Found in Wolverhampton 

discovered at the Catacomb's, made big by others, That saying follows a well-known fact. Prior to my constant attendance at Wigan casino. I'd already been to quite a few events. The Catacomb's was the top venue in the Midlands. The UK to all Midlanders however, I never attended the Twisted wheel or Torch. in the glory period. I attended the Wheel the day it was reopened. The Whitworth street venue was minute compared to the casino. But I often leant on a wall in the wheel. Imagined the cellar venue in 1966. The day England won the world cup. It must have been beyond a human's imagination. The atmosphere and English pride in Whitworth street. It is common to hear claims. I went to Wigan casino. By people who were yet to be an embryo. But got in and said the records they heard. I agree  complete wan***s.

there's no place like home. The Catacomb's

   The Catacomb's was so important, in northern soul's creation. It was said the Catacomb's found them. The Twisted wheel and Torch made them into massive records. As a allnighter it was like the Torch. A very short run, but everyone was so good. At the last allnighter 3 times the safe amount filled the Catacomb's. 13th of July 1974 saw the end of the Catacomb's. For me a bigger loss than when Wigan casino closed in 1981. Wigan casino had been wrecked by it's own success. The last time I went in 79 it was full of barbed up twat's. I rember looking off the balcony. At the dance floor thinking where as the atmoshere gone. Anybody who went in 80 or 81 wemt to the building. Not the allnighter which wasn't a shadow of 75. When the Cat's closed it was still a great club to go to it could of continued

   When the Torch closed Wigan casino was yet to make it's mark. Emphasis shone on the Temple street club breifly. Blue max was the reknown dj at the Catacomb's. Local man Max Millward. Never lost his love of northern soul. Sadly northern soul lost 1 of it's treasures a couple of years ago. There won't ever be another Max. He had time for everybody. When we waited for the Wigan coarch. He often came over for opinions on records. If you ever met Max you respected him. A genuine nan, who loved northern soul. 

   I think Catacomb's reunion's, are prone to be cancelled. The events that do take place. Do so at venues nothing in comparison to the original. Wulfrun hall is nothing like the Catacomb's. A really good thing would be to invite DJ Alan Day to do a spot at the Wulfrun. If Alan's health lets him appear. He remain's low on gratitude, he deserves for his achievements. He joined the DJ line up, at the Catacomb's. When the Torch closed, went on to be  well respected by the local people of Wolverhampton. It as always been the opinion of my website. That Alan Day was just ignored at times. 

      After playing such an important role. At the Torch, Up the Junction, the Catacomb's, and Vava's. Why did he not get invited into the DJ line up at Wigan casino. So fellow Vava's DJ Richard Searling. Ok Richard was a good choice. By the end of Wigan casino he was a legend. Nobody can argue with the way he filled his part. But when he first got on. The casino line up. Alan Day had won his own friends at the Catacomb's. It was made a lot worse. When Ian Levine exited. Only his records stayed. A lot of assumptions at that time. The real value to northern soul is not assumed. But the great sets Richard gave the casino.