When people jump at positions that represent an elite group of people.

to detain you by force if     They should be made aware. By taking the position certain things are not optional but expected. One of the things northern soul is lacking. A governing board of control. Not anything like the police in so much as they only recommend. The police enforce UK law. The law enforcement body, you know in advance. If you break the law what will happen. In the Wigan casino era, nothing was written down. Yet the members knew the rules. Nothing that could be enforced like the law is. By a court which issues warrants of enforcement. Every sentence is stamped with home office authority. When you are sentenced to a custodial term it as a warrant attached. That permits the Home officenessacary for a period of time. Northern soul did not need that power of attorney. At that time nobody broke any rules. If a person was stranded or in trouble. No stipulation on who qualified everybody did by simply being there.  

Swings & roundabouts of life

    In over 4o years since Wigan casino. Shut its doors for the last time.  The UK as kept up with technology with the rest of Europe and the world. To be fair you will always get instances. Of certain aspects that are much better. But a list of others will be worse. It's swings and roundabouts in life. You gain on 1 but loose on another. Say it in your own words yet it. Will still mean exactly the same.   Life as a nasty habit of being worth as much. As you are prepared to put into it? plus the luck you have. That is my opinion for what its worth. It is one of the mysteries people wonder about. Why the t**t in your class at school made 6 million pounds. But even thou you had the same at the start. He lives in real luxury and you're stuck on a council estate. With no prospects for the future. The underlying class structure is very relevant to this. The public media can publish what they like. Look at the reason why no action was taken after the Sex Pistols. Reported sir Jimmy Saville for suspected child abuse. The Sex Pistols got banned from the BBC was the only action taken. While Saville evaded being caught for another 20 years. As Saville had built a place in UK class system. While the Sex Pistols came from a Finsbury Park council estate. That is how non-existent the UK class system is. When you are convicted of a crime in the UK. The judge who passes sentence as had the luxurious things of life. Never had to live with passed down clothes or without things needed for school. Yet society puts him in the position to decide the punishment you get. Even when they have never been in a position that made you commit the crime. Society still considers them the best people to judge  people.

   This website, says it how it was. 

      I've never told lies.  In over 30  years  of publishing on websites. One film is released the rocks move for the cockroaches to  crawl from under them.  They never said a word before it.  If nobody dangled a  £  sign they wouldn't of now.  Northern soul as never been run on a cash incentive.  Until  the new millennium dawned on England a new era emerged. Which introduced financial motivation. This had never been an attribute required up until then. It will take some time to make the difference, Very apparent to the people attending events today. As they have never known it different. But package tours to resorts and weekend holiday camp events. Was two of the things crowds flocked to Wigan hoping to avoid. Now the Northern soul is staging the cheesy events. That the Wigan Casino era was first successful at avoiding. Maybe this is the new way for Northern Soul. But I'm not a hypocrite who just forgets reasons. So joins the crowd with a smile on my face. Going to the kind of events that were seen has mundane. Not the events Northern Soul should stage. As the members would not be seen dead attending them. The signs still go up just like Wigan Casino. Yet take it from me if it's a weekend package tour to a commercial destination. It will never be anything like the Casino atmosphere. As people in the Casino went to avoid that level of normality.

Wigan Casino photos

Wigan Casino, main arena 
Wigan Casino, the outside 
Wigan Casino, from balcony 
Wigan Casino, first view
Wigan Casino, Mr M's
Wigan Casino, quite outside
Wigan Casino, club sign
Always people outside
Mass exit Sunday 8 to 10 am

I say it how I saw it

      It's somewhat unfortunate I never claimed. Not to make any mistakes. Which no doubt the assholes who look at reference books. Will quickly point out, but don't call me a liar. Unless you can prove it in court. Which I won't begrudge spending time arranging. As I say it the way I saw it. The extensive run of attending. Can be easily verified by a number of sources. Those who went a couple of times in 81. But are only too quick to say they went. Yet sadly the northern soul attribute. Closed years before it shut. Leaving the building which by then was littered with people barbed out there mind. After taking far more than they could handle. Anybody who wants the reason for it closing. It was from greed by the owners. Who was not content with just a return on the investment. But willingly let a group of northern idiots in. To drive the members who gave it success out. The last time I went I remember looking off the balcony. Thinking what a bunch of complete wa*k**s. The people who ruined the Casino are. Yet business is to make the best profit available. The owners didn't go to the Casino. Almost certainly had no idea what northern soul was. As soon as "This England" was broadcast on TV. Standards started to decline soon after it. It was if the end was known. Many of the regular people stopped going or not regularly. For the value to reality, it showed. It was nothing like a true reflection at all. Now the public thought members where local. After the featured members came from the area. As for being the typical kind of Wigan Casino member. From the regular faces that I knew nothing like. But the image that the owners wanted.

