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      Welcome to my website, if this is your first visit.  I hope you will see it as an opportunity to explore the content. Which over the years as grown to today's sprawling mass. Of multiple subjects, many created on the spur of the moment kind of way. Almost every time I'd visit a Northern Soul venue. Either allnighter, alldayer, or a  simple 8 to late Soul night. After meeting with friends from the Wigan Casino era. Reminiscing about the many air-brain things that happened every allnighter staged there. Always put you in the frame of mind to compile an article about Wigan Casino. My excuse for a totally inconsistent subject flow throughout the entire site. Means reading a part of an article on one page. Then having to browse the complete site content. Hoping to stumble across it by chance. This certainly isn't exclusively available to this site At it's busiest times had 60,000 visitors weekly. Being .aspx built-in Visual Studio .net Almost all the updated content was done on the fly, on the active site. You'd know the page was being rebuilt quite often "runat = server" attribute added to the page load event, Unfortunately, if the page refreshed it registered it by posting it back to the server. In so doing triggered multiple page events, stored in an.XML file called code-behind securely stored with the site pages images SQL SECURITY FILES with users card details in an XML dataset. With such demanding use on the Fasthosts servers, I eventually configured all sensitive content to be stored on a remote server. When the content wasn't needed. I disconnected the drive hackers often tried to access card details. I've still got the SQL enabled drive with around 1500 Email messages. IP URLs of every site visitor. I paid for the card details to be professionally removed. 

      Yet kept all the Email messages for a reminder. I've been very tempted to publish certain messages at times. But up until now never have as it would break my word. All contact to the website was 100% confidential which it was. Which I intend to keep in place even after I decided to destroy the website. That was for a variety of reasons. Mainly when it was created the internet was yet to become the widespread public tool of today.  Very few homes had a computer connected to the internet. I'd been lucky in that aspect and got it early. So saw the potential of it becoming widespread before it did. When it did become public and well known. Russ Winstanley was a site visitor. I thought he would just say it was a load of rubbish. Yet to my surprise he didn't quite the reverse he was very supportive of my website. With my effort to put a true reflection of Wigan Casino online. Yet as the internet began to become popular in public homes. It didn't take long for corporate business to see it's potential as a moneymaker. This was the major fault that prompted me to destroy the site. This page is uploaded as the site default. Which always used to have to be called homepage As it was the place that introduced the website to visitors. Gave the navigation and details. Along with a reference of site content used by search engine spiders. That trawled m the internet to index websites. Getting ranked no1 meant that site was returned top in search results.

      A majority of the contact is just my opinion. I've always tried to make certain the content like time and dates are exact. At certain times the content ess has seen by eyed. So isn't open for debate. I saw it and my name is the registrant on the DNS servers. Yet if you are certain you attended more, must be some. Then dispute my site content. Suits me to bring it on, see you in court. I'll stick to my account 100%, just needs you to do the same for an interesting court battle. If you're not prepared to stick to it keep your mouth shut. Suddenly everybody is an expert. If you never set foot in Wigan Casino, don't worry too much about that. The crap you bang on about won't be any worse than the rest. In the early years, it was to break free. From the following on in the traditional parent's footsteps. Working st the same place doing the same job for 50 years. At the end you got a coffin to lie in. The UK youth wanted more from life.

        Breaking free of tradition. The alnight unsociable hours Wigan Casino held events. Fitted the format required exactly. The ridiculously wide trousers. Added to this perfectly. 12.30 to 8 am time it ran. Was looked on in a very bad way. With the alnight physically exhausting dance style. It was quickly rumoured widespread use of amphetamine drugs as usual inside Wigan Casino. Some weeks 80% of members inside Wigan found their way into Wigan from right across the UK. It was a well-known fact, the demand was never met by supply around 74 and 75. Vast quantities of Riker and SK & F, the world leaders in the manufacture of Durophet, Drinamyl. Dexerdrine, and various other grades A amphetamines. Were taken on massive doses by Wigan Casino members. The strongest most effective amphetamine I've ever seen. Was on the way to Wigan Casino leaving Wolverhampton station a person on his way to Wigan Casino but quite a lot older than the rest of us. Had 3 or 4 containers of two-tone pink capsules. Which contained Metherdrine if he was telling the truth and there as never been any doubt in my mind he was. The one and only time I ever saw two-tone pink's at Wigan Casino Black-bombers, Minstrels, and White bombers regularly Red & Browns (DuraphetM) Green & clear (Drinamyl) Brown & clears (Dexerdrine) were often seen at the time. After the 74 drug law reforms anything that did the trick got taken Red & Grey (Duromine) Chalkies (Tenate Dopspan) Ponderax tablets, halfway through you'd start seeing things like balloons 100's of them. An absolutely evil Dieretic called Ephedrine nothing else they soon sold out. At a certain time, I remember a lot of girls who went to Wigan Casino. All going to the Dr's with acute period pains then telling the Dr they have a friend who's Dr prescribed something that gave instant relief. The drug was called Daprasol. Sudden very high demand for the vast number who suddenly developed bad period pains I'd never taken Daprasol to give you the SP on it.

