I've never played with 1 string on my bow

the Sex pistols had exactly the same motivation. As the early casino years

Wigan casino was motivated. By the same things. That fueled punk rock bands in 1976

     I can imagine the disbelief spread across faces. A look of absolute horror on the purest element. Wondering if local ears of society or heaven forbid the Thomson twins. Had heard them associated with punk rock. Yet I'm afraid the things had fueled the early things in Wigan casino. Was in 76 doing the same for the sex pistols, the slits, etc. a generation fed up with being ignored. No longer wanted to follow time honoured routes. To work around two-thirds of their life making somebody else rich. To end up with a watch and a hole in the ground. Early doors at Wigan casino out all night with the added unsociable aspects. Drug taking was a single attribute. I heard them all hitchhiking up the M6. All the times I did it once I got a lift from Knutsford to the Hagley/Halesowen/ Birmingham exit on the M5. A majority ended less than the distance between service stations. Manchester ship canal is a bloody desolate place midnight when your 14. You never waited long before blue lights lit the horizon up. I had been dumped shortly before exchanging blows. A couple of times an error in judgement gave me a chance to land a blow out the blue. Got the last word in as well. Heard it all before mate off bigger blokes than a runt like you. Moved bigger blokes than you to get at a fight. The best was dissolve all illegal contraband in Coke at Knutsford. It got confiscated once. When against my better judgement. Put this Vodka in I was 15 so got confiscated. Bet it was the best Vodka he ever had. Odd times other than that the police were fair enough to me. You always got the bas***ds. Good job it wasn't me why you'd have lost what was in my shoe as well

I rarely take any notice of famous people. Bar a very few.

 David Bowie rely on the truth

Studio 54, rise and fall of it

A look  at the  best  live  bands

10  top  albums of all time

     Tose plus Annabel Lewin of Bow wow wow. Are about the only people who ever got my attention. I bumped into a few by chance. Martin Kemp lived opposite me in Highbury hill London n5. Gary lived a short distance away by Highbury fields. In 1984 they had identical black XR3i cars. I saw David Bowie several times in concert Paris and London. He's 1 man I'd have enjoyed meeting. His opinion was constant. That was what he thought that was what he said. Jack Nicholson was at Camden palace a night I was there 1984 I think. Steven Harrington (aka Strange) was born 30 years too early. He had some bottle to walk around Wigan in the clothes he did. I honestly believe in Steve's mind there was nothing unusual in his dress sense. In 70's Lancashire view it was quite different. Raised a fair number of eyebrows in mr M's let alone public. A lot inside mr M's seemed to expect somebody to go over and hit him. The reason for this was unclear to me.   I wish a man had gone upto him to do it. I'm certain their bravery would have got a reaction unexpected. The gay label put on Steve was a publicity stunt from what I could tell. A lot of music people had claimed to be bandits. We're simply using the gay label. As a tool to promote them in the public's eye. Anything that as an adverse effect on others. To better, your own life is wrong and should not be done. When it is optional anyway. Yet so many people will see a way that is good for them. In the process goes and ruins a friends future in a bad way. Even after this is explained in great detail no hesitation is introduced at all to consider if the values are going to be worth losing the friendship. Just plough on thinking about themself only, I'm no angel that's for certain. When the single view of music was introduced into Northern Soul. It lost a lot of my respect. I didn't want to fight the Punk's it was pathetic. Music is better by quality not fighting.

I've started to get socially caring, no idea why. It certainly won't last 

       Suddenly at beans age, Heinz 57 I start caring. Keep your eyes open it normally last's. About 20 minutes. At the most, but from only ever seeing one side of things. My side I actually try to visualise how it feels from people's affected by its perspective. Plus a great big urge to use big words. Sometimes as many letters in them than I used to use in the whole description. I was warned carry on the way I was going. At some point, all the bad I've done will seek revenge on me. I didn't take any notice only thought to f**k yourself. People need to worry about themselves not me. If onething gets on my nerves, it's people poking their nose in my life. I listen to my trusted friends. If you're not one of them. Don't poke your nose in. As you are wasting your time trying to give me advice. I will not listen unless your life as been exactly like mine. Which very seldom it as been, if it as you'd know me anyway. Good advice is very rarely heard not always. I'm one person who admits he gets things wrong

The rise and fall of studio 54. Wonder what it's like?

      A real look at Studio 54. In the 70's disco explosion Wigan casino reputedly beat Studio 54 into 2nd place. As the world's best discotheque. But just how many members of the Lancashire club ever realised. How many other attributes it shared with the rich clientele of Studio 54. Studio 54 had a large drug use. That the owners did little to stop. Even thou the club generated millions of $'s into the club across the counter in revenue. It was mostly cash. An ideal opportunity to skim the true amount. At the time Studio, 54 ruled the club circuit. With millions of $'s flowing in. The co-owners paid a mere $8000 in taxes. Later both co-owners received prison sentences for tax evasion and supplying Cocaine. The real reason that ended the dominance of Studio 54. First started to appear in the 80's. The HIV virus ended the ease of cure for a sexually transmitted disease. When club co-owner Steve Rubell had the HIV virus. It made some club goers seek rehab. When Steve died it was not HIV that had killed him. He had been killed by acute hepatitis. \It was still thought even then. Under new owners, it could get the status again. This common misconception is repeated on numerous occasions. It is yet to get proved right. Eventually, the club was sold and new licences granted. Yet the crowd of rich 24-hour party people stayed away. The heydays of Studio 54 never returned. I'm almost certain oneday promoters and club owners. Will realise when these clubs are great big successful venues. It is very much reliant on the period of time 

A look at some of the reputed best live bands on earth

     Nobody can condemn me for the change of content. On this page, it's just a look at various other types of music. I hope something you like is included. The world of music is gigantic. Every once in a while not as I've lost interest in northern soul at all. I've always been the same by going to a varied range of events.One will keep the other fresh in your mind and approach. Many of the single kind look like the prison inmates. The week before release waiting for each hour to pass. The last week is often longer than the years already served. It would be impossible to run events on the scale of the Isle of Wight festival. No public liabilities insurance brokers would underwrite it.

It's not a surprise sgt Pepper, the Beatles is no1

      Continuing a look at the music of various styles. A look at the top 10 albums of all time. This list may not have the official status. But I recommend http://watchmojo.com for a great source of music and trivia of multiple styles. The site features many other genres's not just music. Visit the website to get a full look at all of the features. The albums in the top 10 some will say are mostly what you'd expect to be there. But an extensive commentary