Shucks: Sebastian Williams

1 does it the rest follow them

  It is now becoming the routine thing. In northern soul venues. As soon as a popular type of event is staged. A few weeks later every event on is a similiar kind of thing. Yes promotors are after profit margins. That is there function in it. But good events are rarley organised that way. The Torch reunion was an exception to this. That proved what a real shame it's time was so short. It would of continued with the brilliant content of records. Maybe the whole history of northern soul would look a very different way now. But the casino started at the right time and was just the venue needed. For the crowds who swarmed to Wigan every week of the year. The Torch, Twisted wheel, st Ives, Yate, Cleethorpes. Almost every other major club venue ever open on the scene was smaller. That leaves Wigan casino out on it's own. For it's capacity to hold the houses it had in the mid to late 70's..

history repeating itself again

  Over the past few years the best event. As been the Torch reunion staged by Chris Burton. The Stoke business man and owner of the original Torch. They have the remaining Torch dj's. Who give history of the Torch and how it ran. There as been several venue changes. The next is April 12th at Keele university. Which was also ran by Chris Burton in the 7o's. It's so much of a boost. When I saw Chris Burton, at the last Keele allnighter. He looked to still have the feel and enjoy the event. At this time the same as the days of the Torch. Being a successful business man, yet going out in Keele allnighter to mix and talk. With the people attending looked to me northern soul was more than profit to him. A Torch memory to the left. Sebastian Williams: Shucks. Not 100% convinced it's the version that was played at the Torch. But the thought is the same 

  The 2 photo's to the right, I'm told indicate the difference in size. To be honest it doesn't show enough to clearly see in my eyes. The 1st is the view off the balcony at Wigan casino. The 2nd shows a packed dancefloor at the Torch. But the size of the Torch is hard to get from it. I can't tell you as I never went there. Maybe a person who went to both. Might post a comparision at some stage. The Twisted wheel was ended in 2013. At the Whitworth street venue, the original Brazenose street club. I've never been to, however if it moved to a bigger venue. To cater for growing attendance at the club. The Twisted wheel was nothing like the large area of the casino. The Catacomb's or Samantha's where nothing to rival the casino's size. Along with all the other allnighters at that time which kept spring up.

  Which leaves Wigan casino a long way out in front. With attendance numbers. People say size isn't everything, although the casino proved this wrong. As it was in dire need of a lot of normal maintenance task's to be done. But if it had been sqaeky clean and all the decorations where complete. It would not of held the charged atmosphere it did. Yate and st Ives where both smaller modern venues. Niether had anything near the atmosphere the casino had. So it was very neglected, in dire need of a cash injection. For essential repairs to give the place a fresh look. Even at the hieght of it's success. If the DS turned you over in the toilet. As patroling officers of the law, they had to be nieve not to see the large amount of Amephamines being traded openly. I had been going for about a year. Before I realised taking a handful of capsoles and pills. To boost your staminia to levels 8 hour dancing sessions. Where reached I refuse to beleive just amphetamines gave you it all. A big part of it came from the person. The atmosphere was so charged full of expectations. It was the no1 arena for northern soul. Everybody who ever danced at the casino. Through a mixture of drug induced euphoria, atmoshere and the haze of thinking you where great. Never saw yourself in reality nothing like the technology of today existed.

  The fun disappears quickly. If the people there all know your mad as a March hare. The shock value isn't there anymore. Almost everybody living near me had a good idea. At that time mentally unstable. Was a nice way to describe me, most just said that Keen bloke should of been drowned at birth. I

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