The 80's was party time. Always 1 you just went to it

Steve Strange, became a face in the UK 80's. Fronting Visage, a band from. The new romantic UK fashion 

Adam Ant became our prince charming. Self proclaimed, king of the wild frontier 

Relaxed happy with an hangover 

    Anybody who didn't like the 80's. Must be the type who watches tv on a Saturday night. As their mates walk past in numbers. All going on the lash to enjoy life to the max. Why some people are reluctant. To have a good time with some yet won't with 0thers. I've never been absolutely clear about. Each to their own reason.  Never try to interfere with people's free choice. Respect it as the decision is theirs, not yours.  Some of the disco hits are still good today. Rhythm is a dancer will always be a classic of the '80s. One certain fact will always remain. I won't ever swop, being brought up in the '80s for today. Using your brain to think for yourself. Was still widely used. Written in Oxford dictionary approved English. In bold type font primary on the page. Arial bold 14 pt font, it was still legal to attend church with crosses and hymn books. The UK sabbath was Sunday prior to it replacing Monday as the national start of the working week. The working day had still to be changed to 8 till late.

     The whole country was in a totally different atmosphere. The only conflicts were our own. Margret Thatcher destroying the union dictatorship. The workforce must strike at regular intervals. In which time they are made aware we are behind them. A very long way behind them. As the union funds that they amassed means it will be years. Before striking hardship reaches our tables. In the meantime, the members might have to suffer. In many cases, members have times that they are starving. But they are certain our big meals are eaten for them. Unfortunately, our solidarity does not go as far as food. Or cars judging by the Jaguar I saw Arthur Scargill. Get out of at minors benefit concert. The hardship his union members were made to suffer. The headline on almost every national news bulletin broadcast when the strike was on. It was a bad way to treat union members. The main reason I have never been a union member. Is that hypocrisy is beyond any kind of fairness? If the majority of members who respected the leader's decision for strike action. Then are left to suffer. While the leaders are living in relative luxury. Showed a reason for Mrs Thatcher to crush them. The best friend the minors had. Unemployed minors who wonder why the UK coal industry vanished. Along with their jobs ask your union to explain. It was nothing to do with the Conservative government. They never made it too expensive to use, did they? Try putting an idiot who thinks he can hold the country to ransom. Yes once is excusable the pay claim for a very hard job was justified. The country did support the industrial action, but greed took over rational pay claims we won let's do it again and again. Until you lost support and the entire coal industry. I think unions are far too hierarchical looking after the union leaders more than the body which is the strength.  

The other big face of the 80's. Belonged to George O'Dowd. Boy george famed for announcing is gay sexuality. Was over 6 feet tall. It became common for butch type men in pubs. To say they would kill George. Almost all men threatening had little chance of doing it. Threatening was a way to hide latent gay tendencies

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Today conflict as returned to UK life. Hardship is country wide

     The 80's was much more basic than today. You wanted to call somebody when out. You found a phone box that smelled of Urine. As most phone boxes had transparent sides. On main pedestrian routes, how did people manage to urinate in them? As they all smelt like somebody had. The UK had problems nothing different to a lot of today's problems. Yet the UK citizens didn't look for a person or group to blame it on. It wasn't that important who caused it, how to resolve it was. Onething was certain when Saturday night was at an end. A party somewhere was about to start.  Things like being invited didn't seem as important either. Having a good amount of alcohol was a more certain way of admission. It was well before 24-hour opening was widespread. A good idea was keeping a stock at home then no party. You always had the option. "got a lot of drink at my flat" if you fancy a nightcap. If you drew a blank you could go home and drink until you got so drunk. You found it very difficult to stand. So tried to find your bed or fell asleep on the way.

     It still meant your head hurt the day after. Woke up vowing never drink again. Later that got amended to that day. Especially if you had been to the Brownslow arms for lunch. It was just so laid back and friendly. Fights happened if only 2 people survived a nuclear war. A fight would take place. If there are option's something to fight about, the 80's fighting was with fists. The use of devious ways. Had yet to be introduced to the UK. How morals have dropped and a number of diseases risen. A certain type of warning in that. I have never before known, so many UK people with cancer. Surely it must indicate some consistent attribute. That all cases had contact with. I lost a really valued friend. When Mick Morgan lost is the battle with cancer. I have life long friends diagnosed with it now. I want to give them hope. Not doom and gloom. A cure as been talked about for years. Now we are financing world health. Our own and the Guatemalan gay pole vaulting 2nd 11. Being a white Christain heterosexual. Means hoping a pole vaulter lands on his orchestra stalls and his left out the team.

     Why is being a natural caucasian person made you a 2nd class. The UK needs to look after its own first not reliant on ethnic origin. Just resident in our country is all that is needed