Wigan Casino decline

      Soon after "This England" was broadcast. An influx of dick-heads started to show up. One week even a stag party turned up. It is not certain the reason why the came. But I'd imagine not to anything that they found. The early years it ran where by far the best. It never had the large UK media focus of later times. The Casino was full of people. That shared 1 common interest northern soul. It had got some interest from Manchester drugs squad. But it was for recreational weekend use. Although there was significant use of Amphetamine in the early years. The introduction of the 1974 misuse of drugs act. Aimed at the casual weekend use in clubs like Wigan Casino. In my honest opinion killed far more. Than it ever cured the majority of drugs used. In the time before it where pharmasuiticle grade. Of consistent strength, they were replaced by. Drugs produced in back street laboratories. It made it a game of Russian Roulette. The drugs are taken 1 week that had given you a good night. Taken exactly a similar amount of appearance and quantity. But had left you doubled up in pain. Nothing termed back street was of consistent quality. Even with the illegal method of obtaining drugs. Which up until then had been chemist shop burglary? It had no direct link to the major organized crime. It always seemed that supply was in Wigan Casino from some notorious criminal outfit. This was pure speculation the supply came from the member's network. Which covered the entire country, supply was by word of mouth. All that needs now is people to believe it. 

Wigan Casino generally

      Even if you're not a person who went. Or has any connection the northern soul music scene. A UK teenage fashion that began in 1963. Kept a section of people attending functions and is still going. As a right to be entered into history.  Which at the time I published first. Had very little in it that was like it was. Yes, nothing looks like significant change for some time yet either always thought to be. The first look into the main arena of Wigan Casino all-nighter. Wigan Casino was always a place to discuss. Go one week talk about it the week after. If something of interest happened like a bust. After making a point of what tossers the DS is. At 15 tolerance is not great. Especially to the police, as you mature it grows more lenient. Yet as drugs law became more stringent and good gear less hate was highest. No big fans of authority ever existed. Wigan Casino was the prelude to punk rock. Break away from the sort of mundane existence of working your tabs off. For a gallon of beer, fish & chips, and weekend sex. The majority of UK teenagers realized more was available. The early years Wigan Casino ran. Had an air of pioneering. For the teenagers attending at that time. Even thou The Twisted Wheel, The Torch and various venues had played a part in the real pioneering of the northern soul scene. At Wigan Casino a vast interest from UK public media. For the first time took it away from a shielded unknown type of existence. Into a well-broadcast, accessible fashion people flocked to Wigan to take part. All of a sudden the exclusive label that came from restricted access to a lot without direct by family inheritance lost out to anybody was welcome.

      At the time the big media interest was welcome. Unfortunately, this intrusion by non-northern soul people was to kill the best venue in northern soul for my generation. Even the early years I attended straight from local events around Kidderminster which were quite good. The Nautical William, The Stone Manor, Frank Freemans dance studio, then moving on, the Townhall. Not big national renown venues but had an important local value. A local community with one shared motive the music. Looking back people a year older where given admiration. Carl & Mickey Coles, Johnny Doran were natural dancers. Seemed little or no effort was needed. Then around 74/75 focus switched to Wigan Casino a few new locals Steve Ready, Phil Bowkett, Phil Carter. They seemed to know the majority of faces. At the motorway services Knutsford at that time. Sandbach was yet to be built. The journey to Wigan was as big an event. Dj Phil Richards was the best entertainment on the Wolverhampton coach. At that time it was so laid back and relaxed. It was not important if the chap in front had a pair of shoes that cost £25 more than yours. People never boasted about what they had nobody was interested. The same as racial differences it never seemed an important enough thing. The whole atmosphere was much better than today. If you had something Sunday morning. You offered it to people who had not. It made no difference who they were you offered it, everybody,

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      For all the time I've been involved and attending. Northern Soul as always been up and down never consistently oneway. It's nothing new to Northern Soul the holiday season. Very little happens from Easter to September. Then it rivals the Christmas adverts. Which kick off around August Bank holiday lately. The feel of Christmas went years ago. The way it's turning out Islam will have banned us. For mentioning Christmas very soon. As it offends them, wouldn't it be great? To have control of our Christain country returned to us. This is not a racist type of comment either. The Great as vanished from Britain, now the ethos for our whole way of life is threatened.