      Anybody going on holiday to Spain. Was told go into a Chemist and ask for Bostain's buy them over the counter no prescription needed. I never had any of them either.  Two more popular around the Wigan Casino era. Was Philon they resembled Alive Orange, plenty inside Wigan Casino danced all night long yet took Alive Orange only. To end on Purple Hearts the M0ds favourite. My mother was scripted Purple Hearts after losing a lot of blood during childbirth my dad told me he exchanged them for Aspirin

Wigan Casino 1st all nighter

      The 1st allnighter started at 2 am. On the weekend 23rd 24th of September 1973. Although no big advertising for the event had taken place other than a flyer posted on the wall in Station Road. A crowd of 600+ turned up on the first night which proved there was enough interest in Russ Winstanley's. Vision to stage all-night  Northern Soul dance sessions at the unused Empress ballroom. Russ played the first record which he went on to do at almost every event staged as Northern Soul. At the Station Road venue up until the point. Russ a Wigan resident ran Northern Soul sessions on Sunday afternoon at the local rugby club. At this stage none of the massive success. Could have been foreseen it wasn't certain how long the Casino all-nighters would last. A thing the Casino had plenty of in the early days. Were rumours of it closing down? To build a shopping centre which eventually became true. But not for eight years in which time the Wigan Casino soul club. Had enjoyed unequalled success becoming the most successful Northern Soul club ever open in the UK. The people who stated it as a filthy hole. Were generally the people who had never made an impression at Wigan Casino, so slagged it off and went to another venue. For me and 1000+ other members, there was nowhere else to go every Saturday night than the Casino. Every week of the year the same faces outside in Station Road, when Samantha's finished it's Friday night event. Wigan Casino filled the vacancy holding a Friday oldies all-nighter once a month. Together with various other themed nights. Motown, Mod nights, varied themes one thing was the same. The members waiting in Station Road on a Friday were the same on a Saturday. I stopped going back to Kidderminster on a Saturday morning but stayed in Wigan.  One place you had to avoid was the Rugby ground. I only ever went once after oldies.   Leave your sense of humour outside the ground. As nobody inside as got one for certain she fell asleep. Wake her up what for she isn't moaning while she's asleep. Somebody who wanted to watch the match could have had her seat. She paid as much for her seat like everybody else. If she wants to go to sleep she can. I can keep my hands warm on her puppies without her moaning. You shouldn't have put your hands inside her clothes. Why not she doesn't mind no but we do it's got nothing to do with you. So watch the match not me, just because she wouldn't let you? I've got to have sex with her later so it's not free. Where are you going to have sex between her legs why where would you go? Nosey bunch round here we are both consenting adults. Well, I am and I've got what she wants. A prick before you ask why don't we go to my house. Because I live 120 miles from here and my girlfriend would complain. You've got a girlfriend? Why don't you wake her up you're getting on my nerves. She lives in Dundee so why tell her, if you do you won't see the rest. As my fist will blank your vision. So watch the match and keep your eyes on the game, not on me. Do you take drugs? Why what have you got? Nothing well why ask no we don't take drugs. I thought you had some so making an offer

