1970's the violent decade? Skinhead & Punk rock

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Skinheads, violent fashion

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     When I first attended an allnighter. I was excited at the prospect. As it wasn't planned well in advance or expected. I was at a birthday party with local people. When a couple announced they were going onto the Catacombs in Wolverhampton. At the age of 14, you are up for anything. If it includes you in an adult environment. Get a few local females looking you want to impress. So I said got any room in the car. In a casual by the way sort of question. Yet in your head, you are thinking they won't. But you look the big man in the eyes of the onlooking females. So you might get lucky instead. All that you have to have was an authentic look. Of being disappointed short time after it would be upstairs. Filling your boots with agreement from a girl. I was totally surprised when a voice said. Yes, no worries for you £1.50 for petrol ok. I only had about a £5, which I was told was enough. I had already been to Dix another club by the Catacombs. It may have been the friends or well-used membership. I had gone with friends both mid-twenties. A group all underage stand out. Yet 2 well over the age often as an increase in younger people's  appearance. It worked well for me as not once was I asked for proof. Even after telling Mrs Woods, sorry it's all change. It's my school tuck shop money. All she said was sorry Sam I never heard that. I was going to repeat it louder. But sense told me otherwise so I never. When you're given a chance. Take it don't try to be clever with people like Mrs Woods.

     Back to the Catacombs. Once you're up to the stairs you breathe a sigh of relief. The nerves are replaced by cockiness. If I'd had room to that is. It was like getting a dozen people in a phonebox. I seemed to have had my legs cut off everybody was a lot taller. Every once in a while somebody would. Either bump into me or tread on my foot. All I heard was sorry mate I didn't see you down there. I think if you felt like dancing. I had no chance being so small. Some of the dancers must have had chemically enhanced energy. But if they had I couldn't say at that time. At 14 it was onething I'd heard about. But had yet to see the activity of it. What had been seen in abundance was a warm unconditional welcoming mat. In 1974 Temple street had a reputation. It wasn't for its hospitality either. That wasn't from the Catacombs in all fairness. Another activity place just down the street. But it kept one thought in the front of others. If I hadn't got in hanging about Temple street alone. The other 2 were in the mid 20's. Not any chance they wouldn't get in. You'd hear stories all the time Temple street had a vicious gang about then. I never had any type of encounter with them. But if half the reputation was correct. It wasn't the type of introduction you looked forward to. Did your utmost to avoid it for as long as you possibly could. If it happened it wasn't by your choice. An unintended thing often resulting in damage to you. The danger was centred more on the roller-doom close by the Catacombs.

     Almost all the rumours circulated. On the north bank of Moulinue. The local football club Wolverhampton wanders home ground. I didn't support Wolves. Yet in the 70's football violence was rampant. Row after row of shiny Dr Marten boots, Skinner, Levi, Lee, and many other brands of jeans. Faded to a very light blue almost white. Yet not a spec of dirt on them or mark. Girls wore the same type of clothes. Check Ben Sherman shirts completed the look. This was the violent era of Skinheads. It's the most violent fashion of my life. Without a shadow of doubt in my mind Pitch invasions were a common event. As both sets of supporters taunted eachother. Kept apart by the pitch when chanting got more and more offensive. Tempers already stretched to wit's end saw a figure. Up and over an easy access route to the visiting team's supporters. As soon as 1 was on his way A mass surge started on the north bank all trying to get over at the same time. By now the fist bloke had either. Been slung out or arrested and in the back of a police van. You always knew Manchester united would be a threat. As they had the biggest fan base in football   The on the pitch often started from the south bank with MUFC games. No option in the 70's Man Utd had the biggest away squad of fans. I would imagine they are still the world's best-supported club. Local rivals Aston villa, West Brom, Birmingham city. Had reserved hatred. Most the div 1 teams bought a fair squad of supporters. Football was very popular it remained the working man's escape. Derek Dougan, Phil Parkes, Alun Evans, Wagstaff on the wing. All British players. England in the 1970's was a proud country

Wolverhampton in the 70's was a very active place

     The 70's was nothing resembling England in 2016. It was a country world renown as a good place to live. The country closed on a Sunday. You found it difficult to buy items. Your local corner shop didn't stock.  Vegetables came from a greengrocer, out of local farm fields. The tops on carrots, Parsnips, Sprouts fresh. The taste was of natural flavour. On st Georges day you marched and were proud of your country. Schools taught Christain values in English. Then UK citizens question why this country as lost its morality and lifestyle. It as lost nothing we are sacrificing our youth. Letting MP's get votes to keep them in government.