The internet evolved, very fast. From 56k to fibre optic

Did I write these headlines no

They are from real newspapers

in the UK papers are mostly facts

More infamous, than famous

      The UK northern soul scene. Had always been secretive. It was never in search of fame and fortune. Certain people made money immense wealth I seriously doubt. Some top Dj's were born into wealthy families. Which undoubtedly helped them. I couldn't give a toss about that, Gelous of its ease maybe as it caused bad times. At the height of the success. I totally took no part in it then. Still believe it was a minority group trying to look far more than they where. Or ever became.

I will verify this as 100% true

      I attended the Casino Club, Station Road, Wigan. Mostly each week for 5 years In 1979 I looked from the viewing balcony that ran on 3 sides of the stage main arena. Brain dead idiots littered the floor. Attracted to the all-night dance sessions. By reputation, it was a drug supermarket. Northern Soul events mostly ran all night long it wasn't analgesic drugs like heroin that were used in massive amounts. Some cocktails of high-grade Amphetamines. I saw consumed. Was like taking poison. Together with the amount of liquid lost in sweat. The casino was so hot the Amphetamines you dancing. No time to go for a drink. A vast majority of its members were dehydrated totally. The heat generated on a packed night was extreme. Yet the dance-floors remained full, some members just danced and danced hour after hour. Members were mostly young and fit to start with. Had the euphoric feeling many had from amphetamines. Nothing gave you the exciting atmosphere the way Wigan casino did around 1974 to 76. Not 100% of the members used drugs it was a majority without any shadow of doubt in my mind. I will verify its content as true if needed. The minority try to mislead many people to believe. A small section made the big success of Wigan Casino.

      The reality of that time was people who. Had no sense of adventure, to go a step more than legal. Had no big input for Wigan casino having a massive amount of success. A way to leave normality outside had far more input then. Anything that was considered normal ever had in its success. I maintain this website offer. If you are saying it's lies, to get more visitors. Which as an aim of making me rich. Defamation is still an offence under UK law. Which gives you the ideal place to prove your right. A UK court of law that will no doubt create a lot of media attention, But with your belief in the scales of justice. Combined with your right and I'm a liar. No reason is obvious to stop you suing me for damages. I will give you a detailed list of my evidence. Which will include cemetery's that contain graves of people? Killed as a result of death by misadventure. A coroners report which states death was connected to drug abuse.

      I've no intention of verifying myself anymore. To such ridiculous claims, I heard a bloke born without eyes. Went and saw enough to make him a regular. I've been told my flyers of the casino's wall. Are nothing like the flyers on the wall in Station Road. Where ever they came from certainly was not Wigan Casino. I didn't mention it to Russ Winstanley. The man who gave them to me. My poster from the 5th anniversary was fake even thou it's featured in a number of places. My 2nd-anniversary badge is nothing like the real one.  At which stage I stopped listening as it was obvious they had tried to look something. That they would have no chance of being. After being told to stop looking at his eBay badges. I should have gone to get some. From the stall in Station Road. Where he got his by a twat who wasn't born when Wigan Casino was open. Made me question if it was worth listening to it again

Some accept reality, others deny it's true. Why?

        An unfortunate attribute of Wigan Casino was. The majority of its members were too young to realise future times. Often things were said to look more grown up. With the euphoric effect of amphetamines adding to it. Nobody thought about 40 years in the future, it was a very much live for today time. The Casino Club was a place you wanted to be seen as a part of it. What's happening now long after it happened. People full of it then Suddenly realise. It's a mistake as a public place to read it hadn't seemed possible then. Now it's only to realistic for anybody to read. They come out the woodwork to deny it. I had the scared act, once then a film got released, before it I made it up. Yet I went regular, a lot more than the wan***s condemning me. A film is made the people who condemned me for making it up.  Line up to give her support what as northern soul turned into?

A good idea needed more added

       Adding things like user interaction. Is relatively easy to complete. XML .aspx visual studio and Expression web. Leave the rest at the start. I 1st built my sites with Macromedia Dreamweaver. Which Adobe now owns. I had used Dreamweaver upto 8 or 9. Then I had Expression web. As a Microsoft trial. After completing the web design college course in Dreamweaver.  When I did design in Expression web and user controls in visual studio. had thousands of visitors weekly

The whole ethos as declined

      The best values of northern soul have vanished. Not that long ago I was at an event weekly. Then it rapidly started to decline if people stealing from their own sort. Wasn't enough to stand. A majority of people openly made heroes out of them. I'm not having my property was stolen, which I had to replace in value. Then share a night in their company. I ain't no angel I admit that. But I've yet to be that low to steal from my type of people. I'm very particular who I mix with in my own time. I haven't been to a northern soul all-nighter for months. I draw the line at thieves and grasses. When you're ashamed to be associated with an element of it. You don't go to it anymore