Wigan Casino's drug culture

      It makes no difference to me at all. If people who visit this website believe me or not. I went regularly for almost every event each week for 5 years. Knew a majority of the faces at Wigan Casino. One of my best friends died of a heroin overdose on a Sunday morning. After going to Wigan Casino graveyards all over the UK. Hold the young bodies of the victims of drug abuse. It happened to take it from me. Hardly something I'd make up I've got drug convictions from that time. A majority of the members this was the only experience of drugs they ever had. Or ever will have in there life. In the early days, Wigan Casino ran amphetamines were traded openly. All you'd hear at the services on the M6 was got any gear. As people on the way to Wigan Casino tried to bolster their energy levels. For the exhausting 8-hour dance session ahead of them. A vast majority had no idea the massive cocktails of pills and capsules. They were taking had been stolen from a chemist shop a few days earlier. It wasn't until the 1974 drug law reform. Targeting the weekend recreational drug abuse. Was made the law that suddenly altered the supply of high-grade pharmaceutical Amphetamines available in big quantity at Wigan Casino. A chemist shop was being burgled regularly up until then. The members travelled to Wigan from almost every part of the UK. The supply of Amphetamines into Wigan was never from organised crime gang's but from many sources. Stretching across the entire UK the same as members. The majority of drugs came into Wigan Casino from friends. Who learned of a local source and purchased extra. To be distributed to people at Wigan Casino the following weekend. At the same price, they got purchased for. This under UK law is still supplying controlled drugs. Yet in my opinion, shows how totally inadequate for dealing with UK illegal drug supply the law is.

      The members of Manchester drug enforcement officers sent into Wigan Casino each week. Acted as no deterrent to stopping drugs being taken or the supply network. The grapevine of Wigan Casino had every member of the drugs squad on it. With an accurate description the location in the Casino they were. Making their presence of no great use they might as well have worn a uniform. The second the squad put a foot through the entrance. It was circulating around the Casino grapevine. The locations that you'd be certain of being searched like the gent's toilet. Got avoided until you had stashed your drugs anyway. One of the popular places was in your bag. Then put it in one of the cloakrooms until you wanted more. By which time you'd have been to a squad location been searched. Nothing found it was very rare the squad kept frisking the same people. As the night moved on supply grew in the amount available. You could have put Boot's distribution warehouse in Wigan Casino. Yet still not had enough to meet demand never enough for the demand. When the 1974 drugs law amendments came into force. At first loads of pink champagne turned up in Wigan Casino. You could get smashed for £2 which increased the number of members taking drugs. Then came the back street gear time. Which was nowhere like good. Back street meant nothing had a consistency like Riker or SK&F. Take an amount one week have a good night. Until you took exactly the same the week after. The strength had changed so much. Members had got used to time release widely used in the chemist Amphetamines. Not top of gear made in a rushed way. Which now flooded Wigan Casino.

      I write the content for my website. Exactly the way I remember it happened at the time in Wigan Casino. I've got no time for the growing number of morons who think years after it took place. By simply denying it happened a new version will be put in place. That type of history isn't the kind of history. The Wigan Casino era deserves to have or needs. So all the content that gets published here. Is the same as I remember it happened at the time. People can say it's lies or I made it up. At the end of the day, it is still true making me beyond there stupidity of trying to alter facts. Wigan Casino ran one way on great northern soul music. Smashed out your head, that was then. Members did what they had to keep it on a level field of competition. It was highly competitive. Every person in the Casino wanted to be the next face of it. The default reason why if one did it the rest did. A section danced the entire night without any sign of fatigue. The main source of stamina a majority of times was stolen from a chemist shop earlier in that week. Did the rest think fine they looked great? But they did it by illegal means should I even consider doing an illegal thing. To create an exactly the same mirror image when onlookers are certain it's only possible. With the illegal energy additives otherwise, a human body isn't able to do it. In 99.9% of Wigan Casino members, the look was much more important than the method you got it. This was without any shadow of a doubt the competitive arena  Wigan Casino ran in. If you couldn't get an equal opportunity to perform in. Are exceptional measures legal or illegal came into play? Either did not seem to matter at all. The important part was it was gauged from an equal view neither having an advantage. I'd never shared this idealist kind of view of things. I hadn't watched any dance competitions staged on the anniversary night celebrations. Yet I could have told you the winner. Before it had even taken place, the best dancer very rarely won it. The blue-eyed person at that time seemed the best dancer. I've never been to the last night anywhere. The majority at last nights are at their first as well. The reason I don't enter dance competitions besides the obvious one of not being good enough. Was the way it caused an elitist feeling for a select few. A question remained over the validity of being the best dancer remained. The exceptionally good dancers at Wigan  Casino Gethro, Booper, Sandy Holt. To name a few were well aware of it. So having to prove it was a bit futile, all 3 had won the dance competition anyway.

