Amphetamine abuse at allnighters

   I first created a website to cover the reality. Aspect of northern soul27 years ago. I was a regular member of Wigan casino. By that I mean weekly, when the oldies, motown, mods Friday allnighters started. I would go Friday and Saturday. Continue to the Ritz on Sunday or Nottingham palais, Newcastle Tiffany's, or the Locarno in Birmingham. It was a time if it was on you went. I read books saw film's, anything published I looked at. There was nothing to ressemble the real content at a casino allnighter. Being a weekly visitor to the casino. I found the content and presantation of it as shyte. To anybody who never went. Or experienced the euphoric effect of large amounts of Amphetamines. Gave people at the time it is certain this might as well be written in Latin, as what ever you think. If you never went to Wigan casino, you wont ever know. What I'm talking about, as it cant be imagined. To the thousand's of members who attended Wigan casino. Your nothing more than a joke, if you went. It takes a minute to see your a complete tosser. 

Wigan casino's: true amphetamine reality 

The secret should of been maintained. Going public. Ruined Wigan casino

Those people who are recent, to join the northern soul scene. You will have very little idea why it was much better as a secret society. But it took it from me, up until the motivation value became money. The immense area Wigan casino covered. Was filled with northern soul people. Who came to the casino for northern soul music. I still remember Mike Walker standing on the casino stage. The week before Granada shot "this England". Telling a full casino crowd, the success of Wigan casino is yours. You are the people that made it happen not me. If you vote no to camera's coming into it. No cameras will be in Wigan casino I promise you. The vote was by a show of hands. When the vote was shown. No to the cameras was clearly the vote of people in the casino at the time.   Members were worried how to close the camera crew. Would look into activities that member didn't want to be filmed. The hidden activities were known about after the Twisted wheel and the Torch closed prior to Wigan casino. Was the intention of the camera's to uncover the seedier side of the casino. In the end, it was a strange night in the casino. The lights were on lighting up the whole dancefloor of the main arena' It was normally as black as a coalman's pocket in the casino. All that was filmed was around the main dancefloor. I was on it for a few seconds at the most. The picture created by the documentary. Was the casino members lived close or in the Manchester area? Which was utter crap, I lived in Kidderminster well over 100 miles away? It was late Sunday night before I would get home. Some of the Scottish members if the ferry they relied on to reach home was not running. Wouldn't get home until Monday, but this wasn't mentioned at all. Live right by the casino you got top focus

   A few local residents at work. In and around Wigan in no way portrayed the casino members. I was by no means the farthest from home. But a bloody sight farther than anybody on "this England". It was no good in promoting northern soul. In a realistic way, it ran. It was basically an invitation to people come and have a go. Wigan casino was notorious for misguided judgement. A common thing at the time, all the schoolmates I had, never had any idea of the real thing. That drew the teenagers to Wigan like a magnet. Almost everybody not connected with it had a single reason. They all go for drugs when that was a means to an end.  Not the entire reason for going at all. Most Amphetamine's where bought off local hometown sources. Taken well before reaching Lancashire let alone Wigan. Then if you got pulled you had nothing on you. The fact you could run a marathon without starting a sweat. Seemed to get overlooked by almost all the drugs squad. They wanted the main supplier.    Which had never been there to get? There must have been some reason to ignore widespread drug abuse. As the 1974 misuse of drugs act. Was a added pain in the ass when it became law.  Designed to halt the increase in recreational drug use. It had some success, by adding alarms to dispensing chemists. But it was no big deterrent as most. Stretched their surveillance to low populated area's, the country area's got a sudden upsurge in crime figures. It was impossible to put alarms on every DDA cabinet. In a short time by the time they had. Many had ways to avoid the alarms. Class A drugs the opiates, cocaine, Omnipon, Palthium, Decanol, had no real value to Wigan casino members. Black bombers. Red and browns, Green and clears, Philon, the gold star must have gone to 2 tone pinks. But diuretics Duromine and Tenate dopspan red & greys & chalkie are a sudden impact. They were widely prescribed and not even the drug squad thought people would take them in massive doses. Out of choice, it was correct to assume that.

   In reality, it wasn't people needed the buzz. That made the casino different from the rest. It was very much your image had to be maintained. Not to the outside world at all. In the early days, there was nothing to the outside world. It was later before they even had any idea. What was even Happening inside the old Empress ballroom? It should never have changed to the open way it did. The majority that came after that. Had no idea of what northern soul or Wigan casino was about. They were drawn there, by the label of a drugs paradise. Soon as it was made public it was doomed. The once charged excited atmosphere, that filled the casino vanished. Instead of wide-eyed teen's full of joy. A new type of client was soon in the club. Called pillock's**'s they were a bunch of idiots with no idea the impact taking barbiturates had. Until they took them, at which time acting like a demented zombie. Came easy it was intrinsic to most of them.  This invasion by the general public started the decline in the casino's high values. Many people that had played a part in the start of Wigan casino's start. Left the scene in disgust. When the place got littered with idiots full of barbiturates. Yes, a northern soul was a scene that was full of drug abuse. But it was a means to an end. To have the energy to take part.    This element had no intention of taking part. They had gone there with a sole purpose of taking more barbs. Then they couldn't handle fall over and spoil it for the rest. But they paid to get in and it was seen as getting income. So Mike Walker was doing what he was paid to do. The people who owned the casino where investors who wanted a return. On their investment from anybody who came there, a northern soul was not required to get in. It quickly ruined the casino as it seemed overnight. Word went round and soon a few turned to a lot. The DJs could play anything they liked. The new members struggled to know what century it was let alone what record was playing. A sad ending to the best all-nighter there as ever been. Or with the deterioration in northern soul. Is likely to ever be, Wigan casino was in dire need of a serious overall. It had been left to get into a poorly maintained condition. Possibly due to the constant threat of closure on the horizon. If it had been a new brightly painted venue, new carpets, and everything else. It wouldn't have had the best atmosphere in northern soul. I went to almost every other venue that ran allnighters. Around the same era, Yate, st Ives, Cleethorpes, plus a host of others. Not 1 of them came close to the casino. Apart from the Maple wood dance floor, brilliant for dancing on. It had a certain way of creating a feeling something was about to happen. The dance floor was constantly full.