      We have had an Asian community all my life never integrated with us. Very much a culture of hard workers. Which didn't leave any reason for us to complain? Kept themselves in blocks of high Asian population still no reason for complaint. But the younger generation feels they are UK citizens. As a majority are born here. Which makes them UK citizens by default. Although does not entitle 2nd generation immigrants to change our country or values to suit them. When in the UK, live in the UK way of life. Don't try to bring Asia into our country with you. It will cause resentment from many areas of UK society. We need to close the wide gap between Asian and UK natural inhabitants. That is my honest opinion is the only way for racial harmony. Integrating the races to be a  solid community. All having equal rights get the Great back with the United Kingdom. 

      Little areas trying to impose an Asian kind of lifestyle. Will not benefit that community or the UK. Together we can build off the strong elements of each culture

not many sub-cultures making up the UK population. One country made up of a multi-race population. It would surprise inhabitants of the UK. how quick the UK would adopt immigrants into the UK. If the whole population was united as one. It as nothing to do with personal preference at all? Or the colour of skin either. A majority of the UK is the Christian religion. I'm not for one but have a lot of respect for it. As I have knowledge of it. Muslim's want the same level of respect. Yet I don't know a thing about it. The best tool to get it respect is knowledge. The UK stereotypes anything it doesn't understand. One Muslim plants a bomb all the million's who didn't are as guilty.

       The logic they base the theory on. I have on idea at all

General interest point

      I'm certain almost everybody who reads this. Will already know how important the Wigan Casino era became. Not just for the value, it gave Northern Soul music. Which went from an underground scene cloaked in secrecy. To the no1 place to be in the 70's.  The Casino all night dance session was no longer reserved for a few inherited people. It had been opened up to the public totally. With an article in the Sunday Observer magazine around 1974. Yet the biggest insight into Northern Soul was without any shadow of a doubt in 1977. When Granada the Manchester TV company broadcast "This England". A documentary filmed at the Wigan Casino all night dance session. The filming heavily voted against by Casino regulars. Proceeded to be filmed and broadcast in 1977. Failed totally in showing the real reason Wigan was invaded every weekend. By people from almost every UK location. The film showed people that lived in the Wigan area. Even thou local people made up a minority number in the Casino each week. No emphasis was mentioned about the majority of members. That traveled for hours to get to Wigan. The big vote not to allow filming at all had taken place the week before it was filmed. The Casino regulars got scared of the unbroadcast secrets being discovered by Granada film crews. In the end, the dance session was done in a Casino full of light. Instead of virtual total darkness normal inside Wigan Casino. The atmosphere alters in the light you feel vulnerable. The fear members worried about turned out to be false. The camera crews only had interest in dancing and the venue. In my honest opinion This England filmed by Granada TV. Was about as useful for information about Northern Soul. As the other programmes like Coronation Street Granada make.

      Manchester and Stoke at that time. Where a very volatile location. Which would have made the bung above fiscal forecasts. It should not be asked in reality. Wigan Casino was and will always be in Wigan. One certain fact about history. No matter how many books try to rewrite history. It remains a constant value not a variable. For those who attended a better club elsewhere. The reality of history disagrees stating the no1 venue was and always will be located in Station Road Wigan. Dream all you want history is based on fact not fiction. Russ Winstanley will remain the founder of the most successful Northern Soul venue ever to be opened in the UK.

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        I can't  ever  recall  claiming.  My  website  is  better  than any  other. It's  not  any  better.  But  I'll  guarantee mine  was  the  first.  I  taught  myself  .html  and     published   my  first  website  in  1987.  The  same  people  raving  about  northern  soul  the  film.  Told  me  it  was  made  up  by  meTo  attract a lot  more visitors. I'm the sort of person trying to make money. Northern soul is best boycotting my site. For telling lies. There was no drug problem at Wigan casino. The same bunch of gob shytes. Are now going around with haloes. Trying to convince the UK. They have always said that and why on the chance they might profit. In my opinion northern soul. Would be far better off without them?  The  world would  be  better  without  them.