My Wigan Casino memory, plus a  personal one

Early  Casino days

      The first couple of years at Wigan Casino. Relied on a big Torch influence. With the Torch Dj's joining the Casino. This was inevitable. But by 1975 the big Torch influence had gone. Casino records discovered by Casino Dj's and played first in Wigan. Was the first sign Wigan Casino was destined for massive success. It got to the stage large groups of people were refused entry each week Wigan Casino staged an all-nighter. The number wanting to get in was far bigger than the capacity of the immense size of the Empress Ballroom. Those who attended the 2nd anniversary in 1975. Saw the event well oversubscribed. It wasn't until 3 am the Casino realised it had let as many forged tickets into the Casino as genuine tickets. The Casino was so rammed full well over the safe number. Forcing mr M's to be opened in an effort to make it seem safe. A few years later some of the Friday oldies were well over the safe capacity the Casino held. Yet there was never a night as full as the 2 nd anniversary. The high number of good forged tickets happened at exactly the same time. As the Express and Star Wolverhampton's evening paper had got their new photocopiers installed. The paper had been impressed by the exact copies the machines made as to the default. It was also taken notice of by another of Wolverhampton's resident's. Very few of the large number from the Wolverhampton area in the 2 nd anniversary. Got their tickets from the Casino. If the Express and Star had failed to get the photocopiers installed on time. The well rammed 2 nd anniversary would have had far less than a well attended normal Saturday night in 1975-

Wigan's draw was 100%

       It's virtually impossible to explain the way Wigan Casino. Had the power to draw 1000+ people into Wigan not the attractive kind of town. That would normally bring teenagers in large numbers 52 weeks of the year. Yet the Lancashire town Wigan was a magnet for teenagers in the 1970s. A 1000+ flocked to Wigan Casino every week of the year. The Casino Club was voted no1 night club in the world. Putting New York studio 54 into 2nd place no $100,000 light system. The Casino had a single bulb by the stage yet the feeling of the charged atmosphere. Could not be recreated by using very expensive lights. The members inside Wigan Casino had 100% devolution to Northern Soul this aspect wasn't available to buy at the New York club. Yet Wigan Casino had no invitation to make you put yourself on display. But everybody on the dancefloor or sat quite. Wanted to look better than people around them. It was the biggest display window in the world. Dancing was the best activity to put an image of yourself for onlookers to notice. It was difficult to concentrate on looking good. When it was 6 am Sunday morning. You'd spent long periods of time on the dancefloor over the past few days. When Dave Evison started his oldies hour at 6 am. You knew straight away you would dance the whole hour. Cramp often struck after hour after hour of dancing cramp often locked your leg. I'd danced to so many of Dave's oldies hour in automatic mode. Totally exhausted full of cramp. But a vision of the Ritz in your mind. The Ritz was very easy to blag dancing at. Stand still the floor made it look like your moving. Soon as it was Belle Vue zoo and a large solid floor. It became very hard to get the motivation to get started. A number of alldayers like Locarno it got to sit down having a meaningful conversation. Which quickly went to fiddle around with her until the bouncers booted me out. So I'd sod off to John Annerfords in Wolverhampton. The Locarno door staff and me just never liked each other. I was getting far more than those ugly Brummie gits. Which made me very unpopular with them. So I couldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and wound them up every time we met. At times the Locarno was a good venue a shame it employed complete assholes. They probably have the same opinion as me. I often see Locarno reunion events planned. I will go to one at some future time. Just to see the expression on people's faces. I went to loads of Locarno alldayers so I've got a right to attend. I can't recall why I didn't get on with the doormen Just the one occasion of explicit fun at that venue anyway. Yet I always seemed to get away with it at Wigan casino,  Mr M's balcony was better you could see through the edge. Give a chance as they came up the stairs. I went with Hot-Dog to Wigan I'll see you in there right. Got to say hello to her first, he came out in the morning. Her windows were steamed over and it had snowed. I never saw you there once last night. A good reason for that Hot Dog I've been with her all night now she as got to drive all the way home. Came all the way here sat in her car and never went in. Now just turn around and drive home again. Your absolutely right I've never worked any reason to travel farther than next door to see me. Driving meant she wasn't drunk beat the crowd with that. Had a number like her over the Wigan Casino era. Mine to know and yours to wonder about. A few are now happily married and have been for several years. So mention their name wouldn't make it any better. It was a very long time ago, their current relationship is now not the past.  A couple is dead nothing to do with knowing me. I won't be mentioning their details either. I had a childhood girl. We had been made to be together for life. On and off since we were children. Take it from me that saying is completely Bulls**t she was nothing like the girl from our childhood days. Her mother was full of a lot more venom I hated her since the day we met. Looking back on it now. I was mid 20's when a so-called friend had taken me to see her. I've wished every day since that people should keep. Their helpful introductions for anybody else. Just never me again, please.  Attila the Hun looked a happier prospct

