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The reality of illegal drug use. At all-nighters

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      Firstly as 100% owner of samkeen and responsible for published content. This page and subsequent pages are not glorifying the use of drugs. Which at this time is still illegal and as varying levels of consistency is the standard. The high levels of danger exist each and every time they're taken. I've seen the drugs switch from standard pharmaceutical level dose to not certain. Before when the 1974 misuse of drugs act amended drug law. In an effort to stop the recreational use of drugs in clubs at weekends. Up until then, drug law was at best lax. The common view was Dylan from the Magic Roundabout. An image that owed more to the 60's Vietnam war. When large numbers of US troops found relief using opiates which were easy to get Vietnam is situated in the Golden triangle Opium is produced in high quantity. In the 60's Coca-cola and cider was a way to get a buzz. Most school birthday parties you had a slash as soon as you arrived. Medicine cabinets were in the bathroom. Purple hearts, Durophet M, and Dexedrine. Came from school birthday parties nobody suspected children in the 60's. Like prescribed medicine was never thought to be drugs. Back then drugs were the reserve of millionaire pop groups and stars like Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison. I would be wasting my time trying to explain to today's generation. The major difference in drug culture from then to now. The best source was anybody's medicine cabinet, when you called at an  house you went for a gypsies. Not as you wanted one just to look in the medicine cabinet. If there was anything  worth having it wasn't the crap like today. But the high grade gear used in chemist's. I'm not quite old enough to claim any kind of active part before the 1974 drug law reforms. But the Twisted Wheel of the mid 60's. When the height of the Mod fashion happened. I've heard Whitworth street was rammed with scooters. The Wheel nights must have been amazing. Full of charged atmosphere and gear that made you enjoy every minute. I wouldn't change my history but a few times I've lent against a wall in the Wheel. Trying to imagine the days when the Adabi brothers managed the Twisted Wheel. 

The text I write, was reality of 70's UK

      If one thing pisses me off. The second it happens it's these idiots who went to Wigan Casino. Danced every minute of every allnighter ever staged there. Became so engrossed by the atmosphere in the Casino. During the sad emotion of the final night they'd got totally confused by the time they stopped  dancing it was September 1985. Didn't notice the flames when it was destroyed by fire. Soon as the fire crews went got a fresh pair of Spencer's out of there asbestos bag and continued without knowing it was a bit draughty. Now the building had vanished as well. Some nasty type of people, just assume he got that smashed during the last night took 4 years to come down. How wrong could anybody be? In  the 35 years he'd been going. Not once had he seen drugs inside Wigan Casino so had to be blind. He had not once heard a person ever mention drugs either he was that devoted to his dancing ignored any conversations near him. Or he must have been blind, deaf, and a total idiot for that to happen only possible explanation when I think. Other than just one very obvious reason. He's full of bulls**t and had never been, that seems a lot truer that the other stories I admit. Well that's enough of talking rubbish about rubbish. As by and large a section of every cult fashion. Every major cult UK fashion will always be populated by Stickies. People who don't look an obvious choice to join that type of fashion. But join it and refuse numerous requests to leave. Every road, street, or avenue of  the UK have the resident sticky living in it. They have very little knowledge of every useful subject on Earth it's held them back from birth they always look best talking to somebody else. They longer they stick the shorter the list gets. Various strait forward methods of asking them, either to shape up or ship out as no effect with them other than increase there vision of there knowledge. Popularity was never a part of there life and obviously never would be popular. But any port in a storm easily works there method of friend selection. Real friends they won't ever be able to find. So adopt the anybody who would stay without ejecting them quick are the only friends they will ever have. Talk the absolute crap there life is made of the ability to see how unpopular they are. Forms the basis not to believe they are unpopular. The list of fundamental answers once given shrinks each day that passes. Making cost cuts with such rigid rules in place. I wonder if Harpo Marx is working sounds an ideal place for him to fit into 

You had to do it. To know

      I'm certain coming from a generation after the Wheel happened. Even thou I'd been to 100's of similar nights at Wigan Casino. 10 years later so  many things change. The Manchester drugs unit. Was formed to kerb things rumoured to happen in the Twisted Wheel. I can't say for certain I never went. But by the time I did go drugs law reforms made it clearly illegal. The first few events I went to giving leaflets out with it. Printed on them would have made no difference. Them pops up from no urgency the 1974 drug law reforms promised to be targeted at recreational weekend use at clubs. A big rise in drug use in clubs started in the Mod era of the 60's. Today manufacture of almost every big use Amphetamine capsule and pill ceased a very long time ago. I would have thought the Obese generation of today. Gave it more urgency for use than the 60's ever had. Another question is now bought into disrepute. Amphetamine classed as an addictive forming substance in both the  60's and 70's BMA reports. Seemed to be overspending of public money. The solution leaves me to wonder are the ministers governing educated to a level higher than stupid. Making rules that state if you take Amphetamine before a specific day you're addicted. Everybody who takes exactly the same any time after isn't addicted. With logic like that is no Brexit any real surprise. I'd have thought no is the only answer as an option