          In future don't  do  it  behind  my  back.  Do  it  to  my  face  so  I  can  respond  to  it.  Or  better  still take  me  to court.  As  accusing me of defamation of character. Is quite a serious allegation to make. Behind a hidden person stance. If you're going to throw   these uncalled for things. At people do it with your name on it. Which gives me the opportunity to respond to it. A lot of my condemners. Came from people I had the utmost respect   for.  Anything  said  by  me never  put  a  name of  people in.  It  was  100%  anonymous in content.   So  why to start going on about me. It was  a  personal attack on my integrity.  Which  I  found  cowardly  taking  a cheap  shot  at  me. I personally  couldn't  care  about  it. 

         But  next  time  I  will  have  to  keep  my good public  profile.  Which  as to  be  maintained.  Or  in  a  short  time  the  local  community. Will be  thinking  I'm not  a saint. I've  never  claimed  to  be any  sort  of  Simon  Templer a  bit  like  Roger  More  maybe.

Wigan Casino , was always dark 

      A plaque marks the location. Where Wigan Casino once stood. Not a brilliant way to mark it I must admit. But having the plaque at least shows it existed. I understand a better-detailed item. Can be found in either the library or Wigan museum. At one time Wigan tourist board rang quite regular. Now there are many websites they don't anymore.. You could call it a dump. A crap-hole or various other bad titles.. But get the Casino rammed on a Friday oldies night. Or many Saturday nights. Nowhere else got near the charged atmosphere the Casino was full of, St Ives and Yate where newer municipal-owned buildings. Concrete covered with M are floor tiles. Dance the night away, by the morning your ankles felt like a blind cobblers thumb. I liked the oldies room at St Ive's always black as a coalman's coat. If they couldn't see it they couldn't nick you for it. After either of them, I couldn't wait to get back to Lancashire the following week. I went to Cleethorpes once. The central pier had a good atmosphere. But I was a well known Casino regular. Never seemed to fit in Cleethorpes had the regular faces. Same as every regular venue at that time. The Ritz was the best alldayer. Manchester was close to Wigan for another reason the Casino had to attend. It later changed to Belle Vue zoo still a good event. But late on Sunday night when the floor started to move. You often stopped to think. You couldn't remember taking 20 Ponderax. The reason the floor seemed to move at other venues. Now it's been turned into a Chicken in a basket venue. I wouldn't go to the Ritz

Facts  are  for non -attendees 

      I did cse english assignment on Wigan Casino. Mr Broadfield asked how I knew so much. I had used pictures from the Sunday Observer magizine. I said from going, you have to be 18. Or did you say you are 18. Well no but I didn't say I wasn't either. Not as funny as the time Martyn Ellis did my homework. Every question right. I know onething Martyn was intelligent. He said are you writting the records down I'll help you

Northern  soul music scene

       I'm certain  many  of  the  people.  Who  paid  with  there  life  at  Wigan,  Stoke,  or  Manchester.  Will  turn  in  the  grave.  The  way  lies,  grassing,  and  back  stabbing.  As  taken  the  northern  soul  scene.  Forward  into  2000  at  this  exact  time.  Nothing  remains  of  the  high  standards  it  once  had.  They  are  replaced  by  todays  low  morals.  Society  as  lost  the  community  spirit.  The  UK  as  no  spirit  left  in  it.  It's  all  I'm  ok  sod  you

Forward about his website. By owner & designer Sam

 Over time I have had a few visitors. That were big names on the northern soul scene. I had met some before at venues over the years. When I would spend hours each day. In visual compiling the page new content. Then visually getting it right using Expression web. As .aspx meant FTP to a live site. I have always used Microsoft. For     wysiwyg  design. I often banged on about things. A lot was mistakes which I put right later. I used to get maybe 10 to 30 replies a day. Oneday a website response came to me. From Wigan casino founder and DJ, Russ Winstanley. I thought he must see so many mistakes in the text. I had met Russ a number of occasions. At Wigan casino and many other venues over time. He never mentioned 1 mistake in my text. The whole website was aimed at the dancefloor members. It largely focussed on Amphetamine abuse. Not a single book published at the time around 1995. Mentioned what I had seen as widespread drug use. Russ never condemned the use of  it. Only a host of lesser involved DJ's did. The point I'm making is. If the creator of Wigan casino. Was good enough to ignore my mistakes. I don't want some sit who went 2 or 3 times. In the last year telling me okmy

Wigan casino's end. 