Never worry about home

      The massive amount of published information on Wigan Casino. Isn't easy to separate fact from fiction. Even when you went 100s of times like me. For people who never went once it's almost impossible to know. Which is a fact of fiction when they all claim to be 100% true. My account is true for one aspect of Wigan Casino members only. I never went to look at records and never did in 5 years. Yes there was a section of members who went and did nothing else. The bar at the back of the main dancefloor was full of record collectors and sellers. All in search of the elusive record missed by everyone but them. On the USA original label a top tune from one of the venues. Not only Wigan Casino but a list of venues The Twisted Wheel, The Golden Torch. The top three, but also a very long list of venues. The Catacombs, Up The Junction, Vava's, the list is endless. So I'm not even going to attempt to add it completely. With my long history on the Northern Soul scene. I don't know every venue or say I do. There are people who are far more knowledgable who do. Dave Evison is my first choice for knowledge of Northern Soul history. I learned a lot between 6 am and 7 am from Dave's oldies spot at Wigan Casino. But only a fraction of his knowledge which is immense. The way he added the venue and details. I certainly never doubted, the time's Dave came to dance. Close by me was one verification I was a regular. I carried his records into Wigan Casino several times. I still remain friends with Dave today he still keeps me dancing. For his entire spot no matter how tired I am. He used to put life back into an exhausted Wigan Casino crowd. Some weeks when the Friday oldies all-nighter was on. By 6 am Sunday morning you were absolutely exhausted. Cramp used to lock your legs up until Dave started his oldies hour. The dancefloor filled again as Wigan Casino came alive again. I was on autopilot a lot of the time but you had no choice but dance for Dave's oldies hour. It was the highlight of each all-nighter for me anyway. The no1 oldie at the time was an added bonus. As you always got the track history with it.
       That was my memory highlight from Wigan Casino. I'm certain other members have there own significant thing that gives the foundation of there memory. It was the actual length of time that the friendship as lasted that was important in mine. From 1975 around then anyway until 2020 still ongoing, yet is 45 years now. A long time in any view of it, just unfortunate due to ill heath. I have been absent from Northern Soul for a couple of years. But I'm like a rubber ball keeps bouncing back. I'm 60 now had the last rites 3 times, yes I don't know why either I'm not a Catholic. Something to do with an Irish name and being in a coma could not ask me. Yes, they stood a good chance of getting more sense while I was in the coma. They turned all life support off and left me in a room to die. I will never forget the cleaners face when I came round. I was lay on a bodybag with my name on it. They told my parents no chance I could live through the injuries my body had taken. If I got pneumonia again it would kill me in hours, so I got it again and it didn't kill me. No Dr as ever given a reason why I was able to live through it. Because it was a thing that they said was impossible. As good a reason as any Dr as ever given me. Mick Davis came to visit while I was still in a coma. I think Mick was shocked by how ill I was. I looked like a piece of liver he told me later, a majority of people who saw me had little hope I'd live. Yet just to p**s people off I lived through it. The way Dr's write people off really got my gander up. Casually talking dropped into the conversation. You'll never walk again or work you need to accept this. Right and you need to learn onething there is no can't in me. Take your pity and su0ve it. Fine but you will soon learn why I'm the Dr and you're a fool. His opinion soon altered some months later when I walked in. Ok, Sam, you proved me wrong what next. I fancy kick-boxing my coordination is crap. You might have been a good junior boxer. But forget it a hard blow to your head would kill you. Best make certain not to get any then hadn't I. 5 years later I went for a mot gave him my Black-belt and midland fighter of the year trophy. I'd like to say it was easy, but it was very hard. The twice Dr's got me NHS dependant first on Dia-morphine 2nd on Petherdine. Nothing in my life is harder than anybody else's. I'm certainly not looking for sympathy by mentioning this. Just a thing that happened. That I shared with people the only reason.

