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Inside Wigan Casino

      Recently almost certainly brought on, by the total lack of integrity right across Northern Soul. I've avoided all events for some time now. I refuse to have to listen, to some idiot telling stories about a place he's never been. The really offensive part is the bystanders make them into an Icon of greatness. The blind lead by somebody whose no idea of the way. I've seen disaster's waiting to happen many times before it ruins it in the end. People who think they are bigger than Northern Soul. It can't survive without them how wrong they are. I went to Wigan Casino every week for 5 years, Friday, Saturday, alldayer Sunday. When I had a 20-foot wall close circuit cameras and dogs to keep me in. The Northern Soul scene carried on exactly the same. I never went to the last night of Wigan Casino it was over before I even knew. I had been a big part of it but it burned and was demolished. Without any need to ask me and Stafford was no replacement in reality. I stayed in London and concentrated on a totally different musical type for years. It was good some weeks 5 nights replaced 2. Heaven, Billy's, The Batcave, Camden Palace in London. Cbgb's in New York, clubs in Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich. The world was a flight away. I was lucky enough to meet Pat a PA, who trusted me no explanation to verify where I was. When somebody trusts you, I never cheated on Pat once even though I had plenty of opportunities. I admit I thought the world of Paddy, but when you are given freedom after being watched 24/7 it's never enough. When I went to the shop in Blackstock road for bread. Then rang Pat from Schipol airport never went well. Getting back 6 days later seemed the straw that broke the camels back. Even thou  I was 100% faithful. Got no reason to tell lies, the macho bit say I cheated loads of times. Pat knew I didn't and that obviously wasn't enough I can't do the joined bit she had her job, I had mine. Her dad always liked me. But he started to ask too many questions like why did I have years missing in my national insurance contributions. I was abroad working that throw him at all. I got 5 years what for Sam? I got caught, Jerry a bad mistake I was young a one-off. Bloody idiot psychiatrist said I was very unbalanced so must be treated with caution. He was the unbalanced one couldn't remember my replies to questions so put his answers in. Made me look like it was habitual so I got sentenced like a serial offender. Banged up with really bad murderers, bank robbers, security delivery van robbers. That shot the guards dead no remorse I was nothing like that at all? But you quickly adapt to the environment you're in. Prison is a very hostile place you have to survive by the ways possible. I did things I'm not proud of doing but no choice but do them to survive. I refused any type of physical injury my record I would never get out, sex cases where exempt they made you want to hurt them long-term is littered with evil people. You're never certain of anybody? I just kept myself to a group from Liverpool knew they where all Kosher. Bob, was the gym orderly a few months later he had muscle's on muscles. I got put in with the 3 Scouses as soon as we arrived in Shepton Mallet. Which was haunted by the white lady an innocent woman hung at the prison. Which also housed the Kray twins at one time.

Outside Wigan Casino

Adult enough to do it?