The drug addict label, given to Wigan casino. Was totally misleading and unjust

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    In the 70's long before Wigan casino's success. No fleet of coach organised trips. Getting to Wigan was never an easy task. You could get the late train from Wolverhampton to Manchester. Then the train to Wigan. Always full of other people heading for Wigan casino. I never found any hostility from Manchester people at all. I have heard people claim both areas had some sort of feud. Not a violent confrontation anyway.

    Wigan casino was a very competitive place. The only thing that Manchester and Wolverhampton competed for was to be seen as the best. Dress, dancing, gear everything was in question. If one was better than the other I had no real interest which it was. The early years it was never that important. Another bad attribute of the success. I have yet to hear 1 person praise the success northern soul brought to Wigan. I never heard a good word from a Wigan resident over 40 either. I went to central park one Saturday. After the oldies. It was November time of year so very cold. As the first half got going. The girl I was with was just saying how cold she was. So I gave her a hug. 5 minutes later she fell asleep. I got instructed to wake her up. Somebody else could have that seat. 

    Yet Wigan would only get the same money as she paid. So watch the match, not her. The funny thing was I was about 17 then. Some big men watch rugby. Just me and Cheryl. If it had been in the Clock end at Highbury. Even knowing a few people from living in Highbury. I would have kept my mouth shut. Rugby crowds are very different. 

The rivalry was never violent.

    There was never any great reason for violence. In a decade of confrontation will without any shadow of a doubt. Fit the 70's more than any decade before or after. If skinhead wrecking groups hell bent on Paki bashing. Was not in the News of the world. With a scripted paragraph of racial abuse. It was left to government and the 3 day week. Power cuts when striking miners. Left UK power stations running out of coal. Punk rock was the theme for the late 70's. Get our voices heard. Far to long the voice of teenage people has been ignored   

inside Wigan casino

   Onething I wouldn't think anybody would deny. The Wigan casino era happened at a time. That had very little that resembled now. Northern soul was a very underground scene. Word of mouth was the best advertvertisment for events. If it had a bad rumour circulating on the grapevine. It would be poorly attended another big thing was the drug squad. The grapevine was a powerful thing at the time. If your event got a bad review, and had a lot of interest from the local drugs squad. It was doomed to failure, it wasn't until Wigan casino. Started running an advert in Blues & soul magazine that events. Started to be advertised in a widely distributed format. Around 1974/75 the Sunday Observer ran an article in its magazine. Telling of the strange nocturnal activities of a cult musical group. At the time it was viewed by the Wigan casino members. With curiosity why they had come to do an article. On a community that had so far detected media interest of any sort. Then the grapevine became alarmed at exactly what. They might have seen, or unwittingly been told by members in Wigan casino. In the end, the Observer published an article. That was 1 of the best published about Wigan casino. It was focussed on northern soul and gave a much broader view on members. But unfortunately, it opened the massive public media surge. On Wigan casino and the start of it becoming public.

   The minute the public were invited into a scene. They never appreciated or valued like almost everybody else. It was turn up you're a part of it. Unfortunately, they had no part of it as far, as I was concerned. I preferred. To openly show them to keep out of my way. It was an unwarranted invasion of the majority's escape. From normality they had never got there like the rest. But turned up expecting a drug induced heaven. Which unknowingly to them didn't exist. Although there was widespread drug use. It was not to get out of your head. Curl up in a corner and sleep. It was to enhance the allnighter more. Giving you the energy to keep going. When they did not find the big scene of spaced out people. They had expected. They turned to barbiturates. Commonly used to calm down after the all-nighter. These idiots thought it was a case of taking a load. The good things made themselves, you never had to make them. All they achieved was they took far more than they could handle. So after Granada screened this England. Which in my opinion was crap as it showed a few local members nothing more?

    If you could spit and hit the casino's front door from yours. Which missed a lot of the important things about Wigan casino. The main reason for journeys at times lasting 8 hours. Yet any further explanation not included at all. The era of Wigan casino was an exclusive event. It may happen in a similar music event. But only in a scaled down way. The 100% radical following I've noticed very similar events. In the Muslim faith. As they commit to Islam in a devout way   


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A special time, if you went


   The thing's that happened at Wigan casino. In the 70's where never hidden away almost everything was done openly.  It had no real need to be done secretly. 99% of the members there knew it was happening. It was a bigger surpride to find a person who said no not me. I get here look at records until about 6am. Then I get my surveying equipment out. To make a 1mm accurate precision model at home. So in 40 years time, I can reference details on it and post it on Facebook. People will say I knew that twat at Wigan casino. He's still the same now, back in reality nobody give a shyte. About door handles, hinges. carpets, there colour or things. The whole Wigan casino concept was to get away from normality. If you had been messing about measuring doorhandles. A barb head was bound to fall over you. They fell over upright members so if you where bent over. They wouldn't of seen you, even with your lime green kagool on. I went 100's of times and couldn't even say what colour things where. Almost the entire place had members exactly like me