      Right we're was I before. Oh yes, exhausted 6 am Sunday morning in Wigan Casino. A lot of people comment, they wish it was now. I've never been that convinced that if it suddenly was here now. It would give the same level of atmosphere. Or excitement it did in the 1970s we are all older. The massive amount of energy each all-nighter drained out of Wigan Casino members. Is not so easily replaced when your late 50s or 60+. A lot of good Northern Soul venues are around. Just none that are anything like Wigan Casino or have the same high charged motivation at all. The Casino atmosphere and excitement grew as the night moved on. This doesn't happen now at 3 am. Large numbers are yawning and are going home. A lot of all-nighters people we're still coming into Wigan Casino at 3 am. When you're outside in the morning almost everybody is going home. I can't remember being in Station road thinking of going home. I rarely considered going home. When I came out of an alldayer  always something better than going home.        

The end of default page

      Back in the Wigan Casino era. One thing that didn't even seem important. Or important enough to mention anyway was none. This might have been that nobody wanted a reminder. It was a long way off nobody wanted to think about it. The feeling that Monday gave people. Must have been like the captain of the Titanic. As he sat on the Ocean bed wishing he had his hands. Around the throat of the man who'd told him Titanic was unsinkable. That sinking feeling always seemed to arrive far too quick. Nobody wanted to think about it in Station Road on Sunday morning. Getting some gear for the alldayer was now urgent. At that time the prospect of being seen falling asleep was as low as life got. Too close to normality for these people, they wanted no part of normal. Sunday morning had a ritual way to behave in Station Road. First, it was the end of Wigan Casino's section. Yet not the weekend at all Sunday yet. One certain fact you knew Sleeping was not part of it. There always seemed 6 cassette players. Each playing a section of last night just never the same bit. You'd just spent 8 hours in the allnighter dancing. Now you sat outside listening to 6 bits at once. We had no place in the Sunday morning trivial pursuit brigade. We were hardcore good time teenagers. Sat around listening to a very mixed up version. Of the allnighter, we just spent 8 hours in. Sunday morning had recently changed. At one stage it was the darkness of the Beachcomber. Until Angie from Dudley went through the dance floor. Scared of somebody getting a serious injury and suing for damages. Which had never even been mentioned once by Angie? Helped back to the Morgan's coach by sister Sharon if my memory is correct. Acting Dr Phil Richards gave his verdict. Yet nobody ever listened to Phil on the Wolverhampton coach. The day he was having a slash out the coach door. It went round an island nobody noticed Phil was gone. Until the services, so Len went back to look for Phil. Think at the time Phil had a good drink. He was the entertainer on the Wolverhampton coach. He lived in Sedgeley if my memory is correct. I think the last time I saw Phil was at the Marrs bar club in Worcester there as a Dj now

      When you reach 60 people always told me you start to reflect on the past. If you've ever made mistakes they get a lot more of your focus. Take all of my mistakes away. Wouldn't be worth start reading what's left. Normality seems unrequired in a big part of my life.  Quite a surprise when it does start to fit into it. Very unnerving after living a majority of life doing nothing even close to normal. Then suddenly more and more normality keeps being included. Be getting a Varanda, rocking chair, and a thick wool cardigan in no time. I don't bloody think so, Val Doonican album and a pipe. almost kitted out as a Lesbian. Have to watch what I say. Or the whole area will be flooded with brogues, pipes, and little sachets containing 3 ozs of rough shag.  Nothing wrong with your standard Dykes. I was in a pub on Wednesday a girl stood at the bar burst out crying. You always like to help case they are in some kind of difficulty. Are you in some kind of trouble I can help you with love? Not really but thank you for your offer. What is wrong with you then? I think I'm a lesbian, what has made you think that. See that blonde girl over there playing pool with her friends. Oh yes, I can see her now. Well, I'd like to put her on that Pool table. Rip her jeans and knickers off and bury my head in between her legs and lick her pussy dry. Just as she finished telling me. I burst into tears she quickly ran over. What's wrong with you now. I've got a problem, not you. I looked into her eyes and said I think I'm a lesbian as well. I want to put her on the Pool table. Then do the same things as you


