not everything that glitters is gold

   On the previous page. We started to discuss item's that happened regularly. At Wigan casino in the 1970's. But for a number of reasons had never been published as true fact's. But I have had a website since 1987. I have always maintained reality for realistic memories from the allnighter. After reading book after book of absolute bollox. Today there a number have got on the idea. Yet back in 1987 it was a different story altogether. The internet was still being adapted for mass home use. A lot of computer parts where expensive. Out of most household budgets. So almost all large user input came from corporate business users. With 56k modems, using the information super highway was blocking the users. It was originally designed to help. But the free speech aspect then was a novel idea.

   Today it is a much different online experience. There is many options availible. To join communities of a certain type. These groups are an ideal place to learn. The idea is brilliant in theory. Unfortunately it as become a great place to create a lot of bulls**t. Anybody can setup a website call it what they want. Fill it with text they control. Rarely does it have to meet content control. So could be totally full of lies, and allowed to be online. The visitors often create a reputation validating the site. This isn't possible it nobody as a idea of reality. A site visitor who wasn't there is not going to call a website wrong if they are not certain

   For a wide ranging variety of reasons. I have always been high on the list to slag off. But I don't give a toss. When the people doing it are as experienced and have done as much. It might concern me but until then it wont. As long as when I see Dave Evison or Russ Winstanley. They see me as a friend. The rest off the wank**s can stick there head up the ass they talk from. This site is the reality of my experience. For those who want to discredit it put your history next to mine. Then we can judge who is best to talk about it . Creative crittcism is always welcome by me. But people who try to look better by being an asshole on here. I don't take any notice of. In my opinion should of been drowned at birth. 

   The time Wigan casino happened. Was nothing like 2014 at all. The UK was still our country. You where not required to not have crosses at funerals. As it might offend guest's who think. It is there right to dictate to UK citizens. There terms to live here. We where British not European, maintaining great before Britain. Sunday the shops shut for a day of rest. It was safe to walk the streets after dark. Everything in the UK can't totally be blamed on mass immagrant invasion. Somethings are the fault of badly managied government control. An inherited  ball's up from the previous party. I have been ultra conservative all my life. But I won't say it's all the labour party's fault. As it's not at all, but a list of successive bad prime ministers. Which none have the boll***s to stand up to the EU. Tell them we are an island, Not a bin for your rubbish 

Things that happened or not

  There a misconception. If you went on that week. You must of seen it. The girl down the fishmongers, is exactly the same. Couple of weeks ago she took her apron off. Lay on the slab and said fillet. One bloke said he was checking is results. No need it's on the slab. How can people be so stupid. They wonder how winning lottery never gets claimed. Be no good asking people to post it. They'd never find where to put the letter. Without a flashing light in it. 

 Nothing can beat English humour. A smile on your face and hope in your heart. Something along that theory. Great in a theoretical situation. As 99.9% of the time is as far as it gets. Or it falls at the first fence

   It must be said. It didn't matter if you had eyesight to match a Carl Zeuss lens. You wouldn't be able to of seen everything. It was a large sprawling area with things like walls. To stop you seeing other area's. Yes firebreaks to stop the fire spreading. Don't think that proved money well spent. The homeless kept warm for a night. Surprised they didn't start seeing things. That smoke must of been. A controled substance.  

   It as been said my humour boarders on offensive. So a improvement there. It's always been plainly insulting. On good days but I have never picked on personal things like a big nose. We cant alter looks, I'm no picture perfect. So until I am stir clear of it 

Class of 72, Torch reunion 17/10/05

  Today I'm worn out, a good reason. Always cures fatigue, well at least verifies the reason yesterday. Was the class of 72 reunion. Each year it maintains a very high standard. Tfe faces never seem to be missing. Always a thing you expect to happen at our age. If you take into account the lifestyle we lived as well. But even people much older than me. Never seem to get less. Most look as well as can be.
    The highlight of the day for me. Had to be Dave Evisons spot in the dj line up. His unquestioned status. As my favourite dj ever, and best as never changed for 40 years. iT AS NO REASON TO. He as packed the dancefloor with people full of energy. This way since his spot at the end of Wigan casino. After the oldies once a month. To fill the big casino dancefloor the way Dave did. At the end on a Sunday morning. Was a mark of his quality. 

Some event's are made to be good memorable times

the Torch, a reunion theme. For class of 72

   When I first started to to get idea's. To put content in this page, it was intended to highlight the things never broadcast willingly. About all nocturnal activities at Wigan casino. My normal thing start at one subject. Get a bit about it and never be consistant. My mind does more wandering. Than a herd of Dakota Bison.

the Catacomb's was going strong at the time

   I'm fairly certain I looked behind. When I was dancing, to see Pep dancing behind me. The only thing that made me uncertain was. He looked younger now than the last time I saw him. Well over 30 years ago in his Wolverhampton shop, I bought Kilamanjaro: Teardrop explodes. Which had just been released 79 or 80 I think. To look the same after that long amazed me

Listening to a lot of records. Which many originated in Wigan not Stoke

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   Sometime a few years ago. I remembered the look of horror on Alan Day's face. When the record I asked for came from the Catacomb's not the Torch. It's a Torch reunion not a Catacomb's reunion. Is that right his mood's hsdn't improved with time for sure. But he is a one off sort. Couldn't careless what people thought of him. It was his way or nothing. A lot of records played this year from early Wigan. It must of come from the  the Torch. As been scrapped as far as I could tell. It is a northern soul reunion now. A great happy event, with a atmosphere, it as to be gone to. Without any shadow of a doubt. The northern soul event of the year 


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