almost everybody who did it deny it

   I've learnt how to expect to receive. Website response from a long time on the net. Onething is never certain. The way people respond, will never be forecast accurately. It follows trends 1 is quite readily accurate with how they reply. It is mirrored by a lot of others. The same as moaning about a certain person. 1 will specify a certain person and the reason. The next few responses are along the same subject. I doubt it is all sticking to 1 thing. To make a point, better through amount complaining. It as been a strong scene to reflect things always. But lately it is follow the leader, a lot more. It as been along that format. Since some prat thought he was clever by calling Ian Levine a div. He would of got value for it. If he had listed his history and achievements. Then Ian could of listed is by the side allowing. Viewers to see the facts before they decided. At Wigan casino the week after people arrived wearing Tshirts. With Ian Levine is a div printed on the front. To me it showed a minority element who based there opinion. On the current trend not on facts. As the casino began with a title of Ian and Russes playground. So Ian had been at Wigan casino, a long time before them. Ian left for reasons I'm not certain about so I won't publish them. But will just say, Ian was man enough to stand with his beliefs.

Where as the community gone

  I still have a recollection of the Beachcomber days. Before Angie went through the dancefloor about 76. The Beachcomber was shut as a result. Even thou Angie made not complaint, got helped back to Morgans coach by her sister Sharon. Was in considerable pain her ankle had swollen up. But her concern was I hope they don't close it. I never complained to anybody. I cant ever remember the Beachcomber ever open after that day. It was meet in mr M's about 9. Then walk down suicide alley to get in. 8am down the paper shop for a pint of milk. In the baths for a hour. How any barbed up idiots never drowned surprised me. Seen a few come off that high board smack on the water. They fell for the same thing week after week. Look how hiegh it looks off here, they always went to the edge to look. I think Tuinal, nembitol, and Mandrax must float. Next it was what bastard's got my trousers. They had levitated out the window. Nothing beat the laughter of a barb head walking up Station road. Beleiving nobody had noticed he had no trousers on. Nobody will notice you stupid sod. They got a confidence boost from bullshyte.

Not all changes are Welcome

  Since the early 70's when I became activily involved on the UK scene. The way it was run, the motive that gave it a value. Everything about the northern soul scene as changed. In 99% of the changes it was to lower the value. OK I will admit in the early 70's it was very regimented by tradition. The first experience I had was the Catacomb's at 14 it was daunting. You felt included, but W0lverhampton people saw me as a child needing to be protected. It made it far better. The Cat's was in Temple street, a notorious place for gang warfare. If you got inside you where safe. It was a place with so many L coves to merge in with people. I'm sure there was a dancefloor. I never saw it to be certain. A long thin place with a raised area at the far end as a stage for dj's to be set apart. Only like a step hieght 6 to 9 inches. There was no comparission to safe protection. A usual stage gives artist's a safer environment

  Without fear of contridication almost everything improved with tecbhnology. Except 1 single item northern soul. So almost all the item's in everyday use are viewed as crap today unfortunately. They where simplified versions. Spending time learning if you could not get it to work The bin was the usual place it went to. The amount of waste produced in the UK in 2014 is not acceptable really. With a big part of earth starving why does this not seem important to the richest nations. Starvation is a long horrible way for anybody to have to suffer death. But the richest nations, are not worried it wont hurt them. So turn there back on it, happily let the poor nations suffer. If they gave food that was surplus free to them it would upset. The worlds balance of payment ratio. Which in turn could mean a loss in revenue or tragidy. Cutting back on luxury.

   On the otherhand media quality especially photo's. Have improved drastically in clarity so even photo's taken at Wigan casino are improved. The members look and remember the time much better with photo assistance. Look and there are a lot of people you knew at Wigan casino. When you bump into them now you suddenly realise how long ago it was. We all get older but never notice it on ourselves. But the second it's somebody else you do, but remember you look the same to them.