The content isn't mine

      This must be about a thousand default pages. That has been added as updates to this site. Yes, I agree about time I got it right by now. No doubt somebody will be waiting to offer assistance. No thank you nice of you to offer, but I can just about get by. Nobody can teach an old dog new tricks not this old dog anyway. Yes, I'm the first to admit punctuation isn't my best point. But I had more important things than school at the time. School Teachers didn't like me and I didn't like them or their poxy school. That is one of the reason's the country doesn't reflect a broad view. Nobody with my wide view and zero tolerance will ever be allowed to run the UK. Answers of why put on a postcard and bin it.  I've heard the reasons too often already so don't send them to me. I haven't got the time to learn to read right now. I only wish I had the time and patience to learn. I've got one of the required attributes every time. Just never both at the same time. I can live without reading what you've never had you never miss.

      I'm quite determined to get my website in order. That certainly doesn't mean I will manage to do it. Just I'm having a go at it the amount of text to edit is massive, a good option is to delete it and start again. Which is a better option than editing the existing text? Which was just rambling on to start with. It's just as quick to rewrite it all. Almost all the subjects are mixed up without any consistent meaning throughout the page. It's about time to get consistency on pages one theme on the entire page. Would totally leave visitors thinking they are on a different site after having the mix and match for 30+ years. It would seem a big change at once. Then again I'd like it better than the way it is now. Wanting and getting have always been difficult to get to collide so didn't bother that much and left it the way it was   

Going home wasn't as important, as an alldayer

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Wigan Casino entrance

      Back in the Wigan Casino era. One thing that didn't even seem important. Or important enough to mention anyway was home. This might have been that nobody wanted a reminder. It was a long way off nobody wanted to think about it. The feeling that Monday gave people. Must have been like the captain of the Titanic. As he sat on the Ocean bed wishing he had his hands. Around the throat of the man who'd told him Titanic was unsinkable. That sinking feeling always seemed to arrive far too quick. Nobody wanted to think about it in Station Road on Sunday morning. Getting some gear for the alldayer was now urgent. At that time the prospect of being seen falling asleep was as low as life got. Too close to normality for these people, they wanted no part of normal. Sunday morning had a ritual way to behave in Station Road. First, it was the end of Wigan Casino's section. Yet not the weekend at all Sunday yet. One certain fact you knew Sleeping was not part of it. There always seemed 6 cassette players. Each playing a section of last night just never the same bit. You'd just spent 8 hours in the allnighter dancing. Now you sat outside listening to 6 bits at once. We had no place in the Sunday morning trivial pursuit brigade. We were hardcore good time teenagers. Sat around listening to a very mixed up version. Of the allnighter, we just spent 8 hours in. Sunday morning had recently changed. At one stage it was the darkness of the Beachcomber. Until Angie from Dudley went through the dance floor. Scared of somebody getting a serious injury and suing for damages. Which had never even been mentioned once by Angie? Helped back to the Morgan's coach by sister Sharon if my memory is correct. Acting Dr Phil Richards gave his verdict. Yet nobody ever listened to Phil on the Wolverhampton coach. The day he was having a slash out the coach door. It went round an island nobody noticed Phil was gone. Until the services, so Len went back to look for Phil. Think at the time Phil had a good drink. He was the entertainer on the Wolverhampton coach. He lived in Sedgeley if my memory is correct. I think the last time I saw Phil was at the Marrs bar club in Worcester there as a Dj now. For entertainment value, nobody could beat Phil. He was the funniest on Morgan's Wolverhampton coach.  Gethro, Jacko, Donald.