Inside Wigan Casino

      I've always been totally amazed by the reaction I get. Maybe not to the reaction, but the surprise to mentioning the subject in public. If it wasn't true I would understand the shock of it. Or a list of names who I bloody well know for certain took illegal Amphetamines. But that was at a time that it was required and doing it was never understood. A vast majority of people did it openly so no concern of the legality of it. The Drugs Squad would have needed one hell of a Black Maria to get every guilty person in. The Police must have known the level of underlying drug activity inside Wigan Casino. Every time the Casino opened it's door for a Northern Soul all-nighter. A gigantic amount of Amphetamines came into Wigan to fuel it. The thing that must have stopped a big police purge to end such a major illegal activity being openly committed weekly. Must have been the absence of any major organised crime involved at all. Just a large number of teenagers doing what they do best enjoying themself. The 1974 reform of outdated UK drug missuses for recreational purposes. Made absolutely no difference killed far more than it cured a fact. I remember at the time the amendments where not clear so even the Drugs Squad never knew for sure. What was or wasn't breaking the law? The supply of Amphetamines from burgled Chemist shops declined. All that did was remove consistency from the supply chain. It was a major mistake in my opinion. The activity was allowed to continue in my assumption of it being well known the massive amount of Amphetamines used each week. One certain fact certainly must have saved Wigan Casino from a Drugs squad purge. In the 5 years I regularly attended. No major   organised crime supplier fueled the supply of drugs. It was the most widespread network that covered  the entire UK. If a chemist was burgled in almost any town or city. Almost always it was for analgesic theft Dia-morphine, Cocaine which was stocked in almost every chemist. Along with Diconal, Palphium, Pethidine, and 7g of Dia-morphine and 7g of Cocaine. Which was widely used by Dentists. I'm not certain what if any changes the 1974 drug law changes made. Very little from what I heard the hard core Heroin addiction type user were burgling Chemist shops. They hadn't  really bothered to take Amphetamines or Barbiturates no real use to class A addicts. But a market for them was there and it was money for many Amphetamines now stored in DDA SAFES. Often the complete cabinet was stolen. Forced open later. Durophet, Drinamyl, Two tone pinks, and various  other Amphetamines were prized for all-nighter use. Later years saw a demand for Barbiturates like Mandrax, Tuinal, Sodium Amytol, Seconal. That had no demand in the early years but This England  attracted a surge of new visitors to Wigan Casino. Who believed the stories of mass drug supply. Spent £2 on a handful of either Tuinal or Mandrax and collapsed all over the Casino. The death rate increased at one stage 1 a week died. That was the first nail in the Casino's coffin. The last time I went in late 79 I was talking to Dave one of the door men. We looked down the balcony and Barbed up idiots where strewn  the length of the balcony. One came bumping into everybody and dived down the stairs by the Gents toilet he looked in a bad way. I certainly had no intention of helping him. I think Dave had no choice but to pick him up and chuck him out

I'm uncertain who was to blame?

Inside Wigan Casino

Inside Wigan Casino

      The last couple of years Wigan Casino  ran was the same building. But nothing like the early excited electric atmosphere. People who saw me at the last night where mistaken. I have never been to a last night anywhere, the Catacombs, Twisted Wheel, Wigan Casino. I went to the reopening night at the Twisted Wheel. Watched the hoards rushing to the last noun had been at the reopening night. The Catacombs I simply couldn't get a ticket. When Wigan Casino closed I was out the country not really just a 20 feet high wall limited  my movement. I never even knew it was shut until Del visited me and said it burned down and was going to be demolished. I don't think I'm the shallow type of person last night events attract. I could imagine the Casino full of wannabee's first time they went. Giving it the impression they went to every night it ran enough wan***s giving stories a place they never stepped foot in. I'm not 100% certain why it closed other than it was crap the last time I went in 79. Rumours it was closing had been going around since the first time I went. Some kind of surprise it was destroyed by fire from a workers welding torch. The only good thing the people of Wigan got the shopping centre. But never had Northern Soul's golden egg to spend in them. For what the Casino did for Wigan the locals had deep hatred for the Casino members I went to the Rugby after a oldies. The girl I was with fell asleep the people around said wake her up. Somebody could have had her seat who had interest I just said she paid as much as you? Watch the match not her they could have had 1 of the empty seats down there. I put my hands inside her coat to warm them up, Hi we don't want any of that. By which time I had enough do you own this Rugby club no well try to mind your own business instead of mine. Her tits are lovely and warm put your hand in and see. She won't mind she's asleep if she wakes up she'll think it's my hand. Watch her Jocks are a lively race Mary's lively at normal times. The trotters on you lot she'll know they ain't mine. Wigan was a very strange place at times to outsiders. I got on great with Dave the main doorman and Mrs Woods and Russ Winstanley. But the doorman with the weird haircut I couldn't manage a word without wanting to fall out with him. I'd been on the pi** at a wedding once he kept on I was Barbed up I wouldn't have minded if I was. But it was beer not Barbs. I never argued or fell out with him.

