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   The contact procedure for my website. Is as simple as it can be. We have maintained our policy for all site replies. Since my first site was published in 1987. We have or never will. Pass any replies to 3rd parties. Your replies are confidetial, if they are stored for use on this website. The only possible reason it would be retained. All personal identifiers are removed like: IP address, from field, ect. If a decription of a criminal act. As a location identifier attached to it. That would also be removed. Please avoid using ficticous locations. As that would get removed the sameway. Never use anybody else's name. As no personal or location details are wanted or needed. A true event is a certainty. Nobody wants to read imagination

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   Yes the introduction does indeed say, ask a question. Or enquire about anything about the subject. Which the website is concentrated on, not stupid bloody things which are a waste. For you sending and me reading taking up time. That could be used doing a lot of useful things. Over the years various students on social media coarses. Have at times got in touch for information about northern soul. I was only to pleased to assist in everything I could. The last student to ask was a girl called Sarah. On a media coarse at univeristy her polite manor. Sarah was never asking like it was expected, or a privilege for me to do it. But asked questions on the type of things she required to know information about. She got first hand experience of an allnighter. When she attended Kings hall, in Stoke. The things she wanted to know, became a pleasure to offer assistance. The value of polite way of asking was valuble for getting the content Sarah wanted. I spent quite some time on replying. Making sure the questions where fully answered. If you expect things there are certain ways to ensure they are given to you. 

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