1974 saw a big change in UK law

  In 1974 the misuse of drugs act was bought up to date. It was very out of date. It was viewed as a way of halting occasional recreational use. From easy access of supply. In my opinion by the time it started to have a real effect. Was around 1980. Far to late to have a real impact. In the casino all it managed was change supply from pharmatheutical grade amphetamine. To things like strechin blue's. Which came from backstreet labs no precision on content. But there effect was so intense one week. To a drastically low effect the week after. There was back street everything going round. Red & white capsules. Called bombers they where heatherdrine. A common scripted drug for fat gits. Obesity must of been the highest prescribed treatment. My dad was given duromin and tenate dopspan (chalkie's) Every time he went to the dr's. He gave them me on the label it had Garry Keen. My name on my birthcertificate. I would not of thought it was a legal way.

   However my dad  got it in his head it was. I wouldn't of argued with him. He was took me to court, When we where about to plea. There was 7 or 8 in the dock. Every plea before me was guilty. Soon as the person before me had pleaded guilty. My father instructed my solicitor to change my plea to not guilty. I was the guiliest in the dock not guilty. A common thing at our school. Was older men would wait by the exit. In some old car promise them the world. Take them over Habberley valley. Give them the length of there promise. A group of us thought we'd put it right. Put chains round there axle and attach it to a tree. When they pulled up put the chain on. Soon as it was underway. We came out the bushes. The engine would get started ready for a quick escape. The fast exit for underage shagging was halted. As soon as the chain went tight. Nearly ripping the back axle off. But well worth a day in court for

   I got not guilty there as well. Exactly the same way me and Malc had the longest in the cell's. My dad wouldn't bail me out until the pub closed. The early days of Wigan casino, where in my opinion the best. Ok a lot of the records originated from Torch playlists. But by 74 a casino feel had started. Almost the entire crowd where northern soul orintated. You went to get smashed and dance. That was the sole purpose you went for. The music you wanted to hear in an arena. Full of people who had gone there with the same intention. It's like football grounds. If your a Arsenal fan and everybody around you. Supports Arsenal it is a friendly atmosphere. But if you had gone in the United end by mistake. It would be a hostile atmosphere. 


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Drug abuse was reality, not made up

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   It as never ceased to amaze me. How for a very long time

Take no notice of people who say Wigan casino. Was drug free

One film and the coast is safe to say it

     As anybody who claims that is wrong a bare faced liar. Up until about 1975, it was openly displayed. Nobody felt a need to hide it from view. I'm talking about the journey to Wigan. In the UK law's view of it. It was possession with intent to supply. If a shop sold items at a wholesale price sell at the price paid. It would not be a retailer in the true sense of the word. Just a carrier of convenience. Not in the UK legal system. That see's it as supplying. But a law enforcement establishment that amends laws. That nobody understands after the   ammendments. As to be admired for wasting. The whinning gits money who forced them to do it to start with.

    The biggest fault Wigan casino caused. Was creating a environment that gave enjoyment. It was the escape from ending up like the a**holes. That went on to condemn it for attracting lazy idle teenagers to there town. The north-west of England in the 70's. Was populated by residants who bought a house. Sat in it and thought they had power over a 200 mile radius of it. I went to central park once after the Friday oldies. I hadn't been to bed since Thursday sat listening to them. I thought here mate ever considered suicide. As I've sat here listening and would sooner be dead than be 1 of you lot. The casino as been a good source of finance for Wigan. Yet listening to you lot you are the most ungrateful people on earth. I have worked since the day I left school. I don't see why I have to listen to. A group of self  riteous tw**s to call me idle. Yes she is asleep;