      But Dave you could talk to on a friendly level. He never once let his guard down us and them he was around my age group I never really knew. Door men with attitude not the best in that job. I could handle myself in them days. Mention a fight I never backed out from fights. He was hard to sum up and I never fancied wading in blind. There where a few who could look after themselves. Clarkie I would imagine took no prisoners, I never had a bad word for Clarkie I liked him. I stopped in Oldham with Cockney Mac, a girl called Sav another girl I cant remember her name Hollingwood road main road into Oldham. Sav had a boyfriend called Hovis great bloke to get on with. I got on great with Hovis but I'd bet he could handle himself. Very fortunate I never had to find out. The people who don't go off the deep end normally know they don't need to prove anything. Seldom did anybody go to find trouble it wasn't the type of atmosphere to cause trouble in. I had a few arguements over the years nothing more than arguements really. I lashed out a number of times but never anything out of control. All the years I went cant recall anybody I really hated. I went to a party on a Tuesday night in Nottingham. I knew Christine & Linda at the time only just got there. Some bloke comes over to me, punch me in the stomach. Tony Wooldridge & Steve Wilkes said no Sam forget it. I was talking he came back again punch me in the stomach. Go and ask somebody else I'm not the bloke for the job. Just do it it's helping me stop the pain. So I give him a soft punch in the bread basket. He took it well seemed to help him. But around that time people kept starting fights clear off leaving me with half a dozen locals thinking it's all my doing.

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      So one certain way to do my head in. His get some complete w**ker turn up. To give me his/her version after 3 events at Kings Hall Stoke. I don't give a toss about it being listed has exactly the same has Wigan Casino. As it's got nothing the same as Wigan Casino. Or is ever  likely to have take it from me. The numerous events listed as Wigan Casino reunion events. Should get taken to trading standards courts. For posting things that are not a true reflection of it. I'm afraid to cast an element of doubt but no member of Wigan Casino. Would have gone on a package tour holiday to Benidorm.  Early years of Wigan Casino was a great reason not to conform to the mundane task's of a UK Sunday morning. Like playing football with a hangover or sat by a river. Freezing and wondering what dopey prat talked you into buying fishing rods. Has you'd now like to ram it down there throat. Working 50 weeks of every year. To qualify for 2 weeks in a overseas version of Skegness. Bit more sun but the same type of jobsworth holiday makers. After 3 days glued in a sun lounger they are redder than a Liverpool shirt. Cant move they are in real agony. But they can't wait to show people there tan. So they can vanish out of sight. Before  labeling them a hen pecked idiot whose stopping in for the next year to pay for it. But they have got 200 duty free Benson & Hedges. Well 20 a week as it's been decided they are giving up when they are gone you're giving it up. So you can afford a dishwasher placed where the nieghbours can see it. Nowhere near the place it could be used but when it's been seen take it back. To exchange for something like a ladder to clean the gutter out. 6 feet to short but it was a bargain. Every weekend off in the future will be spent using the ladder. Looks odd only half the house is painted.

      This type of normality in UK life was a influencing reason. For the large interest in the early years. A section of the UK youth had become fed-up with following inherited routes. Working all week for little reward so the Casino offered an escape. Which teenagers swarmed on Wigan Casino to be a part of. They where attracted by the community spirit and very friendly people in Wigan Casino. As word spread about the brilliant atmosphere inside Wigan Casino. The amount who wanted to get in quickly out grew the capacity. Mr M's the oldies room was opened to increase the size. Although at the top of it's success big numbers where turned away. As Wigan Casino filled to the maximum every event it staged. A large number of other venues opened all over the UK. I went to almost every other venue open in the Casino era. None got anywhere near the majic Wigan Casino had

Outside Wigan Casino