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     I'm certainly not claiming the content of this default page is perfect. By simply reading it visitors will realize it's far from perfect. But having said that. It's much better how it is than how it was. It's starting to look much better already. Shame it's only the start page so no great impact site-wide yet. When one page looks better it motivates the need to keep it going on every page. If you are a new visitor, welcome I hope you will stay and browse the website. There is a lot more to explore. Hopefully a subject to interest you on one of the pages. If you can't find a subject that is of interest to you. Visit the contact page to request a page that could be added. When I received page content requests. I will read every user contact submitted from the site. If I respond address is included I will respond with details. To explain why the page is going to be added to the site. The same if the suggestion isn't thought needed at that time. You are perfectly able to argue with my decision. So if you want to disagree with me that's up to you. But having slanging matches serves no great purpose. Visitors who send rational arguments pointing out the reasons. Will get the same type of reply. There is no reason's to be offensive. When contacting this website, as no type of competitive situation exists at any stage. A totally friendly atmosphere is easier to correspond in. With this in mind will visitors please make all contact this way. If a visitor is reporting a mistake in the site content. I won't see it as a personal attack on me. But a very useful service required by visitors. I've never considered myself faultless. So would treat this type of contact with respect. Thank you for visiting this website I hope it's given you everything you expected. From your visit and I hope you will return in future. I've helped a number of University students. Sitting social media degrees to pass. After I spent time writing detailed assays listing events not published on here for them. All students are welcome to ask for assistance. I give a lot of my time to help with the content they give details of wanting. 100% free and reliable with the content they ask for. Always well in advance of the date required. Please feel free to contact me. A rumour that seemed to get great interest at the start of the year. That went on to indicate I'd eaten human flesh for Christmas lunch. This was later proved to be totally bull-shit. As I don't celebrate Christmas and human flesh is far too sweet for my pallet.

      Just to put the record straight and end this. The only humans I've ever eaten were adult females and gave their consent. Since then Covid19 as sort of killed all the activity in that area. One thing the UK didn't want from the Chinese was Coronavirus. At the time of publishing these 22/05/20 36,000 UK people are dead from the virus. The cost is killing the UK Economy after lockdown a string of UK companies. Have failed to survive. China must now be held responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. It's now emerged that Coronavirus had been active and known to have a devastating effect. In Wuhan China' Possibly since the previous November. Yet China waited until a lot of January had gone before they had informed the countries of the bad content associated with Coronavirus. This gap would have EASCATED the number of dead. Which kept growing in number daily. Without any sign of this dropping just keeps escalating. In recent news, it's emerged China was fully aware Coronavirus was present in Wojan the previous November. Before publishing news of the Coronavirus outbreak in January. Personally speaking and taking into account around a million people have died from the Covid19 pandemic. With growing rumours, it was created in a laboratory not a natural animal type virus at all. The repercussions to world peace are very scary. Yet having said that any race on Earth. That would create a virus in a laboratory powerful enough to kill a million-plus deserves no clemency from anybody. All we've heard for some time now. Is Black-life matters. Coronavirus is indiscriminate in whom it kills? We haven't beat it yet. In my honest opinion money was always more important than life. Not black life only either, this is England try to ruin our country's iconic leaders. History will remain exactly the same. We or you never made it, and one certain fact it won't ever change. Why people are happy to take and live in a country. Just when racism as a problem is ended it's never enough really. UK history was not created by us. So we are not responsible for it at all.

     This website or I don't support racism. Everybody deserves to have the food and a home that is good enough for them to enjoy life.  Without having to worry about this at all. While living in the there adopted country they should be able to worship their faith without persecution of either faith or race. This should be the right of every person in the UK. This choice is that persons alone and shouldn't be influenced by anybody else. The question of race in the UK ended many years ago. The UK no longer as a single dominant race. But is a multi-race, multi-faith society and that isn't going to change. For quite some time I've attended various Hospitals for treatment. Every time I go to Hospital. Treatment or diagnosis is made by an Asian, African, or non-English by origin Dr The NHS would collapse without immigrant's working in it. I accept that without there help I would be dead. So my view of immigrant's altered years ago. The UK shouldn't have any need for racist far-right political groups in it.

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  I know a large amount of text. But nobody must read it, if you have it was by choice not my instruction. The reason for all the text was to cover all the subjects on this website. Yes obviously not every subject but a majority of them. Even I'm getting very confused now. It might not be difficult to confuse me? But I'm writing it remember confusing myself easily done for sure. I focus on almost every subject imaginable. Somewhere in the sprawling mass of text? Yes it might be enclosed in a paragraph of text without any associated meaning. Ever been on a mystery tour? If you haven't well now take it off the bucket list. As you've been on one free of charge. Yes you're not the first to complain or the last for certain. It appears the whole country moans nowadays. The best are immigrants happy to have an improved standard of living we gave them. But if they are not Prime Minister in 6 months. We are racialist overlooking there potential. Why don't Asian Dr's, Solicitors, Accountant's or Mayor of London fly the Black life matters flag. Correct they know you have to earn respect. They come here ask for nothing free. Work hard as long as there effort is rewarded not ignored they work hard    

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