Tunal  prats  had  a  majority.  The  casino  was  no  longer  exclusive.  As  almost  any  town  or  city.  Had  it's  fair  share  of  twats  like  it.                            They  were  normality  they  had  no  respect.  A  few  even  kissed  my  shoes.  It  required  effort  to  lift  my  foot.  So  it  avoided  the  barbed  up  idiot  lay  in  my  way.  It  gave  me  a  feeling  of  real  joy.  Knowing  when  the  barb's  wore  off.  His  view  of  the  world,  was  through  one  eye.  The  prat  who  had  tried  to  profit  out  of  Wigan  casino's  magical  feeling  was,  sorry  is  a  greedy  bas***d.  It  wasn't  Russ  Winstanley  I  know  Russ  and  he is  a  good  friend.  I  heard  the  rumours  blaming  him.  Which  are  totally  wrong  in  my  opinion.  I  was  their  at  the  time.  Believe  me  or  not,  it'         The  people  who  attended  the  Wheel,  Torch,  casino,  or  any  other  venue.  In  the  60's  or  70's.  The  casino  ended  in  79  in  my  opinion.  I  remember  looking  off  the  balcony  at  the  dancefloor.  The  passion  and  magic,  that once  filled  the  casino.  Had  vanished  the  anticipation  and  excitement That  greeted  each  and  every  record  in  early  years.  Like  a  lot  of  the  faces  was  gone  forever.  The  Tunal  prats  had  a  majority.  The  casino  was  no  longer  exclusive.  As  almost  any  town  or  city.  Had  it's  fair  share  of  twats  like  it.                            They  were  normality  they  had  no  respect.  A  few  even  kissed  my  shoes.  It  required  effort  to  lift  my  foot.  So  it  avoided  the  barbed  up  idiot  lay  in  my  way.  It  gave  me  a  feeling  of  real  joy.  Knowing  when  the  barb's  wore  off.  His  view  of  the  world,  was  through  one  eye.  The  prat  who  had  tried  to  profit  out  of  Wigan  casino's  magical  feeling  was,  sorry  is  a  greedy  bas***d.  It  wasn't  Russ  Winstanley  I  know  Russ  and  he is  a  good  friend.  I  heard  the  rumours  blaming  him.  Which  are  totally  wrong  in  my  opinion.  I  was  their  at  the  time.  Believe  me  or  not,  it's  your  choice.s  your  choice.

Once you'd been hooked on it

     One attribute Wigan casino  maintained. Right until the end  was you started without any inherited values. This might have changed in 81. As the northern soul exclusive haven. Was ruined years before. The night Mike Walker stood on the stage promising. A fairly full casino crowd. The success of Wigan casino belongs to you. You vote no. You have my word.

Morning in Wigan
Wigan train station

       It's become very common on the scene. To get some details about Wigan Casino. Easy to do in the tech age, watch it on YouTube. Then gob off about how you went. Plenty around who've never been. The main problem with that always is 1 who did. They know you've been nowhere near. So ask a few questions and they're lost. To have been you must be 50+, being an embryo is hardly going. To have been to something you will have made a physical appearance. If you are still in the womb, You might have been smashed and a few dances. A few pregnant girls attended Wigan Casino. Members were young and it ran for 8 years. 

Location  is marked by plaque

Wigan Casino soul club
stage  view off the balcony
Numerous alldayers

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      If you'd like to browse the site more. Select a page from the menu below. But if you've had enough and exit now. May I thank you for visiting and hope you return. Today especially with so much crap posted and membership growing. It is turning what was a landmark in UK music history. Into a complete feeling of skeptical content. the actual members. Deserve an account that lists items they recognize. Record collectors played a part. But the massive success  Wigan Casino got came from it's dancefloor. The hot excited atmosphere exclusive to Wigan Casino. Was a combination of the best music, the immense Maple-wood dancefloor was unequaled by newer municipal buildings. Which a majority were concrete. The massive doses of Pharmaceutical grade Amphetamine drugs. Did play an important part. I have yet to take remarks denying it happened seriously reading it is pathetic. Use your right being a UK citizen defamation of your unblemished character. I totally agree you should sue me at the UK court of justice. It would give any parties injured due to my remarks. The ideal environment to clear unjust remarks only evidence under oath. That is considered true in a UK court of law could be given an exception for dead people unable to appear would be clearly stated. But when you prove no underlying drug culture existed at Wigan Casino. People dead for the last 40+ years will need to be told. It was a tragic mistake the reason the Coroners court gave was wrong. Death by misadventure due to excessive use of controlled drugs. Will have been proved unsafe due to new evidence. Me along with numerous others can lodge appeals against conviction for possession of a controlled drug. Will come in handy but I will tell Grenville not to rush down the Stipendiary magistrate yet.

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