Making the scene public, was a big mistake

   Onething is a certain fact, it wont ever change. Even when people try to rewrite it's origin. If it was that way, when it happened. It will that way forever. It is like including David Beckham in the 1966 world cup team. A few people who don't know will believe he played. But nobody who was at Wembley stadium that day will. You can tell them he did a million times. He came on as a substitute just before extra time. There immediate reaction is look back in there memory. As they where there watching it as it happened. They are quick to point out, no he never I was there. Which is correct David Beckham as the ability without doubt. The passion for the English team everything needed. But onething will always let him down he was not born. Something he shared with a few Wigan casino members. I have heard some crap over the years. 1 idiot told me I was stupid, after he told me his mother went. When she was pregnant with him, a few weeks only. But it obviously made certain he must of gone. She couldn't leave him with a babysitter.







It made no difference who you where

   The 1970's was a very violent place. The UK was full of gang warfare skinheads, football, your location. You had to belong to a group a label on you. A bit like branding cattle you are a member of this herd. It was not a good idea to wander onto another herd's pasture alone. It was a time of strikes unrest, power cuts.     

   I think if prince Charles fancied is chances.  Taking lady Di out for a jolly up. Tell James to bring the car to the front. Put plenty in the tank, Diana and I are going for a bit of a shin dig. At the casino tonight in Wigan. We wont be here for breakfast tell mother and Phil. As lady Di as got a script for Daps of her dr. So we are going to the Ritz. Sunday lunch time. When the Rolls Royce drove up Station road. Anchored up by the door I'm sure big Dave would of said. Get to the back Chas and no pushing. As whoever you where. Made no great difference you wanted to get more important. You earnt it

the 1st time you go to Wigan casino

        I still  remember the 1st time. I climbed the stairs opened the black door. Just by Mike Walkers office. To be mesmerised by the heat, atmosphere, and vast area of the casino's. Main dancefloor at 14 it looked gigantic. Over the next 5 and half years, some of the best times of my life. Happened in the casino on the way to it, or connected to northern, soul. You will get to hear a variety of descriptions. Of people's accounts of there 1st time they went to Wigan casino. At 14 it was totally unexpected in the way it felt. It was the middle of the night. Yet the heat was like a hot August day. With a atmosphere that was electric it blew your mind.

   There was a clear unwritten rule book. At Wigan casino the regulars knew it. If you broke any of the rules. Although the members had no running of the allnighter power. The justice was a lot more direct. A very strong grapevine existed all the regular members knew eachother. Maybe not by name. But by sight even though the area of the casino was immense. Each week was a set routine. If a person was absent the others present knew, Wonder where they are this week. It's unusual for them not to be here. I was friends with Dave Fisher and Moana from Alfreton my Derbyshire friends. Steve Harding and cokney mac from Nottingham. Peter Kadic from Blackburn and Vinny from Leyland, Preston where close Lancashire friends. Still hear from Peter. Haven't heard from Vinny for years  

Nobody got anywhere easy, or bought it

Hit 1st and make it serve as a warning 
 Wigan casino killed itself

   It's a surprise really I never heard off Vinny. We did become great friends, he came to stay in Kidderminster for a time. We were in the pub when some local knob-ends. Thought they'd give Vinny a  mouthful over his Lancashire accent. 3 against 1 made them brave. I came back to even it up. First the wrong word I smashed a pool cue over his head. Poor Vinny just looked on amazed. Is that normal Monday nights here. I explained you either hit 1st or get hit. The odds were not on our side. So unless you make it a show of power. We would get our heads kicked in outside. I think Paddy got the same kind of thing. But my family came from southern Ireland. So it was personal

   Every now and then. I will recieve a response from this website. Some have been very abrupt to tell me. That the entire promise of true, accurate thing's at Wigan casino. Is a missleading title, when everything contained is a figment of a very vivid imagination. As they went and what they saw, was nothing that matched things I state as true. This website content is not from a couple of nights in 81. As the last time I went was 1979 regular weekly allnighters. Although I went once in 80, it was to a place. Nothing like the casino. That I spent long cold hours hitching up the M6 to get to. I looked off the balcony at the dancefloor in 1979. The atmosphere and electric excitement had gone. Twats so barbed up, they had difficulti standing. Roamed aimlessly on a lot of the aisles. That in the early years of Wigan casino. Where full of people only there for northern soul music. The vastly blown out of proportion tales of drug abuse. Had drew the asshole element there. Seeking something that had never existed to find.

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   Obviously there will be a lot of things. Full of conyreversil subjects life changes and much of it. Was fine when you did it only later that changed. I have always been adomant on this websites policy. If your big enough to do. You should be big enough to admit you did it. I have never stated 100% took drugs or named anybody who did. Don't send me stupid Emails saying I made it all up. I made nothing up at all. This content of this site is reality. Nothing is made up or lies if you wont accept it, then you should not of done it. There is no legistration in UK law, to make saying the truth an offence. So I along with people contributing to site content. Will tell the truth as long as there is a hole in my ass.

   Then again now northern soul the film. As been released everybody as changed there mind on things. Now the coast is clear of trouble. Jump onboard a long time after the train left the station So just the right sort of time to agree with me. If your 1 of the do as the rest type. Try to do the things you believe in. Not wait until it as been said and wait for the rest. To say it's ok to say it now. I have never believed in following a crowd. As sooner or later 1 of them. Will have the choice. Grass you up or get knicked themself. These days with the new values of do it to you. To get off yourself leaves you in the frame. There was a time in northern soul. If you grassed or stole from others that where members of the northern soul scene. You would of never set foot in another venue again, you where the lowest there was.

   Now people give excuses they had no choice. Which is a load of crap. There is always a choice be a grass, or not. The age of harsh retribution for low life reptiles. Might be gone in society, but it certainly ain't gone in me. A lot of the faces from Wigan casino era. Value what we created a community of trust. The trust is a item lost in self pity street. If values continue to vanish. The whole ethos of the northern soul ideal is lost. When that as gone. the northern soul scene will be dead. Killed by an age of low value ideals, thiefing assholes. It would of never let in by 70's values. Life as got better is a load of s**t

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